WHY was this on the Trending Page!?

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 3 år sedan
Do you guys agree with me? Maybe I'm being too cynical but I'd love to hear what you think!
Picklr 20 dagar sedan
Not Me
Not Me 28 dagar sedan
Eddy Burback you’re right. It’s done fucked.
Russel Jimmies
Russel Jimmies 2 månader sedan
Obviously he meant it's one of his literal dreams he had last week.
Betta cuck male
Betta cuck male 3 månader sedan
Jacob Furnish
Jacob Furnish 4 månader sedan
YASSS EDDY But seriously yeah i agree, it doesn't really make sense to be on trending.
LillieX 2 dagar sedan
I remember watching this in the living room when I was like 10
help me
help me 5 dagar sedan
he he eddie (lol)
Dannisaur-Lea 5 dagar sedan
Make something about cuties Netflix series, because I personally think it's really gross.
Hervard 6 dagar sedan
PIGKING 1208 7 dagar sedan
“I’ll show you what I got” Law and order intro
Molly Robinson
Molly Robinson 7 dagar sedan
Super wholesome how 3 years ago Eddie was bummed about not having friends in the commentary community and now he has Drew, Danny, Jakey, etc. He even has a podcast with Gus now, someone he talked about wanting to collab with back in the day. Boys really do support boys.
BarelyTsunami 8 dagar sedan
I’m mad that this dumb ad had good dancing and like a couple funny lines (gotta say the raise your hand if you’re in charge made me chuckle)
Alex frong
Alex frong 8 dagar sedan
this was randomly recomended to me and I'm always stunned how much he's changed wenoernorge
†L.A.XO† 9 dagar sedan
Lmao we love you Eddy💜
Smpam Account
Smpam Account 9 dagar sedan
There dancing is good but the setup and cheering was kind of cringe
Phlly_Chs_Stk 77
Phlly_Chs_Stk 77 13 dagar sedan
Anyone else thought mom was talking about “the pole” when she said a little dance dance?????
Locke Hutcheson
Locke Hutcheson 13 dagar sedan
I know this was made 3 years ago, but to answer your question, this was most likely made just to boost the dancers resume, put in the choreographers portfolio, or just for fun. I was in a couple of these dance video a couple years ago, and the choreographer mainly did this to help us out when auditioning for a larger dance role and to put it in her portfolio for college.
ThatShort_1 14 dagar sedan
I’m a dancer, they can’t dance, they’re alright, but there’s a lot that they lack.
ethan case
ethan case 14 dagar sedan
The app is best fiends
IIprofessionalitynessII 15 dagar sedan
idk who's gonna see this comment but when he was saying "now we're back to the future" etc he coulda just said now we're BURBACK
Picklr 20 dagar sedan
Doggo 21 dag sedan
Why is there more girls than boys in this school
Doggo 21 dag sedan
4:22 duh fuh was that face
Comrade Vladimir
Comrade Vladimir 24 dagar sedan
Bruh those kids with special skills are special ed
Crown Jewels Stealer
Crown Jewels Stealer 25 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who wants a gay frog
17 Tacos
17 Tacos 25 dagar sedan
The faces though
Cailan Scire
Cailan Scire 28 dagar sedan
Okay that kid looks like shes having a stroke at the beginning of the dance.
Eric Schnautz
Eric Schnautz 29 dagar sedan
3:26 that joke can't age poorly because it was already really fucked up. 3:55 you can hear kids yelling but no one is yelling. This is somehow the funniest thing.
Deacon Grall
Deacon Grall Månad sedan
“I’ll show you what I got.” Oh god no
that gogodude
that gogodude Månad sedan
@5:14 *laughs in cuties the movie
SuperNerd Månad sedan
I feel dirty.
Natalie Brummeler
Natalie Brummeler Månad sedan
Did you know that apple has now apparently come out with camouflaged phones? 4:19
Marcell Szmilkó
Marcell Szmilkó Månad sedan
And 3 years later Cuties came.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Månad sedan
my exact thoughts
Bass Bistrian
Bass Bistrian Månad sedan
oh hey im back, sorry I just passed out from cringyness
Kenton Dangerous
Kenton Dangerous Månad sedan
This Scott guy makes me want to punch myself in the face.
