VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 35

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Wren, Niko, and Clint are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood, including a very special comparison of Hulk VFX over the years!

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Felpy 3 timmar sedan
The last few minutes, dude on the left was like "yall just need to stfu about these movies already." He obviously doesn't want to watch them because of how they talk about them.
Violet DeVille
Violet DeVille 3 timmar sedan
Love watching your X Reacts videos! Have you guys done the unreleased Fantastic Four movie from1994?
Silentbeasty 7 timmar sedan
It's hard for Clint to find clips bcuz he exclusively watches Charlie Chaplin
Connor Wilkins
Connor Wilkins 8 timmar sedan
My favorite thing was the hulks and them talking about how it didnt look "real". Just giggled.
TK 10 timmar sedan
Buncha nerds
Jonathan Vachon
Jonathan Vachon 11 timmar sedan
The first hulk was terrible. I laughed the whole time in theater
Tombond Crispy
Tombond Crispy 14 timmar sedan
Kung pow is a great movie lol
Abhijeet bharti
Abhijeet bharti 16 timmar sedan
Who want the next Bollywood reaction 😭
Hanners 18 timmar sedan
Please react to Velocepastor!
Tuan Gaming
Tuan Gaming 20 timmar sedan
If Clint watch every Marvel Movies 1 Month later *Becoming the real Clint Barton
Mr X
Mr X 23 timmar sedan
Bad CGI: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, the scene with that big ass snake.
aztekkthundergod Dag sedan
Infinity War Hulk looks like a regular buff guy. Avengers Hulk looked A LOT BETTER,
Janus Rigel
Janus Rigel Dag sedan
Ruffalo's Hulk has a face that fits his Kirby style classic look and looks believable as a mutation of that actor's face. If you add his performance, you get the best Hulk by far
Fran MESSINA 15 timmar sedan
You are totally right. The most faithful Hulk to the 60's and 70's comicbooks.
Nanu Nai
Nanu Nai Dag sedan
Niko just clipped in 11:40?
TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans
TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans Dag sedan
The first Hulk looks like Ryu from Street Fighter for some reason.
PumpOfWallStreet Dag sedan
I'll stay subscribed even though you just said the marvel movies are works of art even though they're they're some of the worst movies ever made.
Gordon RamseyGamez
Gordon RamseyGamez 3 timmar sedan
JopieHaargel Dag sedan
Dude in the middle is a little intense.
Playing with Dick
Playing with Dick Dag sedan
I enjoyed the all three iteration of the hulks. Especially when you see the progression over the course of time.
RoadToPro - RTP
RoadToPro - RTP Dag sedan
can you PLEASE react to Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean honestly a masterpiece for it's time
dolf menagonz
dolf menagonz 18 timmar sedan
they already did that in (i think) the first episode... :)
Iron Bass
Iron Bass Dag sedan
1,6K dislike : Dc Animators.
hey guys great channel! congrats!!! can you fix 90´s spawn movie cape animation...??
Yasef Dag sedan
Incredible Hulk best Hulk ever
ColeTrain Dag sedan
Id trade in the abilty to have clint watch the mcu movies for him never wearing the half glove again....if thats a style choice, you make terrible decisions
dolf menagonz
dolf menagonz 18 timmar sedan
thats an antifouling glove used for working on a tablet...id fully support that as a fashion statement tho lol
Kam Kalambay
Kam Kalambay Dag sedan
Nonsense. MCU are mediocre cheesy popcorn films that are visual works of art, yes, but that's it.
Slam OOF
Slam OOF 2 dagar sedan
2:06 Ah yes, surace displacement
McNulty's Sober Companion
McNulty's Sober Companion 2 dagar sedan
I'm a world class film snob, but I will always maintain this first cycle of Marvel films, through to "Endgame", is a legitimately important body of work that future generations will revere and study as classics. Film noir was dismissed in its time as merely low budget "crime pictures", but now decades later people like James Ursini, Alain Silver, and Eddie Muller write academic studies of it. I am certain similar books will be written about the productions of the various films of the first Marvel cycle. They're masterworks of their genre.
