Tracing the Roots of Pop Culture Transphobia

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Lindsay Ellis

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We meet again, Joanne. #feud
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00:00 : Feud
01:41 : Are we still talking about Joanne
07:18 : Joanne's "concerns"
12:47 : Crossdressing, A History
15:27 : Ed Gein & Psycho
22:28 : The Silence of the Lambs
26:45 : Two decades of puking
36:21 : Troubled Blood
46:30 : The "concerns" vs the numbers
55:03 : It's not all bad
57:14 : credits
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Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Lindsay Ellis
Elnjolras 14 dagar sedan
Aaron Hart
Aaron Hart 25 dagar sedan
It happens. Raise 🙋🏻‍♂️😞😭
AuspexAO Månad sedan
I'm an author, so she wished death upon me :( #lifeoftheauthor
Sludge Factory
Sludge Factory Månad sedan
Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker Månad sedan
Y'all could victimize me all day! Slay 👑
Aybe 42 minuter sedan
In Family guy's defense, after Quagmire went through all that, he did manage to emphatize with his dad and accept her as who she is. Also Euphoria has one of the better takes on transgender experience , that character is also played by a trans woman in that show.
Timothy Sault
Timothy Sault 4 timmar sedan
Almost all of my views oppose yours, but I sincerely enjoy watching your videos and I respect your views. Thanks again for being so calm and clear in your explanations. I feel like I understand opposing views a lot better when they come from people like you instead of twitter or fanatics.
Novea Vincent
Novea Vincent 8 timmar sedan
The most effective aspect of the trans rights movement is that it's directed public attention from the end of Constitutional government at the hands of pharma-Pentagon neo fascists and the unprecedented level of poverty and homelessness afflicting millions of Americans.
Novea Vincent
Novea Vincent 8 timmar sedan
"Causes" and "victims" embraced by corporate media is manipulation of the masses. It's a 3 D chess game of directing the collective psyche in the direction powerful people need us to go.
Clement Carr
Clement Carr 8 timmar sedan
You look so good!!
LegosheepIsAwesome 10 timmar sedan
I didn't really get the point you were trying to make with the Sargon clips, but it might be because I find it very hard to understand what he's even saying most of the time.
M N 11 timmar sedan
I wonder how much of transphobia is rooted in the uncanny valley effect as well.
Raphaël Atherill
Raphaël Atherill 11 timmar sedan
So basically JK is a terrible sexist who equals men with rape, and, since she is refusing to accept trans women as women, projects that misoandria onto them?
Tia Ryan
Tia Ryan 14 timmar sedan
I am a young trans woman. I just found your channel and think you're really cool for expressing this Lindsay. I find it hard to stand up to people in my life who think I'm a sin and am trying to make new friends because of it.
Louis Muhawij
Louis Muhawij 15 timmar sedan
"Do you believe that someone born male/female can truly transition to female/male?" "No." "Transphobe!"
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 19 timmar sedan
I never knew that the Busta Rhymes song" Gimmie Some Mo" sampled music from Psycho
Alastair B
Alastair B 22 timmar sedan
The Daily Mail is not a real news outlet. Can't believe anyone's reads it but it's full of triggering nonsense so they do.
Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy 22 timmar sedan
Trying to figure out if Lindsay’s “look” in this video is a reference to something I’m not getting
Stephen J
Stephen J 23 timmar sedan
In Cyberpunk you can play a transcharacter without issue. One of the few games that makes that a possibility.
Nadine Tyler
Nadine Tyler 23 timmar sedan
hi, i'm a trans :) i put off watching this video for a long time, but today i finally watched it because i love lindsays work and i wanted to hear her thoughts on the topic. i'm 30 minutes in and it's getting..... increasingly difficult to continue watching. she wasn't kidding about it being a lot to watch these scenes back to back to back. it's so easy to forget that this is what the world thinks of me.
Nickrak 23 timmar sedan
Is there a clever joke to Lindsay calling Blair and Karl "Vanessa and Gary" or is it just to avoid saying their names?
Hieronymus Heim
Hieronymus Heim Dag sedan
"how are they counting them?" *linsday noise* :D
Wes McInerny
Wes McInerny Dag sedan
"Transphobia" literally means "fear of change", so the construction of the word isn't done correctly. Also, this whole "phobia" idea needs to die so entertainment can be proper again, and this will happen once Twitter no longer exists.
