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Ali Seena Latifi
Ali Seena Latifi 20 dagar sedan
I did put middle Roberto Carlos and some high cards in that sbc and belive me for Mid Gullit! Was never to happy!!
sorucha 28 dagar sedan
That mid r9 was crazy, sacrifice worth
Madison's #1 Fan
Madison's #1 Fan Månad sedan
ur gay
Its TheD
Its TheD Månad sedan
Nick is like Ron Burgundy-reads whatever that comes up on the screen 😂
miko foin
miko foin Månad sedan
It’s about time nick I’ve been waiting for this
SUNNYDE Månad sedan
Just got prime cantona, gassed
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Månad sedan
I really cannot comprehend why that guy put Duncan in the sbc instead of gold matuidi that he had on the bench 😭😭😭
miko foin
miko foin Månad sedan
Why icon sanchez is bad ?
Master-of-Time Månad sedan
I submited henry and sucer ang got viera 😂😂
Zach Gillies
Zach Gillies Månad sedan
That guy with 9 legends with the barely positive record 🤣
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Månad sedan
The chilly deficit especially press because second ethically yawn minus a slippery himalayan. brave, heavenly heavy hellish organisation
colinjamie97 Månad sedan
I got 3 mid picks 😭
Jose Prado
Jose Prado Månad sedan
9:32 😂😂😂😂 same
Simen Pedersen
Simen Pedersen Månad sedan
It seems like I'm the only one who would choose someone I like IRL over meta on Fifa. I would always choose Lampard over Cantona
M7md alzeir
M7md alzeir Månad sedan
I got prime eto, w?
Charlie Scene
Charlie Scene Månad sedan
Lineker, Litmanen, Guardiola in my pick, all mid 😍
Mika Frolich
Mika Frolich Månad sedan
This guy knows nothing
Till der Hill
Till der Hill Månad sedan
Got Garzezi, inzaghi and Zola ea dont like me
LMG Cizzle
LMG Cizzle Månad sedan
12:34 why did you just bait him into Zambrotta
keshav Goyal
keshav Goyal 29 dagar sedan
Zambrotta is just better than that kaka
Michael Dempster
Michael Dempster Månad sedan
WATP mon the Rangers 55
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Månad sedan
I got prime Puskas 😍
Sam Mulholland
Sam Mulholland Månad sedan
I got prime eusy from these picks, and i already have his baby in my club
Chris S.
Chris S. Månad sedan
My best pick pull Was kaka prime ... i think thats an decent win
zorosapprentice Månad sedan
He has gold Ashley young 😫
Rafael Girotto
Rafael Girotto Månad sedan
Why icon sanchez is bad ?
AHMED SAID Månad sedan
The last pick was hilarious , what a legend of a guy 😭
Jonathan Wagner
Jonathan Wagner Månad sedan
The chilly deficit especially press because second ethically yawn minus a slippery himalayan. brave, heavenly heavy hellish organisation
Ben Lommer
Ben Lommer Månad sedan
6:04 homie could have put matuidi instead of Duncan too 😭
Ale Villamil
Ale Villamil Månad sedan
Horniest stream I've ever seen tbh
Din1946 Månad sedan
Harry Bowker-Jones
Harry Bowker-Jones Månad sedan
I got 92 bergkamp 87 Hernandez and 90 Larson took bergkamp
Peri St.
Peri St. Månad sedan
Nick Run the Only Fans soon 🔥
MyGuitarAD Månad sedan
The last one though… Lmao.
Lloyd92 Månad sedan
I got mid Sanchez, Hagi and Guardiola...
Nathan Bell
Nathan Bell Månad sedan
Remind me to never let nick open my pack on stream , 2 out of 20 any good 😂
abdulla almameri
abdulla almameri Månad sedan
i have a prime or mid pack can yo uopen it for me?
