VINE STAR or a HACK MASTER!? - Horrible Movie Scenes

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Eddy Burback

4 år sedan

Guys I am really starting to worry about my safety. I don't think Eddy even reads these descriptions, yet he has me kidnapped just to write them. I haven't eaten in days and Eddy won't stop playing this horrible musical he wrote on an intercom about Bill Clinton's affair.

Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 4 dagar sedan
Lets be honest, that really wasn't a terrible hacking scene. I mean, everything AROUND the hacking was bad, but the hacking itself wasn't TERRIBLE
Erica Katherin
Erica Katherin 6 dagar sedan
eddy boy i don’t know if you’ve heard this before but i must say you look like the kid they cast as young danny devito in that one frog boy episode if it’s always sunny
jake s
jake s 6 dagar sedan
He just destroyed his property and physically and verbally abused a student that’s 3 felony’s
Austin Marshall
Austin Marshall 11 dagar sedan
Why did I randomly get an old ass eddy video in my recommended lol
ChrisE827 20 dagar sedan
I actually have that game stored in my basement.
Killosish Månad sedan
I know I'm late but the movie should be renamed "Ferris Bueller's Rip Off" Thanks everyone for having me tonight
Jen Schneider
Jen Schneider Månad sedan
Are you glasses eddy or no glasses eddy
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
Every time you reference those games, those are games I played. I'm almost exactly the same age as you lol, you mentioned madagascar before. I played that A LOT when I was young
Dane Månad sedan
I have no dick
Aaron Straus
Aaron Straus Månad sedan
4:32 Song?
Doofalo 2 månader sedan
was this video peak eddie or is it just me
Exploration Bro’s
Exploration Bro’s 2 månader sedan
Tbh I kinda like this movie
N Satheesan
N Satheesan 2 månader sedan
That's not how up addresses work
Korg 3 månader sedan
This movie just foreshadowed the recent twitter hack.
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 3 månader sedan
Who does the hacker (not Cameron) remind me of? It's killing me. Also, I am in my 30s so don't tell me some other Vine person. I suppose on a way he is a lot of characters from like 90s teen movies or something, but I am thinking of someone in particular. Edit: got it! Ders from Workaholics. Doesn't exactly support my "maturity" attempt hahahaha
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 3 månader sedan
Honestly I cannot tell a lie to you. No I absolutely will not ever play Over The Hedge for PlayStation 2. Actually truthfully maybe I just might
xFlores Squadx
xFlores Squadx 3 månader sedan
I think the "hacking" scene was created with geek typer lol
lobotomy 3 månader sedan
thats not- thats not how IP addresses work my friend
Bret Rogers
Bret Rogers 4 månader sedan
The guy who played Danny was a lot cooler on PA4
Sean Marciniak
Sean Marciniak 4 månader sedan
I like this guy he has potential
Chill Vinyls
Chill Vinyls 4 månader sedan
So I guess Smosh made a movie
Jjkc 18
Jjkc 18 4 månader sedan
How are there no comments about this 6:31 “It’s not that hard! I don’t get it! I DONT GET IT!!” That’s what she said
Kcon Vlogs
Kcon Vlogs 4 månader sedan
The sad part is I liked this movies when it came out
Pumpy Bumpkin
Pumpy Bumpkin 4 månader sedan
2020 anyone?
gabriella schmitt
gabriella schmitt 4 månader sedan
0:25 🙄 “ugh, is this an attempt at a ferris bueller thing? Yep” 😤
Retarded Reviews
Retarded Reviews 4 månader sedan
I knew this movie was garbage when I watched it so my friend and I just made fun of it all night
Justin G
Justin G 4 månader sedan
I love that getting the ip was the hard part
Leviathan 5 månader sedan
You know it takes longer to "hack" into most indie games than it takes a teenager to hack into twitte.
Stockboi 5 månader sedan
Time 2 hack!