Novea Vincent
Novea Vincent Dag sedan
Media is a subliminal dictator. It decides morality and urgency. Flint, where mass murder occurs daily has alarmed no Left bleeding heart, not even the easily personal health panicked bougie over poisoned water that specifically attacks the brain. Whereas the cosmetic issues of a minuscule fraction of the population wealthy enough to afford pricey and incapacitating surgical services has started "a revolution".
The Drunk Banthas Channel
The Drunk Banthas Channel Dag sedan
I wish I could be as cool as Lindsay Ellis... workin on it.
The Drunk Banthas Channel
The Drunk Banthas Channel Dag sedan
@Novea Vincent Oh, sorry. Not looking for endorsements or suggestions on how to be cooler. Just giving props to Lindsay Eliis.
Novea Vincent
Novea Vincent Dag sedan
A bit too attached to the mainstream rudder for that label.
CzBeno Dag sedan
Sorry Lindsey, I love your work, but the trans/cancel culture/swjs/culture marxism and neo-feminism are the new Bolshevism and threat of the Western civilization and should be kept in California. And also California should be nuked...
Sai Suzuki
Sai Suzuki Dag sedan
unpopular opinion: southpark and family guy are trash
marty mcfly
marty mcfly Dag sedan
In the end adult trans people are just people who do not get to exit the "but what if" game once they turn 8 due to "reasons."
Davi Vignola
Davi Vignola Dag sedan
OMG, JK's book, that is just... wow, so awful on many, many levels. JFC. Ace Ventura... I remember that was the first trans phobic movie that really frickin' pissed me off. As a mtf trans women, yeah, wow, you really have driven the fact that society hated me even more than I did before.
David Kotlarz
David Kotlarz Dag sedan
Pop Culture Transphobia... I can't even fucking wrap my head around this shit.
Johan Høck
Johan Høck Dag sedan
This is algorithm juice.
Pierre Cloutier
Pierre Cloutier Dag sedan
Rather amusingly Mickey Spillane's Vengeance is Mine has at the end when Mickey Spillane's psychopathic Detective Mike Hammer kills "Juno" an incredible example of a "Gay Panic" killing. Un-knowingly it appears to Mickey Spillane his "hero's" reaction shows very distinctly utter rage at feeling attracted to someone who turned out to be actually a man. I should also point out "Juno" is more of a Gay Drag Queen than either a Transsexual or Transvestite.
trikucian 2 dagar sedan
I always thought Chandler’s Dad from Friends was an okay representation of a trans character. Chandler was shown to be uncomfortable but ultimately accepting that his Dad was a woman.
elin Saldivar
elin Saldivar 2 dagar sedan
Lizzy Chrome
Lizzy Chrome 2 dagar sedan
I really like that you're able to criticize things in a film while still proclaiming your love for it as a movie.
Samuel Downey
Samuel Downey 2 dagar sedan
Fantastic video Lindsay. Thank you.
Jonathan Stroud
Jonathan Stroud 2 dagar sedan
No Ed Wood examination?
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté 2 dagar sedan
Gee all this and no reference to Sleepaway Camp....that takes talent it does...
Thalandor46 2 dagar sedan
I'm not entirely clear what's happening in the end card, but I can certainly agree that I deserve some donuts!
InXine 2 dagar sedan
3:40 "the thinkery" i cannot tell you how much ive laughed at that xD i love her humour xD
Novea Vincent
Novea Vincent 3 dagar sedan
Israel made its first out of womb embryo and Bill Gates is almost finished with the synthetic breast milk project.
Novea Vincent
Novea Vincent 3 dagar sedan
When the mainstream took hold of this trans culture-movement, I became immediately suspicious. So I started familiarizing myself with the community and the mainstream's true motive. Trans culture is the evolution of misogyny. The problem the bougie Left has is that it sees the monopolizing of ideas by the corporate mainstream as "progress". Profiundly naive.
Marron S
Marron S 23 timmar sedan
You probably think trans people are Jewish too
Rappa Kalja
Rappa Kalja Dag sedan
The Finest Sake
The Finest Sake 3 dagar sedan
As an aside, the soundtrack to Psycho always makes me want to listen to Busta Rhymes.
