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Safiya Nygaard

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Hello friends and welcome to another video! So, late last year we decided to take the plunge and move across the country for a fresh start in a new place. After doing some serious decluttering, we packed up our house, grabbed our cat, and hit the road (and vlogged our whole cross-country road trip in our minivan!) It's been a couple of months and we are finally set up enough to dive back into making videos, so here is our moving vlog! Hopefully you guys enjoy it, and thank you for being so patient with us while we figure all of this out.
Also, sorry about any smudginess of the windshield! It was tough to keep clean on our drive, but I know sometimes it can look gross, so sorry about that! Lol
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 22 dagar sedan
HELLO FRIENDS!! you can check out our new live streaming channel here! sepost.info/gone/iiY0MsUgNihfAZ2ZgC19lg.html i hope you all are doing well, staying healthy, & had a good start to 2021!! thank you so much for your patience as we've moved, settled in, and are ready to get back to making videos again. i hope you guys enjoy our moving vlog :) xoxo, saf
Zuhayr Yeadallee
Zuhayr Yeadallee 23 timmar sedan
Please spell my name in one of your videos 😊😊😊😊😊😊...
Zuhayr Yeadallee
Zuhayr Yeadallee 23 timmar sedan
I am waiting for your new videos
Carter Camplese
Carter Camplese Dag sedan
Saf I saw my exit in PA I love the vifs
Fahim Sami
Fahim Sami Dag sedan
I am The Biggest Fan of you❤️ I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Has the biggest sea beach 🏖️ in the world Please Come and visit Us
LeAndraMae Boggs
LeAndraMae Boggs 4 dagar sedan
6 Q 5qq⁵⁵
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 10 minuter sedan
This is my comfort video atm. This is like the 6th time I watch this video
omanooku28 Timme sedan
After watching this video, i did dreamed about travelling across america and it felt so real that after i wake up i felt really happy as if i have been america in reality.
Abdelrahman Gabr
Abdelrahman Gabr 2 timmar sedan
37:55 Haifaa wahby be like .
Cadence 2 timmar sedan
This is so weird seeing you cross my state and showing clips through the places I have been!
Elena IllyDragonfly
Elena IllyDragonfly 4 timmar sedan
I cannot even imagine travelling so long to move. Moving sucks already as it is! Also I keep giggling at the idea of you trying to deal with all that cake in the refrigerator, the bath bombs cumulated... and those Bath and Body candles. Let me guess... when you moved you left that demonic Blueberry candle behind so it could curse the next house owners, didn't you???? And hurrah for ancient cats, my Kadaj turned 15 this March and he is still a sassy miniature panther.
Gwens Gunias
Gwens Gunias 4 timmar sedan
Please do ROMWE makeup
Paula Piebalga
Paula Piebalga 5 timmar sedan
DO A COLAB WITH MR. BEAST!!!!!!!!11111
imtiaz ahmed
imtiaz ahmed 6 timmar sedan
House tourrrrrrrr we want a house tour
Samantha Imrie
Samantha Imrie 9 timmar sedan
I freaking love that your moving plan revolves around your cat 😍😻
Dempsey James
Dempsey James 9 timmar sedan
Why are both their voices so satisfying? 😂
Mikayla Murphy
Mikayla Murphy 9 timmar sedan
Ah! I'm so excited that you drove through my state!
Melissa Boshears
Melissa Boshears 9 timmar sedan
I love how easy the conversation flows between these two. Nothing ever feels forced. Great video!
eisho 11 timmar sedan
I think they got Mcgonagall's child-
Hayden Hatch
Hayden Hatch 11 timmar sedan
Saf if you like rocks go to utah plz
Kia Nakagawa
Kia Nakagawa 11 timmar sedan
Safiya, you should DEFININTELY plan to go to Busch Gardens when you visit Williamsburg in addition to the colonial visit. There are so many seasonal events and I think you and Tyler would have a blast!
Fried Crust
Fried Crust 11 timmar sedan
Love the content
lwrite54 12 timmar sedan
Knoxville, TN is literally one of my most favorite places to visit. Go Vols!
RayLyn Dishman
RayLyn Dishman 13 timmar sedan
I Loooooooooooooooooooove you
smile human
smile human 14 timmar sedan
OmO the cat is older than me😂
Holistic Gay Life
Holistic Gay Life 15 timmar sedan
why is she talking like this? emphasizing on every letter on vowl
Sha Nanigans
Sha Nanigans 15 timmar sedan
Crusty is such a sweetie pie. What a good sport!
