Why Does This Movie Exist?!

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

My dad still calls me Big Fat Loser Cuckboy :(
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Jacob Jacobi
Jacob Jacobi Dag sedan
Oh god damn it eddy! I didn’t need the mental image of franky munez slamming puss
SGR 3 dagar sedan
I swear I remember this from when I was younger.
SuperKarlFriedrich 4 dagar sedan
hate this "in the next video" when now i have to search it - just put it in teh description when it's out!
Ava Mellor
Ava Mellor 8 dagar sedan
o my god he said slammin puss so loud
美名胜过美貌 8 dagar sedan
So, about part 2
BarelyTsunami 10 dagar sedan
I had this on VHS and everything
Alyn Sterner
Alyn Sterner 11 dagar sedan
He's a shitty lair, like I'm alright at lieing, and the best lieing is just admitting it but keeping it light
Azure Golem
Azure Golem 13 dagar sedan
You lied to me, there is no part 2
K Francks
K Francks 17 dagar sedan
Um. Eddy, its been like 3 years man. Can we get part 2 now? Lol
Brody Deane
Brody Deane 19 dagar sedan
No you don’t get it he is a “BIGGER FATTER” liar
mrbelivieable 322
mrbelivieable 322 21 dag sedan
I think the reason to why Kevin is a ”computer-genius” is that maybe Universal decided to make a remake out of the original, and changed movie into video game, and for that change, Kevin had to be a ”computer-genius”. But that probably doesnt make the movie better.
mrbelivieable 322
mrbelivieable 322 22 dagar sedan
How about we all agree about that a good comment for Bigger fatter liar is ”Damn you!! Ron Oliver”?
The Spun Yarn
The Spun Yarn 22 dagar sedan
really ironic that the literal SHOT where they show him plagiarizing a paper online we get the writer's credit that can't be an accident
Karlismymiddlename 24 dagar sedan
Idk y but I watched at his movie like 10 times cause it was on Netflix
NebulaToonz 29 dagar sedan
oh god I saw the first five seconds of this video and immediately knew what we would be tackling. I have ... interesting memories of this film
Tristan Coles
Tristan Coles Månad sedan
Did he actually not make a part 2?
Mandy Cook
Mandy Cook Månad sedan
Where’s the second part.
ASAP JAY Månad sedan
Nate Månad sedan
that's Malcolm wym
Onion Picker
Onion Picker Månad sedan
3 years and not many comments
Onion Picker
Onion Picker Månad sedan
This movie could have been better if all music was just smash mouth
P. Tato
P. Tato Månad sedan
I think the intro to the 2nd is supposed to be exactly like the 1st but nobody believes him anymore
clayton johnson
clayton johnson 2 månader sedan
Where the heck can a guy find part two?!?
Nosmo90 2 månader sedan
8:25: Reminds me of an answer an audience member gave on The Now Show to the question "How should non-eligible users of disabled parking spaces be punished?" "Make them eligible."
Linus 2 månader sedan
Why is the kid in the second movie dressed like he's going to a wine tasting
- Flubber -
- Flubber - 2 månader sedan
A Zach
A Zach 2 månader sedan
Go get a life! As bad as this movie was, it was nowhere near as bad as your review of this bad movie! YOU FAT BASTARD!
CheekyMonga Månad sedan
ok karen
Logan Scott
Logan Scott 2 månader sedan
He has a life and his review was funny. It got 19K likes and it was better than your comment.
Leo Bakaitis
Leo Bakaitis 2 månader sedan
That was a good movie.
ANU 2 månader sedan
Are we all just going to ignore how extremely gay the main kid in the movie is?
Just Some Random Guy
Just Some Random Guy 2 månader sedan
why does the dad in the 2nd one almost look like G-man?
Just Some Random Guy
Just Some Random Guy 2 månader sedan
oh shit didnt know malcom's actor played in this, nice too see
malcolm champion
malcolm champion 2 månader sedan
Bigger fatter liar plays Me: How dare they use “Pump it up” that song is great. Now I really hate this movie
Malcolm J.
Malcolm J. 2 månader sedan
Oh he said part 2 was coming and it never did so he's the biggest fattest liar... nice bit
Anonymous Nonsense
Anonymous Nonsense 2 månader sedan
does any one else cringe at the mongo pushing
Fersakening 2 månader sedan
Bootleg Michael Reeves here.
