Why Would Someone Make This Music Video?

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
join the first cult on SEpost! teespring.com/stores/eddyburback?aid=marketplace
Ella McNoname
Ella McNoname 2 dagar sedan
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez 25 dagar sedan
"I thought we went to Taco Bell and got lit together!" I died at that aprt
Red's Hillbilly Garage
Red's Hillbilly Garage 25 dagar sedan
@Yokidele Hitch praise the Dear Leader
Abusive Husband
Abusive Husband 2 månader sedan
@Qulmag Temjohho brub this is a 2 year old comment
Dab Cat
Dab Cat 2 månader sedan
Not only is it the first cult on SEpost, I'm pretty sure it's also the first cult to actively call itself a cult
The Dryline
The Dryline 4 timmar sedan
torf 10 timmar sedan
even his cults are hilarious!
Riley Everlast
Riley Everlast 20 timmar sedan
11:28 imagine being that guy in the background during this like you just go into a taco bell all excited to buy some dorito shell tacos and this little crew walks up to you like "can you buy something while we film the music video thanks"
stuff I like
stuff I like Dag sedan
Na man I'm a child of God
ManInTheMoon 2 dagar sedan
Eddy illegally went crazy for the first verse.
Adem Pašić
Adem Pašić 3 dagar sedan
This bullshit is stuck in my head
Brad Mann
Brad Mann 3 dagar sedan
You know, after watching some of her content, she seems like a very sweet person
Over Shock
Over Shock 3 dagar sedan
Every one join my cult just like this comment
Barney Ray
Barney Ray 4 dagar sedan
Yeah you can hear a snoring because you're so boring and you are so terrible! Money does not equal talent!
Barney Ray
Barney Ray 4 dagar sedan
Her voice is terrible! There is literally no talent here she just has money and that's what made it possible.
Barney Ray
Barney Ray 4 dagar sedan
This is SO TERRIBLE!!! Making fun of this video actually rubs off on you! It's so far beneath you! It didn't need to be played again!
Yoink 5 dagar sedan
Liking the verse wouldnt be anything close to kind of being a crime. That bit doesnt even make sense
goob 5 dagar sedan
he drops that metal gear music in there and didn’t think we’d notice
Robert McLaughlin
Robert McLaughlin 6 dagar sedan
Anyone else watching at 4 mil??
The prince of fools
The prince of fools 6 dagar sedan
In the logo, I can see a c in the half of the top circle, on o in the top circle, and two b’s facing opposite that makes the entire logo.
The prince of fools
The prince of fools 6 dagar sedan
My lord, my father, i am now a loyal child of Burback.
General Grievous
General Grievous 7 dagar sedan
Children of thanos: Children of Burback:
Chebic 7 dagar sedan
OMG Guys I just hit 100 million subs Wouldn’t it be funny if one day I actually became a successful SEpostr with 100 million subs and this will be the worst ages joke ever
Chebic 7 dagar sedan
WTF Eddy that girl worked so hard to be as wealthy as she is. Like she was born and... well.... she hasn’t died yet so that’s something.
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 8 dagar sedan
You don't gotta be anything for any music long as you not passing it off as your own, that goes every way.
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 8 dagar sedan
maybe she payed the taco bell anyway
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen 8 dagar sedan
I’d just like to say, I wouldn’t have thought this was cool when I was a teenager. Lol I wouldn’t have wanted to be around anyone like this.
Makhond 8 dagar sedan
Fuuuuuck this is the second cult leader ive found wonder what jim pickens will say to this
Putin doesn't like you
Putin doesn't like you 7 dagar sedan
Makhond praise Jim
Scuffed Harry Potter
Scuffed Harry Potter 8 dagar sedan
Just kidding We headin to forever 21 paige
Your Mom
Your Mom 8 dagar sedan
Children of burback moutain
Imprisoned Fetus
Imprisoned Fetus 9 dagar sedan
She made a song about how cool she is and also admits that she always has fiery diarrhea because of all the taco bell at the same time. Sounds lit me to bro
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor 9 dagar sedan
Baby face burback
Kit J
Kit J 9 dagar sedan
drinking game! take a shot every time they say "lit"
I'm Bored
I'm Bored 9 dagar sedan
9:35 😂
Conor Coad
Conor Coad 10 dagar sedan
I fucking dropped my phone when the whole dab like this thing happened
Icerogen 10 dagar sedan
First video I've seen of him and I subbed in the first 50 seconds
Bobby D
Bobby D 11 dagar sedan
Children of bareback? Digusting
Erasmus the blasphemous
Erasmus the blasphemous 11 dagar sedan
Her parents will do anything to keep her from her Mexican boyfriend. Money is no object.
