WHAT IS WRONG with Jacob Sartorius!?

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Eddy Burback

4 år sedan

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Caleb Chesnutt
Caleb Chesnutt Timme sedan
popped in my recommended, god, here's a name i haven't heard in years.
I don't know what i'm doing
I don't know what i'm doing 17 minuter sedan
Iagan Foss
Iagan Foss 16 dagar sedan
Person named young girls: wait that’s what they have really been doing? Wtf?!
Max McLaren
Max McLaren 18 dagar sedan
The thumbnail to this video is the stuff of nightmares
Roxanne Foxx
Roxanne Foxx 18 dagar sedan
RIP Leafy
timothy ldyolyd
timothy ldyolyd Månad sedan
Does he work off a laptop
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
I can say with certainty that he’s not the mastermind, remember when the video of him “rapping” the alphabet on stage? No way this kid is behind the sketchy weird perv shit goin on
Jaker The Snaker
Jaker The Snaker Månad sedan
To be fair, The Beatles had the same tactic of speaking specifically to the listener, with songs like ‘I wanna hold your hand’ ‘drive my car’ and ‘baby let me just shove my penis into your crotch crevice’
Gryphon Skaggs
Gryphon Skaggs Månad sedan
FUCK, WHERE WERE YOU WHen i wanted to watch this crap back then.... i Hate YouTuBe FoR HidINg YOu FroM ME
Howard Marner
Howard Marner Månad sedan
What do you mean what's wrong with him? He has no legs and he shot his girlfriend.
Pumpy Bumpkin
Pumpy Bumpkin Månad sedan
I would never disliked your video mr.egby
Ryan Corr
Ryan Corr Månad sedan
Pin me, Eddy, o lord of memes
MagsPie Månad sedan
I'm just a little younger than this guy and when I was in middle school I remember people talking about him and how ugh his music was; so it's hard imagining who his fan base is. It was common to "offer" your hoodie to a friend by saying stuff like "do you need a swEaTshirT?" To the turn of that song lmao.
Cherse Månad sedan
why does he look like a gamestop employee without his mustache
Diddies Smitties
Diddies Smitties 2 månader sedan
Reminds me of content cop but a shorter video and less criticism
Cracked Ferret
Cracked Ferret 2 månader sedan
Am I the only one here who likes leafy? edit: yes i still liked
BrookshireBros Månad sedan
Was gonna dislike your comment until the edit
Grant B.
Grant B. 2 månader sedan
Who the fuck is Jacop Sartoriphus?
Ravyn Me
Ravyn Me 2 månader sedan
That thumbnail really got me dude. A masterpiece in its own right.
High Street Animations
High Street Animations 2 månader sedan
You love the word Social path
Jaskier the Dandelion
Jaskier the Dandelion 2 månader sedan
I love leafy and i love Eddy. So I'm not sure how to feel.
Grant Christnacht
Grant Christnacht 2 månader sedan
Thanks SEpost for the throwback
Danny Loftus
Danny Loftus 2 månader sedan
My fingers are mini sausages
Mariano Dodds Ibañez
Mariano Dodds Ibañez 2 månader sedan
I LOVE THE JURASSIC PARK POSTER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Um no
Um no 2 månader sedan
I just checked out the same leafy video and it actually has a super positive like ratio. I don’t get how that many people can enjoy watching a grown man insult children UNLESS their children themselves. Even then, I’m thirteen and even I think this leafy shit is insane.
Halls 3
Halls 3 2 månader sedan
Every thing. Everything is wrong with him.
Wyatt Brasseau
Wyatt Brasseau 2 månader sedan
Leafys new content is way better
dingus theo
dingus theo 2 månader sedan
(hey eddy i know this is an old video and that you did it for the bit and probabably wouldnt say it today but in your leafy impression you did say r*tard and tho it's not technically a slur it's like rather offensive to the autistic community so uh idk try to be the best ally you can be)
jacob nunemacher
jacob nunemacher 2 månader sedan
Yo man what was the ending song from? The passion Hifi is a hub for creation, hit me with a link to whatever sounds you made with that ending my guy
vegis chips
vegis chips 3 månader sedan
Honestly Eddy is more handsome than Jacob
Aidan D.
Aidan D. 3 månader sedan
Leafy's content was never really *bad*, it just often went way too far
SML 3 månader sedan
Burback for Bresident!
What A Great Question!
