You Can Watch Movies on Instagram?

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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LillieX Dag sedan
I like how people can't tell that this is all satire
Jeffry Donald
Jeffry Donald Dag sedan
I don't really like movies at all, usually get bored by the end of a 5 minute youtube video lmao
goggles guy
goggles guy 5 dagar sedan
Just hit me we wear the same glasses style
goggles guy
goggles guy 5 dagar sedan
That feels nice
hunt2334 15 dagar sedan
Bro why you gotta make fun of the man for eating a whole box of mike n ikes in 10 seconds I do that to sometimes...
Eternally Screams
Eternally Screams 18 dagar sedan
Danny gonzalez lokey scares me
The Leapingnight
The Leapingnight 18 dagar sedan
My Instagram explore page is mostly filled with anime girls
DacobDacob 22 dagar sedan
wait ppl dont like the scooby doo movies yeh they're kinda cringe but still
STCamera 22 dagar sedan
your videos suck ass
help, let me go
help, let me go 23 dagar sedan
why would you call the same person twice?
Joe G.
Joe G. 24 dagar sedan
at 8:30 the joke definitely went over your head ed, sorry
Suffer More
Suffer More 24 dagar sedan
I got a trump ad when the titanic broke in half
Sloppy Phart
Sloppy Phart 28 dagar sedan
11:24 wrong
Tevvy Tevvy
Tevvy Tevvy 28 dagar sedan
Drake Vick
Drake Vick Månad sedan
I gotta admit, the live action Scooby Doo movies r still bangers
jelly onthepancake
jelly onthepancake Månad sedan
honestly i like the stuff he covers buuuut he does the same jokes every episode mane. “i don’t wanna get demonetized” “don’t do that, you shouldn’t do that” like at least try and spice it up dawg 😞 like the content but them jokes make it less enjoying 2 watch. kinda like the whole jim in the office thing like looking at the camera, too many jokes have a punchline of just “...fuck” like u being awkward really ain’t tht funne :/ but to each their own apart from tht love the vids and your approach of critique
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Månad sedan
jelly onthepancake this video came out 2018...
Dick Van Draeman
Dick Van Draeman Månad sedan
Eddy I have to disagree the best 16 seconds of movie history definitely in scooby was dark velma for sure
Kidd Awesome
Kidd Awesome Månad sedan
Why did you call Danny twice?
Jaxon Hunt
Jaxon Hunt Månad sedan
lol I can’t tell if Danny was apart of a bit or he did that for real
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Månad sedan
7:08 im terrified
Desiree Turner
Desiree Turner Månad sedan
“I thought jokes were supposed to be funny” I’m dead 😂
Pengmaeda Månad sedan
“He got treated so bad and still helped the kid” Ya because HE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED IF HE DIDNT.
Gcool243 Månad sedan
Tbh I found 2001: a space odyssey to be INCREDIBLY boring
Carver Upqik
Carver Upqik Månad sedan
when you first showed the list of clips the top left one is from supernatural but thats a small part of the episode XD that kid made a wish and got superstrength and became way worse than the kids that were bullying him to begin with XD
Jaker The Snaker
Jaker The Snaker Månad sedan
It would’ve been funny if Danny played both Danny and Drew, because they’re the same person.
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
Hmm, that seems really familiar. I think I'm remembering a porno called "Schindler's Fist"
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton 2 månader sedan
Danny’s a savage
Joey K
Joey K 2 månader sedan
I thought 13 Reasons why was modern day. Why was 2001 space odyssey playing in theaters
Alex_W1308 2 månader sedan
Danny can be a great actor sometimes! 😅😅
Liv Hann
Liv Hann 2 månader sedan
petition to get eddy to review 13 reasons why
foreversocal 2 månader sedan
I love the scooby-doo movies. Up there with inspector gadget
Starflight 2 månader sedan
11:31 Eddy, I love ya, but, Im pretty sure they were exaggerating for comedic effect
Max Baltz
Max Baltz 2 månader sedan
He should really switch to Verizon. Then Danny could really hear him now.
James Jameston
James Jameston 2 månader sedan
I liked the phone call bit...
Alaina Sale
Alaina Sale 2 månader sedan
The people who do the "danny Gonzalez 3:00 challenge" are dumb Tje reason why Danny would be cussing at them is beacuse maybe hes very tired at litterly 3 in the morning
I am definitely a human And don't question that
I am definitely a human And don't question that 2 månader sedan
It’s a joke IDIOT
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 2 månader sedan
I'm glad you keep using the power of love.
