Why Gravity is NOT a Force

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The General Theory of Relativity tells us gravity is not a force, gravitational fields don't exist. Objects tend to move on straight paths through curved spacetime. Thanks to Caséta by Lutron for sponsoring this video. Find out more at: www.lutron.com/veritasium
Huge thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis for hours of consulting on this video so I could get these ideas straight in my own brain. Check out his SEpost channel: ve42.co/gfl or his books: ve42.co/GFLbooks
Amazing VFX, compositing, and editing by Jonny Hyman
2D animations by Ivàn Tello
Filmed by Steven Warren and Raquel Nuno
Special thanks to Petr Lebedev for reviews and script consultation
Music by Jonny Hyman and from Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com
Rocket made by Goodnight and Co.
Screen images in rocket by Geoff Barrett
Slow motion rocket exhaust footage from Joe Barnard at BPS.Space

Veritasium 11 dagar sedan
Here's a question I've seen a lot in comments: OK, I'm accelerating up but then shouldn't someone on the other side of the globe fall off? No, here's why: Either watch again from 8:28 or read what I've written below... Spacetime is curved - it curves the opposite direction on the other side of the Earth. Neither us on this side of the Earth nor they on the other side are changing our spacial coordinates - we're not moving up, they're not moving down - Earth isn't flying into one of us. BUT we both ARE accelerating. In curved spacetime you have to accelerate just to remain stationary. The traditional definition of acceleration is something changing its velocity. In general relativity you have to embrace a new definition of acceleration: it means deviating from a geodesic - not going on a straight line path through spacetime. Near the Earth a geodesic is a parabola so unless you're moving in a parabolic arc (like on a zero-g plane) you are accelerating. This definition is the same as the old one so if you're accelerating in deep space then your velocity is changing. *BUT*... if you are near a large mass you are in curved spacetime, now acceleration your velocity is changing. You can stay stationary relative to Earth's surface and still be accelerating. This is because your acceleration should be measured not relative to the Earth's surface but relative to free-falling objects - they are inertial observers. Imagine this - I'm in deep space and I make horizontal rows and rows of stationary golf balls. Then I hop in my rocket and accelerate up through them. Just think about what that looks like. Now my rocket is back on Earth just sitting there. I freeze time for a sec and make horizontal rows and rows of golf balls up into the atmosphere. Now unfreeze time. What do you see? If you just look at the golf balls and the rocket ship it looks the same as the situation in space where the golf balls were stationary and the rocket was accelerating. Einstein's point was the golf balls have the better claim as the "stationary" thing since their experience is just like the golf balls in deep space - no forces experienced. The rocket on Earth is just like the rocket in space. It feels a force and hence an acceleration.
adorable 2 dagar sedan
adorable 2 dagar sedan
adorable 2 dagar sedan
adorable 2 dagar sedan
adorable 2 dagar sedan
David Jackson
David Jackson 9 minuter sedan
Okay, fantastic video, but how would this relate to gravity waves?
Laurent H
Laurent H 13 minuter sedan
Of course gravity is a force, and a gravitational fields exist, hence we have "potential energy", that can be converted to kinetic energy and vice versa, for example in a pendulum. I mean, you was on school ? Teacher tells that. The rest is BS, we are not here to believe in "space time" instead of god.
Idan Sagiv
Idan Sagiv 23 minuter sedan
Derek, I wondered, where I can get information about the source from which you took the equation 10:13, including recommendations sources to study the subject in depth Thanks!
Glade le joueur
Glade le joueur 37 minuter sedan
lol at first I was confused now I just feel dumb
Game Account
Game Account 41 minut sedan
Does passing through an event horizon of a small black hole do anything to the explanation?
Aram Arakelyan
Aram Arakelyan 47 minuter sedan
There is a very interesting and visual experiment that allows you to distinguish gravity from an accelerating rocket. If we hang two long pendulums, we will "notice" in the gravitational field that the pendulums are not exactly parallel to each other, although in a rocket they will lie on parallel lines. I don't know much about the theory of relativity, and I think I might be missing something. I will be very happy if someone answers PS I leave this question in many places to increase the probability of getting an answer
Rujjivit tapashcharya
Rujjivit tapashcharya 48 minuter sedan
I didn't understand the curvature term in equation can someone explain?
