Why Are YouTube Kids Channels on Hulu Now?

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
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Hjalmar Hellström
Hjalmar Hellström 3 dagar sedan
one zerozerozero one
one zerozerozero one Månad sedan
@subtle username no man should feel this kind of pain (I just stole that from someone)
Trenton Hulisz
Trenton Hulisz 2 månader sedan
It hurts that I found this 9 months too late to get this shirt because I would have worn it every day of my life
theo powell
theo powell 4 månader sedan
Can we get this shirt still? The links aren't working 😭
Genderless Panda
Genderless Panda 4 månader sedan
Eddy Burback try me sepost.info/dev/video/knvb39Kunn2Yktc.html
Alex Delarge
Alex Delarge 11 timmar sedan
This video has 66,666 likes as of this comment.
Here’s my wrong opinion:
Here’s my wrong opinion: 14 timmar sedan
_so _*_that’s_*_ how you italicize comments_
Buttered Piece Of Toast
Buttered Piece Of Toast 16 timmar sedan
Cocomelon is on Netflix now.
Daixen Sorest
Daixen Sorest 19 timmar sedan
20:45 - 20:54 My whole experience with google assistant tbh
Sage Dill
Sage Dill 20 timmar sedan
Hey Eddy, Robert Downey jr. And Butch Hartman and grown ass men that built industries for themselves I have a hard time wanting to give them a benefit of the doubt that they don't realize the negative impact being apart of turning kids into walking money machines.
Jerkface Productions
Jerkface Productions 21 timme sedan
speaking of good older tv shows I LOVED PHINEAS AND FERB!
METAL HEAD Dag sedan
you have THE THICKEST Stache of them all
Vishant Patel
Vishant Patel Dag sedan
What happened to your mustache look at the left side
Kasey 2 dagar sedan
"F*ck you, I'm eating" -Carls Jr. Brought to you by Carls Jr.
regretti spaghetti
regretti spaghetti 2 dagar sedan
Good lord that fucking hobbykids cartoon makes me want to commit scooter ankle...
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 dagar sedan
NGL when I saw that panda I almost disliked then I remembered it was not the original lol
Aiden Is hopefully still alive
Aiden Is hopefully still alive 2 dagar sedan
Gus Johnson uploads more than once a- wait what- eddy you lied to me!
Grizzled ber
Grizzled ber 3 dagar sedan
imagine growing up and realizing you were an animated frog
Here’s my wrong opinion:
Here’s my wrong opinion: 3 dagar sedan
Eddy’s Backstory Corner *Eddy’s Backstorner*
Sherry Carr Smith
Sherry Carr Smith 3 dagar sedan
UwUthinize EverOwOne
UwUthinize EverOwOne 3 dagar sedan
As an almost adult teen I'm so fucking glad I was lucky enough to watch adventure time instead of Ryan's toys reviews
reaper grimm
reaper grimm 5 dagar sedan
Bruh this reminds me of that one guy From idiocracy
Bryce McKenna
Bryce McKenna 5 dagar sedan
Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, CaptainSauce, MatPat, Kurtis Connor May I please have my thousand dollars now
Jawainski 5 dagar sedan
you can't just casually say that iornman is the main avenger.
Tux Mux
Tux Mux 5 dagar sedan
"We should hand over all of our personal savings to Carls Jr!"
M K 5 dagar sedan
I hate that I grew up with ATLA adventure time, scooby doo, arthur and other class cartoons and when I asked my little cousin about his favourite cartoon he said "ryan dinosaur"
LEGI0N 5 dagar sedan
Not only does Ryan have a show... HE HAS A FLIPPING GAME!!! (sorry I cant curse, kids are watching)
Salmon 6 dagar sedan
Isn’t your whole career based of exploiting kids
Here’s my wrong opinion:
Here’s my wrong opinion: 14 timmar sedan
soop 6 dagar sedan
eddy can u pleez bring back this merch omg i must have it pleez for my birthday
Bryfrywelch 6 dagar sedan
would you rather have a 14 yr old playing cyberpunk 2077, or a 4 yr old watching this dipshit?
Gafs_YeBoi 6 dagar sedan
This sound like the Zillow and olive garden Sonic the Movie Incident
Natam 7 dagar sedan
I feel like this kid is going to grow up to rebel against his parents, and become a 2nd Justin Bieber, like just giving up and partying, drinking, doing drugs and shit like that
A. M.
A. M. 7 dagar sedan
Anyone here remember Between the Lions?
