Trying To Learn The Hanoi Circuit On F1 2020

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TRL Limitless

11 mÄnader sedan

Today I decided to learn the new Vietnam circuit on F1 2020 :D The track and gameplay is only the preview build, so could be very different on release!
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Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TS-XW (TSPC racer TM open wheel rim)
T3PA plastic pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
Camera settings:
Camera select TV Pod
Field of view -0.50
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This Circuit looks like Magny-Cours street version
Shawn Marcum
Shawn Marcum 3 mÄnader sedan
I think we need more tracks with big long straights and multi-radius corners.
tambulee 3 mÄnader sedan
I just started sim racing and I’m finally at Hanoi. Watching you hit the walls in this video makes me feel less stupid. I was getting frustrated with myself lol 😂 but seeing you, one of the best, learning it and making mistakes like I am now has given me a little boost to keep trying.
Metamonogatari 4 mÄnader sedan
back when this game was still new af :D that honda engine sound is just gorgeous
Metamonogatari 4 mÄnader sedan
I miss the days when, for once, something different than the merc was usable and competitive in TT but it didn't last long
Andrei Irimia
Andrei Irimia 4 mÄnader sedan
His first lap was faster than 80% of my laps around Hanoi. I must be trash then
gioco perfetto!
gioco perfetto! 4 mÄnader sedan
One useful tip for learning new track for you to try is to turn on the lines so you can se where do you break and how much you need to break. Good stuff!
Lopes 5 mÄnader sedan
hhahahaa great video to see that you are human like us. HAHAHAHAHA because i play F1 like this video in all tracks kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
City 5 mÄnader sedan
Why not use the games racing lines for the first few times so you don't crash into the wall and then once you aren't crashing turn them off
freak777power 5 mÄnader sedan
This circuit is so stupid
Volker Scheffer
Volker Scheffer 5 mÄnader sedan
With tracks that I know for decades (Monza or so), no matter which game I'm getting pretty fast in a matter of like 50 laps... Then comes an unknown track. After 20 laps I get the feeling that I am getting fast, after 50 laps I have the feeling that's it, but when checking the times I am still like 6 to 7 seconds behind serious worldrecords. Then I really push it ... maybe down to 4 seconds, and then during the next 500 laps it's sometimes almost frustrating. I sometimes don't see a possibility where I could get (that much) faster, but yet with each try I lower my laptimes ever so slighty.
xblueskyzz 5 mÄnader sedan
Why do you say “jooow” always that loud
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner 7 mÄnader sedan
I don't like this circitrits so over developed Feels like a GT circuit
Michael S
Michael S 7 mÄnader sedan
I think you talk people up wayyyy too much 😄 when you're fast, you're fast, when you're slow, you're slow. Being fast isn't just practice it's genetics 😄😄
rter ertert
rter ertert 8 mÄnader sedan
Scott Summers
Scott Summers 8 mÄnader sedan
I just cant do this circuit in my team lol. The final sector in the high speed cornering is where I have a ton of speed but the moment I head into those long straights I lose a position in a lap or two. Such a shitbox. Honda engine.
Harper Farquhar
Harper Farquhar 8 mÄnader sedan
Why is your red bull steering wheel the same as the steering wheel in my team but not the actual red bull steering wheel?
MartinB racing
MartinB racing 8 mÄnader sedan
That makes me feel a lot better seeing you hit the wall just like me đŸ€Ł
kiekiek 8 mÄnader sedan
the worst track i have ever driven in a sim, atrocious boring, uninspired monstrosity of a circuit.
Maximus Capacitus
Maximus Capacitus 9 mÄnader sedan
This track will be successful if we can get some good overtakes. That is the key. A good track should have 2-4 places to gain position to keep the drivers on their toes.