Abhishek Shrestha
Abhishek Shrestha 53 minuter sedan
i didnt get much... but it was fun to watch
Curtis Hooper
Curtis Hooper 55 minuter sedan
Also, "Force" is Newton's imprecise bundling of factors, the usage of which leads to all kinds of fictional forces like "normal", "friction", "centripetal", etc. As this video demonstrates, "free-body diagram" thinking just leads to a total lack of clarity about the true state of physics as we know it today.
Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer Timme sedan
only mass large enough is the sun. someone forgot about the proof of existence of blackholes which was the very idea that light bends around blackholes. no proof or experiment needed.
David Jackson
David Jackson Timme sedan
Fantastic! BTW I just posted a link in the Facebook page "Space Hipsters" that has over 19K members throughout the science community. Be prepared for a surge in subscribers!
Sree Hari prasad
Sree Hari prasad Timme sedan
It turns out Phoebe was right all this time.
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga Timme sedan
Time doesn't exist, so space-time isn't a real thing. Gravity is a real force . Nice video tho.
a typical ml noob
a typical ml noob Timme sedan
so ur telling me gravity is an illusion and that we all just move on a curved space time.
Scott Rollins ,jr
Scott Rollins ,jr Timme sedan
Starfleet Command Skool Academy Psychological Sciences Division General Analyst Consult: no, gravity as you call it is more likely to happen in gases// usually surrounding a ball why is gravity curved around the gas divides the 'Density Gravity Polarity' named Universe we fall be we are heavier then the gases but not more then the ground as we fall the pressure next to us is on the vertical of another latitude of the earth (not the slip stream you've fall in) // if we fell towards the center of the Earth we would either: slow til float or fall & be crushed bc decompression happens above micro_gravity & zero mass proves its links //we float in the pressure of the universe not in a vacuum
Scott Rollins ,jr
Scott Rollins ,jr Timme sedan
GenAna Bison inquiry wtf forces moving up? WHAT ARE YOU? the earth is spinning while revolving around the sun the general understanding of UP & DOWN are illusions the Weight of us (at this altitude) is not being countered by anything but the muscles in our body it is not acting like the blood in the body: using the pressure points & pulse points as inhibitors allowing the smooth transition of going back up ps the our core samples prove the earth expands (yes its from dead trees) allowing excess weight to push down: make mountains & volcanos
Typical Gamer Weeb
Typical Gamer Weeb 2 timmar sedan
I will come back in 7 years and try my best to understand the video completely, its still very easy to understand for the most part but the way you deliver this theory makes it so interesting that it makes me feel more motivated in learing more about the universe, the forces and everything. i want to more
Heisenberg 2 timmar sedan
I think it would be better simplified if you just said that the earth is moving through space at a velocity, and the weight we feel is the acceleration when we stand "stationary" on earth, and the person who is free-falling is the inertial observer because that acceleration no longer acts on them so they see the person through the window standing there accelerating upwards by the earths velocity. Similar to standing in the rocket as the rocket blasts off
Built To Rule
Built To Rule 2 timmar sedan
Conclusion: The Earth Is Flat
Alain M.
Alain M. 3 timmar sedan
This video explains it so well. A very insteresting question remains: how does spacetime behaves inside a black hole?
Redrooster 3 timmar sedan
The ground isn't holding us up? It's our muscles and bones against the 15 psi of atmospheric gases. That is what gravity is on Earth!
Frankie Dog Turner
Frankie Dog Turner 3 timmar sedan
What a total load of absolute twaddle. B/S pf the highest order. Insane idiocy.
Hassan Rabbi
Hassan Rabbi 3 timmar sedan
huh, I knew Newton was lying
Daane Mest
Daane Mest 3 timmar sedan
This thread lacks flerfers.... came here to read flerfer bollocks. :D good vid though.