Jaymi Whiley
Jaymi Whiley 16 timmar sedan
route 66 is on the movie cars
Tiffany Church
Tiffany Church 16 timmar sedan
Yay for NC!!
Parvana Vasudevan
Parvana Vasudevan 16 timmar sedan
Day 1 of asking safiya to get a "groovy wubble bubble ball"
Daria D
Daria D 17 timmar sedan
My anxiety seeing the piece of clothing get stuck on the hook 📈📈 and when it unhooks without Safiya’s help 📉📉
Joe Dick
Joe Dick 17 timmar sedan
Why does she talk like that?
Chelsea Tolbert
Chelsea Tolbert 18 timmar sedan
Me realizing they passed right through my town elliston va :👁👄👁
Jolie O'Neill
Jolie O'Neill 18 timmar sedan
Great video, glad to see you all back! Hated the idea of peeled and plastic packaged clementines though! 😣🤣
Anton K
Anton K 20 timmar sedan
loved watching this road trip experience! So amazing guys & congrats! Don't know if you know but you guys drove very nearby the ONLY McDonalds with the Green arches instead of the gold ones... It's located in Sedona :) Maybe on a next trip!
Team Rocket Gurl
Team Rocket Gurl 20 timmar sedan
Im getting brawl stars vibes 13:40
Sofia Piuzzi
Sofia Piuzzi 20 timmar sedan
this video was my vacation this year
christeena george
christeena george 21 timme sedan
I started singing country roads in my head the moment they entered Virginia.
christeena george
christeena george 11 timmar sedan
@iambored678 the name of that song is country roads take me home.
iambored678 15 timmar sedan
More like West Virginia, since that song mentions that state
Candice Jenee' - SoulCadence
Candice Jenee' - SoulCadence 21 timme sedan
My husband and I just drove across half the country from OKC to WA. We've done OKC to CA and back several times. Also, being from OKC, the big structure you drove under represents the state bird: a scissor tail fly catcher.
Krithika Shelvarajen
Krithika Shelvarajen 22 timmar sedan
Please make a video on mixing every eyeshadow palette based on different finishes(matte,shimmer etc) & colour family(yellow,red,blue,etc) please
iambored678 23 timmar sedan
I'm so happy for you guys! Welcome back to the east coast 🥰
iambored678 23 timmar sedan
That's one thing I love about America. Out country is so huge and there's so much to see. (Then again, living in Europe must be fun too cause you're in proximity to so many different countries)
iambored678 23 timmar sedan
beautifuldancer 23 timmar sedan
I actually remember that Food Truck show lol
Zuhayr Yeadallee
Zuhayr Yeadallee 23 timmar sedan
I am watching all your videos...you are a great person with lots of positive attitudes!very nice couple 😊..i wish one day you will spell my name as you always say thank you to people who watch your videos... keep it up safiyah and i am waiting for your new videos!
Shannon Dag sedan
Hey! I grew up in the Raleigh area and go to App State! It was wild getting to the end of the video and hearing y'all moved here! One of the best parts of Raleigh is its equal distances to the mountains and the beach! Also, may or may not be of interest to Saf and Tyler but Animazement is held at the Raleigh Convention Center (when there wasn't covid) and it is one of the biggest anime conventions on the east coast! Looking forward to the new content in NC!
Kate Armstrong
Kate Armstrong Dag sedan
Crusty, you are so loveable! Love this vLog, as the video progresses you can see almost a weight coming off both of you and your happiness return. Love the bonus adventures to towns and sights along the way too! Wishing you all the best in your new home, I feel this, we moved during the pandemic too! I don't recommend 😅
Saw It
Saw It Dag sedan
In our increasingly complicated and difficult world, it's becoming harder and harder to find pure entertainment that uplifts, inspires, and brings Joy. Yet, you manage to do it again and again. We forget how important it is to just have Fun and Be sometimes--and then Safiya releases a new video, and I end up staying up way past my bedtime just to watch you and Tyler drive cross-country with a grumpy Crusty cat. Thank you so much from the very bottom of my weary heart for uplifting and giving us Happy moments.
