This Kids Movie from 1985 Is Insane

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
im sure this will get copyright claimed at some point so if you want to support me and get some clothes here’s the link -
A Mandable
A Mandable 5 dagar sedan
Lol what til you hear about the work of Paul Jennings, this movie has nothing on Round the Twist
kerri01 3 månader sedan
I vividly remember watching this as a kid! I didn’t know what on earth I was watching.
Rox Schunko
Rox Schunko 4 månader sedan
I think I saw a Quebec version of this called beurre de pinotte in class...
Derpado The Bird
Derpado The Bird 4 månader sedan
I would if I had money
Kevin Nordle
Kevin Nordle 5 månader sedan
“The so good it’s bad movies?” Brah you’re 24 seconds in to the video and you don’t even know what you’re talkin about. ❤️
Green Witch Inc.
Green Witch Inc. 18 minuter sedan
Holy crap dude. I haven't seen this film since like 1990. And I knew what it was based off the thumbnail! What a weird ass movie. Hahaha!
Kansas 4 timmar sedan
Kansas 4 timmar sedan
the way the dad says well dressed bird is so dumb i love it
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 13 timmar sedan
Those uncle touches are creeping me out.
Aleks Pluth
Aleks Pluth 2 dagar sedan
2:55 that's just what being the eldest daughter is like always bro
Devon Paul
Devon Paul 3 dagar sedan
That cat gave michael cancer
Gronk McGronkin
Gronk McGronkin 4 dagar sedan
Yo if you want a new bad movie to watch you should check out "BibleMan"
Skully 5 dagar sedan
Ghanshyam Singh
Ghanshyam Singh 6 dagar sedan
I'm a children of burback...hey Daddy 🥰❤️🤗🤗
* AnimalHeadSpirit *
* AnimalHeadSpirit * 7 dagar sedan
I was in elementary school in 1985. Adults really were kind of weird back then. It’s like they were all still dealing with a drug hangover from the 60s and 70s.
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action 8 dagar sedan
kinda salty you're trying to copy right putting "yikes" on clothing.
Tracy Gwin
Tracy Gwin 9 dagar sedan
The sister looks like the kid from The Visit
Americish Airlines
Americish Airlines 11 dagar sedan
This movie really becomes dark when you realize that even though the sister can reads minds, she does nothing about the Pyro kid. *Sigh*. We live in a society. 🙁
Jso983 12 dagar sedan
My headphones cut out as he gave the speech in class so I thought that that part of the movie the audio was just lost
Will MakeContentOneDay
Will MakeContentOneDay 12 dagar sedan
The 16th word was eh and I immediately knew this was Canadian
Heck Off Mate
Heck Off Mate 12 dagar sedan
I've seen worse things in a gallery than Well-dressed Bird. I actually really want to see Well-dressed Bird in an art gallery now.
PyBro Maniac
PyBro Maniac 13 dagar sedan
well dressed bird pog
Obsidian Sirius Blackheart
Obsidian Sirius Blackheart 13 dagar sedan
Why does the dad like look an alternate future Gus Johnson who's 60 and smokes meth?
Im iCY
Im iCY 13 dagar sedan
Hey uhm, Ed. It's a kids movie, you know, meant for kids to consume?
Harper 14 dagar sedan
I thought I fuckin dreamt this movie up when I almost died of a fever in 2nd grade........what the hell.
The Pale Sk8er
The Pale Sk8er 14 dagar sedan
Girl in movie: “I’ll just wear my mom clothes!” My sister: “I’ll just wear my moms clothes
Rocco Comer-Romeo
Rocco Comer-Romeo 14 dagar sedan
every time he says Micheal, replace that with Caillou. It's the story of Caillou
spacey kek
spacey kek 14 dagar sedan
Lol Children of Burback
K. Ferguson
K. Ferguson 16 dagar sedan
Everyone knows you have to say, "Put it on my head," after each thing smh stupid kid
patiotaiza 18 dagar sedan
20:35 wow eddy you're blind
Screamdreamer 18 dagar sedan
I was a happier person before I knew this film existed
Screamdreamer 18 dagar sedan
Some of those 80’s movies give me like a weird home school creepy vibe. The colors are dull and characters clothing and hair style is unsightly. Mix that with a weird plot and terrible acting, it has like fetish film vibes, I would imagine
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn 19 dagar sedan
this movie is a fever dream
Roxanne Foxx
Roxanne Foxx 19 dagar sedan
Why does the dad character remind me of gus..?
