Vine Stars Make HORRIBLE Movies!? - Horrible Movie Scenes

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Eddy Burback

4 år sedan

Hello? Is anybody out there? I'm an accountant from Queens and this guy Eddy kidnapped me I think. I'm not exactly sure because I've been unconscious for some time now. Hopefully someone is on the other end of this...

Robin Eriksson
Robin Eriksson 5 dagar sedan
“just because you put something random in, that doesn’t mean it’s funny.” *starts the video by taking cooked pasta out of his pocket*
ChrisE827 27 dagar sedan
I remember this movie I liked it.
Trek Bee
Trek Bee Månad sedan
ah vine rip
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
I got suspended in high school for taking down the internet for two weeks. The only reason I got caught is cuz someone else claimed they did it and I got mad and essentially told on myself
Pumpy Bumpkin
Pumpy Bumpkin Månad sedan
Eddie how did you get some my mom was Mickey mouse
Howdy Partner
Howdy Partner Månad sedan
I watched this movie before Ferris Beuller, it was my Ferris Beuller, and then later I saw the real one and its like when you finally meet your real dad and he’s alot cooler than your stepdad.
Gabriel Aguas-Ortiz
Gabriel Aguas-Ortiz 2 månader sedan
Him reaching in his pocket as he talked about teen boys made me horrified as I thought he was rubbing his nip
Tailcoat Games
Tailcoat Games 2 månader sedan
That poor accountant
Taciturn Creature
Taciturn Creature 3 månader sedan
I can't unhear Brutalmoose singing about captain bible now please help.
Ayah Lahlou
Ayah Lahlou 3 månader sedan
eddy talking as a women just sounds like Mickey mouse
90cranker65 3 månader sedan
I don’t like eddy without his glasses, it’s scary
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 3 månader sedan
Cameron Phallus Bueller
Sincerely, Watermelon
Sincerely, Watermelon 3 månader sedan
Nobody: Eddy: "Welcome to whore-"
That_Gamer_Bread 3 månader sedan
How did eddy get my mom to do lines in this video?
sean with a fada
sean with a fada 3 månader sedan
Eddy looks so weird without glasses
John Sull
John Sull 4 månader sedan
Yeah but your random review was funny.
JonahMastro 4 månader sedan
please do this whole shitty movie
Erik Hasecoster
Erik Hasecoster 4 månader sedan
5:52 Mom what are you doing in Eddy's video? Actually what are you doing in his apartment
bigboy men
bigboy men 4 månader sedan
when you do, am feeling pressured sounds like Bonnie from family guy
Ryan Frederick
Ryan Frederick 4 månader sedan
*stutters* *stutters* *stammering* hahaha great comedy Eddy
Coder1024 4 månader sedan
"Random things aren't just funny for no reason. If you just throw someone in that's random, it doesn't mean it's funny" All of gen z: "How dare you."
Cent Sniffa
Cent Sniffa 4 månader sedan
This guy underestimating the power of hax
Emily D
Emily D 5 månader sedan
The firewalls they install in fans are such a pain
Jonah van Huizen
Jonah van Huizen 5 månader sedan
Eon Films
Eon Films 5 månader sedan
it looks like someone woke him up at 4am and said "go make a video right now" and here we are
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 5 månader sedan
You should give the channel to your mom. Her bit at the end was the best part of the video. Sorry bro
Some Rat
Some Rat 5 månader sedan
Oh gob Babby burback
Ira Finkelston
Ira Finkelston 5 månader sedan
2:19 gen z: that’s where you’re wrong my good man.
KelseyDunnigan drang
KelseyDunnigan drang 5 månader sedan
I know I'm like four years late on this, but are they really tryna tell us that this man's parents named him GARY TRUMAN? Like Harry Truman?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower 5 månader sedan
I remember seeing expelled and honestly had no idea what it was. I thought it was supposed to be like a combination of Ferris Bueller and Accepted and frankly had no idea how to feel about it.
