Why is Cats?

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Lindsay Ellis

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Don't get cocky.
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carrey År sedan
“I’m losin’ to a bird!” walked so “Hal, it’s about cats” could run
Genie Hossain
Genie Hossain 5 dagar sedan
@ChedaShinigami omg it absolutely does 🤣 also this is such a great reminder of how long she’s been doing this kind of gag
Jesus E
Jesus E 2 månader sedan
Goosey Puckoosey
Goosey Puckoosey 3 månader sedan
Directly into a wall
Scribbledon 3 månader sedan
This made me laugh too hard
ChedaShinigami 4 månader sedan
Does saying “Everybody got aids n’ shit!” Show off your age
Calvert Brian
Calvert Brian 4 timmar sedan
13,878!! I did it!!! Thank you, Garofalo.
Kyle Bostrom
Kyle Bostrom 6 timmar sedan
Chrystal Mc Kenzie
Chrystal Mc Kenzie 19 timmar sedan
Maren Russell
Maren Russell 19 timmar sedan
Can it PLEASE be the end of Tom Hooper musicals. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE🙏🙏🙏🙏
Clarion Clear
Clarion Clear Dag sedan
(Orchestra perspective on adaptions) Back in college, I performed in a pit orchestra with the real score of Sweeney Todd (not simplified for high school etc). We were coached for months especially on the intricate harmonies and important lines to what was happening on stage. This was especially important because we would never see the performers while playing. We performed in an incredibly warm, dark, cramped, and tiny box under the with only the director to guide us... We couldn't even hear the performers sing due to how the acoustics worked. The result, as a musician, was a mix of the intense emotions you feel when you hear that one song that always gets to your heart (whatever it is) and the incredible mental/sensory focus when playing a very tough video game or team sporting event (for those who aren't familiar). Nostalgia aside, we had practiced for months and could tell you academically which parts and lines of songs are emotionally important but also FEEL it due to the intense practice. I didn't watch the film adaptation (that literally all my theater friends had raved over and idolized during high school) until a month or so after we had done our extended run of the show. If I had to give a visual... It felt like watching someone do a beautiful, emotional dance routine in front of you... But their legs and feet from the knee down had been removed. Like, try to picture what that does to the dance. (Note: This is not meant to demean dancers with disabilities. This is merely a visualization of how jarring the experience was.) I couldn't unhear it after the first song. The emotional lines we had been pushed so hard to evoke to push home the singer's performance were literally faded out so low or entirely muted just before you could hear them so Johnny Depp (or another singer) could sing or even SPEAK them over a silent or near silent background... probably because they find this more dramatic in cinema. I have no idea what the majority consensus is on this film among people who studied voice and/or theater in college or perform this musical professionally but uh... it's been years and I'll never watch the film again. It hurts too much.
Clarion Clear
Clarion Clear Dag sedan
Also, I'm fully aware that there could be fabulous adaptations of musical scores in film but I didn't perform enough scores before changing career paths to know. And for a background, I had performed several musicals before and I just can't stand most of them. (YEAH, IM LOOKING AT YOU RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN! 🤮)
thisisstupid956 2 dagar sedan
I thought Tom Hooper was James Cameron for the first half of this video
anime irl
anime irl 3 dagar sedan
You did us sooooo dirty with that panting 😭😭 I'm wearing headphones, dude, c'mon!!!
DaveLH 3 dagar sedan
51:32 -- "If you can't get T.S. Eliot, get T.S." -- Yikes! And I thought the Rum Tum Tugger was full of himself! And "Beautiful Ghosts" is SO banal in its sentimentality -- It does NOT belong in CATS! ... 'Cause the thing is, even though "Memory"'s lyrics are by Trevor Nunn, he drew from a lot of bits and pieces from Eliot's other works, so "Memory" is at least in the spirit of T.S. Eliot. And everything else in CATS is drawn almost word-for-word from Eliot, either "Old Possum" or a host of unpublished material that Eliot's widow generously shared with A.L. Webber. So in the movie, "Beautiful Ghosts", with no connection whatsoever with Eliot, is even more of an odd man out. And don't get me started on the extent that throughout the film it keeps trying to steal "Memory"'s thunder...
DaveLH 3 dagar sedan
49:24 -- The thing that really annoyed me about Gus in the movie is that in the original show (and the even more original Eliot poem for that matter) a large chunk of his song IS in first-person -- "I have played in my time every possible part...", &c. But do they give that to Ian? Nope! They give him the part that's in THIRD person! Logical! And I happen to think he was the best casting in the whole movie -- He makes a great Gus! But the director and screenwriters ruin what could have been a great scene.
