This Movie Has Whoopi Goldberg and a Dinosaur

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Eddy Burback

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Sam Mittag
Sam Mittag 9 timmar sedan
Triceracop > Theodore Rex
William Joseph Ford
William Joseph Ford Dag sedan
cringe culturehh
cringe culturehh 4 dagar sedan
Toy maker, explosive butterfly, ninja grid, dragontale.......
Krazy Karlton
Krazy Karlton 6 dagar sedan
This video deserves more views
Flameclaw123 7 dagar sedan
"All this time you've been telling me a good cop uses a gun, right?" I'm sorry, she's been telling you WHAT???
bing bam
bing bam 9 dagar sedan
the dinosaurs have such bad posture
high im maria
high im maria 9 dagar sedan
started a youtube account to use when I'm high solely because of this video... its an efiin trip man
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 9 dagar sedan
if you are reading this, go get some devil oregano lettuce, restart the video, and prepare to trip the frick out on dinosaur cops
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson 9 dagar sedan
I don’t know maybe the Jurassic park Dino’s were slapen ass off screen
I am Cuthulu
I am Cuthulu 10 dagar sedan
I get way to many warhammer vibes off this.
Conor Coad
Conor Coad 10 dagar sedan
This is like the English immersion, buddy cop version of the Star Wars Holiday Special
Uninspirational Lizard
Uninspirational Lizard 11 dagar sedan
The new Barney looks weird
I am Cuthulu
I am Cuthulu 11 dagar sedan
I kind of want a robocop remake with whoopie goldberg now.
LightninG 360
LightninG 360 12 dagar sedan
SuperKarlFriedrich 12 dagar sedan
19:58 "maybe we should look arround" - what have they done until now?
Rachel Candelaria
Rachel Candelaria 12 dagar sedan
K so the voice actor doing the narration for the opening scene is Professor Membrane from Invader Zim. I don’t know the name of the VA but it’s totally him, holy shit
Zio Slayer99
Zio Slayer99 13 dagar sedan
Funny enough, this was my first Whoopi movie
Atelier 14 dagar sedan
This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Moron.💩🤖
David Matamoroz
David Matamoroz 14 dagar sedan
What a fucking simp
K. Ferguson
K. Ferguson 15 dagar sedan
You should review the John Leguizamo Super Mario Bros.
Isaiah Davis
Isaiah Davis 16 dagar sedan
So it’s Inspector Gadget meets the Super Mario Bros Movie but in the format of a Muppets movie. Sounds great.
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis 16 dagar sedan
ACAD: all cops are dinosaurs (or at least should be)
ChaosButterfly 18 dagar sedan
I can't get over the fact that the voice actor of Sephiroth is the va of the dinosaur too
SuperDogzillaBros !
SuperDogzillaBros ! 19 dagar sedan
Who eles what’s to clip his moaning
The Darth Cader
The Darth Cader 19 dagar sedan
17:53 can you imagine being a dog?
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 19 dagar sedan
so wait. Kane made dinosaurs just to kill them with an ice age
Erik Macaluso
Erik Macaluso 21 dag sedan
This movie lives somewhere in my repressed memories.
Cailan Scire
Cailan Scire 21 dag sedan
I would watch it. It seems like the kind of movie that's intentionally being stupid. Though it does look like it didnt age well.
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer 22 dagar sedan
*Y I K E S*
Zippy Månad sedan
"Use, your brain." Yes use your micro-sized dinosaur brain.
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon Månad sedan
There's a reason Zootopia wasn't live action, fuckin oof
TomatoBoy20 Månad sedan
I had a a brain aneurysm aneurysm trying to read read the intro narration narration
Jack Månad sedan
Wait, did Bright steal this plot line?
Dick Van Draeman
Dick Van Draeman Månad sedan
I was watching this and saying to myself this seemed familiar then realized it's because my grandma owns it and I'd watch it as a kid.
Mason Brown
Mason Brown Månad sedan
I had Dasha vo of the ugly Dinosaur
Jessica Paul
Jessica Paul Månad sedan
"Can you imagine being a dog." That's a mood
Connor Nolan
Connor Nolan Månad sedan
13:23 hod, I hope that isn't Eddy's O-face.
no no
no no Månad sedan
this video smells like super glue
Sergent Hound
Sergent Hound Månad sedan
I actually thought theodore rex was very likeable
Jacob Emerson
Jacob Emerson Månad sedan
I can’t remember this movie at all, the costumes remind me of the show “Dinosaurs” from the same era. I really it, and being a 7 year old kid that wouldn’t know any better, I’d probably like this movie too.
