Why Would You Do This With Your Sister?

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
i got an email from an ad agency saying i had a surprisingly low instagram following and that really pissed me off so follow me there please - instagram.com/eddyburback/
Dog guy Dog
Dog guy Dog 2 dagar sedan
WTF is wrong with them
Picklr 21 dag sedan
Parker Kevin
Parker Kevin Månad sedan
Hey eddy thanks for criticizing people that make bad content for Children cause not gonna lie I’m young and people like you have helped me grow up not horribly
Dr Log
Dr Log 2 månader sedan
Sir. Dumpling Whiskers
Sir. Dumpling Whiskers 3 månader sedan
lusiy 7 timmar sedan
I love that you used a Computer Games song lol
Random Human119
Random Human119 22 timmar sedan
69k likes nice
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice Dag sedan
Considering the way acts around his mom, I think I can figure out what this guy seachs on p hub...
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 2 dagar sedan
Alabama 100
Auguste Schulte
Auguste Schulte 2 dagar sedan
Eddie your lighting is messing with my brain
Andrew P
Andrew P 4 dagar sedan
This video was under "Related" for... sepost.info/dev/video/xJ_dyJiajKzZ0Ms.html
Zion Trask
Zion Trask 4 dagar sedan
Brent and Lexi have definitely kissed before
Bason 4 dagar sedan
Im hoping thier not siblings
E R E H. Y A R G A R
E R E H. Y A R G A R 5 dagar sedan
When he says the sexual things and leans in to the mic it looks like a 12 year old saying a swear word to his friend .
flip of the clip
flip of the clip 5 dagar sedan
a good intro wood be to say hello other humans
goggles guy
goggles guy 5 dagar sedan
Hey step bro can you help me do my yoga in the target What are you doing step bro I said yoga not fuck me Also why does the questions with the boyfriend one make it seem like he is trying to ask the boyfriend if he is down to fuck like I'm gay but that's a weird way to come out
Caleb Cataldo
Caleb Cataldo 5 dagar sedan
Caleb is Jesus
Evan Sarasin
Evan Sarasin 6 dagar sedan
So um His moms voice is deeper than his
Fred Montgomery
Fred Montgomery 7 dagar sedan
Question: Never have I ever exploited my sister for views. Brent: ....but that's not a fair question!
Brazilian Dutchy
Brazilian Dutchy 7 dagar sedan
Just say oosh pyappeppolplyeh!
Master Kenobi
Master Kenobi 7 dagar sedan
look at the likes. :)
Ketchup Syrup
Ketchup Syrup 8 dagar sedan
69k likes nice
Swamp fish Art
Swamp fish Art 9 dagar sedan
69k likes that's perfect
Cookie Mail
Cookie Mail 9 dagar sedan
That guy needs help I mean who gets their sick kicks and click bait at the expense of their own family
Official No Cap Studios
Official No Cap Studios 9 dagar sedan
Stepbro what are you doing?
Julie Clark
Julie Clark 9 dagar sedan
I think it's more like he likes girl talk and feeling like one of the girls
CrazyDragon 10 dagar sedan
Is it just my ears or does he’s voice get higher and higher every clip
Roger Sharp III
Roger Sharp III 10 dagar sedan
Holy fuck. This was very uncomfortable
Gaia 11 dagar sedan
New sub
Gabanzo Baen
Gabanzo Baen 11 dagar sedan
#1 comedy royale had me laughing way too hard!!
The Garbage Movie critic
The Garbage Movie critic 11 dagar sedan
9:54 wait...Brent said I have not?
KvS333 11 dagar sedan
His videos make me take psychic damage
Funny Ryder
Funny Ryder 12 dagar sedan
Pinacolada 12 dagar sedan
Why he yelling? :(
Jason Jarod Coetzer
Jason Jarod Coetzer 13 dagar sedan
I can't watch this video. Eddy, I love you but this video's content makes me want to gouge my own eyes out.
Brennan B
Brennan B 13 dagar sedan
Yooo this dude's trying to fuck his family
Spencer Andrews
Spencer Andrews 13 dagar sedan
Even watching his "disturb the public with bad touch vibes" content secondhand is too cringe for me. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!
Mr President
Mr President 14 dagar sedan
Don't let it ruin your day. Just point and laugh.