Kenton Dangerous
Kenton Dangerous Månad sedan
this guys whole channel is a giant cringe now that i'm looking at it actually. Ugh.
one zerozerozero one
one zerozerozero one Månad sedan
Who almost gagged after that video ... Obviously , no one
Beast random stuff
Beast random stuff Månad sedan
Kid: "Did you see that?" Me: "Was that Alvin from the Chipmunks?"
Caleb Hague
Caleb Hague Månad sedan
Ok can I just say all of the dance move look like the kids have ants in their pants
Dat_Spartan_ Gamer
Dat_Spartan_ Gamer Månad sedan
cuties be like
Jason Handy
Jason Handy Månad sedan
This video should have got on the trending page more then the dance battle
CrimsonSkyz Månad sedan
Trek Bee
Trek Bee Månad sedan
the game is called fiends
Nate Månad sedan
I'm late but I can still ask why the faces
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez Månad sedan
my dude
Just a Pumpkin with a keyboard
Just a Pumpkin with a keyboard Månad sedan
Ono. I played the app.
The building Blob
The building Blob Månad sedan
Anyone realize that on the girls shirt that said "fun" looked like F U?
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
Mr knee
Teenz Set
Teenz Set Månad sedan
3:25 No joke, I was thinking the same thing. And these kid are trash at dancing
The big Gumb
The big Gumb Månad sedan
Why are elementary school students even allowed to have smartphones???
zjarany indyk
zjarany indyk Månad sedan
I want to know what papa franku would said about that
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh Månad sedan
I'm SO glad I missed this "trending" video 3 years ago, lol. Seriously though, all I could think was "stranger danger, stranger danger". That was creepy AF.
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis Månad sedan
Why are the kids making such dumb faces while dancing?
Mso4256 2 månader sedan
The app is best fiends
thisis analt
thisis analt 2 månader sedan
Do u guys realize that he has 690 thousand subs
KermitSuicide 574
KermitSuicide 574 2 månader sedan
I like how they say they taught the boys a lesson but the principal interrupted the whole thing so no one won
le Derpium
le Derpium 2 månader sedan
i mean, is he hurting anyone by just trying to make money? you have clearly seen these videos work well, and you get sponsors, and now u have merch, are you a greedy bad person? i dont think so, and besides the video wasnt terrible i can imagine some kid watching this and liking it,ik im late
merploc 2 månader sedan
yeah he was a very good actor or he just showed up to set drunk XD
cmax77 2 månader sedan
All I'm thinking of is how easy it would be to beat up those kids.
Conor Hulse
Conor Hulse 2 månader sedan
To a video about how fucking fucked cities is the more videos on the subject the more aware of the problem people will be
Conor Hulse
Conor Hulse 2 månader sedan
tron. exe
tron. exe 2 månader sedan
Why do children exist
Aquarius 2 månader sedan
ikr why can't we just grow really fast for like 2 years and be adults for the rest of our lives
Narrator Nightmare
Narrator Nightmare 2 månader sedan
First girl dancing was very um... Abstract lol
Narrator Nightmare
Narrator Nightmare 2 månader sedan
Censored joke was perfect
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass 2 månader sedan
That was some weird ass twitchy poop face ass dancing.
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass 2 månader sedan
The blonde kid was wack as fuck.
blazereh o/
blazereh o/ 2 månader sedan
“Nothing I’ve made has ever hit the trending page and it’s upsetting” and 3 years later you do! Hard work pays off sometimes
Other Scott
Other Scott 2 månader sedan
3:29 that's one way to get into the wall street journal
Jack Schenkenberger
Jack Schenkenberger 2 månader sedan
The app is best fiends
Zuzana Lovitt
Zuzana Lovitt 2 månader sedan
The app is best fiends. There’s multiple levels and sections that they’re in it’s pretty hard to get past frozen hills, trust me.
vFLIXZ 2 månader sedan
3:28 *pulls out glock*
Demolition Mitch
Demolition Mitch 2 månader sedan
You should've said "I'm Eddy Bur-back".