Kieran Savage
Kieran Savage 9 mÄnader sedan
Totally underestimated this track I remember seeing the track map and thinking it was hella basic. But driving it in F1 2020 it’s surprisingly technical
Andreas Viken
Andreas Viken 9 mÄnader sedan
I just got to Hanoi in My Career and of course it's a wet quali + dry race. I had no idea how to drive Hanoi, even less so in the rain. Had to turn on the racing line again after finally having started to play without it.
kysb 9 mÄnader sedan
Jordan Oswald
Jordan Oswald 9 mÄnader sedan
Hanoi Circuit looks to me like a mix of Baku, Singapore and Sochi. Three circuits I personally find the most dreary to drive in the F1 games
jagermxtr 9 mÄnader sedan
Was getting frustrated with the track and thought it was a super weird layout. Thanks for inspiring and showing that it’s possible
Graf Gingula
Graf Gingula 9 mÄnader sedan
TRL Limitless: does a 1:39 on his second lap Me: takes 15 laps to get near that time
Powaup 9 mÄnader sedan
I like these type of videos a lot
Kieran Cliffe
Kieran Cliffe 10 mÄnader sedan
Game realise tomorrow with it great
RacingDMilano 10 mÄnader sedan
love the process of learning a new track. Its exactly like learning a new song on the guitar. Once you know how to drive it's just about learning the route
Jovan P
Jovan P 10 mÄnader sedan
This is by far the most insane track! I just fell in love with it! See how I drove it on F1 Mobile Racing 2020 😎🏎🏁
Jane Trpkov
Jane Trpkov 10 mÄnader sedan
I think the WRs will be in the low 32s
Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe 10 mÄnader sedan
Are there autospin kerbs on F1 2020?
DeepFriedNugget 10 mÄnader sedan
Why dont you turn on the racing line to help you at the start?
/‘___________’\ 10 mĂ„nader sedan
I have the feeling the track has akward corners. Not slow and not fast. Just like forever giving a little bit gas.
jt 10 mÄnader sedan
Shows how much practising a certain track in a certain car makes a lot of the difference between the best drivers and amateurs.
Starstreak 10 mÄnader sedan
Awful track
carter rodgers
carter rodgers 10 mÄnader sedan
Where can we find your game settings? Aside from camera.
Jenson Whalley
Jenson Whalley 10 mÄnader sedan
Not being funny. Why do they try act really good? Just slap a track racing line on.. until you know the circuit
Mills Shumps
Mills Shumps 11 mÄnader sedan
This is gonna be one tricky circuit for 2021
Maxxi Staniszewski
Maxxi Staniszewski 11 mÄnader sedan
Skund to mosz
SlacKerZ1 zzz
SlacKerZ1 zzz 11 mÄnader sedan
F1 2020 will be my first F1 game and I'm very excited. I'm a new racer and F1 seems so fun.
Giovanni Paratore
Giovanni Paratore 11 mÄnader sedan
The fact that we won’t be able to take the last corner flat out disturbes me
Robin Toch
Robin Toch 11 mÄnader sedan
Boring track
Jraybay 11 mÄnader sedan
Actually looks fun to drive
Isch bin der Bruce Wayne isch hab ganz viel Geld
Isch bin der Bruce Wayne isch hab ganz viel Geld 11 mÄnader sedan
What a terrible track
Trappist monk
Trappist monk 11 mÄnader sedan
"Last corner I can do well" Wall rides last corner.
SportsGamingCubing 11 mÄnader sedan
SportsGamingCubing 11 mÄnader sedan
I always think the end of the antenna is a muffin crumb on my screen
F1muffin 11 mÄnader sedan
This circuit is like the love child of Monaco, Suzuka, and monza
A or Ta
A or Ta 11 mÄnader sedan
It's just a big prison with all those high fences...
chrismonde YT
chrismonde YT 11 mÄnader sedan
Sochi 2.0
deedas 11 mÄnader sedan
I need to see a race here. I’m just a noob so I can’t see in my head how good this track could be for overtaking.
