When Will We Stop Talking About These Two? ft. NakeyJakey

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
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Josh Woofter
Josh Woofter 2 månader sedan
haha you stupid idiot. You have less likes on your PINNED comment than either of your friends and this is your channel. Look at this idiot.
Mohannad 7 månader sedan
what's the song playing during the ad read?
Safir 7 månader sedan
i have nordvpn and it's pretty good
Kyle Drew
Kyle Drew 10 månader sedan
How the fuck you know what I (Kyle) am searching? Lol
Heather År sedan
Eddy Burback I want your shoe
2 carbon phenethylamine
2 carbon phenethylamine Dag sedan
" the technique is there" 😂. No. No it isn't
Arando14 4 dagar sedan
9:15 ironic
DESERT RANGER 4 dagar sedan
Oh God my OCD is kicking in who puts clean clothes on the floor
Megan Williams
Megan Williams 5 dagar sedan
Decided to give this a rewatch in anticipation for D'angelo's video coming out today
angie 7 dagar sedan
when can i be guest next
Jesse Bochek
Jesse Bochek 10 dagar sedan
tbh I'm on an Eddy video binge and I have never seen the other half of Eddy's torso and it's throwing me off
smith john
smith john 10 dagar sedan
Save gus!
Ace Venchurro
Ace Venchurro 11 dagar sedan
two years later and we still talkin about these bitches
josh me
josh me 17 dagar sedan
Jakey : I like masks. Me in 2020: oh little does he know.
Kristoffer G
Kristoffer G 23 dagar sedan
i feel so bad for gus, i love you gus
Ivebeeenthinkn tomuch
Ivebeeenthinkn tomuch Månad sedan
“i love masks” a statement from nakey jakey in 2018 that feels totally different in the year of our lord two thousand twenty
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson Månad sedan
KSI vs logan paul fight in a nutshell: two narcissistic egotistical assholes fighting each other
Liam Dœs Stuff
Liam Dœs Stuff 27 dagar sedan
Danny the Dan Man
Danny the Dan Man Månad sedan
Oh man, it’s Edward 40 handies, with the knee king.
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta Månad sedan
3:52 ~My Dad
Gamer Epic
Gamer Epic Månad sedan
Already have...
Ronin 420
Ronin 420 Månad sedan
Looking back on this, it's kinda funny Jake and Logan wore masks to their fights way before rona 😂
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff Månad sedan
All it took was a pandemic
Willy B YT
Willy B YT Månad sedan
Oh you love masks Jakey? :P
Posejdon GreatLordOfWater
Posejdon GreatLordOfWater Månad sedan
that is so sad after two years of this podcast you got only 25 followers on spotify :(
Mason West
Mason West Månad sedan
"I love masks". I've got good news for you then
Roxy Karbowski
Roxy Karbowski Månad sedan
Fuck you nakie Jakie give me his back
freudiannipslip Månad sedan
I misread the necklace and thought it said "fuck menopause"
Justin Grover
Justin Grover 2 månader sedan
"controversial celebrities" Do you mean: *human garbage*
Tomazing 2 månader sedan
"i love masks" has a different meaning now
Nick James
Nick James 2 månader sedan
Kick his ass, gus!
selftaughtinfection 2 månader sedan
The worst thing about this video is you drink piss water and call it beer.
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell 2 månader sedan
Scarce is going for a Rocky thing, like how many head shots can he take before he goes down
AJ The Anomaly
AJ The Anomaly 2 månader sedan
I had no idea this video existed
Ryder Crawford
Ryder Crawford 2 månader sedan
Thanks cheese burger jimn
Dakota 2 månader sedan
Gus is a better Guest jakey no like my side of South Dakota
The DudeManBro
The DudeManBro 2 månader sedan
I haven't thought about these 2 till people keep talking about how bad they are
Mason Mearle
Mason Mearle 2 månader sedan
What the hell is wrong with these people. Jakey got the swag blanket tho
AgeingBoyPsychic 2 månader sedan
Probably around the same time it takes for their hairlines to recede so far that they can't cover it up any more. So 2-3 years
Weasle 65
Weasle 65 2 månader sedan
Okay but now the mask is especially cool.
