What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

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As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?

Pedro Napoleon
Pedro Napoleon 9 minuter sedan
Its good you guy's dont live in the Netherlands. - Taxes for businesses ar great/low and deductable/Tax paradise - Income taxes are ridiculous, 37% until 52% depending on your range of income ;-)
Dj Detour
Dj Detour 11 minuter sedan
Ouch forgot what are you tax payers paying
Dj Detour
Dj Detour 12 minuter sedan
Mmm Ted cruiz paying
erebati bati
erebati bati 23 minuter sedan
Liberal socialist democrat California.
Ruthless Reid
Ruthless Reid 52 minuter sedan
Democrat leadership.
Douglas Casey
Douglas Casey Timme sedan
This shows how dangerous liberal policies really are. But it's the same policies that the MSM support. The same people running from these liberal policies, go to places like Texas and vote for the same liberal politicians. Watch out Texas! I'm afraid liberals never learn. They will ruin your state as well. Very surprising CNBC are running this piece.
enochian seven
enochian seven Timme sedan
Commiefornia.....Your vote doesn't matter there but your dollar does.Dont pay for newsome and pelosis lavish lifestyles....
Mantenn Timme sedan
And how many companies moved to CA? Love the bias.
Rufus T. Firefly
Rufus T. Firefly 2 timmar sedan
As a lifelong Californian, I can say with pride that California sucks ass. Real estate prices are insane, and it's the only place in the world that has more Mexicans than Mexico. If I was financially able, I would be out of here so fast.......... I hear Devil's Island or Haiti is nice.
B Dawg
B Dawg 2 timmar sedan
The scary thing is: The people who ruined the once-great state of CA, are NOW running this country !! Pelosi, Harris......VOTE RED !!!!
ChingChang Tong
ChingChang Tong 3 timmar sedan
High: commuting time, crime rate, homelessness, housing costs, living costs, taxes...
Zippy Doo
Zippy Doo 3 timmar sedan
Common sense.
Jacyka Taylor
Jacyka Taylor 3 timmar sedan
The valuable week contrastingly wrestle because quilt cumulatively change besides a psychotic halibut. busy, warm wrecker
e fan club lol sma for life
e fan club lol sma for life 3 timmar sedan
Hmm liberals 🤔 🙄 like we didn't see it now your going to bring your crap to new states an drag them down to just like California New York an other crap fill states
Derick Chafton
Derick Chafton 4 timmar sedan
Oh God they're coming to Texas. I'm in OK and feel like moving.
Daniel Juno
Daniel Juno 4 timmar sedan
The government. Also 15:23 right with you man as a proud gun owner California is the worst place to live.
Metal Bob
Metal Bob 4 timmar sedan
Don't California my Texas!
Ben Dario
Ben Dario 4 timmar sedan
I hope more and more people move out of California, maybe then, with all that empty housing it will once again be an affordable place to live. It’s too idealistic and simplistic of an idea, so I won’t hold my breath.
LionheartedDan 4 timmar sedan
Boomer generation ‘Liberals’ have brought it to this sorry state but a new generation of conservatives including successful Asian immigrants are reclaiming California.
Brian Hill
Brian Hill 4 timmar sedan
All you Lib/Lefties moving from California, don't you dare destroy your new states with the same destructive Leftist ideology.
XcerptShow 5 timmar sedan
To answer the title: Its Democrats.
Izzy S
Izzy S 6 timmar sedan
Pfft, there not leaving because of the homelessness and the loss of their GDP, there leaving California because they want to pioneer the Nevada area to find opportunity in Las Vegas and to avoid the water barons! There were also rumors that people were leaving California because some crazy Roman LARP’s from the Mojave are threatening to burn down California so the leader is about to send the National Guard over to resolve the issue.
Roch Marchandd
Roch Marchandd 6 timmar sedan
Cal is not a sustainable Business State.