Jacob Jacobi
Jacob Jacobi Månad sedan
Yea sometimes, In the 90’s, a dinosaur tail slaps a woman’s behind. I saw it three, four, times a week
cringe culturehh
cringe culturehh 4 dagar sedan
You see a lot more of em in October. Migration seasonm
TheCatsKitten Månad sedan
So you could say it’s a good cop bad cop movie? Hehehe
TIGER Yt Månad sedan
Low key u can say the same for any kids movie
Femme Sammy
Femme Sammy Månad sedan
Taken by the T-Rex was written in the same universe with the interspecies relations.
Cassandra M
Cassandra M Månad sedan
Jurassic Park was PG and their were very small kids in the theatre. I was shocked because some scenes were terrifying. I was actually angry. This is nothing, I really don’t think this would scare kids. The dinosaurs look cartoony.
Tony Cagle
Tony Cagle Månad sedan
It looks like they had a lot of stuff left over from the dinosaur TV show
Aleks Pluth
Aleks Pluth Månad sedan
so at 24:29 there are zebras in the back??? why???
AEJ Channel
AEJ Channel Månad sedan
I feel so bad for that dog, like, he's surrounded by what he believes are giant reptillion predators, and is being constantly placed in the middle of the room full of those things, and he has no control over what he does. Like, come on.
babygirl bell
babygirl bell Månad sedan
I recommend "Camille" as a good bad movie. Tbh probably not funny enough for a video but I feel like you would enjoy it
andacondasqueeze Månad sedan
Kane's the good guy
Kadence Shettel
Kadence Shettel 2 månader sedan
2:09 jojo bazaar average part 4 killer queen
jamster mr.hamster
jamster mr.hamster 2 månader sedan
Teddy to singer: let me fuck an invisible person grrrrrrrrr me dino Her: get the hell away
Marek Cikhart
Marek Cikhart 2 månader sedan
After like 20 minutes i was like : Shit im watching some guy in his 20’s complaining about movie for kids from 80’s But he’s so fucking Good in it
J Bud
J Bud 2 månader sedan
bro he put the rubber ducks in the tub.... to take a shower with -_-
Hampton Oliver
Hampton Oliver 2 månader sedan
Anyone else find it weird that Goldberg has a CoD hit marker on her shoulder
pantsVEVO 2 månader sedan
I am very afraid of the dinosaurs in this movie (unlike eddy of course)
Saihahahara 2 månader sedan
20:58 21:00 You cant tell me Eddie doesn't have the exact same laugh as the guy from the bag
Skill5able 2 månader sedan
Saw this at 6 in 2001, I've been thinking about this movie ever since but had no idea what it's called. It's nothing like my memory
Katyusha Mauro
Katyusha Mauro 2 månader sedan
Why do the Dinosaurs speak making so much noise and so unintelligibly
Nick James
Nick James 2 månader sedan
That "Coltrane" dig around 10 minutes is definetely racist.
Xander Guyer
Xander Guyer 2 månader sedan
"What if we made roger rabbit but bad"
Jimmy 2 månader sedan
The 90's were literally the worst era for movies. except for everything post 2000 of course
FLOWER 2 månader sedan
Are you going to mention that Richard Roundtree aka Shaft is in this film?
A' Leicht
A' Leicht 2 månader sedan
I’m a kid and the dinosaurs don scare me🤪 Edit: THANK U FOR THE 0 LIKE 😱
cringe culturehh
cringe culturehh 4 dagar sedan
Np bro
Jiggerjaw 2 månader sedan
My one year old keeps shouting "DINO" every time Teddy is on screen, so loudly that I can't even hear the dialogue. So I think the audience for this movie doesn't care how poorly it was written.
Jiggerjaw 2 månader sedan
Dang Whoopi be looking good 25 years ago.
Erem Hans
Erem Hans 2 månader sedan
the t-rex didn't age well, tbh
Zyaa 2 månader sedan
Is this the new Jurassic park?
LoafOf Milk
LoafOf Milk 2 månader sedan
“Good Cops use a gun.” American police training in a nutshell.