B1 Marr0w
B1 Marr0w 2 månader sedan
Turns out today is not the day that you stop talking about them.
Carefulben 2 månader sedan
Aight boys he’s in jail
James Myers
James Myers 2 månader sedan
I think we may have to talk about them again
Pamemramate fuzzleford
Pamemramate fuzzleford 2 månader sedan
Thanks for leaving gus
Zitler 3 månader sedan
erm.... now
Evanblaze 732
Evanblaze 732 3 månader sedan
turns out they have holes in their brains
Runa Yomozuki
Runa Yomozuki 3 månader sedan
Though i hate the Paul brothers I love those outfits like idk it’s just sick ;-;
Emma Klein
Emma Klein 3 månader sedan
NakeyJakey in 2018: I love masks! me in 2020: I don't.
D K 3 månader sedan
Now we will
John Kendall
John Kendall 3 månader sedan
I am convinced that NakeyJakey would be a good abdl
Agostino Caruso
Agostino Caruso 3 månader sedan
You guys know racka racka is a wrestler right.
Long Johnson
Long Johnson 3 månader sedan
Damn Jakey 9:16 predicted 2020
john muselmann
john muselmann 3 månader sedan
Dang jake was ahead of his time with that mask
Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen
Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen 3 månader sedan
I think it was a good tactic from logan and jake to be more silent during the uk press conference bc they had like 0 people rooting for them there so when ksi and deji are giving the second press conference A little more "unf" and this makes it so ksi and deji seams more angry and attacking Ps sorry for no punktuation I am from denmark and am not so good at that stuff
Crew The Shoe
Crew The Shoe 3 månader sedan
I kind of felt bad for gus in the video
virginia smith
virginia smith 3 månader sedan
rewatching this in 2020 and jakey saying "i love masks" at 9:17 is awfully.... suspicious.... jakey responsible for coronavirus pandemic?
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 3 månader sedan
I’m still waiting for the Idubbbz and Jinx Reload fight
Liam Woolven
Liam Woolven 3 månader sedan
Poor gus
Trinity Laughlin
Trinity Laughlin 3 månader sedan
You should do a 4 way collab (danny, drew, you, gus.)
manel kh
manel kh 3 månader sedan
Why have i discovered how supportive youtubers are of each other only through gus and eddy? The comments, wearing each other's merch, it's so cool
Junerdz 3 månader sedan
anyone know the song at 0:07?
CareFreeSalmon267 4 månader sedan
Poor Gus man
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel 4 månader sedan
Rappers when they are pissed of at another rapper they make a diss track or rap battle youtubers when they are pissed off at another youtuber box each other hmm ok
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel 4 månader sedan
then answer to the title is: when they stop being Sh**y people
Akuello The Judge Of Gods
Akuello The Judge Of Gods 4 månader sedan
They're really not that bad I didn't even realize this until now They just filmed a dead body and tazed a dead rat that's barley bad period much less bad enough to hate them Y'all get mad at the wrong things this is why the worlds fucked up you idiots choose to hate on people filming dead bodies but ignore the protests for a guy who got shot by cops woopie fucking doo if you did your research you'd realize that proportional to THE CRIME RATE the actually important statistic and the amount of people of X race are shot by cops it's essentially 1-1 there is no racism in the police force And if there is it's because of these idiots lying about the statistics if there is any hate for black people in the police force it's been brought by these people who falsely accuse the police of being racist
Lars Nordsiek
Lars Nordsiek 4 månader sedan
Dude you realise this video is a year old right?
Parsa Ghorbani
Parsa Ghorbani 4 månader sedan
I think logan isn’t that bad anymore
Parsa Ghorbani
Parsa Ghorbani 4 månader sedan
Nobody cared who i was before i put on the mask
Felix Moffat
Felix Moffat 4 månader sedan
Thanks for leaving Gus
Moody Media
Moody Media 4 månader sedan
"the Paul brothers were more respectful and reserved" lmao I can still hear Jake Paul screaming "WALMART" and it happened two years ago
Father Gascoigne
Father Gascoigne 4 månader sedan
okay but is his mask the fuckin- bane mask from the one batman movie???