Fudged up Films
Fudged up Films 5 månader sedan
I remember watching this video on the ifunny days, I’m glad to see Edgy get the views he deserves now
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 5 månader sedan
Haha eddy looks so different now
Soap Spoon
Soap Spoon 5 månader sedan
Eddy with out glasses scares me
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
so you mean to tell me that this high schooler somehow hacked into twitter, one of the most secure websites and a multi-billion dollar corporation?
Basketball Guy
Basketball Guy 5 månader sedan
Robin Hogan
Robin Hogan 6 månader sedan
Over The Hedge was my favorite movie as a child. How can I get the game? I remember the movie came with a little game on the disc you could play with the remote and my family and I played the *shit* out if it.
ramsha 6 månader sedan
Release the description guy
Wolf Rayne
Wolf Rayne 6 månader sedan
Worst ad ever.
Hi There
Hi There 7 månader sedan
That description lmao
Leandro Ramallo
Leandro Ramallo 7 månader sedan
youre so baked hahaha great channel eddy! love this horrible movie scenes vids....cheers!
twelve forty two
twelve forty two 7 månader sedan
Hannah Hodgson
Hannah Hodgson 7 månader sedan
Full cringe at this movie.
Todd Margreat
Todd Margreat 7 månader sedan
Are we not going to talk about how the hacker is using a Mac. Literally the worst system to hack.
Cody Rinaldi
Cody Rinaldi 7 månader sedan
We have the same hair style, im 3 years older than you though. If you ever want to know what your hair will look like a few years from now barody cody
MelonieWithanO 8 månader sedan
Eddy Burback having an orgasm for 15 sec
Andi Fekete
Andi Fekete 8 månader sedan
love the description :D
Jazmine Lakey
Jazmine Lakey 8 månader sedan
You takin a tumble for nan there?
Natalie Campbell
Natalie Campbell 8 månader sedan
If we are being honest with ourselves... we all know Eddy is wayyyyyyy more attractive than Cameron Dallas... thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
Amaclittle 8 månader sedan
Fuck coming back and looking at these old videos, Eddy just looks so weird without glasses on
Chrispy Chicken
Chrispy Chicken 9 månader sedan
“I’m in.” -Eddy as he “hacks” that laptop
Ted Gard
Ted Gard 9 månader sedan
Is no one gonna talk about “I nearly pooped my pants from excitement”
Yunis Rajab
Yunis Rajab 9 månader sedan
Over the hedge was a great game
Mellow Robinson
Mellow Robinson 9 månader sedan
Alexander Ayers
Alexander Ayers 9 månader sedan
That's not even a full keyboard. How could anyone really hack anything with that tiny Apple POS.
Jerry The Dairy
Jerry The Dairy 9 månader sedan
I want you to have more subscribers
100. 100
100. 100 9 månader sedan
I knew this channel would blow up some day
Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper 10 månader sedan
This is the first time I read the description
snailmix 10 månader sedan
Cameron Dallas is literally about to debut on Broadway as a leading role...WHY
Mason Fuck cancer
Mason Fuck cancer 10 månader sedan
Hacker men
Xirli O
Xirli O 10 månader sedan
Read the caption of this video
Megan 10 månader sedan
Eddy: how you don’t have 1 million subs by now is beyond me
Broly 10 månader sedan
Lol I'm honestly surprised you didn't bring up the "I pooped my pants with excitement" line at all.
Commie Dog42
Commie Dog42 10 månader sedan
I thought that was a juul, 2019 ruined all of us.
The Church of Jim
The Church of Jim 11 månader sedan
i actually really liked this movie, then again i was a dumb child
E Espinosa
E Espinosa 11 månader sedan
Ever notice every cool kid protagonists we’re supposed to like has an acoustic guitar in their room, especially in shitty vine movies
Weasel Fartood
Weasel Fartood 11 månader sedan
I thought he had snuck into ur room and u had set up some guest or invited him to film with u..... maybe that means ur bland like a bad movie friend idk I literally thought he was in ur room lol
Julian Fantasia
Julian Fantasia 11 månader sedan
Very straight video Eddy. Very straight, very good video!
