your boy eddy b does a divorce mukbang

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
itsa meeeEEeee!
Miles Gast
Miles Gast 4 månader sedan
Bruv are you doin ok
J Haffer
J Haffer 4 månader sedan
EDDO FuUuCkING GO TO THE SOUTH SIDE!! Visit OBLOCK my guy, just interview folks around there and it would be your best video.
Samuel Foresta
Samuel Foresta 4 månader sedan
That was depressing
No U
No U 4 månader sedan
Eddy are you ok that amount of food is going to kill you
Melody Bonillas
Melody Bonillas 5 månader sedan
hay Eddy what are you doing
Alex Martens
Alex Martens 18 timmar sedan
Is this being recommended to everyone right now? Or has my weekly viewing of this video permanently locked it onto my home page?
Mr Yeet
Mr Yeet 2 dagar sedan
This video screams "Yikes"
moguel1524 4 dagar sedan
that fun haus commentary hurt my soul so bad
Tammy A
Tammy A 5 dagar sedan
loving the luigi cosplay edd
Jarl Balgruuf
Jarl Balgruuf 6 dagar sedan
How did they all know
Max Locher
Max Locher 6 dagar sedan
I love the worlds largest indoor ferris wheel
Joseph Harkness
Joseph Harkness 7 dagar sedan
Happy birthday
All by my shelf
All by my shelf 7 dagar sedan
Oh thank god, I thought you and Gus got divorced
Chris Tovar
Chris Tovar 8 dagar sedan
I was so sure that was a bag of whataburger
Ceris Wiseman
Ceris Wiseman 9 dagar sedan
Oh no the Funhaus comment did not age well :(
SuperMarioNick YT
SuperMarioNick YT 11 dagar sedan
Baby Eddy with his tiny mustache
Ms.G and Mr. B Activate
Ms.G and Mr. B Activate 12 dagar sedan
0:04 ItsSAAAaaa mmmmeEeEeeeEE
Fishice Fishnice
Fishice Fishnice 13 dagar sedan
I like this video because it reminds me when my parents got divorced during my senior year of high school and I too had to go to community college
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson 13 dagar sedan
I feel so bad for laughing as hard as I did
Whitney Keller
Whitney Keller 14 dagar sedan
Yessss add cheese to everything at portillos🙌🙌🙌🙌 fries, burgers, beef. It’s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
internetbaby 17 dagar sedan
Who else got the alternative divorce salutations ad lol
Diamond Tardis
Diamond Tardis 17 dagar sedan
Holy shit I beat the Eddy Burback Channel, I found the profile picture, I win $1,000,000 right?
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 23 dagar sedan
Lou Malnati's confirmed
Emma O'Donnell-Armstrong
Emma O'Donnell-Armstrong 25 dagar sedan
I will never be able to explain why this is my favorite video
MagsPie 27 dagar sedan
Wait is this where the pfp comes from?
Sans Månad sedan
Nah it's mukdong
Adam Van Winkle
Adam Van Winkle Månad sedan
I feel lied to, Alfonso Ribeiro was not in eddys answer corner
Iagan Foss
Iagan Foss Månad sedan
I clicked on this not because I knew what it was, but because he was wearing a Luigi costune
Austin Faust
Austin Faust Månad sedan
Its crazy you like funhaus because you always reminded me of Adam Kovic
Flamboyant Warlock
Flamboyant Warlock Månad sedan
"Deep dish pizza" isn't pizza. It's tomato soup in a bread bowl. A pizza is a flat bread with toppings. Not a bread bowl with fillings. Fight me.
Tristan Perri
Tristan Perri Månad sedan
Lou malanatis more like Illuminati
Chris Robot
Chris Robot Månad sedan
How did the Mario take the divorce?
Red Baran
Red Baran Månad sedan
Lou's is the best!
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Månad sedan
Deep dish pizza is gross
yung wond
yung wond Månad sedan
Real divorce hours
ethanisyourboi too
ethanisyourboi too Månad sedan
every second i was waiting for a how to basic type thing to happen
Poplegos' arcade
Poplegos' arcade Månad sedan
This video is sadder than my highschool journal
Grant B.
Grant B. Månad sedan
Hey, did you know Eddie was awkward? Don’t worry, if you didn’t he’ll beat you to death with it within 5 seconds.
ChriSaito Månad sedan
This video might unironically be my favourite video on SEpost. Theres just something about it.
