Why Would You Do This? (Nicole Arbour)

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
youtube deleted my most popular video so if you want to support me and maybe buy a shirt it would make a huge difference - teespring.com/stores/eddyburback
- Swoosh -
- Swoosh - 14 dagar sedan
Post it again
Alexis D
Alexis D Månad sedan
Hey Eddy, you're my FAVORITE SEpostR!!!! You had competition with Drew, Cody, Danny, Noel, D'Angelo, so many....but you're my favorite. Please keep doing what you're doing.
Greg Klinger
Greg Klinger 4 månader sedan
I respect the Mac day joke from Sunny
Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生
Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生 5 månader sedan
Eddy Burback Two words: Damage Control
HELLBOY 7 månader sedan
Pray with me brothers and sisters of Burback
William Thomas
William Thomas 17 timmar sedan
Rather have cancer. “Yeah I was talking about the people trying to find cures for cancer.”
Otaku San
Otaku San 5 dagar sedan
Why does she song this like she's got an African American accent? : I
Ajg1056 7 dagar sedan
The random moans and grunts throughout the music video just adds to how much...(inhales) S T U P I D C R I N G Y G A R B A G E that this music video has in it
Zak DeCesare
Zak DeCesare 7 dagar sedan
sub to gus eddy and sven
Zak DeCesare
Zak DeCesare 7 dagar sedan
this man is underrated
Zak DeCesare
Zak DeCesare 7 dagar sedan
get him to 1 milion subs
R3dakt3d 8 dagar sedan
Im young and I'm big and trying to change, its not as easy as you think its very hard actually
Jenna Priest
Jenna Priest 8 dagar sedan
Literally what r her dance moves
Alana Wyatt
Alana Wyatt 8 dagar sedan
She wasn't talking about the Bachelor, she was talking about how he got married to the wife and he started cheating on her with other girls. Idk if u got the reference but I just wanted to say something b/c it is a big problem in America. I didn't mean to be rude I just wanted to point that out. :))
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars 10 dagar sedan
She reminds me of jenna marbles before going through growth
Chris Tovar
Chris Tovar 11 dagar sedan
“I don’t ask that for any female artist” no lie lol they all rap about the same shit
666 Demons
666 Demons 11 dagar sedan
I’m fat and on track and ready to attack Nicole wtf? I hate this bitch so much!
666 Demons
666 Demons 11 dagar sedan
I’m showing my mom my favorite SEpostrs and we both love This Is America and I know this is a video she’d care about so I’m watching it with her and she heard the line “you’re in a cult” and I keep asking her if I can start a cult so she just yelled “YOU CANT START A CULT IF YOU’RE IN ONE”
fatima tahniath
fatima tahniath 12 dagar sedan
I cant understand the lyrics and I am actually ....wanting to watch the reaction which shows the lyrics ....so I can understanding......
m e
m e 12 dagar sedan
Kill me
cow lover
cow lover 13 dagar sedan
She makes me sad to be a female
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 13 dagar sedan
I'm personally not a fan of Childish Gambino (I'm not a rap guy I'm a rock and roll guy) but after having listened to original song and this shit she just completely bastardized his song
- Swoosh -
- Swoosh - 14 dagar sedan
2:16. This was the moment I realized you actually watched sunny 😂
Jane Wyatt
Jane Wyatt 15 dagar sedan
Why is this bootleg jenna marbles pretending to be handicapped
Conor Coad
Conor Coad 16 dagar sedan
Eddy, you and long beach griffy definitely took the best approach on Nicole.
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 17 dagar sedan
Truly awful
Gex 19 dagar sedan
Dumb broad
M E 19 dagar sedan
I am physically shaking and cringing throughout this whole video.
Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard 21 dag sedan
Looking at her channel now, this video has aged very well. Good Eddy.
Ashda Sheppp
Ashda Sheppp 22 dagar sedan
I rewatch this every once and awhile to remind myself people like nicole arbour exist
Austin Reynolds
Austin Reynolds 22 dagar sedan
This is a strong message G R A P E
Jenna M
Jenna M 23 dagar sedan
Lowkey Eddy is mad attractive
AndyGames666 25 dagar sedan
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 25 dagar sedan
eddy cringe pillow merch???
Livi Loo87
Livi Loo87 26 dagar sedan
Just wait and see what happens to our wonderful country in the coming years. The average American is not racist. Stop watching CNN. By the way...... I hate that music video. It’s freaking stupid.