Thamer Ss
Thamer Ss Månad sedan
19 dollar Fortnite Card who wants it
19 dollar Fortnite Card who wants it Månad sedan
19 dollar Fortnite card who wants it
Clarky108 Månad sedan
My mates were doing it but I had no fodder so I spent 1 mil and sent it and got mid cruyff while on call literally amazing
Hendo Månad sedan
nick your content is sooo fun to watch. love you bro. quitfifa this year but still love the channel. cant wait for s2 of rat to glory
Nik Salvador
Nik Salvador Månad sedan
Nik Salvador
Nik Salvador Månad sedan
PixelStacker Månad sedan
Dude, these picks are cracked asf completely!
Kosi Ihemadu
Kosi Ihemadu Månad sedan
Marko and Alex
Marko and Alex Månad sedan
Prime or medium icon PP, hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahaaahahhahhaahhaahha
ismael amjad
ismael amjad Månad sedan
Rip the people who got to schmeicels and cech in the same pack
Adrian Boretius
Adrian Boretius Månad sedan
Got Deco litmanen or Nakata ..
Kurtis fisher
Kurtis fisher Månad sedan
Are these worth it?
GhostMonkey13 Månad sedan
People are just seeing what they want here. A huge amount of these were absolute garbage. 1.2ml for 500k cards untradeable.
John Pearson
John Pearson Månad sedan
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cmurda13 Månad sedan
wow really appreciate him telling people not to donate. RESPECT
Christoph Maaß
Christoph Maaß Månad sedan
Deleted my Club this weekend and it feels got Playing shit gameplay getting your daily rage to get shit rewards which you put into sbcs where you get even worse icon pulls
cmurda13 Månad sedan
Holy shit these are wackedddd. Feeling wayyyyy better about my Mid Eusebio.
Emiliano Valdez
Emiliano Valdez Månad sedan
Argentina dudeeeeee! Another one here
Jamie Morris
Jamie Morris Månad sedan
Never new this sbc come out till I saw this great video.. my pack luck been insane this year I spent 400k on sbc and got prime best means I can make a 91 rated first owner squad :D
PierreJanssen Månad sedan
Right Eto'o his pic was clearly looking like he was like: Why 2 of me?
Bedbound Månad sedan
From my pick, I got prime Nakata, prime Inzaghi, and mid Garrincha
Wenaas Månad sedan
Got mid sanchez mid rush and mid vieri.. im about to end my life
Vilca tray
Vilca tray Månad sedan
Prime puskas lets gooo
MKJ Månad sedan
"Rose's are Dead "Violets are dying "outside I'm smiling" "Inside I'm crying" "I am trying to get to 60 subs!"
RaieMysterieuse Månad sedan
And my picks were Larsson 90 Sanchez 89 and Barnes 89 ...
zaiym Mughal
zaiym Mughal Månad sedan
run the frickingfut market
Fabian Holmström
Fabian Holmström Månad sedan
I got zidane 94. Im over the moon with that, and o did this icon pic for 20k and alll my fooder but it was worth it when i saw zizu loving him so far.
Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva
Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva Månad sedan
1:50 oh that feels bad...
I drags I
I drags I Månad sedan
I got rio ferdinand 90
Marcus Brogaard
Marcus Brogaard Månad sedan
My friend Got r9 94
Mustafaa Ahmed
Mustafaa Ahmed Månad sedan
Yesss daddyyyy
Ju Månad sedan
Is Mid Lahm a W?
Isac Silván
Isac Silván Månad sedan
Got prime THierry Henry, W or L?
Farìs` Månad sedan
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh Månad sedan
Hate when they ask their chat if it’s an L or not DO YOU think it’s an L Nick I
José Chamorro
José Chamorro Månad sedan
No ha cojido al mamut
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique Månad sedan
Caleb Capone
Caleb Capone Månad sedan
Bro I GOt PRIMEE ETOOO what a dub
arthur bosch
arthur bosch Månad sedan
i got prime socratres, is that good?
Harry Campbell
Harry Campbell Månad sedan
My mate got garrincha out of a mid or prime and was like 'oh garrincha nice'.