LEUKICK 2 dagar sedan
16:04 "He would De-Hulk to go to sleep..." 😂😂
john alba
john alba 2 dagar sedan
Hulk Never resembled Bruce Banner in the comics.. the Hulk is a completely different person created by Banner thats trapped inside Banners mind.He isnt necessarilly actually Banner himself so i actually dislike the Avengers portrayal of the Hulk. Edward Nortons Hulk is the BEST HULK to me.
Fran MESSINA Dag sedan
Hulk is a personality created by the disociative disorder on Banner's mind. If Hulk resembles Banner's depends of the artist. There are actually comicbooks where Hulk has some of Banner. Actually wouldn't make sense if Banner's body and face grows and transforms himself into a different beign that doesn't seems nothing like him. The problem with Norton's Hulk was that in the movie they didn't show him enough time (He has less screentime than the 2003's version), and we couldn't connect with the beast. The Hulk isn't just a power up, he thinks, he feels, he talks. He hasn't just one expression in his face like Norton's Hulk. That's why I like more the Banna's and the Ruffalo's version.
eL nUb
eL nUb 2 dagar sedan
Bro the second hulk movie looked like crap.
faboo2001 2 dagar sedan
Holy crap, I always assumed Kung Pow was a completely original parody film. Never watched it, so never knew they used old footage from an older film!
Dragon slayer
Dragon slayer 2 dagar sedan
At the start you can match up doom music to the background
Mute Encore
Mute Encore 2 dagar sedan
Please do THUNDERBOLT FANTASY it combines Puppeteering and CGI
Si Arsuk
Si Arsuk 2 dagar sedan
The point where hulk said “I’m always hungry”, he actually said Angry, not hungry🤗
Zzay 334
Zzay 334 2 dagar sedan
Marshall Mathews
Marshall Mathews 2 dagar sedan
Guy in the center is so annoying. Like a Jimmy Fallon rip off
Jacob 2 dagar sedan
I’m so angry there isn’t a sequel to Kung Pao
COOL T REX 3 dagar sedan
The reason in the hulk looked so saturated was because he was a new born hulk cause he was just born and that is why he also looks like a baby.
PuneethGameDev 3 dagar sedan
2:05 Who noticed "Surace" missed an F.
nico.nation 3 dagar sedan
i like how u say its 18 years old, it can vote now and i just turned 18 4 days after this video was uploaded
DevilGaming2020 4 dagar sedan
clint................. WATCH THE AVENGERS MOVIES. stop being a pepega. lol
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B 4 dagar sedan
Please do a video talking about the effects in The Wizard Of Oz!! Not just the color in the movie, but the scene right after Dorothy hits her head and is seeing all sorts of things outside her window.
Persus Porama
Persus Porama 4 dagar sedan
The entire MCU is fantastic
robert gurrola
robert gurrola 4 dagar sedan
Jiu jitsu with Nicholas cage, just watching the trailers the cg is so bad
Michael Brychka
Michael Brychka 4 dagar sedan
I don’t understand like anything there saying
Debozit Ozah
Debozit Ozah 4 dagar sedan
VFX artists with no skills and knowledge cuse if they had then they wouldn't be here in YT , and also with no brain .....
The Black Baron
The Black Baron 4 dagar sedan
Talking about devil may cry, I would love to see you react to the full BTS of devil may cry 3 and 5 :)
NoBreadNation 4 dagar sedan
clint.....is corny
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 dagar sedan
Equilibrium.... Please????
Ledementaurus 5 dagar sedan
Ledementaurus 5 dagar sedan
No offenses
Ledementaurus 5 dagar sedan
Soy fem
Ledementaurus 5 dagar sedan
No offense
TCR Eclipz
TCR Eclipz 5 dagar sedan
The Middle guy loves his job too much ,but Iam not mad.
d4nielsullivan 5 dagar sedan
Benjamin Nowak
Benjamin Nowak 5 dagar sedan
So the incredible Holk... Hook... Hawk... what's his name again Wren?
Ninjamaster 1742
Ninjamaster 1742 5 dagar sedan
you should make your own rewind 2020 it would look really cool! Hope you see this!
