This is Why My Christmas is Ruined

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
Hashtag Investigate Macaulay Culkin
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton Månad sedan
They just need Danny to complete the A team
Stormy Rosebud
Stormy Rosebud 6 månader sedan
Thanks for typing out hashtag. I always feel lost and confused when people put the number sign before words... like words are NOT numbers. Hello?? 🤷‍♀️
Ino 9 månader sedan
Eddy can you please investigate how Home Alone 4 simultaneously takes place after and yet also before Home Alone 2? Thanks.
Gone After Midnight
Gone After Midnight 11 månader sedan
@Dylan Dances or bike is short for bichael
Zouni År sedan
@Itssunnii No wonder you haven't got recognized with that shitty attitude of yours.
Zion Trask
Zion Trask Dag sedan
it’s ok Eddy i care about this important subject
Mr Yeet
Mr Yeet 3 dagar sedan
There was also no way Kevin could have hit Buzz that hard, IMPOSSIBLE
Koala Sandwich
Koala Sandwich 7 dagar sedan
I think cheese pizza would also be hard for an alien to digest since they need to digest lactose, which is something only mammals can do.
Anna Coffey
Anna Coffey 13 dagar sedan
lol this is awesome
Brandon Foley
Brandon Foley 22 dagar sedan
This movie is just child abuse
Isaac Huckaba
Isaac Huckaba 23 dagar sedan
Actually Kevin Mccallister grows up and becomes Heath ledgers joker
The sound a horse makes
The sound a horse makes 27 dagar sedan
I have never seen the home alone series, but I don’t think I need to now.
Raisins and Capers
Raisins and Capers 28 dagar sedan
Uncle Frank looks like a mature Gus
Merantauu Plays-Old-
Merantauu Plays-Old- Månad sedan
Drew's feat in this is quite possibly the best SEpostr collabeo ever
Alissa Swan
Alissa Swan Månad sedan
This is amazing
Dustin Reagan
Dustin Reagan Månad sedan
wait, its not cool to call 8 year olds jerks?
Selin Gökçe
Selin Gökçe Månad sedan
I feel like MatPat should watch this video once in a while but its just an opinion
Stas Constantine
Stas Constantine Månad sedan
what are 'break thru' videos? you mean 'breakdown videos'? silly Eddy
Jiggerjaw Månad sedan
What a monumentally satisfying collab.
Jiggerjaw Månad sedan
low key want that Twitter skin tho bro
Casey Hamm
Casey Hamm 2 månader sedan
i like that when they make these videos their entire instructions for each other must just be like “dude just be a dick to me for liek a minute or so”
lopsided 2 månader sedan
i care dad-knee, icare.
interrobangings 2 månader sedan
14:17 "nobody gave a shit that the original santa claus just died" oh no no no he really thinks /that/ santa was the first and isn't one of many who accidentally bumblefucked their way into being santa the clause exists for a reason this absolutely happened before
interrobangings 2 månader sedan
0:37 "there is no way he could have heard him across central park" truly spoken like the kid who lost the penis game
interrobangings 2 månader sedan
Chris1z1 2 månader sedan
Ur friend looks like me.
ElkShake 2 månader sedan
Can we get film theory on this?
Awesomely Humble
Awesomely Humble 2 månader sedan
And they said endgame was the biggest crossover in cinematic history
sylvie taylor
sylvie taylor 2 månader sedan
hahaha god damn 'go back to over-analysing lele pons physical comedy and affecting a stutter to sound nervous'
Crwfishh 2 månader sedan
i was hoping that nerd city would do the same thing drew did
Hagen Meyer
Hagen Meyer 2 månader sedan
That barking :D
Murkorus 3 månader sedan
Omg this is insane! I can't believe i didn't notice that Kevin is an alien.. My friends will love this!