Sarah Maryja
Sarah Maryja 4 dagar sedan
"Theater is in a new golden age" 2020: *cocks gun*
Anym 4 dagar sedan
hearing the same guy who explains to me how the world will end in a blazing fire, narrate hate comments about Cats 2019 is amazing
Dude Man
Dude Man 4 dagar sedan
Tbh I never got along with the theater kids at my school. I liked punk and jazz. They were always the ones in harmony class being like "MUSIC IS PURE EMOTION. ALL I KNOW IS GENERIC STUFF FROM MUSICALS, AND ITS PURE EMOTION!", and it left me to being one of the only ones just asking the teacher for actual info and wanting to learn more about music, asking stuff like "hey, can you just like show me how I should approach utilizing music theory when I write?" Or "hey can you explain what a parallel fourth is?" Or "how I can branch out and start learning jazz theory?". The theater kids I went to school with were always busy just stroking the egoz and being obsessed with the idea of being "so DEEP" and assumed they were the best about everything, and tbh they just couldn't be creative. It felt like music was just a celebration of the ego to them. I'm not trying to sound like I think I'm a genius or anything, my main point is that unlike the kids at my school that were into theater, I sure as sh*t always felt there was something to learn or improve on. They pretended they knew "everything", I always felt I needed to learn more. I always look back to this argument I had with one girl, the beatles got brought up and I basically said I had a hard time picking a favorite album because I originally liked abbey road the most but I had overplayed it and so I was finding I really liked Sgt Pepper the most at the moment, and she literally tried to scold me and cursed me out becaus as she said "ABBEY ROAD IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE. YOU'RE AN IDIOT AND YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MUSIC", as though I had said abbey road was bad or something. I literally prefaced my statement about abbey road with the fact that it was the album that got me to love the beatles and so it was the one I respected the most even though I couldn't listen to it anymore and was more listening to Sgt Pepper. Tbh her freaking out about abbey road made me want to listen to it less too, it was seriously infuriating to get yelled at over something where I didn't even trash on abbey road and I actually had only complemented the album
Daniel Moreau
Daniel Moreau 4 dagar sedan
"There was a child in the car!" "A child!" "a child?" "A child?" "Boom" "A child!"
Seòladair Grey
Seòladair Grey 5 dagar sedan
Did you - did you get kurtzgesagt to narrate some of this -
Nardo Vogt
Nardo Vogt 5 dagar sedan
Did you get the speaker from Kurzgesagt for the video? NICE!
TheHelenaPotter 7 dagar sedan
I'm definitely watching this movie the next time I do mushrooms
TheHelenaPotter 7 dagar sedan
That whole Guy Fieri piece was so funny
I am a Unicorn
I am a Unicorn 8 dagar sedan
This just made me want to see a recording of the original.
Lux P
Lux P 8 dagar sedan
So we should know get a good animated “Cats”
Whatever I feel like
Whatever I feel like 8 dagar sedan
I want Hadestown the movie so long as Tom Hooper stays away
Cass W
Cass W 8 dagar sedan
I did NOT expect to see Brad from It’s Alive in a video essay about Cats lol
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 9 dagar sedan
For the short star participation, it's an obvious thing to fix with VFX, which doesn't require the stars to be filmed together in the same place or even the same lifetime. So they didn't need a kidnapping plots.
Tom F
Tom F 9 dagar sedan
yeah cats is the worst.
Just Another Redhead at the End of the World
Just Another Redhead at the End of the World 9 dagar sedan
9:14 The old "Have you seen this man in your dreams?" creepypasta is a lot less creepy to me now that I see it's clearly just young Andrew Lloyd Webber.
CaitieLou 9 dagar sedan
Why why WHYYYYYYYY did no one hear Tom Hooper saying he wants to bring realism and groundedness into Cats and say that is a terrible idea??? Bringing reality into Cats would be like bringing slapstick humor into Schindler's List. You just can't do that. At least not without bringing some unholy nightmare into being.
Harley Dirk
Harley Dirk 10 dagar sedan
Okay now I'm confused... Are cats the same thing as a dog?
mizel101 10 dagar sedan
how are there still more clips of Phantom of the Opera we haven't seen memed on this channel before?
Clotted Scream
Clotted Scream 10 dagar sedan
Can you please link the creator of the animatic at 55:46 in the description? I want to watch it
ThatGreenDayFreak 10 dagar sedan
Caught that Ramin Karimloo simping
Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus
Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus 11 dagar sedan
If t.s. elliot's wife never wanted the cats poems turned into an animated film because she was worried it would turn out like winnie the poo, then imagine what she'd think if she saw the cats film.