Nathan Howlett
Nathan Howlett 2 månader sedan
Man i watched the living fuck out of that movie growing up!!!! Whoopie for president !!!!
Lovely shore
Lovely shore 2 månader sedan
Wait... This isn't Barney & Friends??
bread boy
bread boy 2 månader sedan
The Dinosaur is definitely voiced by Mamet jakey
Shnuk 2 månader sedan
Alex Hyer
Alex Hyer 2 månader sedan
I really want to see you review Labyrinth
TheDiamondStew //YT
TheDiamondStew //YT 2 månader sedan
Man I love Theodore R.
PandaTurtle 2 månader sedan
14:52 smells bottle cap... face disgusted... pulls away from face.... are we thinking the same thing?
Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd 2 månader sedan
Off brand tommy is actually one of the bad guys from ‘Beverly Hills Cop III’ The best one that I watched all the time as a kid!
aBrowningWy 2 månader sedan
Eddy ur a god i luv u
Ralion 2 månader sedan
“Stand by for a holo fax”
ImaginationUser 2 månader sedan
- "I just feel like, if I was a kid in 1995, watching this movie, he would terrify me." Where you ever a kid in the 90's then? Or a kid at all, for that matter?
DJZ Bros
DJZ Bros 2 månader sedan
If Molly Rex's last name is Rex then doesn't that mean she's related to Theodore thus making this some type of incest or do dinosaurs all have the same last name
James Gilbreath
James Gilbreath 2 månader sedan
Having watched this film multiple times in my late childhood, I can definitively state that the Guy from the Bag is by far the best character in the film.
henry baker
henry baker 2 månader sedan
“So Tina brings them to a table and then Whoopi Goldberg goes- STADIA”
TyPreston88 2 månader sedan
Man I don't really remember this one but it reminds me of that show dinosaurs that came on Fox when I was a kid and yeah... it was a terrifying doozy for a 4 year old. Still is. Whoopi Goldberg's scary enough, no need for a dinosaur in this one.
Dyslexic Squadoon
Dyslexic Squadoon 2 månader sedan
Origin story of the browser dinosaur
Saturn Smiles
Saturn Smiles 2 månader sedan
2:28 Sir that is no butterfly, that is a Madagascan sunset moth. And they are known for being very explosive.
Tomodachi Ai
Tomodachi Ai 2 månader sedan
That’s my childhood
Cpt. Jack Sparrow
Cpt. Jack Sparrow 2 månader sedan
Review of this episode: Eddy Freaking lightcore moaning.
Corporal McMuffin
Corporal McMuffin 3 månader sedan
20:19 this is straight out of an Ativan drug trip
Corporal McMuffin
Corporal McMuffin 3 månader sedan
17:50 same goes for every little kid in every horror movie! Georgie That one girl from War of the Worlds The kid from Child’s Play
Michbot Mfang
Michbot Mfang 3 månader sedan
I Bet that’s the thing that gave birth to Barney
ines karamela
ines karamela 3 månader sedan
Ok, but are we gonna ignore that she said "I'll fuck him down" at 13:44 ? Like wtf gurl, we get it, but like can u quiet down please?
General Obi Wan Kenobi
General Obi Wan Kenobi 3 månader sedan
Does anyone else think that Molly Rex seems like a rip-off of Molly Ringwald?
Flynn Nolen
Flynn Nolen 3 månader sedan
Eddy, no joke, my dad knows the guy who played the dinosaur. We gotta get you to meet him
Stephanie Daphne
Stephanie Daphne 3 månader sedan
Every time I watch this video my stomach hurts with laughter and i'm crying. Every damn time.. I'm for sure a child of Burback
Katie W
Katie W 3 månader sedan
I’m the guy from the bag
Yutial-Two 3 månader sedan
This is one of my favorite movies. Loved it as a kid.
Rival the Hypo
Rival the Hypo 3 månader sedan
When he said the creators of the movie are just hiding how to bring back dinosaurs. Me: ... Dr. Jack Horner is already trying to make dinosaurs! Dr. Jack Horner in 2019: In 5 years we will have a real dinosaur. We are going to make a chickenasaurus. We're unmutating chickens, to bring back dinosaurs. Everyone now calls him Mr.Chickenasaurus. Nobody ask where this comment went.
maxmaus 3 månader sedan
this is detective pikachu with dinosaurs
Devin Osland
Devin Osland 3 månader sedan
Man, this Eddie Burbank is pretty funny
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