The Finest Sake
The Finest Sake 3 dagar sedan
Me seeing trigger warning: *nods* Ok. L. Ellis: Ed Gein- Me cringing: F**K! Whoa.
Jamie Pollard
Jamie Pollard 3 dagar sedan
Roland Barthes on trial: so you threatened to murder every single author?
verdatum 3 dagar sedan
I want to believe that the Brian Griffon puke reaction was an attempt at a meta-joke, making fun of the standard "omg I was attracted to a trans?!?" reaction. Unfortunately, in order to believe that, I still must admit that it was not well executed. It could've been fixed pretty easily: Puke stops, Stewie: whoa, what was all that about?!? Brian: Oh, you didn't know? That's the required reaction any time a straight male discovers that they were attracted to a person born with a Y chromosome. Stewie: Well that seems rather arbitrary! Brian: You'll understand when you're older. Stewie: You know what? No, I don't think that I will.
Lizzy Chrome
Lizzy Chrome 2 dagar sedan
I read that in both characters' voices, and it sounded totally natural. I'm now kind of disappointed they didn't do that.
Al Berto
Al Berto 3 dagar sedan
I may be too charitable i my interpretation, but I always thought that in Family Guy the joke was more about Brian's overreaction than about trans "deception". The fact that the scene goes on for a full minute means, to the viewer, that it just goes on for too long. You can't stretch what is basically one single frame for an entire minute, it's not acceptable in film language because it's too long... unless you want the viewer to feel that, to feel that it is just too long, that it is an exaggeration. That's the joke, that it goes on for that long. You see that Brian had sex with her, he never realized that she was a trans which means the fact was completely undetectable, he clearly had fun... why would he make such a fuss about it? I think that the joke's on Brian, the common straight man, and on his clearly fragile sense of masculinity, rather than on Quagmire's father.
Dylan Harding
Dylan Harding 3 dagar sedan
what about euphoria tho
Sadira Sturdevant
Sadira Sturdevant 3 dagar sedan
Wow. When your totally capable and not dictorial government somehow manages to keep worse prison records than the US does? Red flag. Red flag red flag red flag.
Sadira Sturdevant
Sadira Sturdevant 3 dagar sedan
I trust cishet drag queens in women’s spaces more than I’d ever trust WASP (and WASP adjacent) women in those same spaces tbh. It’s already happened that trans women, feminine leaning non-binary people, and cis women who don’t perform femininity the way they’re expected to have been attacked (mostly in bathrooms) by cis women who believe in this reactionary shit like JK does. (Spurred on by the part about a self identified man in a wig is a danger)
Dodge Morningstar
Dodge Morningstar 3 dagar sedan
A stat like transgender women, housed with men in prison, are *13* times more likely to be sexually assaulted than male prisoners is especially terrifying when you stop and think how many males are sexually assaulted in prison.
adoranymphlupin 3 dagar sedan
Also, currently watching this again, and on the day Florida passed it's stupid bill that requires student genital inspections before joining sports teams to make sure they're joining the "right" gender designated team. So...GOP...the party that's always pushing for minimal government interference in people's lives is at it again with that stupid asterisk that reads: "With the exception of women being allowed to make their own choices about their own bodies and also now we need to have a doctor inspect your genitals and verify the biological sex you were born with because God doesn't make mistakes...or make sure we don't have girls joining boys teams because they FEEL like they're a boy trapped in a girl's body, and vice versa." At a time in life when most people are still at times trying to figure out their sexuality. Think of the children indeed.
Alistair Roberts
Alistair Roberts 3 dagar sedan
Thank you for the CW for Daily Mail.
Jeff Maesar
Jeff Maesar 3 dagar sedan
me watching this video around the date of release : Cancel Culture what ? Cancel someone like canceling a subscription ? me watching it after the Mask Off video : Oh.... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH i got it now. me returning under my rock being glad and blissful ignorant about social media networking.
Kaira Springer
Kaira Springer 4 dagar sedan
3:30 fucking iconic reply. i love it so much. /g
Andy Fruhling
Andy Fruhling 4 dagar sedan
Imagine not commenting: ""“Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “SEpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "Charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "the earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “SEpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "COCK PENIS" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “SEpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series” “Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “SEpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards"
Erik 4 dagar sedan
This thing with puking when it's a revealed that a character is trans it's so dumb and inmature. How is it a big deal at all
Judaline 4 dagar sedan
Love you Lindsay!