Unicorn Hackers
Unicorn Hackers Dag sedan
I love there channel
Unicorn Hackers
Unicorn Hackers Dag sedan
My mom used to live in Mexico 🇲🇽
Unicorn Hackers
Unicorn Hackers Dag sedan
I’ve been were they stood in the grand canyon
Unicorn Hackers
Unicorn Hackers Dag sedan
I’ve been to the Grand Canyon
Rachel Sullivan
Rachel Sullivan Dag sedan
that is my mum im safiya sullivan
Rachel Sullivan
Rachel Sullivan Dag sedan
im named after you my name is safiya i asked my mum and she said she did name me after you
cyberbard Dag sedan
@UwUGirl 92 because she lying
UwUGirl 92
UwUGirl 92 Dag sedan
So how come your account is Rachel-?
King Anthony
King Anthony Dag sedan
is arizona south of los angles
justhuman Dag sedan
I swear usa is so confusingly big for me. I remember riding a plane like it was a bus where people get off and people get on while some dont lmao
Beau Dag sedan
This inspired me to move to San Francisco after a break up thanks Safiya❤️
Radical Sans
Radical Sans Dag sedan
Aw you should come to Colonial Williamsburg! Have lived in the area almost all my entire life. You would love it. :)
Radical Sans
Radical Sans 11 timmar sedan
Oh yeah! Second Sundays are also really popular because all the musicians and art vendors come out to sell their wares and entertain. On Saturdays there's a huge farmer's market. (Covid has obviously impacted this some though, Second Sundays are back tho.)
Radical Sans
Radical Sans 11 timmar sedan
@iambored678 There are some cool restaurants and bakeries in the area! Blackbird Bakery is a huge hit here as well as Aromas. (Other popular restaurants: Dog Street Pub, Cheese Shop, Retro's) The ghost tours are also a huge hit as well. There are a couple gardens. Farm animals. You can tour many of the buildings, including the governor's palace. There are a couple history museums that are pretty sweet as well, including the DeWitt Art Museum. In the winter, there's an ice rink set up in CW. There's a lot to do! If you have the chance you should totally explore if you haven't already. Heads up though, make sure you get a pass to access all the features in CW. It's easy to buy online. The best parking garage is the Prince George Street Parking garage which is super inexpensive.
iambored678 15 timmar sedan
She always talks about Colonial Williamsburg, lol. Idk if she's been before. I'm from Virginia and always saw ads for it on TV as a kid. But I thought it looked dorky hahah I was more of a King's Dominion kinda person
dannidourson Dag sedan
Welcome to Raleigh!!!!!
imogen the issue
imogen the issue Dag sedan
see y’all when this gets recommended to us in 3 years
Julia Phillips
Julia Phillips Dag sedan
I 100% know the food truck rsce season you're talking about 🥺 My lil brother and I were OBSESSED with that show so many years ago
Azmin Aktar
Azmin Aktar Dag sedan
Deatheaters (HP) at 32:55
Kaylee Winters
Kaylee Winters Dag sedan
I was in the Smokey mountains a week ago
Sierra Davis
Sierra Davis Dag sedan
I had an old cat and he used to poop in his carrier too. I wish I had understood him as well as you, though we did switch to a closer vet. I don't even know how old he was and he sadly passed away last January. His name was Fluffy. It's so sweet you guys made Crusty so comfortable.
Amber362 Dag sedan
I live in Maryland
iambored678 15 timmar sedan
Finally, us east coast fans feel seen
Claire Miller
Claire Miller Dag sedan
Who else is a Steelers fan
Kravlo Kitay
Kravlo Kitay Dag sedan
We just drove 81N From Pigeon Forge to Syracuse NY with 3 adults and 3 dogs LOL 14 hour DAY! We won't be doing that again any time soon.
ana chan
ana chan Dag sedan
DREAM LIFE you guys won the lottery at life with each other and by being american
iambored678 15 timmar sedan
Tbh watching this video triggered a depressive episode in me because I realized I will probably never have the time, money, or special someone to do this with. But I've always wanted to drive cross country
Alex The Royale
Alex The Royale Dag sedan
Ur moms toast nuggets
Ur moms toast nuggets Dag sedan
Didnt they just move into a house after their wedding lol
PerryTheParakeet Dag sedan
Belated welcome to NC! Wish you guys all the best!! It's great here in NC and I'm sure you all have been continuing to love it!