DreamState28 21 dag sedan
i think we watched this movie in class when i was in like 5th grade
Yourcrapynews 21 dag sedan
Love the reno 911 joke
Austin Flint
Austin Flint 21 dag sedan
6:57 "well dressed bird" immediately reminded me of Hillary Clinton
G0ld3nAndSilv3r 21 dag sedan
7:02 This gave me nightmares, it looked deep inside me and it channeled my inner thoughts
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin 21 dag sedan
Why does the dad sound so much like jim lahey from trailer park boys?
Ben Shafer
Ben Shafer 22 dagar sedan
I did like well dressed bird very nice
AstroKasper 23 dagar sedan
I watched this movie when i was in 2nd grade (1987) at a sleepover party and it f**ked me up good. I was scarred for years. i randomly came across your channel and saw this thumbnail and IMMEDIATELY knew what movie this was. omg. here we go... I also legitimately grew up thinking that if a cat sleeps on your head you will go there's that.
Mike Vines
Mike Vines 24 dagar sedan
I never really tried your channel much but damn your content is somehow exactly what I’d like to do this shit looks fun to do man
sam matson
sam matson 25 dagar sedan
The Langoliers is another great terrible movie
Rooster The Human
Rooster The Human 25 dagar sedan
I would Unironically get any bird painting offered to me
Xoe Cano
Xoe Cano 25 dagar sedan
idk why u remind me of brian quinn from impractical jokers but i love it
Free Range
Free Range 27 dagar sedan
I was a toddler when this movie came out 😐
It's Time Travel Time
It's Time Travel Time 29 dagar sedan
It's official. I have a crush on Eddy Burback. Also, this movie traumatized me as a child.
Blarrgensnorf Månad sedan
This might be my favorite video of yours holy shit, I love it
J Mac
J Mac Månad sedan
it apparently takes the intellectual mind of an 80's kid to explain the moral of the story. It was similar to what Kevin learned in home Alone being afraid of the bird woman, ironic HUH, to not judge or be afraid because it only takes a single act to end up in that situation so do not fear because they are just people like us who took a wrong turn in life but are still people too. This is why these kids out here watching Spongebob are stupid as shit. No-one reads, no imagination just dumb down humor of a caveman getting bonked on the head and thinking it's funny. I pity this generation. We had great movies and shows that expanded our minds and imagination and now kids are babied and think farts are funny. I have 3 kids so I have first hand knowledge. I'm so glad I raised my kids watching all my favorites from when I was a kid.
J Mac
J Mac Månad sedan
lol but this is why us 80's kids grew up more mature than kids now. we actually were little adults
J Mac
J Mac Månad sedan
I loved this movie as a kid I knew it from the thumbnail Peanut Butter Solution 😂 I cannot believe this video exists
talentless cult member
talentless cult member Månad sedan
You know a movies hard to follow when you cant understand the summary
Random Person
Random Person Månad sedan
20:17 he is bob ross
Kevin Rosario
Kevin Rosario Månad sedan
Can we talk about how the dad sounds just like Jordan Peterson?
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon Månad sedan
Is wine usually the drink of choice for homeless people?
Cole Pope
Cole Pope Månad sedan
I only have to use a magnifying glass to see your hair
Cole Pope
Cole Pope Månad sedan
I hate when sister try to act like the mom and especially when your parents say u have to do what they say
Brett Cranny
Brett Cranny Månad sedan
You beat How Did This Get Made to this movie
Crystal R
Crystal R Månad sedan
I saw the infamous peanut butter slather scene 30+ years ago and I just decided to google it tonight because I never knew what movie this was. Weirdest movie EVER! 🤣
Bacon withmoreeggs
Bacon withmoreeggs Månad sedan
How would you even describe the plot of this movie.
Lendan West
Lendan West Månad sedan
"If you look at the beginning of the movie all she did was crack a raw egg and put it in the blender, meaning that she tried to feed her brother a raw egg, (raw eggs can contain many fatal diseases such as salmonella) good thing he refused to eat it." 1:33 :)
Riksan Reaper
Riksan Reaper Månad sedan
Ok, who the fuck was the costumer for this shit!?
Banana Månad sedan
PloopusProductions 2008
PloopusProductions 2008 Månad sedan
That real bruh moment when you get bald and all the kids that play soccer with you chase you around the neighborhood and then ghosts tell you a hair thingy
Connor Nolan
Connor Nolan Månad sedan
As soon as eddy said this vid was about the peanut butter solution, I had to pause so I could grab a beer.
H. Thumbs Thomas
H. Thumbs Thomas Månad sedan
I just don't get why any of them a shit about his hair. Like why does anyone care???
Kya B
Kya B Månad sedan
Fired from two other schools but changed his name and appearance 4 times...... so like he changed it mid school year???? Also did he ever stop his hair from growing??????