Epics105 15 dagar sedan
2:28 mans bout to got full nelson on his sister
Lilypad 15 dagar sedan
This video sure did make me do "Hmm."
justbucket 15 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does at 13:02 it looks like Eddy's face but not his body
cassl14 15 dagar sedan
These people are so cringe. He's nearly taking creep to the Shane Dawson level. Most disturbing part is these shitty channels of teen dbags get the most views.
unmagic man
unmagic man 17 dagar sedan
why does his voice sound like he never hit puberty
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 18 dagar sedan
Here's the real question: why is his mom agreeing to do this? That whole family is sus af. Seriously, she is an adult with a full understanding of inappropriate behaviour and fully developed brain. That is super f*cking creepy.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 4 dagar sedan
@Spencer Lent That sounds low key like a Pr0n Hub description given the context. Understand what is going on, the PARENT is talking about sexual things with her children, who mind you, are minors. Nothing is right about that. If she wants her son to succeed, get him a PR Manager, looks like they can afford it. They already had money, that one is clear. It's creepy, I have a kid, I wouldn't be going along with those creepy "I have" bs. Also the dude clearly has some issues. If the ma really gave a shit, she would get him help, suggest maybe trying something new and not so fucking creepy. None of that says "healthy", I put more blame on the mon because she is a grown ass adult and the parent and yet is fine with all of that? Her underage daughter being sexualized by her son, that is a big no-no, and warrants therapy.
Spencer Lent
Spencer Lent 4 dagar sedan
She probably understands that, as a family type channel or whatever, she’s helping him a lot. Of course it could just be for the money, but I just feel like she wants her son to succeed.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 18 dagar sedan
Sure, always disclosing my kinks and fetishes to my mom on a public platform.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 18 dagar sedan
The third of the people were Target employees. None of the retail employees wanna have to deal with that mess.
gecgecgec 18 dagar sedan
Why does Brent sound exactly like Luke Abercrombie in the NHIE video wtf
NotAVeryGoodNickname 20 dagar sedan
I can't watch this, you don't behave like that with your siblings.
Blake Poole
Blake Poole 20 dagar sedan
caleb IS fortnite
sir.casper 20 dagar sedan
the way both of them seem so uncomfortable during the videos while Brent just laughs,, yikes
Maga_Hat_Shaun 21 dag sedan
In the mom part there appears to be a golden retriever with an acl injury back there
JenniferA Hirsch
JenniferA Hirsch 21 dag sedan
Oh, those poor people at target
nightsixninja simp police
nightsixninja simp police 22 dagar sedan
I have a PHD in being retarded
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 22 dagar sedan
Wait that’s his sister and also sounds annoying (sorry for all the people that watch him)
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 7 dagar sedan
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 7 dagar sedan
because we are the same person
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 7 dagar sedan
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 7 dagar sedan
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 7 dagar sedan
wat that never mind oh well want to be friends
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 22 dagar sedan
Honestly just hearing Brents voice just annoys me
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 23 dagar sedan
There’s nothing wrong with his face so what if his Alabama face is the same as his yoga face
Goblin Retard
Goblin Retard 24 dagar sedan
I can’t believe I actually watched his content, no wonder my cousin verbally said no when I showed it
beth 9891
beth 9891 24 dagar sedan
This is so uncomfortable.......
Mr Man
Mr Man 25 dagar sedan
I want to die
On fire
On fire 26 dagar sedan
This is NOT how you do the sibling dance
K3gan F1nn
K3gan F1nn 27 dagar sedan
Dude the music is the worst part
Limarien 28 dagar sedan
My mom never asked me to do my laundry, I just chose to cause she works hard to provide for me, and I'm not even an adult, so if that wasn't a bit then Brent needs to step tf up
Ronaldo Zebra
Ronaldo Zebra 28 dagar sedan
Damn that mustache do be lookin fine doo!
Erik Macaluso
Erik Macaluso 29 dagar sedan
Have you tried aggressively shouting "SUP CHILDREN OF BURBACK" in the beginning of your videos?
Aiden Hoogstra
Aiden Hoogstra 29 dagar sedan
He says the word video like, VIDEY-OH-AAHH
Alex B
Alex B 29 dagar sedan
I think this guy is actually gay (the sister lovin’ blogger kid)
molehie Månad sedan
Tom Platypus
Tom Platypus Månad sedan
Like one tenth of the comments have eddy in them and I’m one of them
badg3r_ badger
badg3r_ badger Månad sedan
there taking alabama to the roads i guess
Metters Gaming
Metters Gaming Månad sedan
Kinda sus
badg3r_ badger
badg3r_ badger Månad sedan
actually tho
Shadow skye User
Shadow skye User Månad sedan
Did brant's sister in 2:31 sexually moan
Chiamaka Nwaekwu
Chiamaka Nwaekwu Månad sedan
Why would he ask his little sister that question he knows she’s going to be there that is so disgusting I don’t care what type of family this is disgusting I don’t care if she’s comfortable with that disgusting disgusting
Deacon Grall
Deacon Grall Månad sedan
Anyone else think he’s a massive piece of shiet? It also bugs the fk out of me that my sister likes this freaky perv.