Roch Marchandd
Roch Marchandd 6 timmar sedan
Derf berfington
Derf berfington 6 timmar sedan
It's real simple. Everything Democrats touch withers and dies. When you tax and regulate and steal from the people long enough they get tired and leave. Hopefully, the people leave the socialist/liberal ideologies in California, so history does not repeat itself.
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four 7 timmar sedan
Taxes, crime, political corruption, lack of opportunities, horrible schools
HilarityBribo 7 timmar sedan
Just remember to leave your libtarded ideas back in the ruins of commifornia.
Bobby C
Bobby C 7 timmar sedan
James Dean
James Dean 7 timmar sedan
Woke hell hole.
Ken B
Ken B 7 timmar sedan
Liberalism, nothing else to say! Woke, cancel, loss of freedom of speech. sadly they'll bring their liberalism with them! Sad for the great state of Texas
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts 7 timmar sedan
What’s sad is these people leaving California are just gonna vote for the same dumb ass politicians and ruin other states
Noah Lehman
Noah Lehman 8 timmar sedan
Yes please leave (: hopefully it will help with housing
Jonny Pee
Jonny Pee 8 timmar sedan
Veeblefetzer 8 timmar sedan
That’s an easy answer, democrats. Democrats are driving California’s mass exodus. These dummies actually believe they understand business and that every other state should emulate their failures. Not saying you should vote Republican, but at this point, what does California have to lose? At the very least, stop letting these imbeciles pass stupid crap into law, that they know nothing about.
Bless the good
Bless the good 8 timmar sedan
California is being given away to Mexico. Americans are being pushed out and the borders are being opened.
The Last Spartan
The Last Spartan 8 timmar sedan
... no more mexi dope... same reason y'all ran to texas... drugs... morons...
handstwister 8 timmar sedan
what they don’t understand is their political views and policies are the reason the taxes were so insane now they run to Texas and ruin places like Austin. by making it a liberal cesspool. A place that was once my Disneyland 😞
D B2
D B2 9 timmar sedan
Don’t California my state!!!
jestrada430 9 timmar sedan
katden220 9 timmar sedan
Very simple answer.....get rid of democrat rule! They are only out after theirselves. Newsome has made that clear.
Spoof 01
Spoof 01 9 timmar sedan
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Dennis White
Dennis White 9 timmar sedan
California's Democratic legislators are idiotic bureaucrats elected by morons who are fine with being abused for the nice weather. I live in an upscale CA community and this is the thinking of fairly intelligent people with no thought of the train wreck down the road. This will not change and California will become the country's first 3rd-world state with a very wealthy upper class and a huge lower class doing their grunt work.
siliyemoodislam 9 timmar sedan
Hyper democratic shithole
Nigel Ripon
Nigel Ripon 9 timmar sedan
Socialists can only garner money by taking it off those who have the ability to make it. Socialists, who de facto are anti-capitalist, are political and economic parasites, and businesses and ordinary people in California have had enough of being bled dry by their taxes. They are also fed up with perverted social policies that are threatening the small matter of quality of life. That’s the Democrat way, though, plain for all to see and enough Americans don’t mind that they voted them into power to cause more destabilisation.
Andrew Hasbrouck
Andrew Hasbrouck 10 timmar sedan
John Bipper
John Bipper 10 timmar sedan
There should be mandatory deprogramming as they leave so they don't infect other people, maybe a steel plate bolted over their mouths ??
Nathan Bonsal
Nathan Bonsal 10 timmar sedan
You can't buy a house and nobody can build an apartment complex
Jason Horst
Jason Horst 10 timmar sedan
Out go professionals and in come undocumented immigrants and homeless
mortalterrorRE 10 timmar sedan
We have a saying here. “Don’t mess with Texas” Anyone is welcome, but you need to realize that the state pride here is strong. Your great financial problem could become our great social problem.
Joe Becerra
Joe Becerra 10 timmar sedan
Gee Wiz
Gee Wiz 10 timmar sedan
MAYBE the BIG ONE is finally on it’s way and in His Mercy God is causing an Exodus before this earthquake happens at last
Dave VW
Dave VW 11 timmar sedan
In a word: Democrats.