A. M.
A. M. 7 dagar sedan
Easy Swish Sniper has uploaded twice in one month. I guess you owe me 1k now.
starscram 1
starscram 1 7 dagar sedan
Ryforg 8 dagar sedan
all these ryan's world hate videos are starting to make me feel bad for ryan when hes older life will probably suck for him
P 8 dagar sedan
it's the capitalism
GamersluckPro 8 dagar sedan
Go on SEpost and search Kids show, and you find these videos and as a 14 year old with a niece constantly watching these bullshit excuses of a kid show kinda makes me disappointed in thease adults thinking kid eat this shit up (they do). Look for the ones that aren't animated and the animated ones nowadays are low effort
Trey Hochmuth
Trey Hochmuth 9 dagar sedan
I want to f@#$ die after 6 minutes
Christina Walls
Christina Walls 10 dagar sedan
cupofdirtfordinner 10 dagar sedan
Dont put thr spitlight on hulu bc Cocomelon was added to netflix
cupofdirtfordinner 9 dagar sedan
@Jackson Smith babbey goe school and do sinbging
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 9 dagar sedan
Fuck Cocomelon!
Jaidyn Manning
Jaidyn Manning 10 dagar sedan
My little sister watches combo panda.
Jackson Dorschner
Jackson Dorschner 10 dagar sedan
Im so happy I grew up with adventure time
YOLO!!!! 11 dagar sedan
Thank god I’m Gen Z
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 11 dagar sedan
it will forever Hardees in my heart
Dylan Doyle
Dylan Doyle 11 dagar sedan
Red titan sounds like nick name for your dick
Emilio ovalle
Emilio ovalle 12 dagar sedan
I didn't even know that there is a gen alpha
BarelyTsunami 12 dagar sedan
As a preschool teacher, your depiction of 4 year olds eating play-dough is not entirely accurate. They eat sand. (Also, children don't get enough credit. I've had some pretty deep convos with even 2-3 year olds. They're not yet corrupted by society and sometimes have some pretty sage advice lol. One child even talked about how his emotions were too big for him to calm down and stop crying. Like....better communication than any adult I've met)
Gronk McGronkin
Gronk McGronkin 12 dagar sedan
10:36 Pinocchio be like
Lettuce For life
Lettuce For life 12 dagar sedan
I’m glad I grew up in the time I did. Shows like Steven universe, gravity falls, adventure time, spongebob, over the garden wall, chowder, fosters home for imaginary friends, and so many more amazing shows sculpted who I am today
zuzz master
zuzz master 12 dagar sedan
Everybody sais wikipedia isnt a source cuz everybody can edit stuff and shit like that but its honestly not true, they fixed that problem and fact checked there info, it is a source
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action 12 dagar sedan
shaking hands is a sign of alcoholism.
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action 12 dagar sedan
Not to be that guy but... alcohol isnt a joke. My father drank responsibly till he lost his finger. Dont teach yourself to be weak. Cause something's you cant unknow.
Tommy Vickers
Tommy Vickers 13 dagar sedan
I keep trying promo code "eddywithay" but it doesn't seem to work
Chels Cara
Chels Cara 13 dagar sedan
The Emancipation Case of the Decade- w headline about Ryan in like 6 years
Mark Parikh
Mark Parikh 13 dagar sedan
Amazing world of Gumball is probably the best kids show of modern times.
Sophia Marie
Sophia Marie 13 dagar sedan
So it's Eddie, right?
Hildam Diaz
Hildam Diaz 14 dagar sedan
someone needs to clip that and @ him
Eldritch_Midnight 14 dagar sedan
i clipped it. soooorryy
Obama Gaming
Obama Gaming 15 dagar sedan
Where can I get the shirt you’re wearing?
Unused Recycle Bin
Unused Recycle Bin 16 dagar sedan
You have the same lamp as I did a year ago before I accidentally kicked it one day and the plastic legs broke.
Gridiron Guy
Gridiron Guy 16 dagar sedan
6:23 is my favorite part
Praneeth Mashetty
Praneeth Mashetty 16 dagar sedan
This happens on other streaming services too.
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen 17 dagar sedan
Whaaat I’m two years older than you and hopped on the Adventure Time train from the get
Austin McInnis
Austin McInnis 17 dagar sedan
I long for the good old days when the most popular shows were things like spongebob, fairly odd parents and adventure time instead of this garbage.
Jessica hymow
Jessica hymow 17 dagar sedan
Don't lose hope, Ed. Kids today have CN, and that's still good.