Kathy Bingham
Kathy Bingham 5 månader sedan
I used to act like Cameron but I wasn't a hacker and people only thought I was cool because it's highschool and everyone's retarded
BrockTheZabel 5 månader sedan
Eddy How'd you get my mom to do voices in your sketch dude
Camryn Russell
Camryn Russell 5 månader sedan
Omg it’s baby ebby
Gibidison 5 månader sedan
He made a joke similar to filthy frank therefore he must be a rip off (obviously)
Conklin03 5 månader sedan
Who the fuck is Cameron Dallas? Edit: just googled it and I still have no idea who the fuck Cameron Dallas is
Jamie Lopez
Jamie Lopez 6 månader sedan
Hey guys you know what would be some great lessons to teach kids? Disrespect adults especially ones who are just trying to do their jobs, spread and show pornography to minors and ruin someone's career by doing so, you're cool if you completely disregard having an education, lie to your parents, and while you're at it go ahead and pull the fire alarm it's not like anything bad could come from that. You wanna be cool and attractive and popular? You gotta do all these things and whatever the fuck else happens in the rest of this movie.
Jesse Scott
Jesse Scott 6 månader sedan
i know this is a 3 year old video but that's not how expulsion works I'm losing my mind who wrote that movie
Thomas Gott
Thomas Gott 6 månader sedan
Okay i do not know how eddy got ahold of my mother but it has been years and I need her back
Alex Potts
Alex Potts 6 månader sedan
That was the best opening to a video I've ever seen.
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
“Noble cause don’t you think” was such an annoying line
Lampshades 6 månader sedan
It's the shittest version of feris bikers day off every
Jordan Rose
Jordan Rose 7 månader sedan
I know this video is like 3 years old but please put your fucking glasses back on
Aid-BO 7 månader sedan
i was 12 and thought this movie was fun to watch, i guess i didn’t know it was a carbon copy of ferris buellers day off
chelsea hic salta
chelsea hic salta 7 månader sedan
he tries so hard to be the stereotypical "cool teenager" that only exists in cartoons, you can tell hes insecure
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 7 månader sedan
Woo saw this back in the day and it was mediocre and we kinda liked it idk why but now I’m watching this I’m kinda realizing how dumb it is
ThatManInTheVan 7 månader sedan
Gotta be honest at least the main guys acting wasn’t god awful
It’s Berek not Derek
It’s Berek not Derek 8 månader sedan
Did anybody notice that in the beginning felixs friend already new he was expelled after getting expelled two minutes ago
Someone you don’t know
Someone you don’t know 8 månader sedan
Omg eddy what did you do to that guy in the description
MrPuretrollin 8 månader sedan
Eddy I beg you to do full movies
Aedan Kennedy
Aedan Kennedy 8 månader sedan
Holy crap I wasn’t looking at the screen for a sec and I legit thought I heard my mom
ROY 8 månader sedan
Go to , 5:51, and play it in 2x speed
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 8 månader sedan
Fun fact. A lot of foreign movies do the credit scenes in the starting mainly to make sure the people who made it will be recognised. It’s a good thing to do as it brings recognition. A lot of the times, people leave during the credit scenes and no one gives a shit
Abigail Griffith
Abigail Griffith 9 månader sedan
Yeah I’d marry you
stephen H
stephen H 9 månader sedan
We gonna talk about how gary knows his moms phone number off thw top of his head
Yaboi LilDepresso
Yaboi LilDepresso 9 månader sedan
Don’t schools usually send letters for suspensions, detentions, and expulsions?
Rebecca D. Collins
Rebecca D. Collins 9 månader sedan
I think the top hat is an allusion to “black hat” hacking
CaptainNightmare 9 månader sedan
Ferris Bueller but it’s bad
David B
David B 9 månader sedan
Coolbean78 10 månader sedan
Ironically Pineapple
Ironically Pineapple 10 månader sedan
Description is kinda worrying
Hacktor Mike
Hacktor Mike 10 månader sedan
1:15 Executive Producer: Crazy Joe Davola
Adit 10 månader sedan
"there's a firewall" Just turn on the fan then, my guy
Heather Nguyen
Heather Nguyen 10 månader sedan
Okay. What is the bit you did in the beginning, with pulling the pasta out of your pocket???? Is that a reference?? My husband calls me crazy because I say that all of the time, but I don't know/ can't remember where I got it from! Help me!! "Mastah Cho Lee"???