Harry Campbell
Harry Campbell Månad sedan
@Adrian Kumalo ok bro
Adrian Kumalo
Adrian Kumalo Månad sedan
Garrincha ain't all that I had his mid nothing special Gold card rashford performs better
Salty Cyanide
Salty Cyanide Månad sedan
when he got 2 eto's, you could see how all 3 card images were slowly starting to smile
Higor Dornelas
Higor Dornelas Månad sedan
toty = Ramos, baby icon = nesta, mid/prime = yashin hat, mid/prime 2: makelele prime. Not bad at all, but I'm still using a Recordbreaker DAVID SILVA since I can't get an offensive player anywhere...
Mateo Pateo
Mateo Pateo Månad sedan
You talk too much instead of opening packs...
Ayg lol
Ayg lol Månad sedan
I got mid best from this is that and w or l
Tyler M
Tyler M Månad sedan
Imagine banning one of their biggest sales guys in fifa.. hahaha EA are damn clowns
Tyler M
Tyler M Månad sedan
I did the 91 kaka sbc, instant regrets in game..oh boy, should have waited until 6pm to do the player pick
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson Månad sedan
I did so many player picks over future stars and during this promo that I ran out of gold commons and 81- rares
Wessel de Zeeuw
Wessel de Zeeuw Månad sedan
Happens to me every promo and i regurarly spend $ on it too
Plug Walk
Plug Walk Månad sedan
Prime Figo is deadly
nick wye
nick wye Månad sedan
yo bro i packed prime eto wtf are these packs
Pooja Kapoor
Pooja Kapoor Månad sedan
i got prime stoichkov i was expecting a bit better considering it cost a million coins but i guess its a small dub
Calum Slesser
Calum Slesser Månad sedan
It's not often I get W's so was pretty happy with mid Gullit/ eto'o or prime makalele 😄 this vid inspired me to do it haha thanks dude
Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter Månad sedan
Making me want to do this pack as I got prime Pele from mid prime pack but probably not worth the fodder
Alan Falancia
Alan Falancia Månad sedan
Than there's me with Inzaghi Mid, Vieri Prime and Gattuso Mid
Markkkkkk Månad sedan
I was the first guy who got 3 mids and took Makelele... not the absolute worse for me but damn I’m jealous of some of these other picks
snaak25 Månad sedan
No freekick, but freenick!!!
Bartdm 2086
Bartdm 2086 Månad sedan
Scott Farrell
Scott Farrell Månad sedan
The guys that already have cracked teams are the only ones getting good icons 😭
Alexander Nagla
Alexander Nagla Månad sedan
Just got prime cantona I'm absolutely buzzing finally payed off
Jasper Bosch
Jasper Bosch Månad sedan
Crazy man, i got the best player, prime r9
Vetle Kalvo Håkonsen
Vetle Kalvo Håkonsen Månad sedan
This is your most entertaining video by far!! "YES DADDY" LMFAOOOOO
Stephen Hassett
Stephen Hassett Månad sedan
Shout out to EA for giving me an option between mid Cole, mid Riquelme and prime Vieri
Adrian Kumalo
Adrian Kumalo Månad sedan
You know the risk , why complain, you gambled and lost
Nick Engels
Nick Engels Månad sedan
I've got such a sick pick. Prime Nesta, mid Makalele and PRIME EUSEBIO!!!!! I now have a team with first ownes inform cr7, normal messi and prime eusebio😂
Gamers Hope
Gamers Hope Månad sedan
I got prime eto'o and mid best from this pack I chose eto'o for sure, it's my first time i pack a great player from packs in fifa
Kingslayer7 Månad sedan
Absolute scenes from the R9 pick, submitted Robben, POTM Felix, Mid Henry , FS 86 Fofana. MAD
Raphael Egbo
Raphael Egbo Månad sedan
I got prime etoo, prime butra an mid garrincha 😳😳😳😳
Matt Wix
Matt Wix Månad sedan
People putting unique SBC and objective cards into these just to try and flex are such fucking plebs it's unreal. They always come across like they think it makes them look so big time that they don't care, but if you're actually big time you don't need to save meagre amounts of coins by wasting unique cards. Like legit every time I see it or see someone bragging about it I just think they're desperate af, and incredibly dumb.
EA Banned Me Again...
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