Semen Semen
Semen Semen 4 timmar sedan
You have got a brother (twin) ? Joke:)
Adam Siman-Tov
Adam Siman-Tov 5 timmar sedan
Mind-blowing ! thanks for that awesome video !
ono app
ono app 5 timmar sedan
Ha correct correct gravity is not force, just for fun earth is flying in space without any support, sun, earth milkyway everything just flying just for fun
Elitebatzen 5 timmar sedan
I dont understand the part were you eccelerate without changing your coordinates.
Robert 5 timmar sedan
Why is it that a more dense object is harder to lift than a less dense object of the same size??? Is it because the object with more mass has more momentum???
Roy Javier
Roy Javier 6 timmar sedan
so what is this if gravity is not a force? The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature : Gravity. The weak force. Electromagnetism. The strong force.
Charith Patnaik
Charith Patnaik 6 timmar sedan
But what about Black Hole if the Gravity is not force why is tte light is not able to escape it. Till now I thought light is effected by the gravitational force.
下工尺モS卄丹刀口山 6 timmar sedan
wow! I actually get it!
Emmanuel Koech
Emmanuel Koech 6 timmar sedan
Veritasuim, Can this be used to explain that the earth is flat, and that its just the spacetime that is curved?
devansh sharma
devansh sharma 6 timmar sedan
What is gravitational force than?
Chandan Bhowal
Chandan Bhowal 6 timmar sedan
It's a shame I don't understand it. I have been trying to understand it since I was 15(23 now). I mean, I get the sentences and examples, but I still don't understand it. I think I would truly understand it if I knew the mathematics of it.
Fact & Figures
Fact & Figures 7 timmar sedan
Nick Fuller
Nick Fuller 7 timmar sedan
If gravity is just acceleration thru space, then why do things accelerate as they fall. Shouldn’t everything fall at terminal velocity instantly, no matter the distance
rhysenna 7 timmar sedan
Dam it. I almost understood what he was saying. 😅
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 7 timmar sedan
So we're not actually being sucked. The earth just happen to accelerate to us. Is this because the earth constantly moving around the sun and also constantly spinning on its axis? So in this case can I say that the earth is applying a upward force to my body? And based on the theory that I forgot the name. When you apply a force on an object, you will receive a force of the same amount. Something like that. So in this case, our body applies the same force to the earth but downward. So is this downward force the gravitational force everyone is talking about?
Caleb 8 timmar sedan
great vid! now can you do a vid on how to warp spacetime? why does "mass" do this?
Eternal Goof
Eternal Goof 8 timmar sedan
So ... fictitious forces can end someones life. If this is true, life must be fictitious - or our understanding of gravity must be flawed. Pick your poison, physicist.
Christian Moranne
Christian Moranne 8 timmar sedan
How to explain such a complex topic in such a simple way? You have all my respect Derek. Congrats! (And thank you)
Thunder 221
Thunder 221 8 timmar sedan
White kinda sus
krvnjrcbs 9 timmar sedan
If there is no gravity, then I’m not overweight. I’m just accelerating faster than you bro. Take that Usain Bolt
Funky Drummer
Funky Drummer 9 timmar sedan
I feel sad watching this right now knowing it's gonna have to end eventually, and that I can't watch this for the first time ever again
Michael Offutt
Michael Offutt 9 timmar sedan
blue dot
blue dot 9 timmar sedan
if gravity and acceleration are equivalent then shouldn't it be possible to bend space with the same amount of energy it takes to accelerate to 1G.
krvnjrcbs 9 timmar sedan
It is sad people have made videos on this exact subject years and years ago and they all have like 30 views, but this guy posts it and he’s somehow groundbreaking.
screw big tech and MSM
screw big tech and MSM 9 timmar sedan
Our cartesian coordinates are always changing relative to the sun, and the center of the milky way. Time is just the relative position in space between objects, and in the case of stellar objects, the total number of orbits around the central mass.
CoolBreeze640 9 timmar sedan
Also, what about quantum gravity?
CoolBreeze640 9 timmar sedan
So what is Ligo measuring? Thought it was supposed to be gravitational waves.
raven lord
raven lord 9 timmar sedan
This sucks for anyone researching gravitons. No need for a force mediating particle where no force exists.