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
When my mom and dad got divorced I was like “ finally huh, surprised it took ya so long”
demonslayermk235 Månad sedan
This is amazing. This is the first video in a while that has made laughed at out. Almost woke up my neighbors
Justin Grover
Justin Grover Månad sedan
Seafood is great. You should do a seafood diet. You know, you SEE food you eat it! HA HA HA HA comedy
Paper Boat
Paper Boat Månad sedan
haha good video Eddy Burback! (:
Nerd Tendo
Nerd Tendo Månad sedan
lowkey without the mustache he looks like Robert Downey jr, Just me?
Lily Rehn
Lily Rehn Månad sedan
Eddy with that fake mustache kinda looks like Eddy now
Gary Grisary
Gary Grisary Månad sedan
the pizza rant, damn
Nils4601 Månad sedan
Damn i would go through my parents' divorce again to try some of that food
Sam Jasek
Sam Jasek 2 månader sedan
Eddy mentioning Funhaus reminds me that he kind of looks like adam
Allison Hagan
Allison Hagan 2 månader sedan
The mom gene inside of me wants to make you a grilled cheese and tomato soup and tell you everything's going to be ok.
Stan H.
Stan H. 2 månader sedan
Just watched a movie that wrecked me, this made me happy
Thatcher Mulholland
Thatcher Mulholland 2 månader sedan
I think this should be the counseling video people give children when their parents are getting a divorce
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell 2 månader sedan
C'mon, ur more like a Mario who's a leader and... other similarities but, honestly, nice in green
Ben Pickard
Ben Pickard 2 månader sedan
You dressed up at Luigi because you stay taking Ls
snobby sloth
snobby sloth 2 månader sedan
Portillo's is shit they have me soggy ass bread looking like a zombie bread
Jonathan Schwitzerlette
Jonathan Schwitzerlette 2 månader sedan
0/10. Did not endanger personal wellbeing with food for the sake of a video.
Galaxygaurd 2 månader sedan
This sould be retitled "Grown Man Falls Apart While Eating Lots Of Food"
FacePalmProductions 2 månader sedan
Ahhh yess, you like your sausage deep in the dish... sausage deeeeeep
Tyler Alan
Tyler Alan 2 månader sedan
I think you guys already said a better April Fools joke, but for April Fools you should have a green screen with a second Gus as the podcast guest
PomSpaggettie 2 månader sedan
I just got an ad about divorce
sparkdala 2 månader sedan
he liked how he looked with the luigi mustache so much that he grew out his own, i love that for him
chris O'neillLast
chris O'neillLast 2 månader sedan
Let’s get some clickbait! Proceeds to not use any of it for the thumbnail
Micah Garrison
Micah Garrison 2 månader sedan
Eddy, are you okay my guy?
Charlotte O’Brien
Charlotte O’Brien 2 månader sedan
this has to be one of his best videos
Coleton Waller
Coleton Waller 2 månader sedan
I love that I’m in Arizona and there’s so many people in Chicago here that I know all the restaurants Bc we have the out here too 😂
Gustavo Tonietti
Gustavo Tonietti 2 månader sedan
Marr, Marioo
mr. dismisser
mr. dismisser 2 månader sedan
How does this only have 17k like. Im 3 min in and laughing my ass off
BlakeBOOM507 2 månader sedan
thought eddy got a divorce
SirTorture 2 månader sedan
Idk why but the delivery on "there's something wrong with you....with you brain..?" Was so funny to me
Soley Nott
Soley Nott 2 månader sedan
This video is a masterpiece, I keep coming back to watch it over and over
Ruler World
Ruler World 2 månader sedan
That "portillo's" bag looks EXACTLY like a whataburger bag wtf i thought he was doing a bit till he pulled out the onion rings and hot dog and im like well ok thats not whataburger
alexis elaine
alexis elaine 2 månader sedan
God, my parents are getting a divorce in the midst of my senior year of high school. I’m gonna start college in a few weeks, so this hits
Centuriön Music
Centuriön Music 2 månader sedan
8:56 "Have you ever walked through your life having that solid a definition of pizza?" As a born and raised New Yorker, I can say, yes. Yes I have lol.