Gavin Evans
Gavin Evans 11 dagar sedan
update 2 years later she still doesn't have 1 mil
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 11 dagar sedan
Dude, this chic is legit worse than Rebecca Black's Friday.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 11 dagar sedan
Can we just call it The Barebacks?
Frosti 11 dagar sedan
She’s from my city, Springfield, mo. This was a big deal here when it came out and not for any good reasons. She’s on the spectrum. Her channel is boring and dying. She’s done other dumb shit but this was by far the worst. Also most of the people in that video is her family, they’re the oddest people and super Mormon. I don’t even know where to begin to explain this
Conner Gammon
Conner Gammon 11 dagar sedan
I love the fake hellcat they don't make the hellcat with that grill or head lights
lannyberg 12 dagar sedan
Lucas Ulich
Lucas Ulich 12 dagar sedan
maybe she means "mil" as in the french meaning of one thousandth like "millimeter"
Djslime 12 dagar sedan
Phumbs down he dab
DAS 12 dagar sedan
Atleast she paid for the Instrumental.
GnocchiJack 12 dagar sedan
I’m just kinda confused at how she flexed a hellcat, yet it looks like a v6 👀
Tomatohead 13 dagar sedan
I like that she used autotune
Allen Virella
Allen Virella 13 dagar sedan
you know that feeling when you have a huge amount of hate for someone but you have to keep stuff family friendly that's definitely what eddys feeling
scarymovies 13 dagar sedan
The original song isn't great but it's like a breath of fresh air after hearing this.
Picklr 13 dagar sedan
It's bur-back at it again and dang 14:58 that's impressive
I am Cuthulu
I am Cuthulu 13 dagar sedan
The only hellcat I care for is an armored fighting vehicle
Bryce McGregor
Bryce McGregor 13 dagar sedan
Guys I think he went crazy off the first verse
lil king
lil king 14 dagar sedan
Her voice is so annoying dude.. like not so much the way she speaks, but how it sounds. this is what my sleep paralysis demons sing to me.
eric gardner
eric gardner 14 dagar sedan
She has no black friends.....I wonder why?
Chris Rivet
Chris Rivet 14 dagar sedan
her voice sounds terrible!!!
The dom dom 172
The dom dom 172 14 dagar sedan
I don’t think I’ve every seen so much auto tune like I mean I can see the auto tune
Jordan Rose
Jordan Rose 15 dagar sedan
Eddy, I know this video is 2 years old, but that symbol is on the Chalice Well in the UK. It's a religious site.
August Zeidman
August Zeidman 16 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure the Church of Scientology had a YT channel before you, Eddy
the crankycrew
the crankycrew 16 dagar sedan
I’m actually just gonna buy merch as soon as I get money. But I’m poor
Zippy 16 dagar sedan
"Let's take every hated millennial saying and violently cram that shit into one video!"
Megan Breeze Mansker
Megan Breeze Mansker 16 dagar sedan
I have vomit in my mouth now thanks
beth 9891
beth 9891 16 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who is concerned that she has almost 200k subs?
kisstein 17 dagar sedan
Sydney went to my high school, she's a year younger than me, so she was a junior and I was a senior when she made this video. And a lot of the video is filmed in Coach Schneider's history room - see that mural at 10:04 ? I helped paint that! So in a weird way, I'm in an Eddy video ❤️
AndyGames666 17 dagar sedan
I was raised not to hit girls, but she is an exception.
cursedcommenter 17 dagar sedan
The real question is: what army is stronger: Greg or the The Children Of Burback?
Aiden Hoogstra
Aiden Hoogstra 15 dagar sedan
cursedcommenter ye knave, COB is infinitely more powerful. It is as if shaggy and Phil Swift both got in a cyber truck and made tracks that spelled ligma. Greg is not half as powerful.
