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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

How did Kevin hear his dad!?
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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
Don't you dare try to tell me Kevin's dad opened a window because I stared at that frame for hours just to make sure he didn't.
Dawnold Deway2
Dawnold Deway2 2 år sedan
Grindcore jazz
Grindcore jazz 2 år sedan
Eddy Burback This makes england of tgfbro microwave cemented on jays head look basic
Justin Winslow
Justin Winslow 2 år sedan
Thanks you! Amen
Nicole Simpson's Dog
Nicole Simpson's Dog 2 år sedan
You're my dad boogie woogie woogie
Tim Petty
Tim Petty 2 år sedan
Yo it’s faked like I’m 75% sure if you watch the grandparents in the background during the flip they cut from one place to another
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker 17 dagar sedan
Ah yes Tanner, another obviously one that wasn't smacked as a kid when he did something wrong and now thinks its ok to hit a friend with a car and film it. Awesome -_-
Thomas Chicka
Thomas Chicka Månad sedan
You say audi wrong. It's a-ou-di not a-ww-di.
L33tSkE3t Månad sedan
Clearly this vlogger is a boy that doesn't support boys
Try Månad sedan
up until this point I thought Tanner was a girls name.
JAID3N 1972
JAID3N 1972 Månad sedan
3:16. That licence plate says clickbait...
TheBabyPenguin 2 månader sedan
When you said "it's not like there's someone popularising it all" and stuff, and I guessed Jake Paul I was so happy when you showed him
Loraine A
Loraine A 2 månader sedan
I think the dude who calls his brother “sister” is projecting!
Key Of all worlds
Key Of all worlds 2 månader sedan
Ngl I laughed so hard when that dude got hit with the car, only because they’re all idiots that don’t deserve any sympathy.
Extendable Chair
Extendable Chair 2 månader sedan
Why do you look older without a beard?
GhostedZer0 3 månader sedan
Maybe he would have flipped completely over the car if he didn’t steal flowers from a grave.
Hayden Gortney
Hayden Gortney 3 månader sedan
Now it’s Danny Duncan
pizza dude productions
pizza dude productions 4 månader sedan
Imagine if the phone calls between Eddy and Gus were real and Gus was like a total jerk
Skarwind 4 månader sedan
After hearing Jake's name, God please let him go to jail this year...
Tim Strachan
Tim Strachan 4 månader sedan
Actually eddy, jake paul is gone for 6 months, idiot
Pink Crewmate
Pink Crewmate 3 månader sedan
Hey this fuckin video is 2 years old dumbass
Why not. -Gideon
Why not. -Gideon 3 månader sedan
Noah Stevens
Noah Stevens 5 månader sedan
Yikes Tanner Braungardt went to my high school
It's_Gacha_Torie 5 månader sedan
Fucking pendejo people (Pendejo=StOoPiD)
LiL_Bitch_Mane 3 månader sedan
Holy shit kid did u just find out what that word is.
chip skylark
chip skylark 5 månader sedan
Homie's shoe is now in orbit
Your A Wizard Harry
Your A Wizard Harry 5 månader sedan
I think Kevin's dad was so upset about the $1K in room service that he actually went telepathic and was yelling at Kevin mentally and that's what we the audience were hearing....
Fay Leether
Fay Leether 5 månader sedan
How dare you disrespect Greg like that
Swagger Nuggetz
Swagger Nuggetz 6 månader sedan
The way that guy treated hitting his friend with a car is just like how Michael treated hitting Meredith with his car in the Office
TheLonelyGamer86 7 månader sedan
Not gonna lie that s15 was cooler than the r8
Jeff Dickinson
Jeff Dickinson 8 månader sedan
idk man that guy spinning after getting hit by the car absolutely should have been to a dubstep montage
Jazmine Lakey
Jazmine Lakey 8 månader sedan
In the first Home Alone, Kevin handled his older brother's tarantula, do you remember that? Well what you didn't see is the tarantula actually bit him and so now Kevin has super hearing or "tarantula-sense" and that is how he heard his father yelling
Mega Man
Mega Man 8 månader sedan
Face it ladies and gents. SEpost is dead. this is a fucking shell corporate bullshit pump machine with the SEpost face on it. IT SEEMS EVERYTHING BAD makes $$$$$$$$$$$$ on youtube. While good old fashioned content is dead.
Sif Hansen
Sif Hansen 8 månader sedan
Did you just say “we’re the strongest army out there”?? You talk about piques copying you and then you rip off another SEpostr??? Asshole From a disappointed child of Burback
Chadsworth 8 månader sedan
Eddy when you were mocking him I thought that was actually him
Eddie Lo
Eddie Lo 9 månader sedan
Is logan paul Leno’s son?