ZGUEB Mohamed
ZGUEB Mohamed 11 mÄnader sedan
for those who looking for the music
Matti2609 11 mÄnader sedan
Gosh, this circuit looks like Monaco and Canada combined :o
Việt HoĂ ng
Việt HoĂ ng 11 mĂ„nader sedan
việt nam
AAPST3R 11 mÄnader sedan
They should add a grid customization thing where u can modify the starting grid so you can for example put the Williams in first place, this is already a function online so why not introduce it to grand prix mode? Would be fun for experiments and stuff
JohnDaWhale3 11 mÄnader sedan
The first lap of this Grand Prix in real life is going to be absolute CARNAGE... The braking point for the first corner is so strange...surely it's going to catch out a bunch of people on cold tyres. Also the wall on the right at 1:57 looks dangerous as hell.
Car and Hotpot
Car and Hotpot 11 mÄnader sedan
"Can I get a cheeseburgers, a coke and some EXTRA ROTATION, please?"
Spirit Night
Spirit Night 11 mÄnader sedan
Why do you say extra bite, when you can just say *EXTRAROTATION* ?
Pedro Ferreira †
Pedro Ferreira † 11 mĂ„nader sedan
Why codemasters can't make the real honda engine sound? Is it so hard?
Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner 11 mÄnader sedan
Imagine some dirty driver in online lobby doesn't break into the hairpin. If he hits you there you are on mars earlier than Elon Musks crew
Giovanni Paratore
Giovanni Paratore 11 mÄnader sedan
Why use the brakes when you can use the car in front of you...
JohnDaWhale3 11 mÄnader sedan
My Urban Exploration
My Urban Exploration 11 mÄnader sedan
It's good, but is it Adelaide F1GP circuit good?
flex mx
flex mx 11 mÄnader sedan
Hello guys i have a question pls , Just start F1 2019 4 days ago with controller and 0 assistance and i would like to knows when i will join F1 e-sport if im good people Can use assistance yes or no ? Because i hate that its unfair to play againts someone with low assistante or ...
ATL ARcTicS 11 mÄnader sedan
5:46 I hope that wasn't the DRS noise... If it is I'm cancelling my preorder
DuGong 10 mÄnader sedan
lmao a 1 ms sound is enough for you to lose interest
Harry James Potter
Harry James Potter 10 mÄnader sedan
No its not
Marius89TM 11 mÄnader sedan
Why are there visitors at the track? :D
Harry Cully
Harry Cully 11 mÄnader sedan
Hi im practising without assits and idk wats better to practise. Multiplayer,timetrial or carrer mode. Like so he can see
Aloter 11 mÄnader sedan
2:30 Signs such as (turn in 100m,...) are missing, that's maybe what causes your difficulty...
Altered State
Altered State 11 mÄnader sedan
WHY DOES HE SAY TRL LINIS does my nut in haha
Bagas Aria
Bagas Aria 11 mÄnader sedan
why they build a formula E circuit
KevCarsForLife 11 mÄnader sedan
Split Screen? Would be amazing
Benedek Buda
Benedek Buda 11 mÄnader sedan
Racing line: Am I a joke to you:
Leitz 11 mÄnader sedan
Track looks fun to drive but I think the races could be boring, not many overtaking opportunities unless someone gets a bad exit off a corner with a long straight after
Zdoroviy Antony
Zdoroviy Antony 11 mÄnader sedan
I really like this circuit, I think in the game there will be certainly a lot of action, but not sure about real life.
Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon
Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon 11 mÄnader sedan
I've never thought I would ever see my motherland with a gran prix circuit. My father was very excited to see it live. Sadly, it never transpired
Loukizzimo Louko
Loukizzimo Louko 11 mÄnader sedan
Seems like a Formula E track.