Game Snake
Game Snake 2 månader sedan
I read the boy in striped pajamas book like last year but I watch the movie when I was like 10 and that shit was scary "like you're in Germany why aren't you having fun"
Jimmy 2 månader sedan
i have no idea who danny gonzales is
A1-Empty 2 månader sedan
Ok we need one person to undownvote this video so it will get to 420
blu 2 månader sedan
Why'd you call the same person twice?
Waluigi’s Fiancé
Waluigi’s Fiancé 2 månader sedan
scooby doo 2 is on my top 10 list
Waluigi’s Fiancé
Waluigi’s Fiancé 2 månader sedan
Danny talking to eddy like eddy is danny’s son
Imakemoviesforfun By Toilet Productions
Imakemoviesforfun By Toilet Productions 2 månader sedan
Yeah 13 reasons why 😤eeeeeeeeemmmm It i it itssss about suicieeeeefun yea ye suiciefun 😀
jonatien cho
jonatien cho 2 månader sedan
ripley trying to kill the alien and a teenage girl comes out of nowhere and says your in space why arent you having fun
Space Uncharted
Space Uncharted 2 månader sedan
I legitamately hate movies XD, Im sorry eddie, if you find this comment years later, Ill, I dunno, eat this donut.
doom guy66
doom guy66 2 månader sedan
2:05 auto correct
Christopher Terzakos
Christopher Terzakos 2 månader sedan
He pretended to be on instagram even tho it sucks and everyone should stop using social media😇😊😘😛😜🤑😇🙂😴🤧😔😏😬🤒🥶😪😺💀👿👽👾😸😸👺 Now the likes start rolling in
Withered Jew19
Withered Jew19 2 månader sedan
Boy in the striped supremes
Erik Carlson
Erik Carlson 3 månader sedan
He got treated so bad and still helped the kid 😡😢
Nayan Bhatia
Nayan Bhatia 3 månader sedan
Why did you call Danny twice
512 3 månader sedan
Danny's the aggressive one in the friend group, I see. Must have gotten hit with a Road Work Ahead sign or something.
Rabbit the One
Rabbit the One 3 månader sedan
LeLe pond is bad to comedy. Not a good funny girl.
Rabbit the One
Rabbit the One 3 månader sedan
Ha! Yeah LeLe dumb cause bad. Got em!! Wooo haha! Take that! Yeah, that will show her, the bad LeLe, because she is bad at the videos comedy. Ahh man, yeahhhh. Ho boy. We got her good, sure did. Haaaaaa... woo... Goods, s'a good one. It's. Sure is. Take that LeLe, the bad comedy one LeLe.
itskittynotkatie 3 månader sedan
Its not that deep man
Callie T
Callie T 3 månader sedan
90% of the comments are about danny lmao
DOINKARINO 3 månader sedan
Eddy: *hangs up on Drannew Goonzalen* Drannew Goonzalen: My time good not bad GOOD
666 Demons
666 Demons 3 månader sedan
Wait why do you have 2 contacts for the same person?
Cooper Goetz
Cooper Goetz 3 månader sedan
In the first clip thats not his dad its his fathers soldier ps don't watch that movie it messes you up
Amity Goldring
Amity Goldring 3 månader sedan
I don’t know why you would ever say something as rude as the Scooby Doo movies aren’t masterpieces when they’re very clearly the greatest cinematic masterpieces of all time.
Patrick G S
Patrick G S 3 månader sedan
The fking whispering to avoid demonetization gets me every time 😂
Elizabeth Sullivan
Elizabeth Sullivan 3 månader sedan
This really just makes me want to watch 2001 again, lol
Various' Adventures
Various' Adventures 3 månader sedan
Soldiers storm a nazi territory, the event was dubbed "D-Day" Blonde teenage girls: like... you guys are on a beach.... why u not havin fun????!?
Okay Lars
Okay Lars 3 månader sedan
In the first clip the guy gets beaten to death in the movie
SML 4 månader sedan
Your videos suck a-
SML 4 månader sedan
I don't watch these videos for content, I watch them for the Jurassic Knees poster in the background.
Troveion 4 månader sedan
The funniest part is the beginning skit with danny... and that's about it-
Zach Fetters.
Zach Fetters. 4 månader sedan
That is crazy so many comments have over 1k likes!