What A Great Question! 3 månader sedan
162dislikes 13k likes I love democracy
Wowasaur 4 månader sedan
Musical.ly, now that’s a name I have not heard in a long time
Furious Figures
Furious Figures 4 månader sedan
Leafy just came back and I hate him now more than ever he plays other people’s content and every five minutes says a word
Green Bean Basil
Green Bean Basil 4 månader sedan
Just listening to the song on the title card gave me a headache that went away the second that thing turned off
Yee Jawas
Yee Jawas 4 månader sedan
Wait how old is Jacob s. Now
Sierrah Hagemeister
Sierrah Hagemeister 4 månader sedan
Ebenen Kahn
Ebenen Kahn 4 månader sedan
I like Leafy
Stuff and Stuff
Stuff and Stuff 3 månader sedan
Ok, just dont dislike. He needs it
Tanya Cockle
Tanya Cockle 4 månader sedan
Is that a H A T!?
Abe Peyton
Abe Peyton 4 månader sedan
Who the hell is disliking this video?
Abe Peyton
Abe Peyton 3 månader sedan
Member Berry true
engieneer gaming
engieneer gaming 4 månader sedan
Rice gum fans that called him poor in the comments.
Dudley Dingleberry
Dudley Dingleberry 4 månader sedan
I actually think leafy is funny
Katie Villanueva
Katie Villanueva 4 månader sedan
My sister used to babysit that kid back home in virginia and said he was horrible
Notice me! Please?
Notice me! Please? 4 månader sedan
The mustache looks good. You should keep it
smartpig555119 4 månader sedan
I think there was a certain poetic decline of pop when people stopped writing songs about individuals they knew or we with/had been with and instead targeted a generic demographic of their listeners. There was a corporate driven agenda that produced singles aimed at faking a personalised relationship with fans. Once musicians gave over to trying to appeal to speaking directly to their audience in general and making it seem that they were addressing everyone individually that the artistry became pandering and a little sleazy.
Well_Cooked_Steak 4 månader sedan
Jacob’s whole shtick was the male equivalent of pokimaine simps
Trent Carter
Trent Carter 4 månader sedan
Fuck you leafy is great
BigPPcommie 4 månader sedan
Omg I agree how dare he have an opinion
Finchey! 4 månader sedan
Ricegums relationship to the beat is loose to put it lightly, Jesus
Elaine Ostry
Elaine Ostry 5 månader sedan
that was sweet until you said the r word
Cent Sniffa
Cent Sniffa 5 månader sedan
Eddie, by insulting leafies and ricecum’s fans you are making fun of and insulting children. How dare you make fun of handicapped autistic children!
outofdresscode 5 månader sedan
i miss old youtube
YEAHTOASTY 5 månader sedan
Hell yeah Eddy listen's to Bo
Cameracean 5 månader sedan
did eddy used to go by ZADStudios? what was that end card lol
Chrisrocks Games
Chrisrocks Games 5 månader sedan
R.I.P musicly
Araconara 5 månader sedan
I follow him on twitter cus sometimes he tweets something cringy and I just chuckle
Kai H
Kai H 5 månader sedan
“Don’t dislike this video” >140👎 I guess they listened
The Guy
The Guy 5 månader sedan
bruh moment
bruh moment 5 månader sedan
hello guy who’s looking at recent comments of this 4 year old video
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 5 månader sedan
Oh god they found me
Versace_Sheets 5 månader sedan
"Okay...fucking retard." Lmao I'm CRYING
J Lo
J Lo 5 månader sedan
Rachel Bolger
Rachel Bolger 6 månader sedan
❤️You’re great!!!
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
*“Wow that’s bad” -Eddy Burback, 2016*
bruh moment
bruh moment 5 månader sedan
Mack Williams “”””””wow that’s bad” -Eddy Burback, 2016” -Mack Williams, 2020” -Wombattler, 2020” -Mack Williams, 2020” -Wombattler, 2020” -Mack Williams, 2020
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
@Wombattler ayyyyy
Wombattler 6 månader sedan
@Mack Williams you win
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
@Wombattler """""Wow that's bad" - Eddy Burback, 2016" -Mack Williams, 2020" -Wombattler, 2020" - Mack Williams, 2020" -Wombattler, 2020
Wombattler 6 månader sedan
@Mack Williams """"Wow that's bad" - Eddy Burback, 2016" -Mack Williams, 2020" -Wombattler, 2020" - Mack Williams, 2020
Sofia Playz *
Sofia Playz * 6 månader sedan
Go on tik tok Ricegum I saw something about Jacob it's problaby gonna make you sad he's tryna bully..
stepherson 7 månader sedan
You know eddy looks good with a mustache, he should grow one
Shadow.TechIsTheFuture 7 månader sedan
Unfortunately leafy WAS here
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 7 månader sedan
Bo! I love him
Shadow.TechIsTheFuture 7 månader sedan
Leafy cameo
crissy4445 8 månader sedan
Leafy’s kinda right tho...who the fuck out here wearing overalls in 2020 and not owning a farm 😂😂
mother mother
mother mother 7 månader sedan
Me, but I own fifty seven farms
blooshkin 8 månader sedan
Bobaven 8 månader sedan
Eat your cereal.
Jiggerjaw 8 månader sedan
I have seen ZERO Leafy videos, and that impression had me on my ass.