Abram Francis Black
Abram Francis Black 19 dagar sedan
Weird comparison maybe, but she really reminds me of Chris Brown with her smugness.
Abram Francis Black
Abram Francis Black 19 dagar sedan
Gen Z feels like a parody of itself sometimes.
Abram Francis Black
Abram Francis Black 19 dagar sedan
The first clip made me know I don't like her. I'm debating whether or not to even continue with this video. I like your analysis of stuff. But this would be reasons to get upset about a person I didn't know exists. I was happy not knowing she exists.
Stevin Balthazor
Stevin Balthazor 20 dagar sedan
Them cars in the background tho
Shane M
Shane M 20 dagar sedan
this feels like a punishment, what did I do wrong?
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 21 dag sedan
"Comment section so lit, its like a candle" alright, it rhymes with the previous line, but its fuckin corny
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 21 dag sedan
She steals rhymes because any time she tries it herself, it doesn't rhyme, and when it does its dumb like Deal and Meal. Theres no structure to these lyrics.
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 21 dag sedan
those Knees Tees are the Bees Knees
Fun E reacts
Fun E reacts 21 dag sedan
im joining the children of burback
M Naveh
M Naveh 23 dagar sedan
High production kid music videos are so cringe.
The Last Cream
The Last Cream 24 dagar sedan
"The Children of Burback" sounds like a religious horror movie
Awesomely Humble
Awesomely Humble 25 dagar sedan
When’s the next children of burback meeting the last one was sick when you brought those gogurts it got 10x better
ChaseElliott 9
ChaseElliott 9 25 dagar sedan
This channel is nationalism?😂😂😂😂😂
M E 25 dagar sedan
I thought the title said "why some women make this music video".(yea I'm smart and can read)
Jack Felder
Jack Felder 26 dagar sedan
You completely missed the point. It’s not sponsored by Taco Bell. It’s sponsored by Subway. She just ate her 1,000,000th sub.
Heather Stephens
Heather Stephens 26 dagar sedan
when will eddy realize that she meant 1mil dollars
Dylan Knight
Dylan Knight 26 dagar sedan
Duuuude Hydrostatics check! Putting more flavors in a MTN dew doesn't make it worse for you. Unless it does. The point I'm making is that it's still the same amount of liquid. No? Just me? Okay, whatever, I'm subgenius anyway.
KlatschEI 26 dagar sedan
Welcome children, Praise our great father BurBack
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 27 dagar sedan
Why is she flexing that she eats Taco Bell everyday? The food is mediocre, it's not that expensive, and it gives you diarrhea
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez 27 dagar sedan
for the first time i know gus is actually smart
Nathan Howlett
Nathan Howlett 28 dagar sedan
TheFrigidGuy 28 dagar sedan
Eddy is about to hit 1M.
Aidan Hannum
Aidan Hannum 28 dagar sedan
She says she has “real friends “ they just want her money
true equality
true equality 29 dagar sedan
Omg you shaved that is cringe🕳👀
Katy Morris
Katy Morris Månad sedan
Eddie you have not experienced the glory of mixing red and green mountain dew
Shiki Kan
Shiki Kan Månad sedan
It made me remember that I mix mountain dew with blue gatorade back in the old days
JhongYT Månad sedan
I could be drunk and listen to that song and still think it's horrible.
JhongYT Månad sedan
That song could be sang using the same note and it would be the same shit.
one zerozerozero one
one zerozerozero one Månad sedan
Where's mom ?????
BitesThe Dust
BitesThe Dust Månad sedan
She should go on a damn diet
Ron Månad sedan
lol she is married now
Sidney Price
Sidney Price Månad sedan
Ashamed to share names with her...
igoy 1267
igoy 1267 Månad sedan
I hate you eddy you made me have this song stuck in my head AM SO LIT RIGHT NO-!! crap
igoy 1267
igoy 1267 Månad sedan
13:27 the jurassic park dinosaur look like it has a hat by the lighting
Gabriel Baily
Gabriel Baily Månad sedan
I'm in high school and no you're wrong. They are no cool people in highschool.
Jason Handy
Jason Handy Månad sedan
14:45 *starts tap dancing *
Krabby Månad sedan
bro eddy you dont have 4 million subs
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