White Monkey Jobs in China Explained

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What is a white monkey job? A white monkey job is a job in China where you get paid to represent something that you don't necessarily know anything about. Everyone has heard the term, "big in Japan". Enter the age of "big in China".
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laowhy86 År sedan
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Adam Marcinkowski
Adam Marcinkowski 4 dagar sedan
Honestly , I would rather earn half of that money in Europe .
Sigman The Looter
Sigman The Looter 29 dagar sedan
How do I get a job in China? I'm broke af and a felon whats up send a mf a application
Kenji Wright
Kenji Wright Månad sedan
That dub 05:00 is so funny. "I speek engrish prittee goode!" I'm sorry, but why dub over it with someone who doesn't even "english".?
deboozombie23 Månad sedan
Doesnt DeRucci look a little bit like Steve Jobs?
Sandy Chen
Sandy Chen Månad sedan
Taresh Patel
Taresh Patel 5 timmar sedan
Its ironic that societal bias towards white people is more overt in Asian countries. They themselves are propagating an ideology, which was imposed by the west in the past, that discounts their own worth. Now it's (arguably) gone in the west, and this societal bias (racism) is propagated by the very people it disadvantages! In my mind, its a failure of state education, media curation, and promoting social values which has caused this. Truly terrible - and absurd - stuff.
Rich Lee
Rich Lee 17 timmar sedan
omg..so cringe...
Jo S
Jo S 17 timmar sedan
It's sad how from a once respected vlogger you turned into somebody who goes through other people's laundry. Get over it dude, you didn't succeed in China, your expectations of your white foreigner privileges were not met and you simply wasted your time there. Perhaps could try it in New York or some other big US city and who knows maybe you'll make it there.
Rando Dinosaur Xoxo
Rando Dinosaur Xoxo Dag sedan
I think I’ve found my calling
Fergus Mor mac Eirc
Fergus Mor mac Eirc Dag sedan
Gutter oil is all you really need to know about China. It sums the whole place up.
thatredmanguy x_X
thatredmanguy x_X 2 dagar sedan
Richard from England, but has a Slavic accent.
Cold Fire
Cold Fire 3 dagar sedan
we need to raise awareness to this issue
Cold Fire
Cold Fire 3 dagar sedan
china is so racist
Lux P
Lux P 4 dagar sedan
I forgot they even make fake lettuce
Ash Monkey
Ash Monkey 4 dagar sedan
8:10 how is this legal?
Karl Shaner
Karl Shaner 4 dagar sedan
Ginger boss?? That man doesn't even have red hair!
dra6o0n 4 dagar sedan
They don't redub over english because its "not good enough", but because its too good that it hurts Chinese pride. You see, China always compares itself and its sizes to other countries.
Kieran Brain
Kieran Brain 4 dagar sedan
God bless DeRucci guy
Mikolaj Wojtowicz
Mikolaj Wojtowicz 4 dagar sedan
3:36 Yes This is exactly how military men solve their diffrences.
Alex zzz
Alex zzz 4 dagar sedan
It's clearly obvious that Chinese people benchmark themselves against white people if you watch this video, if they call us white monkeys we can call them little yellow men! XD
Pedro G Cominal
Pedro G Cominal 4 dagar sedan
Cool, but I mean West is the same Celebrity endorsement of a low quality product? check. Hire asian/diverse cast to your comercials to have more credibility? check Models on weekdays, escort at weekends? check
Destroy Idiots
Destroy Idiots 5 dagar sedan
What's insane is that they are the majority of this planet's population, yet nobody is bitching about them controlling this or dictating that, or that other races need to stand up to Asians who by the way are outright racist... yea ok people keep being fucktards.
Mrawfullgamer 5 dagar sedan
white privelage is real in china
That one dude You don't know
That one dude You don't know 5 dagar sedan
There's a Nicholas rage car commercial ohh fuck yeah
That one dude You don't know
That one dude You don't know 5 dagar sedan
Ok I find Chinese TV hilarious especially since the major push from Chinese cinema specifically prc made films to change the way the west has represented Asian cultures and stereo types and then they have the most Chinese guy ever pull a pistol like he's holding a sword and shoot three bottles at 20 yards the only thing impressive is he hit standing like that def didn't do them any good for changing the western view
Closed Eye Visuals
Closed Eye Visuals 5 dagar sedan
Also, how is the de rucci thing success. He is owed millions of dollars that he will never get, his image is being used without permission by who knows how many back alley shops have his face in them. He is memed into obscurity, but thats success? Who knows if he is even alive anymore lol Man success really means something different these days. I guess a victim of a kidnapping is successful too if they get their face posted on a million milk cartons and they get the 6.00pm treatment over the news, much success.