Your Quirk
Your Quirk 11 månader sedan
Just going go speed pass spreading sexual content of a woman's private life to the entire school. Humiliating her and showing kids sexually charged bodies
Ms12369 11 månader sedan
Eddy: Random things aren't funny Me, an avid Adventure Time and Spongebob fan: 😠😟🤯
Chris Stone
Chris Stone 11 månader sedan
First vid i saw of urs back in the day
Anthony Pistocchi
Anthony Pistocchi 11 månader sedan
How tf did they get that actor guy as principle
Eddy I thought you were my mother then
Fishxgod År sedan
I remember one time in class they played this film because we had just finished a test. I wanted to die the entire time. :(
Record Games
Record Games År sedan
Bring back the glasses
Amine Lm
Amine Lm År sedan
I love Ferris bueller, one of my top ten movies , but you have to admit that it doesn’t necessarily make more sense than this movie. In the beginning he literally wear a trench coat to pretend to be his gf dad in front of the principal who knows him. It’s funny how we’re indulgent with older movies.
That acting was just so bad so bad
Abigail Salinas
Abigail Salinas År sedan
Man, watching this in 2019 is a whole experience. So proud of my boi Eddy.
BertTheActor År sedan
Woah wait how did you get my mom to guest star at 5:53?!
James Marlatt
James Marlatt År sedan
My kids watch vines. They have showed me some of them before. I personally think that all vines are fucking stupid as shit.
Marc Nixon
Marc Nixon År sedan
this is the content lacking nowa days! BRING BACK BAD MOVIE COMMENTARY!!!!!
Retro Beast
Retro Beast År sedan
Oh god I just realized I actually saw this movie when I was like 10
huh dot gov
huh dot gov År sedan
What was with eddys mom at the end
huh dot gov
huh dot gov År sedan
Description is troubling
Legendary Legend
Legendary Legend År sedan
I thought you were gonna do the whole movie. Please do a full review.
peng År sedan
I’ve watched this movie twice and I can’t even think why
Wendy McCoy
Wendy McCoy År sedan
"Dean of students"? In my day we called him a principal.
Sceppy År sedan
Mom what are you doing in the video
John Foerch
John Foerch År sedan
Did the principal leave the building for the fire alarm or not?
Ahava Robin
Ahava Robin År sedan
Filthy frank reference in the beginning much
Johnny John
Johnny John År sedan
I love how when Eddy is done, he's freekin dun.
sambi bambi
sambi bambi År sedan
i rate this. gum/10. fuck you gary
RepairedPillow År sedan
Video starts at 0:35
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic År sedan
you a cop or something?
Mexican larry bird
Mexican larry bird År sedan
Honestly it wasn't as bad as other movies you roast År sedan
The best part is he doesn't even look the part of the bad boy.
Keller K
Keller K År sedan
I watched this with my friend one night and we both agreed it was horrible
R van Kuik
R van Kuik År sedan
Well it's not hacking, but back when I was in high school, a buddy of mine figured out the vending machine's access code and it gave him free candy. He's an IT consultant now.
Morgan Phillips
Morgan Phillips År sedan
Forget the acting. *puts on headphones that has no mic* proceeds to hold a voice call. 10/10 directing.
Ethan Zarp
Ethan Zarp År sedan
Don't you dare talk shit about expelled
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace År sedan
On the topic of long opening credits, I thought The Aristocats had a really awful credit sequence in the beginning but thats probably because the last time I watched it I was an incredibly impatient child
Demi Harper
Demi Harper År sedan
Don Jawnson
Don Jawnson År sedan
When's the last time you watched Jurassic Park? I watched it again for the first time since I was a kid recently and good lord is that a bad movie.
Don Jawnson
Don Jawnson År sedan
When's the last time you watched Jurassic Park? I watched it again for the first time since I was a kid recently and good lord is that a bad movie.
SailorOrbiter År sedan
That impersonation at the end has me wetter than my phone.
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