Katt 12 dagar sedan
This show is for dancers, we tend to be ride or die if we like this show. Getting cast as Victoria is a brag in the theater dance world. It's mostly dancing and there's really only one part that requires a really good singing voice. Most of the other songs you can get away with speak-singing.
some oomph
some oomph 12 dagar sedan
this is such a well made video. I swear the production value of these is off the charts for what is essentially a SEpost documentary/comedy. great stuff. unsubbed and reported. uninvited from my birthday party.
Ocrilat 13 dagar sedan
What made the film crash and burn was down to a typo. Originally, the intension was that TOBE Hooper was supposed to direct the film, but a slightly drunk secretary sent the invitation to the wrong person.
Lisa L
Lisa L 13 dagar sedan
"other failures like American Tale: Feivel Goes West, We're Back: A Dinosaur Story, and Balto" ummmmm those were all my favorite movies as a kid 👀👀
Halbumen 13 dagar sedan
thumbnail has my name in it and idk how to feel about this... i'm losing (my mind) to a bird (british meaning)
S A 13 dagar sedan
As Folding Ideas said, "The scream that rose in my soul when Dame Judy Dench spread her legs wide, and scissored in approval of another cat's musical number"
Christina Bennett
Christina Bennett 13 dagar sedan
*Big fan of cats* big mood
Christina Bennett
Christina Bennett 13 dagar sedan
"Meow" I love the sass 💜
Christina Bennett
Christina Bennett 13 dagar sedan
I love to see the original play. I have so many movies to see.
Emily Levine
Emily Levine 13 dagar sedan
Judi Dench singing makes me cringe so hard that I skip that part if I re-watch this video...
Sam C
Sam C 14 dagar sedan
7:28 People who watched the musical as a kid and then grew up to be furries. Ta-dah....~
Zigithor 14 dagar sedan
I've seen cats (2019) 12 times and no one cares
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 14 dagar sedan
What a CATastrophe.
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher Jimenez 15 dagar sedan
After watching Sideways video I must say Memory is not as good as Lindsay claims it to be
Samuel Love
Samuel Love 15 dagar sedan
omg, listening to the voice of kurzgesagt read a critique of Cats is not something i thought i needed. genius
Boggs 16 dagar sedan
The "Why?" of the musical is simple, it evokes all of the personalities that cat-owners perceive in their felines. That's what is at the heart of the poems, and at the heart of the musical. It's also why the ridiculous costumes and the anthropomorphism work in the musical; cat-owners already perceive a "person" in their pet and the musical just registers that fact in an enhanced key that works perfectly with a heightened sense of absurdity, whimsy, etc. It's very similar to Kayfabe; cat-owners KNOW that their cats aren't people, but they play as if they are. Musical captures that right in a bottle. The movie, on the hand, takes the Cats-Kayfabe as literal and basically presents the viewer not with human personalities dressed up as cats, but with literal cat-human hybrids. It kills everything and generates an instant "yeck" response.
Leslie Rae
Leslie Rae 16 dagar sedan
I love you Lindsay, you’re the funniest.
MrPoemlover 16 dagar sedan
this bodes ill for Cats 2
Nunya Bidnis
Nunya Bidnis 16 dagar sedan
The quote at 52:54 : "...a musical that confirms for people who hate musicals why they hate musicals." Speaking as a personal who entirely hates the medium of musicals, this is extremely accurate.
Insertclevernamehere 16 dagar sedan
If you think Cats is bad, try Starlight Express. Andrew Lloyd Webber made more money than God churning these musicals out, most ran for years on the West End.
Paulina Hurtado
Paulina Hurtado 16 dagar sedan
Is it just me or the narrator on minute 2:56 is the same as the Kurzgesagt videos? 🤯
Christina Phipps
Christina Phipps 17 dagar sedan
please put kristen wiig in cats the movie after barbara was transformed into apex predator right after she reannounce her wish at the end of the film of wonder woman 1984
JoJoModding 17 dagar sedan
Kurzgesagt gives the "reading reviews" phase the extra something
Duck King
Duck King 17 dagar sedan
Movie makers wanting to do gritty, realistic prizebait movies.... so basically the AAA videogame industry, too.