Jwkay k
Jwkay k 5 dagar sedan
China looking for non-chinese people to test facial recognition on huh? hard pass.
Hlecktro 5 dagar sedan
I don't get why they dub actors over with text to speech. It's cheaper? Why not use the original voice? I don't get it
Garrett Rodgers
Garrett Rodgers 5 dagar sedan
Dean Malto
Dean Malto 6 dagar sedan
China is epitome of real racism
liveAiming 6 dagar sedan
China, pretty much the most racist country in the world, and no one is taking about it
Truthteam10 6 dagar sedan
could you imagine if they had the word 'black' instead of 'white' in that job description? there would've been a global uproar, but since its white the worlds like ahh there's nothing wrong with that
earthello 6 dagar sedan
Calling them monkey's is an insult for monkeys 🗿🖐️
ok va
ok va 6 dagar sedan
something about white monkey doesnt sit with me...
kate bogarin
kate bogarin 6 dagar sedan
“ I CHooSe JiNg
Not The Protagonist
Not The Protagonist 6 dagar sedan
china wtf chill
Aaron Beedle
Aaron Beedle 6 dagar sedan
So in short... people get paid to lie.
kaleidoscope 6 dagar sedan
Without subtitles I wouldn't have understood Richard from 'England'
Narayan 7 dagar sedan
H K 7 dagar sedan
Richard doesn't sound anything british
Froster hah
Froster hah 7 dagar sedan
Just wanna say that most people in China are very aware of these scandals. However, the older generation of china is still very tilted towards having white spokespersons, and a lot of trashy ads actually become memes and editing material. (They deserved it 100%)
Froster hah
Froster hah 4 dagar sedan
@Ducklinglibrary nord vpn my brother, 10 bucks a month or some shiet
Ducklinglibrary 5 dagar sedan
how do you make memes in a place without social media?
HeiGui59 7 dagar sedan
how do the people even fall for the ads with that obnoxious fake voice over
identity crisis tf2 pyro
identity crisis tf2 pyro 8 dagar sedan
Mr. Richard is Borat,100%
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 8 dagar sedan
Why would want to live in a country that calls you White Monkey???
Esskeetini 8 dagar sedan
damn, i have China more and more every day
Kristins Sweater
Kristins Sweater 8 dagar sedan
So bacikaly you dont get payed.
Moonv Sam
Moonv Sam 8 dagar sedan
OOOoohhh so thats how someone from England sounds like
ThomasHaberkorn 8 dagar sedan
poor Nic Cage
Gabriel Vilgalys
Gabriel Vilgalys 8 dagar sedan
You realise Dubious means doubtful right? Maybe you should learn some more english and just call the guy a predator instead of skirting around it..
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis 8 dagar sedan
I am a Richard from England and I want to please the GINGER BOSS
xXPORTALXx 8 dagar sedan
Sooo basically you can get hired as a scam artist is china... ooohhh how the tables have turned!
David 8 dagar sedan
This job is so cringe
Skenderbeuismyhero 8 dagar sedan
Richard the ginger boss from Владивосток энгланд.
Bluey 8 dagar sedan
some of these examples feel like sh*tposts
Excuse me Wth
Excuse me Wth 8 dagar sedan
What in the fuck is that horrendous thumbnail though?
Benjamin Caldona
Benjamin Caldona 8 dagar sedan
Derucci looks like Steve Jobs
Kon 8 dagar sedan
I've been studying China in university and I have learnt literally nothing good about them. Get fucked China.
much wow
much wow 8 dagar sedan
Shit so you tell me I too can be Ginger boss ?
Urban Larsson
Urban Larsson 8 dagar sedan
I want to become a White Monkey! How can I become one!?
Trollacaust 8 dagar sedan
This was really interesting to watch, I never knew about the term but remember seeing a few of these Chinese adverts featuring non Chinese actors. Great video
Alex T
Alex T 9 dagar sedan
If CCP SEpost analyst is watching...I’m free for some Tier-3 jobs. Lemme know. 😆
Retegar 9 dagar sedan
Chinese culture seems racist.
ichigodaifuku 9 dagar sedan
my god its so SUS
ka chai chau
ka chai chau 9 dagar sedan
fuck you for showing a clip of you in a convenience store in hong kong before starting this shit
Ducklinglibrary 5 dagar sedan
Karim 9 dagar sedan
So glad I live in USA. what a fucking joke.
Colin Kilty
Colin Kilty 9 dagar sedan
Does Nicholas Cage accept every acting job he is offered?