Alex the remote control fridge
Alex the remote control fridge 17 dagar sedan
Capitalism capitalism moment it is capitalism
Carsteroni 19 dagar sedan
I can't wait for the article to pop up on my news website that says "remember Ryan's toy reviews? You won't believe what he is now... 😱😱😱"
Ms.G and Mr. B Activate
Ms.G and Mr. B Activate 20 dagar sedan
I am a young teen youtuber and I know what to avoid because of things like this i see the bad in it and I avoid to much popularity because it can ruin me and my future and wheb i am able to I still wont minute because it could be bad for me and my future... Tldr I'm young SEpostr and kniw that stuff like thus bad
Kai Giersmann
Kai Giersmann 20 dagar sedan
This topic can be summed up with this: Why and how tf
M E 20 dagar sedan
I think trying to force things like religion, advertisement, politics, etc on children is really cruel and shouldn't be encouraged :(
Eli cummins
Eli cummins 20 dagar sedan
Josh Farmer
Josh Farmer 20 dagar sedan
fast forward to 2020 when netflix is literally profiting off of kids
Alejo Appendino
Alejo Appendino 21 dag sedan
tbh I kinda just lost respect for Tony stark and how he made his billions
Kevin Carroll
Kevin Carroll 21 dag sedan
The coolest part of all of this is the kids who see all the young youtubers and streamers and keep clamoring to do it too while the parents try in vain to teach their kids about the privacy and exploitation implications.
Carson Townsend
Carson Townsend 21 dag sedan
My neighbors have a five year old who screams if he doesn’t get his iPad and doesn’t know how to talk because he’s only on his iPad
ChuckTheSportsCaster 21 dag sedan
He is now on toothpaste for kids like Colgate
IceInTheSoda 21 dag sedan
When I was a kid I really wanted to watch one of those shows that had those "Made for kids" logos because I was a kid. When I finally watched one, I hated it and never watched it again because I wasn't in the targeted age demographic (and because it was trash). I'm so glad I was never allowed to watch this crap because I've seen how other's behaviors changed in high school because of it.
kelly maganini
kelly maganini 21 dag sedan
Ok this is definitely my favorite video of yours
Nick Spencer
Nick Spencer 21 dag sedan
I remember when I was really little, I would watch these Ryan-style SEpostrs (Ryan himself wasn’t a SEpostr yet) and I would always ask my mom for a SEpost channel. It scares me to imagine my life if Mom had given me a SEpost channel, I had started making toy reviews, and had become a sold-out mascot for a bunch of shady companies that are taking advantage of me and my parents.
Water 21 dag sedan
How does this not violate child labor laws
Nanito Aj
Nanito Aj 22 dagar sedan
The hoddy kids ar3 13 8 and 4
Clickbait 25 dagar sedan
The memories of machinama hurts
Clickbait 25 dagar sedan
Clickbait 25 dagar sedan
missweetypie1010 25 dagar sedan
i know this isn’t the point of your video but i don’t think age 11/12 is too late to be playing with games and using your imagination to create story lines and stuff
B Coats
B Coats 25 dagar sedan
Someone help this like seriously help this kid
Mr Man
Mr Man 26 dagar sedan
I want to shoot myself
Mr Man
Mr Man 26 dagar sedan
I was smiling because you make really good content, but there should’ve been a camera when you said it is the new Mickey Mouse it went stone cold I am dead on the inside someone please save my eternal soul from falling into the hell that is content for the new generations. I am big brain because I saw those educational shows as a kid what does My brother watch a poorly animated entertainment only netflix shoe
Isaac Huckaba
Isaac Huckaba 26 dagar sedan
Is anybody gonna say anything about how Oaxis is one letter away from the opressive antagonists of world war 2?
Taylor 28 dagar sedan
cliped and ready 6:23
M3RKY J4CK 28 dagar sedan
I can’t wait till he’s 13 and reviewing toys and he gets bullied for it at school because his parents are trying to milk him dry for money
Randomdude 27
Randomdude 27 29 dagar sedan
I mean 22 million a year is a lot of money it’s hard to blame the parents that kid is set for life
Dinosaur Money
Dinosaur Money 29 dagar sedan
SuperDogzillaBros !
SuperDogzillaBros ! 29 dagar sedan
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas Månad sedan
one of these days we're gonna hear a whole bunch of stories from that kid.
Carys Gaines
Carys Gaines Månad sedan
I’m sorry did anyone else actually say thank you audible when he said to because I did
Michael Ferriolo
Michael Ferriolo Månad sedan
grian mumbojumbo iscal
Chase Ayen
Chase Ayen Månad sedan
I just wanna says unus annus made 2 videos in one day
Hervard Månad sedan
i wish i had money
k mansfield
k mansfield Månad sedan
did anyone clip this
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez Månad sedan
Dude, Ryan is a really good example of childhood robbery because he's so famous that he basically runs the house. His parents record him when hes sick, when hes just trying to live a life. And yes, the videos are cringe, but that's not the point
Arthur Haskew
Arthur Haskew Månad sedan
I really want to know what that annoying recorder music is called
Ethan Delaney
Ethan Delaney Månad sedan
Dead honest and this is sad, I played with marbles till I was 16 and I’m not ashamed
Jason Kyle
Jason Kyle Månad sedan
12:44 He didn't read the comics
The strange Chihuahua
The strange Chihuahua Månad sedan
*T H I S S I C K E N S M E* *S T O P T H I S F R O M B E C O M I N G M I C K E Y M O U S E* *P L E A S E*
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