Tsitsipas Begins Campaign; Garin Clashes With Auger-Aliassime | Monte-Carlo 2021 Highlights Day 3

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Stefanos Tsitsipas took on 2021 surprise package Aslan Karatsev, while Cristian Garin faced Felix Auger-Aliassime on Day 3 in Monte-Carlo... SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: sepost.info
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Nikolas Balezdrov
Nikolas Balezdrov 11 dagar sedan
Monte Carlo: Tsitsipas beats Karatsev and wins the Monte Carlo Open. Then... Barcelona Open:Tsitsipas is in the final and... Belgrade Open: Karatsev beats Djokovic in the semifinal and goes to the Final. WOW💪🎾🤯
Matt Brackenbury
Matt Brackenbury 20 dagar sedan
frank hinstine
frank hinstine 20 dagar sedan
Karatsev is a bit of an enigma to me, extremely talented but needs to be motivated, one to watch in the big events I think..
gabriel gervais
gabriel gervais 21 dag sedan
Fabulous Fabio strikes again... :)
Nio Gk
Nio Gk 21 dag sedan
Tsitsipas is rolling.
TheMustermann487 21 dag sedan
Juan Manriquez
Juan Manriquez 21 dag sedan
Come on Christian garín, you're a big one of this, you learn more every day. 🇨🇱😁👋💪
That's Rich
That's Rich 21 dag sedan
I used to think that FAA would become one of the great players out there but I personally don't see that happening anymore. He doesn't seem to have the hunger or that special Xfactor that the eventual greats possess when they're young.
faithoverevidence 21 dag sedan
tough loss for felix. ive been in similar situations before where the rain literally stops your mojo
Yuttasak Arakkitsakul
Yuttasak Arakkitsakul 21 dag sedan
I like Garin. He played so well.
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa 22 dagar sedan
It's me or Dimitrov is try to copy Federer? Even when he serves, it's kinda look like Federer.
Frank S
Frank S 22 dagar sedan
I think Garin's taking lessons from Marcel Rios.
Marko Baric
Marko Baric 22 dagar sedan
Nadal's return in style, Delbonis only three games (klizeci.blogspot.com)
Kevikev 22 dagar sedan
Garin was saved by the rain
Diego Marchant
Diego Marchant 22 dagar sedan
Grande garin a por tsitsipas
Karl Neumann
Karl Neumann 21 dag sedan
De más si en dobles con pella le ganaron 6-4 6-4 a ellos 2. Garín siento que con Davín ha mejorado mucho
vk 22 dagar sedan
Go go Tsitsi !
aktivmember21 22 dagar sedan
FAA mentally is not a top20 player.. big choker
Cosmic Star
Cosmic Star 22 dagar sedan
Love you Stefanos ❣️👏👏👏
Dumè Lopez
Dumè Lopez 22 dagar sedan
I am not surprise for augier-alliassime, this guy is overestimate AF, he is not good enough, especialy mentaly
HeitorD 22 dagar sedan
Riaz Hassan
Riaz Hassan 22 dagar sedan
Always a chip on his shoulder, a scowl on his face, a don’t-mess-with-me set in his strut
grape peach
grape peach 22 dagar sedan
Garin looks so handsome
Antonio Vivone
Antonio Vivone 22 dagar sedan
Sbaglio o l’inquadratura del Ranieri 3 é cambiata ?
Undergroundkid 22 dagar sedan
Fabio looks so dangerous I'm backing him baby
Aayush Joshi
Aayush Joshi 22 dagar sedan
Seemed like a Sunday morning for fognini
der junge mit dem du nie spielen durftest
der junge mit dem du nie spielen durftest 22 dagar sedan
in monte carlo fognini plays so welk and in the rest of the year ge can‘t manage to win
Azula Blue
Azula Blue 22 dagar sedan
Uncle Toni: * Coaches FAA People: of course we expect that kid to be as good as rafa right now! He should not be defeated, not on clay, not on any surface. Any tournament that he participates must end with him winning the trophy!!! We will not accept anything less! He is the next king of clay! He could even be the god of clay! He should own tennis!
ach nix
ach nix 22 dagar sedan
I need Struff to take his game to the next level please.
ach nix
ach nix 22 dagar sedan
At least ONE of the thicc boys won.
Mazi Thoughts
Mazi Thoughts 22 dagar sedan
These newcomers may have the firepower, but the seasoned boys have the... seasoning.
Reviwin Isaac P
Reviwin Isaac P 22 dagar sedan
Where can I watch Monte Carla live in India?