K-Lu Kawaii
K-Lu Kawaii Dag sedan
OMG, I work on that street u filmed when u were in Knoxville! That building with the Cannons is the old Town Hall I think and the first building with the dome is the City County Building.
childb Dag sedan
sending good vibes to you in your new local, more crusty please. king crust.
Randomatic Dag sedan
Omg safiya and them are in the same state as me! I feel special
Veronica Miele
Veronica Miele Dag sedan
Mass exodus out of LA! YAY! Welcome to the South! Best decision I ever made :)
Alessia Dag sedan
As a European I felt a bit anxious watching this, America is a big ass country
Cassie Bright
Cassie Bright Dag sedan
Gurl you don’t know how many times I’ve moved across the country in the span of 10 years (5 times)
Heather Shumate
Heather Shumate Dag sedan
I live in North Carolina, so if you need any recommendations on places to visit that are beautiful, let me know.
laura horan
laura horan Dag sedan
iambored678 15 timmar sedan
My dream is to do a cross country trip of the USA (I live here), and I'd love to explore Europe too 🥺 it's not fair that you need money to travel. Everyone deserves to see the world!
HarleyZ0MBiiE Dag sedan
1. North Carolina is beautiful! I hope you all enjoy it. 2. Now that you've moved here, please, it's "app-uh-latch-uhn" mountains. :)
jgirl 34
jgirl 34 Dag sedan
WAWAAAAAAAA!!! Our Wawas in CT all turned into Krausers,,, I want Wawa backkkkkk!
Scarlet Ellie
Scarlet Ellie Dag sedan
Oh my God you live in my state now! You should absolutely visit Asheville and I would love to be your guide! It’s so awesome 😎
jgirl 34
jgirl 34 Dag sedan
Yay! Welcome to the East Coast!! I'm in CT!
Soffía Davíðsdóttir
Soffía Davíðsdóttir Dag sedan
Love the shout out to iceland!! 🇮🇸
Fahim Sami
Fahim Sami Dag sedan
I am The Biggest Fan of you❤️ I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Has the biggest sea beach 🏖️ in the world Please Come and visit Us
Dj Taradactyl
Dj Taradactyl Dag sedan
Went to Knoxville and didn’t get 1 shot of the sunsphere?! Whaaaaaa?!
totallynotizzyy Dag sedan
I love biscochitos!
totallynotizzyy Dag sedan
ayy shes back
Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson Dag sedan
Jesus loves you 🌷⚘👍
jenny sipe
jenny sipe Dag sedan
well hello from Knoxville.
Anna Daugherty
Anna Daugherty Dag sedan
One of the clouds a around 33.06 in the video looks like a skull
Lindsey Nicole Proctor
Lindsey Nicole Proctor Dag sedan
32.55 I see it omg 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Emilie Freja
Emilie Freja Dag sedan
Love your danish “ISLAND” 😂
Eliza Plays Roblox
Eliza Plays Roblox Dag sedan
Are u moving to pa
Charlysun Dag sedan
8:35 Did anyone else notice the floppy licence plate?
Leah Asinovski
Leah Asinovski 2 dagar sedan
"there's a lot happening, its all happening very fast, and i have a lot of feelings." said every teenager ever
First Last
First Last 2 dagar sedan
Everyone is fleeing Commiefornia
divya 2 dagar sedan
Watching the first 8 mins on the video and my motion sickness is already making me nauseous
Flu_andtheBlues 2 dagar sedan
Meribel Pormeister
Meribel Pormeister 2 dagar sedan
plz to another video
•Kate• 2 dagar sedan
Damn, I live in south carolina! We are "neighbors"
Anupam Thaman
Anupam Thaman 2 dagar sedan
You should mix all your nail paints together
iambored678 14 timmar sedan
Simply Nailogical did that already, that's what inspired Saf's "mixing" series
Sugar Silverstar
Sugar Silverstar 2 dagar sedan
So interesting seeing all these places i have heard of in movies ( I am in New Zealand) just love Crusty and he's so lucky to have found you two.
Liisa-Lotta Ellonen
Liisa-Lotta Ellonen 2 dagar sedan
Sally Ramahi
Sally Ramahi 2 dagar sedan
Hi I know you wont read this but I will write it down anyways: can you do a video trying products from AliExpress? By the way, I am a huge fan of your videos stay safe everyone ❤
Velvet Raincloud
Velvet Raincloud 2 dagar sedan
at 20:36 is my college’s museum 🥰
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