Chaz Royalty
Chaz Royalty Månad sedan
Did he yell fucker at the doctor
It's Kitty! Cosplay
It's Kitty! Cosplay Månad sedan
OH MY GOD. I watched this movie as a kid and every now and then I think about it but could never remember the name. Did not think I'd randomly run into it here but damn, what a throw back! lol
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez Månad sedan
20:38 i used to do that with fake glasses -_-
Hero of Slime
Hero of Slime Månad sedan
Yes I have seen a bird wearing a shirt Margot from regular show
Joel Codina
Joel Codina Månad sedan
Good movie
Scarlett King
Scarlett King Månad sedan
Where does the peanut butter come in??
Olena Conrad
Olena Conrad Månad sedan
Eddy why are you sitting in a roll-ey chair? There’s a couch behind you.
Glorious Mr.E
Glorious Mr.E Månad sedan
I thought this movie was a fever dream I once had during my childhood, ive described it to so many people and nobody remembered it, thanks eddy for letting me finally know i wasn't taking childhood mushrooms :D
Chris Robot
Chris Robot Månad sedan
Me seeing this movie as a kid: “fuck this movie ☹️”
Azad Nezamdust
Azad Nezamdust Månad sedan
This movie should be considered an insult to art of painting. :'D
I’m MehNameJawsh
I’m MehNameJawsh Månad sedan
Is the set a green screen
Notthemaster Månad sedan
is there a odd relationship between the daughter and father or am i seeing things
Nugget Bomber
Nugget Bomber Månad sedan
8:29 “for some reason, because...”
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson Månad sedan
I wasn't even sure this movie was real, thank you for validating what I thought was a fever dream
Corby Stroud
Corby Stroud Månad sedan
The Signore looks and sounds like Jim Varney, he's not. But he does. And the dad sounds like fucking Jordan Peterson.
NotxOdd Månad sedan
Bald Martin When He Was Growing Up. Brings A Tear To My Eyes.
Benoit Tremblay
Benoit Tremblay Månad sedan
As a Quebecer, I grew up with this movie, and they called it a classic. Always found it to be highkey disturbing. On par with De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise
FenFen Månad sedan
18:57 Jimmy Nutron
Mina Galvan
Mina Galvan Månad sedan
Wtf is this film. I don't think I'll ever understand
Casey Hamm
Casey Hamm Månad sedan
the dad sounds like one of gus’s characters
Corporal McMuffin
Corporal McMuffin 2 månader sedan
My iPad wallpaper is well dressed bird
Jordan Felt
Jordan Felt 2 månader sedan
It's interesting how this video has over 1 million views and he doesn't even have 700,000 subscribers. Why don't you bastards just subscribe as you're watching the video!? It's not hard, it's literally just one tap/click, so do it! Disclaimer: I'm not supported by Eddy in any way, I just think he deserves more subscribers for the awesome content he brings. That's all folks.
jamster mr.hamster
jamster mr.hamster 2 månader sedan
When he said it's a well dressed bird asshole I felt the spit from his mouth land on me
Cole Tucker
Cole Tucker 2 månader sedan
Well Dressed Bird
Yoga665 2 månader sedan
I watched this movie as a kid and I still think about it sometimes as the WEIRDEST movie I’ve seen. If you thought this sucked, watch Little Monsters with Howie Mandel.
Josh 2 månader sedan
Pee pee poo poo
LIITEMIES 2 månader sedan
yeees. giwe me the iingridienses modarutor.
Thomas Barton
Thomas Barton 2 månader sedan
Did the asian kid put peanutbutter on his junk? Is that what this movie is insinuating?
kotux0 2 månader sedan
Me and my friend watched the top 100 worst movies rated from IMDb
Katrina Dejonge
Katrina Dejonge 2 månader sedan
Watch Joshua and the promised land
Oscar D. Lisboa
Oscar D. Lisboa 2 månader sedan
Call me stoopid but the snout in the 5:18 image was piglike
P_Couchman 2 månader sedan
Are we not going to address the fact that this kid's Dad is Saul Tigh?
Live Music
Live Music 2 månader sedan
We watched this in the Kindergarden (Austria). I still remember it it was an horrifying experience, me and many others couldn't sleep for a week.
Sunny & Alex
Sunny & Alex 2 månader sedan
Alien Intruder! The best!
Lasery eyes
Lasery eyes 2 månader sedan
i have to say this movie is very charming and i really like its story and atmosphere
Seneca 2 månader sedan
9:52 I like ya cut g
Cripple 2 månader sedan
"Boo and then you're vin diesel"
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