Valencija Valencija
Valencija Valencija 22 dagar sedan
Videos are nice,but it is disgusting to watch all this peple with masks,so it would be better ,dont show them always!!!
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin 22 dagar sedan
Aslan lost. Felix lost. Thank God Grigor won.
SB 22 dagar sedan
what's up with camera angles these days? Are they also abiding by social distancing? GET CLOSER damn it!
Free Bird
Free Bird 22 dagar sedan
Fognini: I am the boss at Monte-Carlo!
Rafa Beast
Rafa Beast 22 dagar sedan
Alert alert alert Rafa storm likely to hit monte carlo today Vamos rafa
chatchai130520 22 dagar sedan
Aslan Karatsev is not good on the clay court.
Buke Aor
Buke Aor 22 dagar sedan
Auger just choked ! Not sure 🤔 what went on here ! Well they messed his tempo from day before ! People need to let Auger be and play ! Why are people over here pressed hard ! 🤦‍♀️.. if it’s that bad then pick a racket and play ... enough with the bashing already !
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman 22 dagar sedan
Russia has too many ball-bashers, and look, the only non-ball bashers emerge as the front of the pack. Rublev-Khachanov-Karatsev, all played the games of players like Sharapova, Ostapenko and Sabalenka, they will hit as much winners as possible, and hopefully they don't make too much error to tilt the scale to their opponent's favour. Medvedev is different. He has slices, he has the speed, he has the flexibility, he has the range, three of them could really look up to Daniil and see what sort of improvement they have to make to be even more better
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman 22 dagar sedan
The amount of Karatsev fans today who got served with a slice of humble pie Karatsev is good, we all know that, but Top 10 and Top 5 are always tough to play with. His gameplay fits players like Schwartzman but he will face tough opposition from players who's not relying only on firepower and have a great serve (clearly Schwartzman has one of the weakest serve among the Top 10, hence the pouncing from his opponent)
TheYoutuber 22 dagar sedan
The defending champ
Simon R
Simon R 22 dagar sedan
Kecmanovic was suppose to be next big thing but he is kind of boring to watch...
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner 22 dagar sedan
Fognini channeling the 90's with those shorts that look two sizes too big. A look I rather like, but with him it just makes him look shorter. Also, why do Nike's kits this year look like pyjamas?
jcorb 22 dagar sedan
Uncle Toni is starting to look like my grandma.
Felipe A. Leiva
Felipe A. Leiva 22 dagar sedan
Garin comebacks strikes again
FakeAndTrolled 22 dagar sedan
"Felix, hit more forehand to opponent backhand, easy no?"
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying 22 dagar sedan
FAA lost another lead with Garin, who is not 2:1 against FAA. The night is still young, we will see how uncle Toni does with the kid. I'm not betting on much success though...
HeitorD 22 dagar sedan
Avarage player. Just hype.
Johnny 22 dagar sedan
Why is FAA grunting like a big guy when he's just a kid?
Vignesh Akkina
Vignesh Akkina 22 dagar sedan
Don’t spoil the match with the thumbnail. Whoever is on the thumbnail always wins
Kem Piña
Kem Piña 22 dagar sedan
Garin 🐐🐐🐐
Nahir Galarza
Nahir Galarza 22 dagar sedan
Tu hermana
Austin Bond
Austin Bond 22 dagar sedan
Tsitsipas looking like 2003-2008 Federer at this point
HeitorD 22 dagar sedan
Not at all..
707ladytee 22 dagar sedan
Did Uncle Toni start the lessons yet? I guess the breaking of the momentum affected FAA. I thought Tsitsipas vs Karatsev would be a three-set battle. Fognini and Dimitrov off to a good start. All the matches played today due to inclement weather the day before they could have included more highlights, smh.
Avalokitasimha 22 dagar sedan
FAA plays one-pace, low-iq tennis, unfortunately.
HeitorD 22 dagar sedan
matheus soares
matheus soares 22 dagar sedan
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mucroon 22 dagar sedan
Karatsev is just overrated
John Giorgione
John Giorgione 22 dagar sedan
Perhaps Toni should suggest the kid use his left hand. I understand Jimmy and John are available. Why not recruit them and really confuse the kid?
Kool Pikle
Kool Pikle 22 dagar sedan
Karatsev sucks. His unforced error count is horrific
FeñaAlmonacidNonque 22 dagar sedan
Este torneo es tuyo Garin🇨🇱
kronovi je
kronovi je 22 dagar sedan
Karatsev is overhyped player he is not even that good so much errors bruh he is solid player but you guys after few matches start talking he is like Djokovic he will be top 10 soon bla bla like tf
Vladan Sabo
Vladan Sabo 22 dagar sedan
Djokovic v Sinner will be boring match. 6:3 6:3 by Djoko, that will be like Karatsev vs Djokovic. He will just shut him down like Aslan.