lisa Phillips
lisa Phillips 9 månader sedan
Wtf was that intro my brain hurts
thatsmyeqo 9 månader sedan
i used to watch this guys videos all the time and i thiught he was so cool
memethyst 9 månader sedan
i'm honestly more mad at the fact that he took flowers off someone's grave over the fact that he let his brother film him getting hit by a car
ZombieByte 9 månader sedan
"i think it's ironic that we're next to a cemetary" no i think that's more good planning than irony
Shadow Decidueye
Shadow Decidueye 9 månader sedan
2:25 Dear God please help me...... decide what I'm going to do with all the SEpost money I'm going to get from killing my friend
Skylar Bradley
Skylar Bradley 9 månader sedan
I know this video is two years old. I know Eddy will never see this comment. I know what these people are doing in this video is stupid. I just wanted to point out that 6:00 the person on the left is wearing a shirt with the trans flag colors, so the guy on the right calling the one on the left his sister is probably just because she's trans.
shramo 9 månader sedan
When i seen his friend flipping, i was like "yeah, he's got this, maybe not on dirt but he can do it."
andybaldman 9 månader sedan
*Jake Paul won't go away BECAUSE he sucks. And sucks gets more clicks than good. That's how it works.*
Coco K.
Coco K. 11 månader sedan
Is.... Is the brother trans and he's misgendering him?
Mehrito 11 månader sedan
how is that the outrageous part of home alone? you know kevin for sure would have killed those guys. remember the bricks? off a fucking roof? to the head?
lopho phora
lopho phora 11 månader sedan
My friend died after just falling off of a car when I was 15. He fell off and hit his head. Blood was coming out of his eyes and ears and he went into a coma and died. These kids are so stupid.
Slxxpyhollow 11 månader sedan
They all try to replicate the Paul brothers
Planes At Paine
Planes At Paine 11 månader sedan
3:17 The car’s license plate is CLKBAIT? Seriously?
Hawk Shot
Hawk Shot 11 månader sedan
The dude looks more like a dude than his brother who calls him sister, but I guess that dude got issues with his masculinity
Bouncy Bear
Bouncy Bear 11 månader sedan
Common guys, the REAL problem here is that they put rose gold on their Audi R8
joseph lawes-clarke
joseph lawes-clarke År sedan
How strong is that guys legs and ankles.
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man År sedan
thats like tom pryce 1977 crash, the dude gets hit by an f1 car and is torn apart instantly
The Wyvernclan
The Wyvernclan År sedan
Ť æ^œ
southerngirl102030 År sedan
You can hire an ambulance and crew for about 80 to 100 dollars an hour. For the amount of money these guys get from these dangerous videos, it's just gross negligence on these guys' part for not taking even the most basic of precautions and still performing dangerous stunts where someone could die for a fucking paycheck from youtube. Actually sickening.
CaptainNightmare År sedan
6:13 I mean...could be trans?
Lifeisoverated År sedan
@ 7:38, when the camera pans over to the kid who got hit by the car. That look on his face. He definitely has a concussion.
Grace Garn
Grace Garn År sedan
8:22 You know what me too Eddie, me too.
Peyton Vanest
Peyton Vanest År sedan
Also all the Jackass movies and episodes were rated for adults and could be properly protected from children, whereas SEpost videos from these types of vloggers are not
Jordan Oconnell
Jordan Oconnell År sedan
It's not the fact that he wasn't hurt it's the fact that he easily could have been even if he is fucking stupid and agreed to do it
Andrew Libby
Andrew Libby År sedan
It was Kevin's brother who yelled not his dad
SlyDoggMill År sedan
He wasn't even touched by the car... can no one see that? He was flipping next to it, not over it
Jessy Julie
Jessy Julie År sedan
He stole flowers from a gravesite??????? Is that real?
Nicole M
Nicole M År sedan
It says something sad about me that I want that gaudy Audi, doesn’t it?
Miles År sedan
hey fuckface someone already made a video on the tanner video that you clickbaited with. quit being so god damn lazy on your videos
edDIE_NOW Right
edDIE_NOW Right 6 månader sedan
this video was actually posted 3 days before the other video I think you’re referring to
aleko raime
aleko raime År sedan
Jake paul physically, mentally, verbally, and sexually abused those twins for "pranks" all of it on video (some videos deleted) hes psycho
SheGotSneakrs År sedan
am i the onyl person that absolutely hates casey neistat. i want casey's face to melt
PsychTripper År sedan
Tell Gus to make more videos like this. I love all his content, but I have a fetish for your guys commentary videos.
Benevolent År sedan
Now I hate Jake more than ever. Has friends with tuned nissans but fucks with lambos just because they're more expensive. Sad. He's gonna be poor as fuck when he's 30+
Dustin Z.
Dustin Z. År sedan
Every night i think I’m going to get a good amount of sleep, but instead lie awake in my bed, not able to get the thought out if my mind on how loud the father of Kevin would of had to yell for him to hear it outside of the hotel, in the park
Evil Odlaw
Evil Odlaw År sedan
You know this shit is fake right?
jameswoodsist År sedan
the dude calling his brother his sister and she and shit is 100% the shittiest and weirdest part of this video. what in the fuck is going on with that.
Ryan Priest
Ryan Priest År sedan
Kevin hears dad screaming all the way inside the hotel room r/wooosh
Elijah Jardine
Elijah Jardine År sedan
My friends watched me have a lame ass seizure and they still get uncomfortable when I talk about it, and if I mention anything that hints towards me having another they freak out and try to prepare. Lol they don't film and add dubstep. Would prob be a pretty cool vid if they did tho..