Giancarlo Garguillo
Giancarlo Garguillo 5 dagar sedan
I liked and subscribed, Wren and Niko didn’t get cookies. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Hack Gamer
Hack Gamer 5 dagar sedan
Wot the fök is this? 16:14
Antonio Trew
Antonio Trew 5 dagar sedan
Why would you not watch the Avengers? That is the question
Mohd Javed Solanki
Mohd Javed Solanki 5 dagar sedan
Chinese movie vfx so funny Bollywood vfx are so good
m 5 dagar sedan
Norton Hulk will always be my favorite. He legit did look like a anime character.
Jessus Chavez
Jessus Chavez 2 dagar sedan
The best one by far
adeivys suarez
adeivys suarez 6 dagar sedan
Hulks always been that green, he's supposed to stand out like that.
jspaceman 3 dagar sedan
Yeah but it doesn't really work in the real life
Lluc Torreguitart
Lluc Torreguitart 6 dagar sedan
You know they're so pure when they call a bodybuilding show a "muscle competition"
Jahnove Georges
Jahnove Georges 6 dagar sedan
3:50 kill me,this looks so bad
Lava 6 dagar sedan
I still like Norton’s Hulk the most
GNIKPlays 6 dagar sedan
@corridorcrew Just finished watching Jeepers Creepers 3 and oooooh boy is there some Jank in there, highly recommend a look at some of the "Amazing" VFX.
THE SUPBRO GAMER 6 dagar sedan
wait isn't it ..."I always ANGRY" and not "hungry"
Jesse Weightman
Jesse Weightman 5 dagar sedan
In the 2008 Hulk Bruce Banner tries to say “You won’t like me when I’m angry” in a foreign language, but mistakenly says “You won’t like me when I’m hungry.”
Jack Burton44
Jack Burton44 7 dagar sedan
I am SO HAPPY. I remember on one of the first ones of VFX reacts, I recommended Kung POW
astrophysician 7 dagar sedan
please watch the cyberpunk 2077 russian farm video by birchpunk???
lee porter
lee porter 7 dagar sedan
I agree with Clint ,the avengers movies are trash and terribly overrated .From a VFX point of view ,yes they are masterpieces .But still terrible movies .
Runubala Mohanty
Runubala Mohanty 7 dagar sedan
Review this sepost.info/dev/video/pZS_2bx_fIGrpNs.html sepost.info/dev/video/233V3sp7oKbduts.html and sepost.info/dev/video/yniYva-HpJrdpLU.html
NEW WOLF 7 dagar sedan
"hmph I always subscribed" 😎
Gir Doodie
Gir Doodie 7 dagar sedan
Look how green the hulk is that makes him unrealistic well this is a superhero movie and he is the hulk I don’t think he supposed to look that realistic but I actually think he looks pretty cool saturated that green I actually think the Incredible Hulk‘s CG might look detailed and more real I think it makes it less exiting to see guy in the middle is full of shit
Xavier Mejia
Xavier Mejia 7 dagar sedan
You should compare Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Looney Tunes Back in Action
ats 7 dagar sedan
I vote for Incredible Hulk vfx. I love his muscles.
Junaid Mirza
Junaid Mirza 7 dagar sedan
Please check hulk origin in hindi sepost.info/dev/video/l3yZ0t16gYC4pak.html
Junaid Mirza
Junaid Mirza 7 dagar sedan
I am always subscribed 😁
Paragon Bytes
Paragon Bytes 7 dagar sedan
Avengers Hulk > Ang Lee's Hulk > E. Norton's Hulk > Endgame Hulk
It's 5488!R
It's 5488!R 7 dagar sedan
13:05 Not i am always hungry it's i am always Angry
Quassar 7 dagar sedan
17:20 What is model name of this microphone on his neck ?!
Máté Simon
Máté Simon 7 dagar sedan
The only thing was missimg from this video was 2003 green Hulk hitting that poor dog's balls.
Jon Fraser
Jon Fraser 7 dagar sedan
Whats Clint’s problem with the MCU? 😂 Im sure if he watches them, he’s gonna love them!