Devccoon 11 månader sedan
Over the Hedge was a pretty mediocre game on console. DS version was pretty hype back in the day, though.
Gabriel Hoekstra
Gabriel Hoekstra År sedan
I just wanna see more of these vids of Eddy slowly descending into madness as he completes this horrible movie.
Geccpls År sedan
i partially watch cause ur face is real cute
Castiel Novak
Castiel Novak År sedan
This movie is awful but I like it because I watched it with a friend when it came out
Kiefer Silas
Kiefer Silas År sedan
You look shit faced man. No being toxic but bro...
Christos Tsaknis
Christos Tsaknis År sedan
omg so many youtubers say im not diong this and pretend to end the video but the fact that the previous video ended after like 3-5 minutes of the movie review was effing hilarious. i was like omg the video is over and couldnt stop laughing
Citrus Ciana
Citrus Ciana År sedan
What- what is that description-
Kingofdragons27 År sedan
Just another nitpick, but YOU CAN'T PUT VIDEOS ON USD STICKS?????
Aiber Lane
Aiber Lane År sedan
Why is this kid who looks 15 friends with someone who looks at least 21, and even sneaking into his room? When casting agents pick actors too old for the role, it just looks bizarre when they're in scenes with age appropriate actors. I felt the same way watching Smallville with a very much not teenaged Tom Weling.
Collin Leeson
Collin Leeson År sedan
Is he drunk
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor År sedan
Some boys in my high school stole a teacher’s flash drive, which had some private photos on it (this was very beginnings of smart phones- I’m old haha) and used them to get her in trouble. They sucked just as much as Cameron.
Prickle Ick
Prickle Ick År sedan
I had to be gay to watch this; anyone else gay?!
henry År sedan
watching this video now and seeing eddy without any facial hair and glasses is extremely unsettling
A D År sedan
Are we not going to discuss the video description or...?
Destiny Joseph
Destiny Joseph År sedan
I think it’s illegal to take and destroy someone’s personal property especially if they aren’t even a student at your school 😂 but I don’t know anything 🤷🏽‍♀️
Shiru Kitty
Shiru Kitty År sedan
Trey Wilson
Trey Wilson År sedan
What the fuck is with the gayness 😍🥰
Ben Rusoff
Ben Rusoff År sedan
Here to help your like and comment ratio, haven't watched the whole thing yet so dont make me regret it! År sedan
It's bad enough when the acting is bad. But bad acting with obviously no direction just makes a movie feel complete.
Colin Steadland
Colin Steadland År sedan
I left my ps4 on when I went to the gas station when I came back I was like damn what is playing the music sounds intense oh shit it’s just eddy
Demi Harper
Demi Harper År sedan
Rebecca Stone
Rebecca Stone År sedan
is eddy okay
Lauren År sedan
i know this video is from 2016 but cameron was just arrested on assault charges in 2019. oh how the turntables...
Mitchell H
Mitchell H År sedan
Over the hedge
jane haviland
jane haviland År sedan
oh my GOD over the hedge i used to LOVE that movie
Daniel Holt
Daniel Holt År sedan
I feel like those characters are case studies in how to be unlikable.
Someguy279 År sedan
Wow what a great over the hedge review!
trystanallen2 År sedan
The one main character is genuinely trying. He isn't bad in this from what you showed, he's actually giving his all and it is clashes so hard with the fucking plank of wood Co star
ste11a År sedan
ste11a År sedan
ste11a År sedan
The Table Of Legend
The Table Of Legend År sedan
The description...
B År sedan
Eddy I hacked ur video
Noah Proctor
Noah Proctor År sedan
3:26 can’t find this scene in the movie
james Tolliver
james Tolliver År sedan
As someone who has taken 2 programming classes I can verify that Eddy is in fact a master hacker
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