DragonGames År sedan
Maybe the “sister” is trans, and identifies female, like me
Dhara Rose
Dhara Rose År sedan
Not ironic that they’re next to a cemetery, it’s appropriate. Why do people not fucking know what irony is 🙄
Leftist at the Party
Leftist at the Party År sedan
The car literally has CLKBAIT on the license plate.
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith År sedan
It is important to mention Bailey (the flipper) is a professional athlete and has done harder and more dangerous stunts, and Tanner has since come out as regretful of this era of his life. While this doesn’t lessen your points with the content or overall genre, there are some things to consider in this instance. Also yeah he had fans that weren’t happy about the flower either. (The whole workout thing is a now long running connection to him personally he likes to include but it does make the content a little unfocused)
Shelby Thayer
Shelby Thayer År sedan
you should should do a video on @damnlongneck and @damnwideneck on insta. they are like buds with supreme patty and just a whole mess
Baby Goth
Baby Goth År sedan
I thought he was talking about David Dobrik this whole time
Dylan Shiflet
Dylan Shiflet År sedan
Oh cool you have 777 comments. ...oh fuck. Whoops
Roni Rautio
Roni Rautio År sedan
The best thing is that this same guy crashed his Audi R8 which is in this video
kiley År sedan
nice video Eddie Burbank!
Max Feeney
Max Feeney År sedan
Eddy I just want you to know that 4:50 is one of the funniest things u have ever filmed
Manuel Nuñez
Manuel Nuñez År sedan
He could have died yet they’re all acting like it’s a normal thing. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I can’t stand these SEpostrs that do potentially deadly stunts just to get SEpost views. There was even people who did the Cinnamon challenge and other SEpostrs who tried eating Tide pods. There’s a line between doing stuff for fun without potentially getting hurt or hurting others and doing stuff to get views pretending it’s an ok thing to do. I completely agree with Eddy and it’s sad to see that our generation has gone downhill.
ThespianDragon År sedan
I'll whip myself if his brother is a trans guy and this guy is calling his brother she/her and 'sister' because of that
Honey Bunnies
Honey Bunnies År sedan
Been binging videos and I just gotta say my cousin does the switching gender thing. Calls my mom uncle and her niece, nephew. It's a stupid joke
Ellisiv Riise Hoel
Ellisiv Riise Hoel År sedan
How does kevin hear his dad?
Sammie År sedan
If he hadn’t hit his brother the name would’ve been almost hitting my brother with a car and photoshopping a thumbnail to make it seem like near death and people would still click
kenzie owens
kenzie owens År sedan
i’ve literally been watching ur videos for three days straight and have gotten nothing done so thank u bc i was running out of reasons to procrastinate
Sabina Alexis
Sabina Alexis År sedan
I think anyone who watches these videos and still think harrassing/hurting people for views and profit is okay should take a break from social media and experience real life. Im a senior and im honestly scared of freshmen and sophomores and avoid them at al costs because their lives are on a screen and they dont care about how their actions affect people
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers År sedan
I've never seen the movie, but is the dad seriously pissed off that his son that he FORGOT A SECOND TIME spent money on room service? YOU FORGOT HIM TWO CHRISTMASES IN A ROW, DAD.
Kate Kursive
Kate Kursive År sedan
Misgendering people on purpose is mean and unnecessary. Shows what that guy thinks about women, too. Speaks of his character loud and clear.
Amy Howell
Amy Howell År sedan
I love how they’re so close to a cemetery but as far away as they could possibly be to a hospital.
Tim 1
Tim 1 År sedan
I love your Ted Cruz campaign poster in the background.
Baby Via
Baby Via 2 år sedan
Kevin felt it telepathically like a spidey sense
Rebecca Jonas
Rebecca Jonas 2 år sedan
People who say that these types of videos have no serious effects on audiences are just wrong lmao, a few kids in the uk have died because they tried the passing out challenge...that they learnt from youtubers glorifying it, and if those videos hadn’t been made or had even just been framed differently those kids might not have died
NanoSheep 2 år sedan
It's a metaphor for how the whales are being killed by the Japanese for their delicious whales fat. Fyi I love you, but only superficial love \(^.^)/
Mike Rice
Mike Rice 2 år sedan
harry s
harry s 2 år sedan
an ordi supercar. ordi. ordi...
Brother Oats
Brother Oats 2 år sedan
This is amazing, there is no way something this ridiculous would happen even 10 years ago
Francisco Bruno
Francisco Bruno 2 år sedan
Thats not a friend.. Thats an asset
Alex Silverstein
Alex Silverstein 2 år sedan
Every one of Eddy's video is a 10/10.
Joachim Macdonald
Joachim Macdonald 2 år sedan
capitalism creates bad content!
mickey 182
mickey 182 2 år sedan
Im confused Ive been watching tanner for the 3 years now and he is one of my favorites And i just found your channel 3 days ago but i like your stuff top im so confused☹☹
Gaming Pilots
Gaming Pilots 2 år sedan
He sure as hell flipped
70s man
70s man 2 år sedan
c12 2 år sedan
But his DID Kevin hear his dad?!
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