FerHivore 4 månader sedan
I don’t think these posts are created out of genuine love for movies; I think they’re created as a guise to show people pieces of popular copy-written content, post a caption as “commentary,” and collect whatever ad revenue or follower count bump they can. They’re probably unfamiliar with the source material, which explains why the captions are so odd.
Sadie Howell
Sadie Howell 4 månader sedan
Omg my teacher made us watch the boy and the striped pajamas (first movie) and all of us cried. But I recommend watching it. It was still a really good movie.
Akuello The Judge Of Gods
Akuello The Judge Of Gods 4 månader sedan
6:09 exactly!
Frogsreprettycool 4 månader sedan
guuuuuuurlyoucrazy 4 månader sedan
Really not a fan of 13 Reasons Why. Though I do believe the “at least it’s long” line is sarcasm, not well portrayed.
bankrupt bitch
bankrupt bitch 4 månader sedan
ok but why was danny being a dick kinda hot though?
Thaheer Jaram
Thaheer Jaram 4 månader sedan
Bruhhhh that's the boy in the striped pajamas teacher read that to us
Dead Cow
Dead Cow 4 månader sedan
Eddy, get better production value, I couldn't hear anything Drew was saying.
Cat F
Cat F 4 månader sedan
even more proof that danny and drew are in fact the same person
Everett [BetaTrivus]
Everett [BetaTrivus] 4 månader sedan
"Guest starring Drew Gooden" and not Danny... Oh wait, they're the same person.
mariodude345 4 månader sedan
not even joking when you called Drew I thought you called Danny again
UWU Toaster bath bomb
UWU Toaster bath bomb 4 månader sedan
"if you like a girl ask her out" well you see eddy he would but she kinda...died
M e m e c h i l d
M e m e c h i l d 4 månader sedan
Ive never watched 13 Reasons Why but ive heard it romanticizes and glorifies suicide
Some Dude
Some Dude 4 månader sedan
Sometimes I think that my fav you tubers bully each other when not recording That intro made me feel as if it’s true.
Slug Man
Slug Man 4 månader sedan
Your videos are ass.
Lizzy D
Lizzy D 4 månader sedan
You really thought you could FaceTime drew gooden twice and we wouldn’t notice
Lizzy D
Lizzy D 4 månader sedan
That bit with Danny genuinely made me really happy idk why
blue_is_not_sad 4 månader sedan
my girlfriend doesnt like movies
Ashlynn White
Ashlynn White 4 månader sedan
proof danny and drew are the same person
The Tides
The Tides 4 månader sedan
You know „was“ means „what???“ in german
Scova Notia
Scova Notia 4 månader sedan
california isnt THAT great - me, a california native
Nerviges Kind
Nerviges Kind 4 månader sedan
I also enjoy the live action scoops-doo movies a lot.
Ralion 4 månader sedan
“And I was like LATER ON” still made me laugh
Emily Lockling
Emily Lockling 4 månader sedan
Right after the "they kept playing even though the boat got wet clip" I was sent straight to an ad to join the navy 😂😂😂
Mrs. Chanandler Bong
Mrs. Chanandler Bong 4 månader sedan
That shirt is from h&m and I have it and it looks stylish on you brother, right on.
Gaven Janes
Gaven Janes 4 månader sedan
I’m going say something semi-unpopular, but I thought the first half of 2001 was a little boring, but the latter half was very good.
JABBERWAOLKY 4 månader sedan
Or... and hear me out here... a robot child
Chill Vinyls
Chill Vinyls 4 månader sedan
I live in LA and it's kind of a shit hole ngl
bunnyleghair 4 månader sedan
that man bought a movie ticket to watch the ads; it’s called self care
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 4 månader sedan
“Hey Eddie!” Hangs up. That made me kinda sad. He sounded happy to hear from Edward
ninimad 4 månader sedan
These kind of accs exist multiculturally I swear. I've seen like a hundred different versions of it in Turkish too.
Nielson Callejo
Nielson Callejo 4 månader sedan
It's not just instagram, Facebook does the same shit but the footage is squished, the audio pitch is hightened and there's a terrible cover of a song which is also fucked up
glowing and confused
glowing and confused 5 månader sedan
Wow I finally found a video about Instagram that I understood!
No U
No U 5 månader sedan
Don’t know those some good knees
Randal The Vandal
Randal The Vandal 5 månader sedan
In the end bit I thought Eddy accidentally called Danny Drew, but they just sound exactly alike over the phone
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