Hamza A.
Hamza A. 22 dagar sedan
What a choke from Felix!
Sayonara Kitty
Sayonara Kitty 22 dagar sedan
way to go tsitsi, nice work at the net!
AbOodi CorleoNe
AbOodi CorleoNe 23 dagar sedan
greek dude has a face of 60 yr ol man
Nio Gk
Nio Gk 21 dag sedan
HeitorD Let's all aspire to his exquisite mediocrity. I gather you are a tiny bit less average than him.
HeitorD 21 dag sedan
@Nio Gk i think he would be better as a top model indeed. Avarage player.
Arturo Estay Rodriguez
Arturo Estay Rodriguez 22 dagar sedan
Nio Gk
Nio Gk 23 dagar sedan
Jealous much? He looks like a top model. I've heard it all except this idiocy.
Renan Eich
Renan Eich 23 dagar sedan
4:50 - Nice fistbump
Hoop Hoop
Hoop Hoop 23 dagar sedan
garin will bring it to stefanos in next round. cracking match.
Karl Neumann
Karl Neumann 21 dag sedan
Franco Davin was the coach of 2 very successful tennis players Gaudio in 2004-06 N°5 at that moment and Dimitrov in 2016-17. And today April 14th in doubles with Pella won 6-4 6-4 to Tsitsipás Brothers. Greetings from Santiago, Chile
Vicente Achondo
Vicente Achondo 22 dagar sedan
@Camilo Fuentes That was a hell of a match. 3rd set was being so entertaining until Garin got injured. Now I think he can really take Stef out
Camilo Fuentes
Camilo Fuentes 23 dagar sedan
Hamburg semi-final v2.0, now Garin with coach (Franco Davin) is very interesting
Snoopy Bollox
Snoopy Bollox 23 dagar sedan
That was shiiiite
Luis muñoz
Luis muñoz 23 dagar sedan
vamos christian Garín vas muy bien. Millman ya no es el mismo que le gano a Federer, se puede demás avanzar a la siguiente ronda.
L Milne
L Milne 23 dagar sedan
Shocking from felix same old bottle goes willl be worse with all the who ha with Toni Nadal on board just more added pressure mean he made fav here to win match why. Garin has won titles on clay.
strm627 23 dagar sedan
Garin & Berrettini are so good looking! 😍
Press and Hold !
Press and Hold ! 22 dagar sedan
It was Munich 2019
707ladytee 22 dagar sedan
I watched a match they played. It was a final. Don’t remember what tournament. I was trying to decide who’s more handsome 😊.
bbogdanmircea 23 dagar sedan
The court looks extremely fast to me?
Martino Romano
Martino Romano 23 dagar sedan
Bravo Fognini
hg82met 23 dagar sedan
Looks like Toni will have more losses on clay this year than he had with Nadal in a decade.
Dumè Lopez
Dumè Lopez 22 dagar sedan
With alliassime for sure, the guy is really bad
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi 22 dagar sedan
Andrés Herrera
Andrés Herrera 23 dagar sedan
4:50 xddddddd
Hawkins 23 dagar sedan
Nike's tennis outfits are so gay
Camilo Fuentes
Camilo Fuentes 23 dagar sedan
Fayzul rafi
Fayzul rafi 23 dagar sedan
Pathetic choke and performance from auger. 5-2 lead in 1st set and lost 7-6 in 1st set
Dan de Castro
Dan de Castro 23 dagar sedan
FAA just didnt cope with rain suspense I'm sure if they finished yesterday he'd have finished the set off, and likely the match.
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak 23 dagar sedan
OK. Where are the highlights from Hurkacz match?
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron 23 dagar sedan
Oliver Diamante
Oliver Diamante 23 dagar sedan
I hope garin takes advantage of the clay court season. Such an underrated player.
Azula Blue
Azula Blue 22 dagar sedan
He is neither overrated nor underrated. People should know how to use these words properly.
Ozan Uluca
Ozan Uluca 22 dagar sedan
Garin can only play on sand - he is overrated!
Timothée Preston
Timothée Preston 22 dagar sedan
Garin is boring
Robert Marston
Robert Marston 23 dagar sedan
Nadal Djokovic tournament to lose
sinyorx18 23 dagar sedan
You can hear the quality of the courts
Diam 23 dagar sedan
4:00 "game set and match", said the umpire, as Garin led 1 set to 0 !!