Swordsman 11 timmar sedan
Another BS video about something that is not happening.
Dennis White
Dennis White 9 timmar sedan
Ha! Must be one of Obama's "dreamers"!
george modek
george modek 11 timmar sedan
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William Cutlip
William Cutlip 11 timmar sedan
So, former California capitalists now living in the Business Paradise of Texas: Did you enjoy that power outage last week? More in store! Enjoy
itweety21 11 timmar sedan
My friend just come back after water and electric ⚡ power shut offs not to mention his electric bill that now he is fighting to pay LMAO 😆
Joe Alcamo
Joe Alcamo 11 timmar sedan
Well, Pelosi and Harris are Democrats in power. Look at the homeless all over the state! Maybe it is a mirror image of America! No wonder people and companies are MOVING OUT! Good for them!
Douglas Casey
Douglas Casey Timme sedan
@ANON ACCT He's not saying that at all, but no where near the amount as these liberal states. Wake up, liberal policies don't work!
ANON ACCT 6 timmar sedan
You say that as if homelessness doesn't exist in red states
Kid Mack
Kid Mack 12 timmar sedan
Chinese banks covertly buying up all the residential real estate, greedy developers, and corrupt officials.
ktimmons50 12 timmar sedan
Californians moving to Texas paying overinflated prices for houses. Now Texans can't afford to buy a house or rent one either.
bighand69 5 timmar sedan
@Alex Williams London is different but similar because it is being caused by the parliaments over regulations at a national level which is hitting London the hardest. California is something that is being driven purely in California.
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 7 timmar sedan
Same in the UK when Londoners move to another area.
Doran Krotan
Doran Krotan 12 timmar sedan
The rise is when the Republicans were in power. The fall is when the Democrats took over.
Ace Virginian
Ace Virginian 12 timmar sedan
Good riddance.. less traffic ...
Mark Sawczuk
Mark Sawczuk 12 timmar sedan
Progressive Democrats - aka Socialists
Nathan Pack
Nathan Pack 12 timmar sedan
Lol, when are people gonna realize politicians don’t give a F*ck about you, your kids or your family?
brutallyHonest !
brutallyHonest ! 12 timmar sedan
California is like NY taxes and run by morons
Buddy JR Roe
Buddy JR Roe 12 timmar sedan
Freedom wake up swallow your pride leave your dumb ideas in California
Lenard Drafts
Lenard Drafts 13 timmar sedan
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Kerry Roberts
Kerry Roberts 13 timmar sedan
Montana beware here come the California dumbys
david craine
david craine 13 timmar sedan
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ZENISKEN 13 timmar sedan
Charles 8777
Charles 8777 12 timmar sedan
It was Reagan who increased the homelessness by shut down mental hospitals and trickle down economics that caused rise on homelessness. All those homeless junkies were shipped from other states
Charles 8777
Charles 8777 12 timmar sedan
It doesn't matter, all that US not matter what political party they would rather have endless wars in the middle east, yep apparently we don't have money for infrastructure, healthcare and education. Hell the Department of Defense it's more like a Departament of endless wars
Catface91 13 timmar sedan
It's not coming back California. I left 25 years ago because of this & it just keeps getting worse there. They refuse to change and as a result, they get what they deserve.
JOE G 13 timmar sedan
Democrat politics
raymond valdez
raymond valdez 13 timmar sedan
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Craken Flux
Craken Flux 13 timmar sedan
When cities can burn for months, and not a cop in sight.. what else do you expect.
Addison Fuller
Addison Fuller 14 timmar sedan
LOL all these financial people talking about "tech". You know nothing about it unless you work in it.
Addison Fuller
Addison Fuller 14 timmar sedan
No, it's not a national or global issue. That first guy speaking about this doesn't run a tech company, he's a professional pontificator. Plenty of this in CA.