EasyCoast 4 dagar sedan
The puking trope doesn't even make sense. I don't gag when I see another man's penis: if I don't want to see it I just look away.
Is Q
Is Q 4 dagar sedan
I'd know hbomberguy's voice anywhere!
The Spirits Demise
The Spirits Demise 4 dagar sedan
I was surprised by the doughnuts tho ngl made me jump
True Gamers
True Gamers 4 dagar sedan
6:14 among us
george 3 dagar sedan
fuck off haha
Gatomon 4 dagar sedan
Jensen Entertainment
Jensen Entertainment 4 dagar sedan
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider doing another round of pins!!!! i think now more than ever i need a "'Team Lindsay" pin!!!!!!
Miss Black Cat
Miss Black Cat 4 dagar sedan
Y'all need to watch King Critical's response to this and stop eating up Lindsay's disgusting display of misogyny in this video.
Brujx 4U
Brujx 4U 4 dagar sedan
Calling her Joanne for the super spicy sexism. If condescension was a brand you win bro
Noorain Madiha Khan
Noorain Madiha Khan 4 dagar sedan
Was that hbomberguy at36:49?!
Nicole Sands
Nicole Sands 4 dagar sedan
Can someone PLEASE explain the relevance of the Donuts song to me????
The Zalexandra
The Zalexandra 4 dagar sedan
"Do not google this," LYNDSEY now I gotta DO IT
Briar Gray
Briar Gray 4 dagar sedan
I find it kinda hilarious that culturally the penis is made out as this like...symbol of pride, and men are all about being super proud of their dicks and sending pics for other people to see them But as soon as they see another penis they're completely revolted.
Isabella R
Isabella R 5 dagar sedan
I am waiting on the Rowling's essay on how obese people should be denied healthcare and how poor people should only be allowed to write in their dialect so that they can be easily spotted online.
Dalaila Rose
Dalaila Rose 5 dagar sedan
You forgot Ed Gein's *nipple belt!* ...No, wait, you probably left that out on purpose 😅
Tim Bushell
Tim Bushell 5 dagar sedan
The BBC lies... ... why even think otherwise... ... just not a Murdock mouthpiece, yet. : ((((((((
Fenikagegami 5 dagar sedan
“How will explain to my child...” Explain it to them the same way I’m planning to... parenting is challenging, alert the media, oh the horror
Clarence Oddbody
Clarence Oddbody 5 dagar sedan
Trans is congenital, so all the medical protocols are absolutely necessary.
Ler 5 dagar sedan
43:28 It's really bothering me that I can't figure out who read this part. It isn't Jenny Nicholson, is it?
Ler 3 dagar sedan
@VespaDesu thanks!
VespaDesu 4 dagar sedan
100%, yes
Zach Reddish
Zach Reddish 5 dagar sedan
I miss you on twitter. sorry people suck
skywalkerchick 5 dagar sedan
Lindsay, I know you’re probably never going to see this, but I sincerely hope you’re okay. 💖
Emily Shors
Emily Shors 5 dagar sedan
ffs they actually thought you were calling to unalive her
James Court
James Court 6 dagar sedan
How many waves of feminist are there exactly?
pulpficti 5 dagar sedan
Not enough
Nick Zanet
Nick Zanet 6 dagar sedan
I knew that "Cormoran Strike" had something to do with JK Rowling's detective books before I watched this video, but I didn't realize until now that it was the main character's name Previously whenever I saw the phrase I imagined a bunch of sea birds attacking something, although really, I should have known better, considering that this is a woman who made her fame and fortune with a book series whose entries are all titled "Main Character and the McGuffin"
ThatNintendoPerson 6 dagar sedan
I really want a donut after watching this
Sra. Alice
Sra. Alice 7 dagar sedan
This is a really good video. I feel like I learned a lot watching it and it felt very sympathetic to trans people
Tard Wrangler
Tard Wrangler 5 dagar sedan
Boo hoo
Aceofacez10 7 dagar sedan
I vaped some weed today it was good
Liex 7 dagar sedan
Wait why is snoop a problematic
Sam Brown
Sam Brown 7 dagar sedan
You know what? 33:03 - that's where I got my prejudice from I think... Subconscious conditioning through comedy. Thanks for the realisation!