Nega 2 månader sedan
You didn’t make a part 2 you fucking troglodyte
Colton Weaver
Colton Weaver 2 månader sedan
there was never a 2nd video
Bus Stop.
Bus Stop. 2 månader sedan
Two, dudes going on vacation together, you know what that sounds like? Fun
Dapper David
Dapper David 2 månader sedan
Hearing Barry Bostwick with an American accent it very bizarre
Informal Opinions of the Red Man
Informal Opinions of the Red Man 3 månader sedan
Eddy, you are really fucking funny. I love it.
Braeden Farry
Braeden Farry 3 månader sedan
Just realized he was pushing mongo y i k e s
Jeremy U's ReevU
Jeremy U's ReevU 3 månader sedan
When will you make part 2?
Scoot 3 månader sedan
I can't bear the mongo pushing 1:49
Miguel Zarco
Miguel Zarco 3 månader sedan
4:32 is that a fucking Dunlop Mini Wah?
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 3 månader sedan
Part 2 way yat
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 3 månader sedan
Wait. They have the same last name?
Zazzystylez Gamez
Zazzystylez Gamez 3 månader sedan
pants on fire was better
debido 41
debido 41 3 månader sedan
my mom made me watch this movie and i thought it was ok but tbh i fell asleep at part of it
Brian McGhee
Brian McGhee 4 månader sedan
It’s been years dude. 3 years. We need a part two.
quicksliver 7
quicksliver 7 4 månader sedan
If u are a true skateboard pro u would realize that this kid is a total noob at skateboarding cause he was riding mongo. (I ride mongo though, soooo, the struggle is real...I'm a noob)
Rabbit the One
Rabbit the One 4 månader sedan
Cool shirt
TheCaveJunkie 4 månader sedan
*looks at recording and sees it's at ten minutes* "I'm gonna have to leave it here"
Denis Garley
Denis Garley 4 månader sedan
Ace of hearts movie: daughter struggling to understand polynomials. Further into the movie Taught her dad dry to wet ratio. lol
Casey Thomas
Casey Thomas 4 månader sedan
Bigger Fatter Liar was more of a rip-off than a sequel. When I first watched it, I was upset because it was just horrible! It felt like I was watchin' a parody.
Joel Powe
Joel Powe 4 månader sedan
hey man, i like your videos and shit, and i just subscribed to you, however imma need you to post part two of this for real...
Andrew Boyd
Andrew Boyd 4 månader sedan
That song in the opening scene is from the same album as All Star by Smash mouth!!... Don't ask how I'm so familiar with the discography of smash mouth
zakesters 4 månader sedan
9:11 Why did she write her name on the board? She's obviously not a substitute teacher.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 4 månader sedan
Two years, a giant Australian fire, one global pandemic, murder hornets, and a civil rights movement later and no part 2
Kings of Hell, inc
Kings of Hell, inc 4 månader sedan
Where is the second part of this
Joe Farren
Joe Farren 4 månader sedan
part 2 is probably so good I bet
Blaze Call
Blaze Call 5 månader sedan
I'm excited for part 2!
ELTURO MILSIM 5 månader sedan
"is this s sex swing?" i died thinking about him by himself with a sex swing
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely 5 månader sedan
MORE MOVIE REVIEWS EDDY! I have rewatched all of yours a zillion times. Need some new ones STAT! It's an emergency! Boys support boys, don't let your boy down (me) ;)
R.M.S Brand
R.M.S Brand 5 månader sedan
I love the idea that because teens and children are more knowledgeable on basic technology than most adults, out of touch adults who make these movies basically think anyone 24 or below is a computer tech genius who can hack and build impossible machines. Also, although I’m sure schools have a better method of finding plagiarism, most internet writing aids, like Grammarly have built in plagiarism detectors.
Shelby Steiner
Shelby Steiner 5 månader sedan
You can thank the writers and directors of movies like this wanting to replicate Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Except they suck at it.
Loegoe 5 månader sedan
Turnitin.com must not exist in this universe.