Rayhan Mahmud
Rayhan Mahmud 9 timmar sedan
Thank you, Derek, for this incredible video!
Syed Rizvi
Syed Rizvi 9 timmar sedan
How would you define the string tension caused due to a hanging object?
Liri Ronen
Liri Ronen 10 timmar sedan
umm... air resistance?
just.mike.scott 10 timmar sedan
When I accidentally dropped a bowling ball on my foot it sure felt like a force.
Q Tuttle
Q Tuttle 10 timmar sedan
Your equation assumes a curve exists and that is it's main flaw. Centrifugal force is gravity because we are on the inside of a centrifuge. That's why flat Earth is growing, because it is. In my centrifuge Earth theory, the ground is coming up causing terminal velocity to act equally upon objects with different masses. Calculate that.
DJ 1955
DJ 1955 11 timmar sedan
Gravity is indeed a force. A black hole is so powerful light cannot escape. I do not believe it is a bending of space. Einstein is wrong. Play with magnets and feel the force and pull.
Joel E
Joel E 11 timmar sedan
What I don't understand is why things are "pulled" to the center of the earth. Your example of the rocket accelerating and the person being "pulled" to the floor is great but I don't get how to correlate that with me sitting on Earth and being pulled to the center of the Earth and someone on the other side of the Earth is also being pulled toward the center. I thought the pulling is caused by Earth's motion through space? The rocket is going in one direction so you're "pulled" to the floor opposite of that direction but the Earth is also moving through space in one direction yet everyone is being pulled to the center.
Joel E
Joel E 11 timmar sedan
Oh I see your reply above (thankfully I'm not the only one) so I'll read that first.
Purple Pick
Purple Pick 12 timmar sedan
Thank you. I can't tell you how many times I've argued this point. I mean it seems so obvious to me. Gravity is not a force. Only I called it "an emerging property of mass in timespace".
Stoney Sauce
Stoney Sauce 9 timmar sedan
Yours is a more apt name for it than "curved space", which is just silly and misleading.
hatfieldrick 12 timmar sedan
A nice way to demonstrate geodesics on that stretched rubber sheet, instead of rolling a ball on it (which just drags gravity right back in again) is to lay a thin line of metallic tape on the sheet. Smoothing it down, it will lie flat locally while curving overall.
chris lloyd
chris lloyd 12 timmar sedan
Thanks. I always thought the stretchy ball demo was b-s. First time I saw it I asked: but what is pulling everything down??
Niels Mike
Niels Mike 13 timmar sedan
If gravity is not a force. How could this describe black holes?
Kenny Tan
Kenny Tan 13 timmar sedan
The video 17 minutes long but I’ve managed to stretch it to an hour trying to understand what’s going on. Love it!
Noah Allred
Noah Allred 13 timmar sedan
That guy fell off of a T A L L building
eng3d 14 timmar sedan
Sorry but bs, you are mixing many concepts and when you show the formula, you know that most people will agree even when they are clueless about the meaning of it. Can you prove the formula that you used without contradict your hypothesis and using science?
Wendy Clark
Wendy Clark 14 timmar sedan
My dad is old and will not listen to it and me
Ian Rastall
Ian Rastall 14 timmar sedan
I kept waiting to hear that the movement of the Earth through space was what caused the acceleration.
Bea Scene
Bea Scene 14 timmar sedan
Lockdown, like other governmental forces is an illusion. Your psychological inertia is preventing you from moving in a straight line towards YOUR goal. You’re allowing yourself to be moved along a curved path toward the collective.
The Watcher In The Void
The Watcher In The Void 14 timmar sedan
So thats how to solve obesity in america. To make the ground dissapear. Makes sensr
Kim Poehnell
Kim Poehnell 15 timmar sedan
If the earth did not rotate on an axis, and did not cork screw a path around the sun, but traveled in a somewhat straight line with only the suns influence, would there be a measurable difference in 'gravity' between the front leading face of the earth and the opposite side of the earth, assuming mass and elevation being the same on both sides?
Kim Poehnell
Kim Poehnell 15 timmar sedan
Per these smart switches is a neutral wire required in the existing switch box?