Miles Trotter
Miles Trotter 2 månader sedan
Thanks for that gay frog reference, I didn't understand it. It was helpful.
Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch 2 månader sedan
4:24 that does not sound like the voice of that girl
Everett Blake
Everett Blake 2 månader sedan
Why does Scott sound like he’s drunk or high on acid
FLOWER 2 månader sedan
The video is showing every child but Black children do Black people's dance moves and style. The kids are now cool. 🤦🏿‍♀️
Missy Garcia
Missy Garcia 2 månader sedan
I'm obviously 3 years late but I'm so confused. Why is this school in Utah allowing people to film here, why is an old famous Mormon actor in this? What is going on???
Corgan Kelm
Corgan Kelm 2 månader sedan
rip leafy
JWrocker 2 månader sedan
As of about two days ago he has Eddy has made a video that made it on the trending page!!!!!!
Cooldude 76
Cooldude 76 2 månader sedan
He finally made the trending page
FacePalmProductions 2 månader sedan
What you are trying to say dude, is that the video provides no context whatsoever. Lol
OlivineGrapeTest92 2 månader sedan
The worst part is that I could recognize the app just from seeing the phone I hate SEpost ads
Felix Tucker
Felix Tucker 2 månader sedan
“It’s weird seeing kids dance” we never knew how true that would become
Pau Boira
Pau Boira 2 månader sedan
it's called best fiends
Kermit_Froggo ¡
Kermit_Froggo ¡ 2 månader sedan
Canada Boy
Canada Boy 2 månader sedan
Yes it’s an app
jochar32 2 månader sedan
Their dance skills got nothing on Gus
Mr. Vinster Guy
Mr. Vinster Guy 2 månader sedan
9:16 LOL I love Eddy's humour
Audrey Rose
Audrey Rose 2 månader sedan
We’re Eddy Bur-back
Mk3 Vr666
Mk3 Vr666 2 månader sedan
Omg. I love alex Jones
Dattalkingdogg 1311
Dattalkingdogg 1311 2 månader sedan
The kid in the thumbnail looks like a gay mattyb ngl
Miffin_Man 2 månader sedan
I fucking died at the censored joke.
Tennessee Jack
Tennessee Jack 2 månader sedan
I feel like i'm committing a crime by watching this.
Halls 3
Halls 3 2 månader sedan
If there was more of a plot and more of the dancing, it’d be better. But like, why the heck did “Scott” ask a bunch of kids to dance?
j money
j money 3 månader sedan
keely mccombs
keely mccombs 3 månader sedan
scott looks like bald eddy
IAMDRAGONZ 3 månader sedan
you look like the old guy from up
vegis chips
vegis chips 3 månader sedan
Eddy you should have a hoodie that says back to the burback in the back to the future fount
Kekoa Kritz
Kekoa Kritz 3 månader sedan
My god , why is this a thing 🙃👈
Pink Crewmate
Pink Crewmate 3 månader sedan
Kekoa Kritz ikr people who use emoji’s should be euthanized
ish and other things
ish and other things 3 månader sedan
Scott reminds me of Andy Bernard
Harrison Chapman
Harrison Chapman 3 månader sedan
3:47 Was this Eddy's first actual collab with Jakey??
Wawaniske :D
Wawaniske :D 3 månader sedan
Is Scott okay
Matthew Eggert
Matthew Eggert 3 månader sedan
Literally me and the boys
Jar Jar
Jar Jar 3 månader sedan
Kid at school in the blind spot were the cameras can’t see: show me what you got. Other kid: I’ll show you what I got. *pulls out gallon bag of sugar and calls it cocaine* we can make it even if you give me the “CRYSTAL” stuff. Kid: *Pulls out blue rock candy*
Natalie 3 månader sedan
My question is why a few of the ten year olds look like they're skaters. Someone was literally wearing a flannel around their waste. At least five of them were wearing beanies. Who dresses like that at their age?
Surf like John John
Surf like John John 3 månader sedan
i wanna die after seeing this vid...........
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