Eidan Schachter-Brooks
Eidan Schachter-Brooks 5 månader sedan
The thing he presses to drop his shirt is a wah guitar pedal
Eidan Schachter-Brooks
Eidan Schachter-Brooks 4 månader sedan
Kevin Sundelin I needed to explain it to the normies
Kevin Sundelin
Kevin Sundelin 4 månader sedan
I mean, it's just a pedal
Starman 1009
Starman 1009 5 månader sedan
No one gonna talk ab him mongoing damn
Ian O'Padrick
Ian O'Padrick 5 månader sedan
Hey yo where's part 2?
Ian O'Padrick
Ian O'Padrick 5 månader sedan
I d o n o t like the cover of Pump it Up in the scene.
becca lechard
becca lechard 5 månader sedan
woah woah the teacher in the old movie was Yang and the kids last name was Shepherd.... that is NOT a coincidence
atlas in tokyo
atlas in tokyo 5 månader sedan
how do you say good morning to your drug dealer
anonymous Crabz
anonymous Crabz 5 månader sedan
Teacher: "this assignment is worth 3% of your final grade, so I hope you all took it very seriously" bro in my high school assignments are 20% of it minimum.
Kevin Sundelin
Kevin Sundelin 4 månader sedan
She said 30
シモモ 5 månader sedan
Oh look, it’s Jodelle Ferland, the girl from Silent Hill. Why is it always the girl from Silent Hill?
The Other One7
The Other One7 5 månader sedan
Dude: *pushes mongo* Me: *has literally never been more disgusted in my entire life*
Sage Schultz
Sage Schultz 5 månader sedan
Oh I get it he isn’t going to do the part two, because he is a big fat liar
Xander Eakin
Xander Eakin 5 månader sedan
dude did no one notice the dunlop crybaby wah pedal?
Alfonso Calderon Jr
Alfonso Calderon Jr 5 månader sedan
I've watched both on Netflix and they are both the same.
CoalDiamond- TheMagicRogue
CoalDiamond- TheMagicRogue 5 månader sedan
Wow, no part two? Looks like you're an EVEN Bigger Fatter Liar
M P 5 månader sedan
Still no part 2....
Junah Workman
Junah Workman 5 månader sedan
How dose this channel not have like 2 mill subs
Camille Block
Camille Block 5 månader sedan
ok wait. so as a kid i watched big fat liar like 20 times but then like 2 years later i discovered Agent Cody Banks because i guess i missed it when it came out and i watched malcolm in the middle but somehow i never put it together in my tiny child brain that the same actor was in all of those?
Nautilus 5 månader sedan
It’s been 2 years still waiting for a part 2
Holly Armstrong
Holly Armstrong 5 månader sedan
No lamps 😔 😂🤣😂🤣
Lisa Fevral
Lisa Fevral 5 månader sedan
just realized im not the first one to make a video on this "movie"
Dead 5 månader sedan
Where the heck is part 2??
Henry Kretschmer
Henry Kretschmer 5 månader sedan
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 5 månader sedan
What the hell are these opening credits?
Starflux Films
Starflux Films 6 månader sedan
6:30 that’s it that’s how they wrote the movie
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
1:41 is everyone just gonna gloss over this? Isn't the mom going to be suspicious when she finds a bowl licked clean next to the dog on the floor?
J A 6 månader sedan
I copied a term paper for a class once..but I made changes and spelling errors and got a B+ yeet!
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 6 månader sedan
2:21 coulda swore that was Nolan North at first
Cowboy Elliott
Cowboy Elliott 6 månader sedan
holy shit my dad produced this movie
Nicks Kinda Neat
Nicks Kinda Neat 6 månader sedan
He skates caveman. What. The. Fuck.
Live Well Basics
Live Well Basics 6 månader sedan
Still here waiting for part two
Piper Tibbitt
Piper Tibbitt 6 månader sedan
it makes me happy to see that eddy's patron list has more than quadrupled in the past few years
Director [Redacted]
Director [Redacted] 7 månader sedan
wait how young is your genreal audence? When you said some of you might not be in highschool or college yet i was genuinely confused
Bone4Crusher 7 månader sedan
I've seen this movie and I regret it
Tornadic Ace
Tornadic Ace 7 månader sedan
This kid pushing mongo though. That's the biggest problem here.
Exotic Beatz
Exotic Beatz 7 månader sedan
Yeah, 10/10 should not have existed.
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