Clifford Gonzo
Clifford Gonzo 14 timmar sedan
California will always be prettier than than any other state , the west coast beaches are better than the east coast and the golf of whatever
aka 14 timmar sedan
California is run by Democrats. Texas is run by Republicans. Makes a big difference. Keep voting Democrats in and California is toast
Ridjdpoi 14 timmar sedan
What's ruining California? Democratic/liberal ( at least what is being called liberal)political leadership and ideology is ruining California. Democrats from California please recognize this. Don't move to conservative states and try to ruin them with them by supporting the same failed political policies and ideology there. There is a reason you are moving. Wake up. Learn from your mistakes. Don't spread them.
Daily Lucky Numbers
Daily Lucky Numbers 15 timmar sedan
I feel lucky today
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 15 timmar sedan
Democrats, and White Flight (as in, fleeing from the crime and chaos caused by 'diversity').
Taryne Tosetti
Taryne Tosetti 15 timmar sedan
Democratic policy. It really is that simple. I hope you Californians realize why you left.
A Bishop
A Bishop 15 timmar sedan
Looks like Detroit California
Filippo Corti
Filippo Corti 15 timmar sedan
Why do many people moving to Texas instead of AZ and NM, which are closer?
North South
North South 15 timmar sedan
USA should be divided, into countries under one military. Liberals can have their own states, and conservatives can have their own states, and you should apply for visa to pass.. I guarantee you, the liberals states will turn into a third world countries with in 10 years.
Kim Xuan Van
Kim Xuan Van 15 timmar sedan
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Excorcelsior 15 timmar sedan
So sad, California is a beautiful state in regards to the coast line views. Would love to live there but it’s just not affordable.
OGlettuceWEED 15 timmar sedan
To all the dem californians thinking about moving to texas: stay out ! They dont need you ruining their state too.
Morgan Champlin
Morgan Champlin 6 timmar sedan
Aaron Ostrowski
Aaron Ostrowski 16 timmar sedan
So after watching all of these type of videos.... I'm not moving to California because of Taxes, West Virginia because of poverty and bad Healthcare or Florida for the same reasons.... So like my options are New Hampshire, Delaware, Massachusetts, Vermont or Texas.... great.
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 16 timmar sedan
There's a saying, "Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered.". The moral is, you not to be too greedy. California got too bloody greedy with their taxes, plain and simple.
Asphodelia D
Asphodelia D 17 timmar sedan
How the Democrats turned the Garden of Eden into a wasteland...
Michael Daugherty
Michael Daugherty 17 timmar sedan
This is what happens when you vote for Democrats. It's literally that simple, yet so many people do no understand this.
bighand69 5 timmar sedan
@ANON ACCT That makes no sense whatsoever.
ANON ACCT 6 timmar sedan
You vote for republicans and you literally get domestic terrorists
RaiderRo Davis
RaiderRo Davis 11 timmar sedan
They’re too dumb to get it.
Justin Denney
Justin Denney 17 timmar sedan
Uhh it's expensive af to live here and there's taxes and regulations for just about everything. Why is this a question? lmao
Robert Willis
Robert Willis 17 timmar sedan
Big business never takes care of its people. So ya see ya.
Damien Spectre
Damien Spectre 17 timmar sedan
Liberals destroy a region they infest Liberals mass exodus to escape from the hell they helped create Liberals move into a new region and destroy this region they infest Repeat Ad |Infinitum
Remy Villa
Remy Villa 18 timmar sedan
No mention of illegal immigration and sanctuary city’s huh? Great reporting lol.
Bobby E
Bobby E 18 timmar sedan
Joe Biden will turn the whole country into a shithole like California
Christopher Jakel
Christopher Jakel 18 timmar sedan
Answer to Title: Democrats.
Daniel Juno
Daniel Juno 4 timmar sedan
myname604 .FCKgoogle
myname604 .FCKgoogle 18 timmar sedan
The "rise" and fall of California? LMFAO California was always a democrat sh*t hole!
Shiruken 18 timmar sedan
Me and my family done Gone to Texas!! 💪
Jule westcott
Jule westcott 19 timmar sedan
here in the western states Californians are not welcome, just keep on trucking. We don't want you here. we don't want your leftist's nasty habits.
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