Knight Tunes
Knight Tunes 2 månader sedan
this is really depressing to watch.......
potatoe 2 månader sedan
best mukbang ive watched 10/10
Bo Horn
Bo Horn 2 månader sedan
I kinda miss the awkward humor guy, try some more of it please. It works on the podcast, try and work some bits into the nee videos. I get you really flesh out the new uploads, but just know this kinda thing enhances the video a ton like the standing on your chair bit.
Bo Horn
Bo Horn 2 månader sedan
Trust in your immediate reactions guy, been proven its good stuff. Hope youre doing well and cant wait for the next video.
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 2 månader sedan
Did he’s parent actually get a divorce?
Peyton Johnson
Peyton Johnson 3 månader sedan
Say lou malnati five times fast. Illuminati
Secret Craimbow
Secret Craimbow 3 månader sedan
Eddy no, you get the hot peppers, and a small container of the beef juice, poor the juice on it, douse it in peppers then eat dammit. What the fuck is wrong with you, cheese??? *You’re destroying the point of the sandwich* sorry I feel very strongly about Portillos
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 3 månader sedan
Dang eddy found a frame of him eating saltines in a Luigi costume and said “this is it”
Ned Grey
Ned Grey 3 månader sedan
Wonder how mario dealt with this, maybe kill bowser idk
Dexter Mason
Dexter Mason 3 månader sedan
Do a laxative mukbang
travis moore
travis moore 3 månader sedan
I am some one that likes marinara with onion rings.
travis moore
travis moore 3 månader sedan
Just go to subway have them put a bit of sauce on it and veggies for a Chicago Style pizza. Unless you can eat real Chicago Pizza. :#
Haven Beares
Haven Beares 3 månader sedan
6:17 me when addressing the amount of Cholesterol I eat in a day
Youtube Trash
Youtube Trash 3 månader sedan
I gained ten pounds watching this video
Smacctually 3 månader sedan
I’m from Chicago and just saying we get Portillos, alot. Also live by a Lous, so that explains itself
McDonalds Rat
McDonalds Rat 3 månader sedan
Even as a lactose intolerant I will shit my pants and throw up my food from last week to eat Portillo's cheese fries, they're fucking bomb
Eli's Video Bazaar
Eli's Video Bazaar 3 månader sedan
this is the eddy burback version of nakey jakey's youtube vlog
dj horndogg
dj horndogg 3 månader sedan
0110 1110 01010 0010 0101000101
Mitch Bennett
Mitch Bennett 4 månader sedan
This video was supposed to be about you being sad about your parents, but I have never heard such a sad sound as when you dropped that hot pepper on the ground.
Shadow Decidueye
Shadow Decidueye 4 månader sedan
This rules
Fousrin 4 månader sedan
guys i’m starting to think eddy’s parents might’ve had a divorce
The Bean
The Bean 4 månader sedan
vegis chips
vegis chips 4 månader sedan
I thought the Garlick bread was grilled Cheese
incrediblysour 4 månader sedan
Almost seemed like eddy broke up with Gus, I was so sad when that crossed my mind
Daniel Woytowich
Daniel Woytowich 4 månader sedan
Hey Eddy, my parents got divorced late last week. Any tips?
Daniel Woytowich
Daniel Woytowich 4 månader sedan
incrediblysour If I could eat anything, probably sushi. But since I rarely get our much (quarantine duh) I mostly just eat pasta or junk food to help the pain stop...
incrediblysour 4 månader sedan
Well...., what’s you eat?
Kyle Schulze
Kyle Schulze 4 månader sedan
that portillos cheese sauce makes the divorve well worth it! Love You Son!!!!
Dos Anos
Dos Anos 4 månader sedan
Rowan Day
Rowan Day 4 månader sedan
I was watching this with a completely straight face until he said “I dropped a hot pepper on the floor - ohhh noooo.”
Lake Leonard
Lake Leonard 4 månader sedan
What happens when Lou is ill? ill lou malnati
Winston The Bloodhound
Winston The Bloodhound 4 månader sedan
No, your Lougi impression is great!
J Haffer
J Haffer 4 månader sedan
EDDO FuUuCkING GO TO THE SOUTH SIDE!! Visit OBLOCK my guy, just interview folks around there and it would be your best video.
Theodore Oliva
Theodore Oliva 4 månader sedan
I as a New Yorker i find Chicago deep dish spiritually and personally offensive
Stooper101 4 månader sedan
Wow that’s looks like a good pizza
Oh Shit, A Rat!
Oh Shit, A Rat! 4 månader sedan
Three words: Vore Themed Mukbang
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