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 11 mÄnader sedan
How many Safety Car deployment do you want? Hanoi Circuit: Yes
JohnDaWhale3 11 mÄnader sedan
You're right, there will be so many.
dulelele n1
dulelele n1 11 mÄnader sedan
What is that Mercedes nose 👀👀👀
Brian Tanyous Rasmussen
Brian Tanyous Rasmussen 11 mÄnader sedan
Whether your name is Hamilton, Magnussen, Verstappen, Rasmussen or TRL Limitless. Only one thing makes you fast. It’s practice, practice, practice and E X T R A R O T A T I O N! Nobody stumbled out of bed and were instantly good.
Nilsar92 11 mÄnader sedan
First try/lap, already 4th on the leaderboard.. so I would say well done ;-)
Jimmy-Harro 11 mÄnader sedan
What the hell, please tell me in real life the pit exit doesn’t actually feed back onto the racing line like that?
JohnDaWhale3 11 mÄnader sedan
It does... Who knows what kind of madness will go down there haha
Carl TV
Carl TV 11 mÄnader sedan
The ‘esses’ section isn’t even fun, it’s just awkward and badly designed. I’m sick of modern circuits trying to copy tracks like Silverstone and thinking it’s gonna flow automatically. You can’t recreate genius.
Lucas Souza
Lucas Souza 11 mÄnader sedan
Oh o rafabin lĂĄ rsrs
FPVtrucker 11 mÄnader sedan
Why don't sim racers drive from the cockpit rather than the roll bar camera never impressed with the roll bar drivers.
Sam Page
Sam Page 11 mÄnader sedan
you are a very good f1 2019 driver, ive tried watching your videos but cant get used to your voice....some weird accent part south african, part english, part dutch...
TRL Limitless
TRL Limitless 11 mÄnader sedan
Everyone says that, but no idea as I'm 100% British 😂
benarriaga 11 mÄnader sedan
I know the safety cars look slow compared to the f1 cars following but Im pretty sure those drivers are pushing hard, not taking it easy really lol.
Pete M
Pete M 11 mÄnader sedan
O.58 What’s a “red ball with no serp”?
Phil Chil
Phil Chil 11 mÄnader sedan
love how they fucked up the last two corners to copy sochi and ensure the Mercedes 1-2.
Hyperdix 11 mÄnader sedan
Some people say it looks like Mexico and USA, but the straights do remind me of Valencia as well for the sling shot corners. I feel though it's an amazing track and feels like you can be rewarded so much if you get it right. 👌
Ralonso 11 mÄnader sedan
Wow wow wow!! 👍👍👍
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich 11 mÄnader sedan
another classic Tilke track with gimmicks for DRS
Rory Burke Racing
Rory Burke Racing 11 mÄnader sedan
“yo JB here to us and as you can see we...”
Gijs Koppes
Gijs Koppes 11 mÄnader sedan
Try to learn Zandvoort
Clash with Simon
Clash with Simon 11 mÄnader sedan
I think Vietnam will be red flagged lots like Malaysia because if it rains you wont be able to see anything
Clash with Simon
Clash with Simon 11 mÄnader sedan
4:28 you have to be alert on a street circuit
MLT 11 mÄnader sedan
This track looks so unsatisfying, the rhythm between corners feels off
TheMegaForce69 9 mÄnader sedan
Yes no rhythm at all worst circuit in the calendar i will probably not drive this track ever again first and last time trying to drive this track was so shocking the track just doesen't feel proper f1 track at all
MLT 11 mÄnader sedan
Alton Breunissen
Alton Breunissen 11 mÄnader sedan
Last sector seems like Valencia between DA walls
Moses 11 mÄnader sedan
The barriers are soft nowđŸ€Ż
Moses 11 mÄnader sedan
Is this the beta or demo
Hey Listen! ➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻
Hey Listen! ➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻➻ 11 mÄnader sedan
RafaBin is from my country BRAZIL!!!!!
Connor Hood
Connor Hood 11 mÄnader sedan
I always learn a track by using the braking line. When I've done a good 50 laps I take it off again
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