SquaredbyX 15 timmar sedan
Thought the point of the bent sheet example at 6:10 is that it's is from all directions. The momentum of density.
dennis jump
dennis jump 16 timmar sedan
If I hear this " space time " nonsense one more time... Arrrrgggg. It's so incredibly stupid and obviously CONTRIVED to make a ludicrous theory sound smart ! Space is nothing ! Time is a Concept ! You cannot add a nothing to a concept and get something real. It's time for physics to flush this turd and get back to real science. " I added a vacuum to a leprechaun's breath and I got something I could bend and twist and fold and warp ! This cartoon proves it ." Oh, and don't forget to overly complicate it by using matheMAGICS. That way you can look down on people who don't get it. As a side note, just about everything presented here is a thought experiment. Just sayin'.
mEtAlMaNiAc787 16 timmar sedan
i didn't fall you just accelerated up.
BassMunk 16 timmar sedan
So basically space/time is constantly spiralling into large objects. Right?
Isaac Berry
Isaac Berry 16 timmar sedan
Here Have Some Coffee And Eat Alien Foods. E=π C^2
APM M 16 timmar sedan
If Gravity has no force, why does Jupiter's moon Europa, have huge surface cracks caused by Jupiter's gravitational pull ???????
WindLord 16 timmar sedan
Bull Shiito! If 'General Relativity' was so valid, why do we need 'Special Relativity'? Humans need to "Reconnect" mathematics to physics. Demonstrable cause and effect! The moon travels in a straight line - except for the fact that the gravitational attraction between It and the earth cause an alteration of its course and keeps it in a circular orbit. To overcome the vector momentum of the moon's straight line movement requires a force. ie. - Gravity. The Meridian lines drawn on a map or globe of the earth are DRAWN to converge at the poles. Poor analogy!
Jos Hendriks
Jos Hendriks 16 timmar sedan
Amazing video. I'm intrigued! thinking about this video... I could not explain the tides in the same manner... Does someone have the answer to this?
Rock girl
Rock girl 17 timmar sedan
Imagine some people think, that videos like these and even all science books, articles, lectures... are all just a conspiracy to let us believe, that the earth is flat 😂😂😂
Nigel Depledge
Nigel Depledge 17 timmar sedan
The "force" of gravity is an illusion. But it's a bloody convincing illusion!
Rock girl
Rock girl 17 timmar sedan
There was always a question regarding objects falling at the same time regardless if weight. If all objects with mass have their own gravity and that gravity is proportional to th
Texas Ray
Texas Ray 17 timmar sedan
Einstein was a plagiarist He also was a fraud So when you parrot his BS Don't think I will applaud. Your equations are mere babble There's no truth to your conclusions They don't lead to understanding They just lead to mass delusion. While relativity's a fact It's not as Einstein claimed Let Tesla set the record straight And fools like you be shamed _“Einstein's relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king... its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.”_ Nikola Tesla _“I am even grateful to Einstein and others because through their erroneous theories they lead mankind away from that dangerous path I followed.”_ - Nikola Tesla
Ghaulid Titus
Ghaulid Titus 17 timmar sedan
so trisha paytas was right?
Mahfuzur Rahman Munna
Mahfuzur Rahman Munna 17 timmar sedan
can someone explain about charged object . does it mean according to general theory of relativity stationary charge(free falling)will radiate em wave and accelerating charge(charged object on earth surface)will not radiate em wave . that is totally opposite to accelerating charge radiate em wave concept
Zalaxic Parth
Zalaxic Parth 18 timmar sedan
So gravity does not exist even though you can predict how long it'll take an object to hit the ground depending on the mass of a planet?
HeliRy 18 timmar sedan
Bloody hell man. I’ve been an avid watcher of your content for many years and always as loved it. This is no exception. But I gotta say, you’ve never quite blown my brain apart like you have here. The universe is bonkers 🤘
V M 18 timmar sedan
My brain feels much lighter after hearing this explanation.