Kelly Higgs
Kelly Higgs Månad sedan
This kid's voice makes Fred sound like Morgan Freeman.
Aiden O'Neil
Aiden O'Neil Månad sedan
Green screen Gamer
Green screen Gamer Månad sedan
The boyfriend looks like an elf
The Traveling Circus
The Traveling Circus Månad sedan
I think that Brent thinks a certain way about his sister
JerkySkink Månad sedan
Skip to 4:11 for a hidden easter egg
Milki_W6ze Månad sedan
699 subs nice
Zippy Månad sedan
"Extreme", "sibling" and "yoga" are words that probably shouldn't share a sentence.
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker Månad sedan
Good lord the incest
MusicIsMyJam Månad sedan
It has 1.2 million likes today
JC Denton
JC Denton Månad sedan
Imagine craving THIS MUCH attention
Gnome Z00
Gnome Z00 Månad sedan
Fuckin Yikes
Vulgarasz Leandrosz
Vulgarasz Leandrosz Månad sedan
Waaaaaaaay too sexual
High Luigi
High Luigi Månad sedan
Eddy u make a fine Luigi :-)
Diamond Car07
Diamond Car07 Månad sedan
I wasn’t looking at my phone and a car ad came on after Eddy got up and left because he was mad and I thought he was doing the yikes thing again
John Renardo
John Renardo Månad sedan
I’m going to be honest with you, my little sister watches this stuff, she’s 10, she doesn’t understand the underlying theme. I’m like, “why do you like this guy?” She’s like, “I don’t know, he says funny stuff” “Like what” “Underwear”
John Renardo
John Renardo Månad sedan
I’m going to be honest with you, my little sister watches this stuff, she’s 10, she doesn’t understand the underlying theme. I’m like, “why do you like this guy?” She’s like, “I don’t know, he says funny stuff” “Like what” “Underwear”
French Toast
French Toast Månad sedan
to quote my friend, he sounds like he's constantly being kicked in the groin.
Kelsey W.
Kelsey W. Månad sedan
I wish
PizzaLord Månad sedan
what in t a r n a t i o n
Right Twix
Right Twix Månad sedan
LMAOO turn on auto-generated captions at 10:21.
Ya boi SP SP
Ya boi SP SP Månad sedan
I’m dying 🤣
Radish Månad sedan
maybe its just me but the "boyfriend" definately looks like he could be his brother. i don't like this
Amira Hosang
Amira Hosang Månad sedan
homegirl really spread it for the whole target
Bodhi Teraguchi
Bodhi Teraguchi Månad sedan
i get some gay vibes from Brent so that could explain why hes doing this stuff
Joseph Begley
Joseph Begley Månad sedan
are they step sidlings
Jatriba Pacher
Jatriba Pacher Månad sedan
Hes so creepy please I’m afraid of him that I blocked him everywhere lol
Joe Andreen
Joe Andreen Månad sedan
i get physical pain from these clips
Gabanzo Baen
Gabanzo Baen 11 dagar sedan
That is very accurate
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
Brent absolutely fantasizes about his sister, Jesus Christ. He is overprotective because be wants her to be his. I hate this
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
You said this video would make me go "hmph", but my jaw quite literally dropped multiple times. Especially the part when he's got his sister on the escalator with her legs spread like that and he basically looks like he's fucking her.... Incredibly inappropriate, I genuinely hope he's not making her do other things she doesn't want to do. Just from the bit I've seen here, he seems oddly into incest and sexualizing his mother. Let's hope things get better and not progressively weirder.
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
They definitely bang
Selin Gökçe
Selin Gökçe Månad sedan
God dammit they make me so uncomfortable
Jacobacon215 Månad sedan
This fucker is painfully cringe. (not you eddy you’re cool)
Olena Conrad
Olena Conrad Månad sedan
It’s to echo-y in that house. Get a dang microphone your already so rich lmao.
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