Nerdbrain 17 dagar sedan
Hey gamers. Just wanna tell yall a little story about cats the musical. When I was in elementary school my parents would play in the pit orchestras for some local theater productions since they were both band kids in college and played a lot of instruments. As a result of this hobby/gig for some extra cash of theirs, they had to drag my brother, my sister, and I along to see the shows they were a part of, since they didn't want to hire a babysitter or maybe they thought it'd be fun. On not one, not two, but fucking three separate occasions they played in a production of Cats the musical. And oh boy, let me tell you this. The actors, even local theater actors, that are willing to perform in cats the musical, they perform with the same horrific vigor you all saw in the 2019 movie. And they got close, up close and real personal, touchy even. Nothing is more traumatizing than being 7 years old, wanting a cat really bad and being obsessed with the cute little animals, hearing there's a musical about cats, only for 28+ year old men in skin tight fur suits with painted faces to crawl around on all fours up and down the isles, grabbing your shoulders, and seductively staring into your eyes while they sing and dance. ONLY FOR YOU TO THEN BE TOLD A FEW MONTHS LATER THAT YOU HAD TO GO EXPERIENCE THAT AGAIN BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS WERE PLAYING IN ANOTHER PRODUCTION OF THE SAME GOD DAMN SHOW. The horrors of the 2019 film are real, world wide, cursed productions of this abomination happen again and again and they scare the fuck out of kids every time.
Trevor Grant
Trevor Grant 17 dagar sedan
When was ‘Sharknado: the musical’ released?
Brody Churchman
Brody Churchman 18 dagar sedan
I was not expecting Kurzgesagt in an video about CATS.
k3r4m1k 18 dagar sedan
that one small clip of hot gossip gets me every time. it's so.. much
Hal Kitchen
Hal Kitchen 18 dagar sedan
I want an Ed Wood (1994) style movie about the making of Cats (2019) I was to see an actor try to perform the confidence and sincerity with which Tom Hooper went about directing Cats.
Robert Peters
Robert Peters 19 dagar sedan
I just watched Sarah Z's video on Homestuck.....and Cats seems to be popular for the same reason Homestuck's Trolls are....
Kristin FROST Lazerbeams
Kristin FROST Lazerbeams 19 dagar sedan
I feel problem with such movies as with a lot of things is that just like just about everything else, the "professionals" or the Emmy judges decide what wins awards and praise. People or things with heart and love instead of pretty faces and money are overlooked. Even though we vote with our money and support (as far as movies are concerned anyway) it is always the opinions of individuals detached from the normal folks that mean the most. Awards mean so little in my opinion but they matter so much to the future of media that we get pure shite instead of the real meaning or lack thereof of meaning like Cats the Movie. I loved the musical in the 90s and still remember most of the nonsensical songs and characters but that is what it was supposed to be...It was so people could enjoy the music and dancing of really talented people in a somewhat real but mostly fantastical world. Our actors in this film for the most part were not good at dancing or singing. It is a musical FFS. Take those things out that people enjoy and we have a bunch of adults dressed as cats LARPing in the cheesiest ways while trying to get the spotlight. Look at me, look at me! It was like a fight to be the creepiest adult in a cat costume. 😆
Hunter 20 dagar sedan
Listening to the Kurzesagt narrator talk bad about Cats made my day
rose b
rose b 21 dag sedan
Marin Lucic
Marin Lucic 21 dag sedan
Wait is that the Kurzgesagt guy??
Zara Miller
Zara Miller 24 dagar sedan
"There is a lot of no homo in this movie." lol so true
Worchikeiker Reebes
Worchikeiker Reebes 24 dagar sedan
How did you get the kurtzgasagt voice actor guy
candyzombiee 25 dagar sedan
alright, in thinking about the two sir andrew lloyd webber movies you’ve covered iirc only being phantom and cats, i can’t help but feel the directors for both films would have been so much more suited at making the other ones film. the gratuitous stylization and cheesy and spectacle of a schumacher film would have gelled perfectly with the glitz and pure spectacle of cats (and you know that man would’ve used his nipple fascination to weird extents in cats but different plate of cookies for a different glass of milk) meanwhile hooper would have been able to up the realism and melodrama as he is known to for phantom easily, likely taking the music to a much more theatrical and elegant early edwardian gothic feel. while i hate the way he has his actors work (les mes comes to mind) i feel like it can be said his more realistic approach to musicals would likely have benefitted a phantom adaptation. i would be interested in what he would do with music of the night and angel if music. or just scrap them both completely and give them shits the mulan rouge treatment of embracing the inherent absurdity of the musical and indulging the audience in the gratuitous and decadent spectacle and melodrama
Leni Haylett
Leni Haylett 25 dagar sedan
lindsay deserves more love, support and recognition. these are well thought out, informative, entertaining videos. love it
walkingexistentaldread 26 dagar sedan
I still think that Cats is just a guy’s fever dream that he decided to write down and profit off of.