Nutty 8 månader sedan
Imagine having a 13 year old girl manipulating the pedophiles, no?
FBB fan 94
FBB fan 94 8 månader sedan
It’s kinda shocking that Jacob will be an adult. This year
mother mother
mother mother 7 månader sedan
egg boy
egg boy 8 månader sedan
First btw
Sadie Coleman
Sadie Coleman 8 månader sedan
I love Leafy ): I really miss him a lot.
Crispy Bread
Crispy Bread 8 månader sedan
Dan Cole
Dan Cole 9 månader sedan
Comments help. Eddy Burback is a winner.
soph k.
soph k. 9 månader sedan
haha yeah remember music.ly
Granta Manta
Granta Manta 9 månader sedan
Roo Kazoo
Roo Kazoo 9 månader sedan
how is "he looks genderfluid" an insult, especially to a preteen? he hasn't gone through puberty yet, genius
Roo Kazoo
Roo Kazoo Månad sedan
@Matt Enten ah yes, an example of the "i know you are but what am i" fallacy. classic!
Matt Enten
Matt Enten Månad sedan
Roo Kazoo - You’ve been guilty of multiple logical fallacies, have no idea of their meaning, and have been defensive throughout this entire comment thread. That “really shows your whole ass.” In summary, you really are too stupid to realize how stupid you are.
Matt Enten
Matt Enten Månad sedan
Roo Kazoo - They’re both relevant. Heres the definition for you Description: This is a common one in recent history. It is the assumption or admission that two or more groups, individuals, or ideas of groups or individuals, are equal, of equal value, or both true, based on the recent phenomenon of political correctness, which is defined as, a term which denotes language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, certain other religions, beliefs or ideologies, disability, and age-related contexts, and, as purported by the term, doing so to an excessive extent.
Roo Kazoo
Roo Kazoo Månad sedan
@Matt Enten no one said they were the most oppressed group in existence. didn't you just tell me to google the strawman fallacy? also political correctness isn't a fallacy. calling it one is a stupid misnomer that really shows your whole ass
Matt Enten
Matt Enten Månad sedan
Roo Kazoo - Also, you should google the “Political Correctness Fallacy”
timeN0 9 månader sedan
Wtf is a Leafy?
chris walters
chris walters 9 månader sedan
Eddie I will buy all ur merch please release a new video
Doctor Ryodine
Doctor Ryodine 10 månader sedan
The hell? It's a love song, many musicians have written lyrics to appeal to young girls. The fucking Beatles got big because they appealed to young girls.
Poop 10 månader sedan
oh my god that leafy impression was actually perfect lmfao
Boden Hardinger
Boden Hardinger 10 månader sedan
He’s wearing a hat
Lightning McHick
Lightning McHick 10 månader sedan
Thats a pretty good angle to look at this situation from.
K-Next yes very much, all the time.
K-Next yes very much, all the time. 10 månader sedan
Watching this in 2019 is like a blast to the past. Leafy, Jacob Sartorius, Ricegum... Not that I enjoyed either of those, I just remember the days when everyone made fun of them.
bebos 2 månader sedan
reading this comment brings me back to 2019, when the world wasnt on fire, and our biggest problems were, idk, but not like a pandemic, and riots in the streets and the country being torn apart, i miss when our biggest problems were insignificant
Noah Bowen
Noah Bowen 10 månader sedan
Jacob is gone right? I haven’t heard of him in a while.
Psychobilly H
Psychobilly H 11 månader sedan
I like your outro song because it's a rendition of Love Ballad by LTD and it's a favorite song of my mother's and mine ♡
The ECHoning
The ECHoning 11 månader sedan
I love how this is more of a dis on Leafy than Jacob lol
Yep Sidoodles
Yep Sidoodles 11 månader sedan
I heard Bo Burnham and liked the video. More please , Eddy
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 11 månader sedan
Yo wassup guys it's Jacob saggy tits here
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 11 månader sedan
I miss leafy
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 11 månader sedan
Please don't hate on me
Danny Danny
Danny Danny År sedan
I hope Calvin comes back
Tommy Thing
Tommy Thing År sedan
Who else here because eddie hasn’t posted in a week and there just watching old videos
Leafys the fucking g.o.a.t! 🤬
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor År sedan
I subscribed just because of is that a hat
Stillalive År sedan
Wow. You are just jumping on the idubbz bandwagon because he made fun of ricegum... Hey wait a minute!
Abby Whittaker
Abby Whittaker År sedan
I always watch the ads because bois support bois !
Vietnam Gamer
Vietnam Gamer År sedan
This dude made a Jacob sartorious video just to roast leafy... woah
wax shatter
wax shatter År sedan
do a review of his music
bro thatscrazy
bro thatscrazy År sedan
Damn.. I miss Leafy.
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