Qorndog 26 dagar sedan
Eddy, my guy, I love ya but this video is PAINFUL to watch, not because of you, but simply because you included Nicole Arbours “singing” which is atrocious by itself, and more so when combined with a horrible “parody” version of This Is America and so for that reason I’m out
RAF _ 26 dagar sedan
Nicole arbor's "singing" is just talking with autotune
Ryyi23 27 dagar sedan
I like neither versions of this song.
gunlawful 28 dagar sedan
I would rather shoot 3 2 inch long nails into both of my femurs and walk to my local dennys and lay on the grill then listen to that version of that song again.
michael mckeon
michael mckeon 28 dagar sedan
why did u restrict my screams
Cloudnerd 29 dagar sedan
She's the type of mom whose kid would have their friends over and she'd want to hang out with them and honestly think they think she's cool but really everyone is uncomfortable at how awkward she is making things lol
Cooper Madsen
Cooper Madsen Månad sedan
Oohhh, shes bad Jenna marbles, gotcha
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Månad sedan
10:40 i always think that for every artist, until i'm sure that they don't have a ghost artist.
Liesmith Månad sedan
Nicole Arbour is basically a piece of shit.
Extreme Titan2
Extreme Titan2 Månad sedan
I didn't really like this is america that much but holy cow this was so much worse
Golden Holden
Golden Holden Månad sedan
Oops sorry I accidentally used the cringe pillow 26 times
Austin V
Austin V Månad sedan
bish looks like if dee from always sunny in philadelphia was a real person
xaarz Månad sedan
Tippady tappady this music videos fucking shit.
Ethan Collins
Ethan Collins Månad sedan
i didnt want to know this existed
DependswhosAskin Månad sedan
As a 300 pound 16 year old who was born with asthma so severe that if I jog because I’m late to class I get the added bonus of going home because my trachea tries to close, this bitch makes me so goddamn angry, medical conditions like mine make exercise not only 10 times the as difficult due to restricted breathing, it could actually kill me. And while there are ways around this I guarantee if you had my condition you would be twice my size, because I do keep pushing and exercising even though it could kill me, I’ve replaced a-lot of my weight with muscle but I still look like the pillsbury dough boys alcoholic uncle, so to assume that someone who is bigger than you is just lazier, you are worse than anyone who is fat due to laziness, praying mantis lookin ass.
Bobert Whatzittuya
Bobert Whatzittuya Månad sedan
Eddy, I can't watch. I'm sorry. I'm weak. It's too bad.
Zippy Månad sedan
She has a pretentious and fucking punchable face.
echelon chick
echelon chick Månad sedan
from everything she had said and done, this pisses me off the most. and i can't believe she still has audience that she has the means to film such atrocity.
fuzzy pizza
fuzzy pizza Månad sedan
Wow this is bad
gunslinger_km TTV
gunslinger_km TTV Månad sedan
I hate that video
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay Månad sedan
She's saying society shouldn't sexualize women just because they're women. But also, she has sexualized women dancers in the background because she knows it'll get her views. Lol
Larkspur Sucks at Art
Larkspur Sucks at Art Månad sedan
I'm viscerally uncomfortable, but you gotta support your boy.
SHADOW RICK Månad sedan
As soon as the music video started I cringed Like a mofo
Piper Hansen
Piper Hansen Månad sedan
I'd love to give her the benefit of the doubt and say most of her judgmental comments have come out of a place of insecurity But also I wouldn't love to give her that because it is not an excuse and her content is just really really bad
Kyrie Snyder
Kyrie Snyder Månad sedan
i used my pillow scream for the tap dancing
Shines Månad sedan
12:27 "live their lives judge-free" good god if i could live without judgment id be the happiest motherfucking child of burback.
Aiden Wood
Aiden Wood Månad sedan
Casey Curran Comedy
Casey Curran Comedy Månad sedan
She is Canadian.
GhostPants Månad sedan
Frankenstein was literally fast. Like abnormally strong and fast. Can't even get that one thing right
Notthemaster Månad sedan
i want to thumbs down this but only because of the song eddy makes me want to thumbs up it...im gonna stay neutral i guess Edit: i have to go watch this is america after this just to get the taste out of my mouth
William Blix Rølvåg
William Blix Rølvåg Månad sedan
EEE omg WT*****
Pajama Sam
Pajama Sam Månad sedan
Her dancing is how I dance in private when I find a good song. But I mean I know it's obviously shit and just for fun. I'd never make a professional video like that. Anyway lol I know there's a lot more wrong with the video than just that.
tdg712 2 månader sedan
I have never heard of the video you're talking about?? I'm 23 if that helps
Berna 2 månader sedan
Why do I feel like she would be the type of person to tell you to "just cheer up" while you are going through a depressive moment
MelancholyTea89 Månad sedan
Because she has! She had a video called dear depressed people
Qualityvolt 2 månader sedan
It physically hurts me to hear this.
Musthegreat 94
Musthegreat 94 2 månader sedan
That pillow joke was top notch I gotta be honest.
• Scrithen •
• Scrithen • 2 månader sedan
How does nearly every song made by a youtuber sound exactly the same? Its like they all only listen to each others music.