PineappleGM 4 månader sedan
That Gus guy should make a SEpost channel, I would sub just because Eddy bullied him
Gage Klein
Gage Klein 4 månader sedan
Military grade? You mean it was designed poorly and breaks after one use. Well fuck sign me up!
Christopher Chisolm
Christopher Chisolm 4 månader sedan
Mirror pics are bad. Mirror advertisements are worse. Funny vid tho
ziggy fressoz
ziggy fressoz 4 månader sedan
I mean, since this fucker has been arrested for looting, i think nobody can forgive him
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen 4 månader sedan
And jake Paul got arrested
Flieger Faust
Flieger Faust 4 månader sedan
so the fuck up would be them looting a mall i guess
Kai H
Kai H 4 månader sedan
2:14 fuck yeah Eddy draws arrows right
Jack Mccutcheon
Jack Mccutcheon 4 månader sedan
“They weren’t the loud obnoxious ones” you seem to forget the LA conference 😂 WAAAALMAAAAAART Ect
J Haffer
J Haffer 4 månader sedan
B Y E G U S !
Howard Cook
Howard Cook 4 månader sedan
why is every youtuber commenting on this video
The Lean BusinessMan
The Lean BusinessMan 4 månader sedan
What’s thee outro music called?
The Lean BusinessMan
The Lean BusinessMan 4 månader sedan
6:13 His walk is a crack walk
The Lean BusinessMan
The Lean BusinessMan 4 månader sedan
Guss Bring him back
Mark Thiel
Mark Thiel 5 månader sedan
It's 2020 now and we all know now that Jake was was ahead of his time!
gabriella schmitt
gabriella schmitt 5 månader sedan
I hope he saved that mask
Subitrash 5 månader sedan
thank you gus's johnson
Alwys Green
Alwys Green 5 månader sedan
Thoughts and prayers are with gus
Emma Gould
Emma Gould 5 månader sedan
Jakey has huge Ryan Reynolds vibez (love u jakey)
Picky Path
Picky Path 5 månader sedan
Thanks for leaving Gus!
Lestat Butler
Lestat Butler 5 månader sedan
Scarce vs a crazy ass auzi
Miss Spooky
Miss Spooky 5 månader sedan
I watch your videos so I don't have to watch theirs.
Jesse Burke
Jesse Burke 5 månader sedan
Anyone else just really wanna snuggle up with Jakey?
Possum Boy
Possum Boy 5 månader sedan
The difference between the apologies that Jake and Logan gave is that Jake seemed to be doing it to get his fans back- he said he feels bad and regret, but he never really says sorry Meanwhile Logan said “I don’t expect to be forgiven, I just wanted to say sorry.” Which feels way more genuine to me. Obviously what they did was disgusting but Jake’s felt like a PR move while Logan’s felt sincere
jetstream 5 månader sedan
Is it just me or is business vulture really out here
jimbo ¿
jimbo ¿ 5 månader sedan
Thank you for leaving Gus
Mandel _
Mandel _ 5 månader sedan
Gus may have left, but you have no idea what he’s capable of.
dod ge
dod ge 5 månader sedan
No more beer I think your good
Foxton513 5 månader sedan
He always recycles the can.
Eligh Hernandez
Eligh Hernandez 5 månader sedan
Bye Gus. You dumb piece of shit. You wont be missed
Tarthage 5 månader sedan
2:42 what is that song I need to know
Em 5 månader sedan
Jakey: I love masks 2020: honey you got a big storm comin
LORD NILL 5 månader sedan
You guys should fight
Young Pasty Apostle
Young Pasty Apostle 6 månader sedan
shit my pants when he called me out in the outro
Simon Singh
Simon Singh 6 månader sedan
When the backbeat kicked in at 2:22 my moves went OFF
PteroJacktylus 6 månader sedan
KSI kind of made me ashamed he was fighting for England with that fucking loud ass mouth of his. Just wanted him to sit down shut up and have some fucking respect.
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