Trevor H
Trevor H 18 timmar sedan
Solvable without curved spacetime. The planet you were being "attracted to" is actually travelling towards you in space due to its spiral orbital motions. And you don't fall off the bottom of earth due to electro static attraction, like rubbing a balloon and sticking it to a wall, because we live in a plasma universe. Boom.
CiriousJoker 18 timmar sedan
5:08 Bold of you to assume that I have friends
David Croft
David Croft 18 timmar sedan
Great animation. Great video. Thank you.
Proqatar2 19 timmar sedan
How could I be accelerating up without the earth expanding? I don’t understand this bit
Proqatar2 19 timmar sedan
I tried to visualize it but it doesn’t seem logical
Gmailaccount Services
Gmailaccount Services 19 timmar sedan
And the shape of entire space?
Gmailaccount Services
Gmailaccount Services 19 timmar sedan
Omg the universe is falling
Arcane Atri
Arcane Atri 19 timmar sedan
wouldn't some of these explanations help backup flat-earther's arguments?
Arcane Atri
Arcane Atri 20 timmar sedan
it took me 7.5 minutes to finally start getting what you were explaining. it's a fun feeling when your mind goes *click* and you suddenly understand it all :)
Ashur Music Video
Ashur Music Video 20 timmar sedan
Do we have kind a constant velocity (limit) while on deep space or permanently falling? so maybe I can create some constant called 'speed of me' and start using it rather than speed of light.
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker 20 timmar sedan
No, space does not dictate what speed objects travel at. It only dictates if they accelerate relative to each other. No matter how far away to objects are from each other, the gravitational attraction between them will always cause them to speed up. They will never reach some "fastest speed"
Milena 20 timmar sedan
🎁 I am very rich and I know that there are people who need money more than I do. If you need money, I will give some to you.. Please, let me do something good for this world.
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker 20 timmar sedan
If you want to do good in the world then donate to charity or a food bank. Giving away your money to random strangers on SEpost is a great way to get ripped off
vlabiouzzz 20 timmar sedan
There was always a question regarding objects falling at the same time regardless if weight. If all objects with mass have their own gravity and that gravity is proportional to the mass then wouldn't the object's own gravitational pull pull on earth differently and why isn't that accelerating more the objects with more mass? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think this video is answering this question. (In order to get to this question I was thinking, " Yeah but what if I drop a needle and the moon at the same time!)
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi 20 timmar sedan
EXPANDING UNIVERSE IN THE HOLY QUR'AN QUR'AN AND MODERN SCIENCE Who can claim 1450 years ago that the universe is expanding? والسماء بنينها بايد و انا لموسعون o " And the heaven We built it with power, and indeed, We are the expander " (And We it is Who make the vast extent, thereof ) (Qur'an, 51:47) Until 1931, physicist Albert Einstein believed that the universe was static. An urban legend attributes this change of perspective to when American astronomer Edwin Hubble showed Einstein his observations of redshift in the light emitted by far away nebulae - today known as galaxies. After Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding, Einstein called his view of the cosmological constant his "greatest blunder." At around the same time, larger telescopes were being built that were able to accurately measure the spectra, or the intensity of light as a function of wavelength, of faint objects. It is clearly mentioned by Almighty Allah as His sign and its explanation was left for peoples who studied,researched and presented theirs findings. Almighty Allah is the Master Creator of the whole universe.He says: Should He not know what He created? And He is the Subtile, the Aware. The knowledge of scientists is very limited and it is not justified to reject the existence of Almighty Allah who originated the univdrse and created the mankind. But theirs constant efforts to understand the universe is highly appreciated and we thank them that they tried theirs best to explain the explanation of the universe. DR.MOHAMMAD LAEEQUE NADVI Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies) Directorr Amena Institute of Islamic Studies & Analysis A Global & Universal Institute, Donate to promote this Institute SBI A/C30029616117 Kolkata,Park Circus Branch nadvilaeeque@gmail.com Thanks DR.MOHAMMAD LAEEQUE NADVI Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies) DIRECTOR Amena Institute of Islamic Studies & Analysis A Global & Universal Institute, Donate to promote this Institute SBI A/C30029616117 Kolkata,Park Circus Branch nadvilaeeque@gmail.com Thanks
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