Expensive Taste
Expensive Taste 9 dagar sedan
These commercials are horrible
Al Gebra Pierre
Al Gebra Pierre 9 dagar sedan
@4:57 its overrrr 1000!!!!
Liam 9 dagar sedan
A ginger boss? Cant get more white than a ginger... 😂
Bear Kuma
Bear Kuma 10 dagar sedan
06:41 I love how you put Prozzie in there in that clip over "most dignified man they could find" . Love the dynamic of you guys
DelphOfGames 10 dagar sedan
Interesting... cause theres a ton of yellow monkeys in the usa. Some are extremely wealthy.
Ducklinglibrary 5 dagar sedan
no there just isn't, are you calling every Chinese commercial actors a "yellow monkey"
Spłyciarz 10 dagar sedan
"black garlic energy"
Youngg Godd
Youngg Godd 10 dagar sedan
Serpentza makes a good bodyguard lmao
Daken 11 dagar sedan
my prejudicial hate for china is growing thank you
Micah Nillini
Micah Nillini 11 dagar sedan
I the more I learn about China the more fucked up I realize it is
Greendawn21 11 dagar sedan
Yeah this shit is just sad.
Joe Sacco
Joe Sacco 11 dagar sedan
So, success is making $1500 one time and no royalties for image used in perpetuity? Got it, thanks. Booking my ticket now... lol
Bless KerBingle
Bless KerBingle 11 dagar sedan
Racism isn't a thing for white ppl right lol
Click clack
Click clack 11 dagar sedan
shocker the video was taken down. How can you expect to be a citizen in a country where you can't even criticize the government. China government is corrupt
Jack 11 dagar sedan
that whole country is just bizarre
Lester Roque
Lester Roque 12 dagar sedan
They paint American military so badly in CCP media. During my time in service I never mistreated or spoke down to any soldier from any other country weather they spoke English or not, we trained as equals and learned from each other.
Multi Vitamin
Multi Vitamin 12 dagar sedan
is this real? XDDD
BoggWeasel 12 dagar sedan
Like everything else in the CCP, another knockoff. A copycat culture that manages to miss the mark
WEGU 12 dagar sedan
richard had a stroke at the end
Hockey Dam
Hockey Dam 12 dagar sedan
2:48 I've seen better acting in a middle school play.
Ryhab Whit
Ryhab Whit 12 dagar sedan
Fuck China
Sep's Gaming
Sep's Gaming 12 dagar sedan
Fuck the genocidal CCP. Communism is a stain on humanity.
Phil Palevo
Phil Palevo 12 dagar sedan
I like the Ginger Boss from UK with Russian accent 😂
Philip Yango
Philip Yango 12 dagar sedan
That push for a 10min video was real
edgars bergs
edgars bergs 12 dagar sedan
Joey did it first. Ichiban, lipstick for men!
Tom Bootysnatcher
Tom Bootysnatcher 13 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is Nicholas cage just terrifying
Aaron Billington
Aaron Billington 13 dagar sedan
Never trust a dub
Matthew Carrell
Matthew Carrell 13 dagar sedan
Ginger Boss!!
TheMagicalOnionMan 13 dagar sedan
Love the DeRucci guy, the fake Steve Jobs of every other product that doesn't look good on a poster.
Blink! 13 dagar sedan
I've done these jobs and.. if that's what you got paid... you got ripped off homie 😂 They usually pay about 3x more what you said.
Hans Moleman
Hans Moleman 14 dagar sedan
Oh, so you're a fraud as well? Neat.
Norru 14 dagar sedan
4:14 "Foods safety and quality is a HUGE issues in China" *oh yeah about that...*
Michael 14 dagar sedan
To chinese any white person looks the same
vaxule 14 dagar sedan
You made my winnie tingle and for that you get a sub my guy! Keep up the content!
Andrzej Obama
Andrzej Obama 14 dagar sedan
Richard a Russian sleeper from England haha
Austin Schrantz
Austin Schrantz 15 dagar sedan
holy cow I immediately recognized the derucci guy. I feel like I see him everywhere here and it's nice to know the story now.
Oh no, there goes Tokyo.
Oh no, there goes Tokyo. 15 dagar sedan
A loooong time ago I did a white monkey job in Korea. I was paid about 100,000 won for about 15 minutes of work. It also was a kindergarten that was opening up. Man, what a great job.
Regards from Rabbit
Regards from Rabbit 15 dagar sedan
I thought i was annoyed by the white monkey jobs in indian utube. But china is at a whole new level 😂
Cray Rudin & Yang
Cray Rudin & Yang 15 dagar sedan
@laowhy86 can you please tell me where to find the full video of "walk like a turkey" white monkey job in the begining of your video. thnx
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