The Tree Whisperer
The Tree Whisperer 28 dagar sedan
The worst part of the whole Macavity is skin coloured thing is that he is literally described as a ginger cat in the song. They didn’t even cut that line like wtf it was so easy guys how did you screw this up??
Sputnik 28 dagar sedan
Macavity is Heathcliff prove me wrong.
Cortez Slade
Cortez Slade 29 dagar sedan
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Cortez Slade
Cortez Slade Månad sedan
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Sam Haugen
Sam Haugen Månad sedan
Never had the uncanny valley feeling until I saw the Cats trailer.
Karishma Changlani
Karishma Changlani Månad sedan
"Musical theatre is in a new golden age" oh how foolish we were.
PillPlaysGame Månad sedan
did i hear kurgesagsZzas voice?
yossarian Månad sedan
What Broadway needs is to start putting more recordings of the stage show on Netflix or other streaming services you can make Broadway mainstream that way
yossarian 28 dagar sedan
@Elnjolras I want Broadway to be less gatekept by prohibitive cost and access
Elnjolras 28 dagar sedan
@yossarian I see what you mean. I just mistook what you were saying slightly.
yossarian 28 dagar sedan
@Elnjolras I'm aware but thats not gonna get you a large audience like Netflix , prime or Disney. Look all the people who got exposed to their first broadway musical experience from Hamilton on Disney plus
Elnjolras 28 dagar sedan
I'm glad to tell you that they've made a broadway streaming service called broadway HD.
Jarkko Joem Jundis
Jarkko Joem Jundis Månad sedan
Happy 1 year
AnnoyingSquib Månad sedan
As someone who loves the stage performances of Cats, I really do hope there will be an animated adaptation of it someday.
Finley Productions
Finley Productions Månad sedan
Rankabee Månad sedan
And not even touching on the absolute dumpster fire that the fast-and loose "interpretative" approach to tempo and... melody caused.... Yikes.
dixiepie Månad sedan
"Where I'm explaining musicals to my friend who hates musicals" Me: omg the guy who didn't like musicals
Funky Women
Funky Women Månad sedan
51:04 is my favorite clip ever and I'm so glad you played it as much as you did
Trailtracker Månad sedan
the lung association ad is a bit horrifying
Funky Women
Funky Women Månad sedan
Cats has a plot its just . . . 80% introductions
Talon Månad sedan
I'm so mad at Hooper, his GREAT IDEA to make his actors sing live and get the orchestra to follow that ruined the music of two separate shows.
Justin Månad sedan
I stan the flavortown cat, so hard
Carlie Allred
Carlie Allred Månad sedan
Thanks to unexpected SEpost suggestions, yesterday I started watching The Royal Ballet's production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Something looked familiar about Alice, and while rewatching THIS video, and I realized the clip shown at 26:12 is from that ballet production. Cool! I also think it's interesting that the point Lindsay is making in that section - that the medium is the message - uses a video clip of a ballet of Alice in Wonderland, which was originally a book, and then was adapted many times into movies, plays, and other retellings.
Gaming Blows
Gaming Blows Månad sedan
37:17 Damn that actor is way more intense than the kid in the movie.
snakelele Månad sedan
the funniest part of all of this is the implication that Cats was produced as Oscar bait
Frosty Archon
Frosty Archon Månad sedan
Thanks for all the effort you put into amazing content!
Cathy Jones
Cathy Jones Månad sedan
I have watched this movie so many times. I loved it
Cathy Jones
Cathy Jones Månad sedan
I wanted to see it on Broadway but never got to go so I don’t have anything to judge it against
Yashmin de Oliveira
Yashmin de Oliveira Månad sedan
Ohy thank god a video about Cats that meantions the absud no homo Mr. Mistoffelees
Sophie Nicholson
Sophie Nicholson Månad sedan
Is it weird that I feel nostalgic for cats over a year later? It feels like so long ago and I kind of want it back
DesperadoSamuel Månad sedan
This is just so well written. You are honestly one of my inspirations in writing :) amazing! I deeply dislike musicals but i was so entertained lol
Mark F.
Mark F. Månad sedan
I was wondering why Judi Dench's singing voice is so weak and embarrassing, until I remembered she's in her 80s, Jesus Christ
It’s Cthulhu
It’s Cthulhu Månad sedan
I feel like that animated amblin movie would have been interesting
Sashimi Månad sedan
Shout out to fan animations on SEpost:)
Domination Of Procrastination
Domination Of Procrastination Månad sedan
3:38 I was both surprised and happy to hear Kurgezagt. Totally spelled that wrong.
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