Matt Haynes
Matt Haynes 2 månader sedan
I'm glad I was already drunk when this video was recommended to me, cause this level of cringe is off the charts xD Edit: I almost had to use the pillow when the tap dancing came in
Olena Conrad
Olena Conrad 2 månader sedan
Video starts; ok... Nicole turns around: *creepyvibes*
E ML 2 månader sedan
Why does she sing with a weird "eagh" after each lyric
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang 2 månader sedan
Dear Edward Burback, I love you man, I seriously seriously do and I don’t even know you so I’m not sure I can even say that. But I do know one thing, and that is that I love your commentary endlessly. But I would really like to state one thing, if at any time you have thought you are fat in your adult life, I would like to clear the fog by saying straight out you are. not. I don’t even care that you literally have never mentioned this before but men’s mental health (especially body dysmorphia) is so rarely talked about that I just needed to bring this up. Eddy you are not fat, I’ve heard you admit that you’re not proud of your life style but I mean who is. You’re a very attractive young man. Have a good day even though I know you’ll never see this. - Annsofie not afraid to put my real name
Tyler Alan
Tyler Alan 2 månader sedan
Ad plays during “her” song and for the first time in my life I said “oh thank god, an ad!”
G4RF13LD 2 månader sedan
I wanna die after watching this.
tekiitou owo
tekiitou owo 2 månader sedan
*hecc, i’d watch an eddy burback cringe asmr video*
Kunisake 2 månader sedan
This song is not fire. It's not even like a heating pad. It's nothing
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay 2 månader sedan
Don't forget one of ex-boyfriends accused her of domestic and emotional abuse. She's just a cheap hollow bitch
Cosmonuatz 2 månader sedan
Fat people can run fast watch zombieland
Jordan Moir
Jordan Moir 2 månader sedan
This music video seems like a parody of itself
Twichy Ramen
Twichy Ramen 2 månader sedan
I screamed into my pillow more than twice sorry
Teri0is0Resa 2 månader sedan
So if you know anything about the history of tap dance, that moment in her video is more awkward. It's not great.
Joey K
Joey K 2 månader sedan
She's one of those people who thinks enunciating is funny.
DeXtoRus 2 månader sedan
4:38 ive never been so happy for a midroll ad to play and take me away from the video im watching
Chancey Porter
Chancey Porter 2 månader sedan
2:16 when I see cringy fanart on Tumblr furaffinity and deviantart
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast 2 månader sedan
I have a feeling she's gonna be one of those ppl in her 40s who obsesses over old pics of her when she used to looked good n was in her prime but now she has kankles n makes her daughter into a pageant kid
Assassin Reapér
Assassin Reapér 2 månader sedan
My ears god damn my ears her song I-i don't think I'll make it
NEON 2 månader sedan
She’s a feminist trump supporter let that sink in
THE NAMELESS BAND 2 månader sedan
3:27 I have another example back when Kurt Cobain was still alive on his last album he remade the song the man who sold the world David Bowie’s version is not as good as Kurt Cobain’s cover he did a much better job on that song then David did, it’s better to try to cover a song that’s already known for being bad and making it better don’t take a great song and try to make it better.
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez 2 månader sedan
I feel like she’s just a female keemstar
Andrea M
Andrea M 2 månader sedan
I mean, the thing is this...lyrics are stupid, but I could even get past that if it wasn't obvious in many areas she was being mocking. She does the moon walk and then some hillbilly dance bullshit? I mean come on.
Andrea M
Andrea M 2 månader sedan
My first words when the video started literally were "what the fuck?...." Wow.
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast 2 månader sedan
Had to go listen to watch the real this is america music video 500 times after this
Mordecai Rasputin
Mordecai Rasputin 2 månader sedan
Jeezus man watching the clips of her video were so cringe that I wanted to smash my phone with a hammer. It is so bad in every way possible its insane. What would seriously make her think that she could pull it off?*BARF*
Jaskier the Dandelion
Jaskier the Dandelion 2 månader sedan
"rather be the taleban" just shut the fuck up girl
Z 2 månader sedan
For some reason when Eddy said "pans backwards" I heard it as falls backwards and just thought of Yugyeom's Hit the Stage and that one bit in Cherry Bomb
Amora Campbell
Amora Campbell 2 månader sedan
Whats really crazy is that he went easy on her
Imakemoviesforfun By Toilet Productions
Imakemoviesforfun By Toilet Productions 2 månader sedan
Kinda looks like he’s just reppin the vendeegram
Fuckung KyleMuh
Fuckung KyleMuh 2 månader sedan
I followed you on Twitter before I even watched your vids. Praise unto Burback, long may he gain financial stability through exploiting his audience. PRAISE THE FATHER
innocents size
innocents size 2 månader sedan
I genuinely watched an ad for a break from this woman
Dark KillaZi
Dark KillaZi 2 månader sedan
Supper 2 månader sedan
got my pillow lets go
Supper 2 månader sedan
second update: you know
Supper 2 månader sedan
Update: Used one of my pillow scream
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