Camilo Fuentes
Camilo Fuentes 23 dagar sedan
Umpire Nostradamus
James Brace
James Brace 23 dagar sedan
Man FAA is so frustrating for me. I keep having hope that he'll win and perform at a high level and then he just loses to fucking AVERAGE players with no skill whatsoever. So disappointing bro god damn
Montanso 22 dagar sedan
Nobody on the professional tour is average.
Camilo Fuentes
Camilo Fuentes 23 dagar sedan
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 23 dagar sedan
FAA is done lol, he's crap on clay!
Olivier 23 dagar sedan
Why is Garin seeded over Felix when Felix as a higher ATP rankings?
Olivier 23 dagar sedan
@Camilo Fuentes Aww yeah of course. Thank you.
Camilo Fuentes
Camilo Fuentes 23 dagar sedan
Cause you are looking ranking today, but when was made fixture Garin was in the top20
Estel 23 dagar sedan
Let’s go fabiooooo
Jonathan Low
Jonathan Low 23 dagar sedan
FAA is overrated, people should truly stop praising him. Kid still needs a ton to learn.
HeitorD 22 dagar sedan
Spot on.
Estel 23 dagar sedan
Poor felix
Kiril Todorov
Kiril Todorov 23 dagar sedan
Great win for our Bulgarian Hero Grigor
TavoMundo 23 dagar sedan
Is Garin one of the most best players on clay🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Pete Sampras
Pete Sampras 21 dag sedan
TavoMundo 22 dagar sedan
@Ricardo Del Villar Pizarro claro que si muchacho, enfocado como el 2do set hoy puede batir al griego.
Ricardo Del Villar Pizarro
Ricardo Del Villar Pizarro 22 dagar sedan
@TavoMundo En un hipotético duelo contra tsitsipas si juega como jugó el segundo set hoy dia hay posibilidades de tomarse revancha de lo que pasó en hamburgo.
TavoMundo 22 dagar sedan
@Ricardo Del Villar Pizarro si lo tengo claro, solo que hay gente que no valora lo suficiente sus ultimas temporadas👌
Ricardo Del Villar Pizarro
Ricardo Del Villar Pizarro 22 dagar sedan
@TavoMundo busca la pagina tennis elo rating , es muy confiable y vas a ver que garin es un top 10 en arcilla actualmente
TavoMundo 23 dagar sedan
Bien Garin, solido de derecha y ese buen reves defensivo que le ayuda mucho a contragolpear, come on El Pajas!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura 23 dagar sedan
Welcome to reality Mr Karatsev,please don't drink that juice again I heard it makes funny things to your balls.
TheJhtlag 23 dagar sedan
Well, that answers my immediate question about Karatsev figuring that a 1000 level tournament would give a sense of how good he is against the better competition and from this, he looks pretty good. However, I liked one of the commentators saying that Tsitsipas will be "on guard" this time, not to suggest that Aslan snuck up on players in the AO, but well, you know, players will see him coming now. On the other hand, somewhat unfortunate that he doesn't (?) have the ranking points to get a better draw than running into the 4 seed in the second round. Do kinda wonder if his go for it flat hitting has to be really on for it to work. Fun to watch, to be continued...
707ladytee 22 dagar sedan
Well said.
GEORGIOS INFA 23 dagar sedan
everything is coming good until these top20 great players learn your flat - one side game.. then.. punishment is coming..no4 seed have done years of matches and training to be no4 for a reason..
Konstantin Patroev
Konstantin Patroev 23 dagar sedan
Let's go Dimitrov
Su Sa
Su Sa 23 dagar sedan
0:21 Is it just me or does Karatsev sound EXACTLY like Thiem?
John Giorgione
John Giorgione 23 dagar sedan
Delighted to see that DH Karatsev bite the dust. Immediately following the match he received a text from Putin indicating his next match will be in Siberia.
707ladytee 22 dagar sedan
You’re funny 😐.
Soulm8 here
Soulm8 here 23 dagar sedan
Dimitrov ✨❤️
ruggierojerolli 23 dagar sedan
What will Toni Nadal have thought of? I left my mark on a good ex student from my academy, I'm proud? or Uuummm I"ll have to work a lot?
Pao Choua Yang
Pao Choua Yang 23 dagar sedan
Is dimitrovs serve different now? Or is it just the angle? It looks more natural
anurag sharma
anurag sharma 23 dagar sedan
Felix sucks.... His backhand is poor...inconsistent and non attacking....just forehand and serve doesn’t win u matches....overhyped guy
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi 23 dagar sedan
Record from Jupiter next time
MisterTopSpin 23 dagar sedan
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