Cody Justin Fannin
Cody Justin Fannin 8 dagar sedan
I'm so mad about the mcu treatment of the hulk character but the animation was good. I still prefer the hulk character from Ed Norton's hulk and the avengers.
Shope Tou
Shope Tou 8 dagar sedan
you guys should fix the fixing eye scene from the original terminator movie :-)
godlikecharacta 8 dagar sedan
avengers 1 was meh and endgame was boring and mediocre
Asher Beale-Mason
Asher Beale-Mason 8 dagar sedan
GUYS, YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT A SEpost ANIMATOR CALLED FENNAH. specifically his most recent animation which is a test for his character Celia, check it out if you guys got the time!
BenRangel 8 dagar sedan
Enter the Fist is a great, silly movie. I was never a fan of the goofy effects like the cow or the talking tongue so for a long time I avoided the film because those were highlighted in trailers. But the scenes with Wimp Lo and Master Pain (Betty) are pure gold. To this day I'm not even sure if Master Pain was from the original old kung fu footage, or new footage.
Abdullah Usman
Abdullah Usman 8 dagar sedan
I really didn't think the Avengers movies were anything great. Let alone works of art. For some reason they all felt extremely generic and the same cookie cutter super hero film like several others...
Lamo Lamoo
Lamo Lamoo 8 dagar sedan
Get him to watch every mcu movie ever made in order
no answer None
no answer None 8 dagar sedan
Did they really just call a Journey to the West character a "budget Gandalf"? As if JttW doesn't predate anything Tolkien by 400 years. 🙄
jspaceman 3 dagar sedan
Thats called a joke
ironfinger chan
ironfinger chan 8 dagar sedan
You guys should do a breakdown of the War of the Worlds from 1953 vs the Spielberg movie
Michael Gould
Michael Gould 8 dagar sedan
Have you done Death Becomes Her? Some great stuff from 1992 with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn?
dolita windo
dolita windo 8 dagar sedan
complete asshole id say. Maybe world breaker hulk is a result?
Raufxo'ja Sharifov
Raufxo'ja Sharifov 8 dagar sedan
I really liked Ray Romano's Hulk as a kid
dolita windo
dolita windo 8 dagar sedan
Didnt hulk have his own personality, his owns thoughts n feelings? His own consiousness? Did he merge all tht too when he became professor hulk? If yes why doesnt he
senseisifu 8 dagar sedan
I don't know who that Clint guy is, but I now have zero respect for him.
Stan Field •
Stan Field • 8 dagar sedan
14:37 "Muscle competition" he says
Purple Towel
Purple Towel 9 dagar sedan
I actually preferred the 2003 hulk movie than the latter ones.
killshoot23 anonymous
killshoot23 anonymous 9 dagar sedan
I'm glad 2008 Hulk doesn't look like Norton because The Hulk isn't Supposed to Look the same as "Banner". It's always the Hulk hating Banner and not wanting to be like him and hate him. But The New Avengers Hulk is alright. I personally perfer Norton's version cause Hulk always has that dark and grim Look and feel.
Fran MESSINA Dag sedan
You are missing something. Hulk is a personality into Banner's mind. The reason of why he hates him is because Hulk is a manifestation and personification of all the rage and hate that Banner's feels (Even hate to himself and his life). If you read John Byrne's run, there says that actually Banner and Hulk are pretty similar.
Maciej Ilski
Maciej Ilski 9 dagar sedan
With the first hulk shame you didnt show the part where he kills tanks.
carlosfer2201 9 dagar sedan
I actually think the first hulk kind of looks like Eric Bana. Of course not as close as Mark's does, but a lot more than Edward's
Logan Par
Logan Par 9 dagar sedan
Hold on? He’s never seen marvel movies? What a fucking clown.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 9 dagar sedan
Waiting for "Clint reacts: The Avengers"
Nothing yet
Nothing yet 9 dagar sedan
I will not subscribe.
Harry Ijalo
Harry Ijalo 9 dagar sedan
No one cares that's not a bid deal
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