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner 7 dagar sedan
Did Twitter do a Twitter thing again? Fuck that shitty website.
jammer2987 7 dagar sedan
God this broad is insufferable
Trelah 7 dagar sedan
fuck i thought this was more joanne but its so much more . I was hoping you'd hit on the Ace Ventura movie becuase that was so fucking normal when i was younger but " aged poorly" as i grew up. i felt guilty liking it when i saw it as a kid. if only i knew then that people were people...
Palpad100 7 dagar sedan
Lindsay Ignore the haters. Keep doing what you do.
Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo 8 dagar sedan
Transvestites are people who wear the opposite gender's clothing for sexual pleasure. Transgenders are people who don't identify with their birth sex. Transexuals are people who have made an attempt to reaffirm their gender that did not correspond to their birth sex. Transwomen are women. Transmen are men. People are the gender they want to be. Sex is unchangeable but ultimately worthless. Gender is fluid. Homophobia and transphobia are basically racism against LGBTQ+ people.
Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo 5 dagar sedan
@M 2020 it's not bait, it's basic psychology and biology. Look up the definitions.
M 2020
M 2020 5 dagar sedan
Very weak bait.
betosui corvidae
betosui corvidae 8 dagar sedan
Solo vengo aquí a decirle a Lindsay que la quiero y admiro mucho, y que siento mucho que la cancelaran en Twitter. Aprecio mucho tu trabajo, y hay más vida fuera de las redes sociales, un saludo ✨
zoë 8 dagar sedan
16:58 now I gotta Google it tho :/
Anton Vinther
Anton Vinther 8 dagar sedan
This video deserve more likes. I'm here to throw some love at all the trans people and allies in the comments 💛
cookiegeeklike 8 dagar sedan
I've been watching your videos for 3 hours straight wth
Disliking Pineapple Pizza Is Immoral
Disliking Pineapple Pizza Is Immoral 8 dagar sedan
In case you were one of the toxic abusers who harassed Lindsay off Twitter and the internet for literally nothing and now try to continue on here - fuck you.
Chantalle 8 dagar sedan
I guess this is not how you are supposed to do it, but here is a little Lindsay appreciation comment
MissWordek 8 dagar sedan
At least Mr. Garisson is funny. It's just satire
Enasni Ec-neicsnoc
Enasni Ec-neicsnoc 8 dagar sedan
51:39 I suddenly remembered everything I've heard Kent Hovind blatantly lie about (fucking hell, that's a long list). Cue me not believing any of those stats, especially since they probably didn't bother citing their sources...or, if they did, the data is butchered, inaccurate or doesn't support the claims. Holy terror, Batman! It really is like watching Kent Hovind! And, as with Kent Hovind, there will always be people who believe them...
The Only Thing Humans are equal in is Death
The Only Thing Humans are equal in is Death 9 dagar sedan
I don't know if I'm too late to say this or not but dos anyone remember that one episode of criminal minds where there was a killer that had suffered with multiple personality disorder? See, the guy himself was "normal" he had a pretty well paying job and lived well, he was just a bit "troubled" while his other personality was a woman who was very sadistic and at the end one of the agents confront him as his psychotic "girl" persona and the agent was all like "let him be Free" and the guy happened to be wearing lipstick and gaudy jewelry and all the works and I couldn't remember what he said to the agent but I do wonder if making the evil side of this guy the "girl/buffalo bill" persona was intentional? I doubt anyone will see this but I had to bring this up. See ya!
Samceratops 9 dagar sedan
I do find it funny how many anti-trans activists quote Simone de Beauvoir despite the fact that Simone de Beauvoir literally sexually abused minors.
Chaotic Gay
Chaotic Gay 9 dagar sedan
Jenny’s dramatic British accent is all I need in life
Deacon Clark
Deacon Clark 9 dagar sedan
the music playing when you first quote Rowling is the same music that plays during matches in the 2003 classic videogame Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup. I think that's nice.
Monarchy is the best!
Monarchy is the best! 9 dagar sedan
Before I realised I was trans I would jokingly quote Buffalo Bill lines. That's awkward.
Leni Haylett
Leni Haylett 9 dagar sedan
Why do i love Lindsay's upper-class sophisticated voice. you should be a gothic actress. lol 0:10
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