Parker Dill
Parker Dill 3 månader sedan
eddy x gus
Dead Cow
Dead Cow 3 månader sedan
DAMN BOY THAT TV IS MASSIVE I've been sufficiently flexed on
Tijmen Teering
Tijmen Teering 3 månader sedan
Wtf, this video is perfect, how is this at such a low view count
Cookie 3 månader sedan
the video title does not even begin to capture the content
epic gamer
epic gamer 4 månader sedan
Why didn't you get vsause to do a bit
Jack Bebrin
Jack Bebrin 4 månader sedan
Stupid fucking Eric and his stupid fucking zero subscriber count
Stefan Kotev
Stefan Kotev 4 månader sedan
Yes finally the truth
Drew Hedrick
Drew Hedrick 4 månader sedan
urmomishere 4 månader sedan
Omg Drew's background guy's this is soo good
The Thought Machine
The Thought Machine 4 månader sedan
Are you sure that Kevin is not a wizard, that is going to get to Hogworts?
Zack Curtis
Zack Curtis 4 månader sedan
How does Eddy know about all this?? Is Eddy an alien? Hashtag investigate Ed Burbank
Randal The Vandal
Randal The Vandal 5 månader sedan
You making me aware of this is as annoying as when someone makes me breathe consciously
C J 5 månader sedan
I think this is my favorite Eddy video ever
Rasin 5 månader sedan
thank you Edddy for exposing the truth
CreeperLord Motions
CreeperLord Motions 5 månader sedan
People End Game is the biggest cross over Me no this is, this is....
Irish Idiot
Irish Idiot 5 månader sedan
Holy Shit Dude Thanks For The Information!!!
Allison Edrington
Allison Edrington 5 månader sedan
This theory is flawless
Justyna Rutkowska
Justyna Rutkowska 5 månader sedan
I'm so glad I subscribed
Azby 5 månader sedan
But we need Drew Gooden the video game.
JustAnotherPerson 5 månader sedan
Is this film theory?
Pi r Cubed
Pi r Cubed 5 månader sedan
dude i didnt think he could yell that loud
CUCKBOY IVE 5 månader sedan
I like Eddy’s videos but this video is legitimately obnoxious
TheLeprechaunMaster _7707
TheLeprechaunMaster _7707 5 månader sedan
I believe you
Kristen K
Kristen K 5 månader sedan
I shit you not, when we were kids in the 90s, Adults totally talked to us like that & a lot of times right in front of our parents.
Lauren Cosentino
Lauren Cosentino 5 månader sedan
This...was incredible and just gained you another subscriber.
Blaine Burns
Blaine Burns 6 månader sedan
I love how every time Eddy calls Gus and Gus acts like an asshole 🤣🤣🤣
Bob Beathard
Bob Beathard 6 månader sedan
I love the crossover episodes
IT 4
IT 4 6 månader sedan
This is the best video I have ever seen. I think Kevin may be the same race of alien as Mac from Mac and Me this needs a part 2
DroNe Alone
DroNe Alone 6 månader sedan
Fuck DroNe Alone 2..... ha.
ramsha 6 månader sedan
Sir, I don't live under a rock, i live _on_ it
The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole 6 månader sedan
I can see you channeling your inner Conan keep it going brother.
Stormy Rosebud
Stormy Rosebud 7 månader sedan
Aw Eddy seems like he'd be a really good dad 💕
ZarZar Higgins
ZarZar Higgins 7 månader sedan
This video is a fever dream
Bryce Bowles
Bryce Bowles 7 månader sedan
i go to collage next year and i will envest all the mony and time into the study of The Macaulay Alien Truth class
lil death punk
lil death punk 7 månader sedan
This is gold. Absolute gold. I am deceased.
ipakox 7 månader sedan
this is the best bit i have ever seen. oh wait it’s not a bit
Subraanshu Pratap Singh
Subraanshu Pratap Singh 7 månader sedan
Who else thinks that Eric is low-key FiNe????
Lord MuffinTop
Lord MuffinTop 7 månader sedan
This feels like the Christmas fever induced monologue in my head as I watch home alone
Maxwell Murdoch
Maxwell Murdoch 7 månader sedan
Gus could hear Eddy from Wisconsin; ergo, Gus is an alien.
Zippity Zoop
Zippity Zoop 8 månader sedan
Which was the video before this?
Ralph Ramirez
Ralph Ramirez 8 månader sedan
11:07 he sounded like jerry Seinfeld for a second
Maynard Bussell
Maynard Bussell 8 månader sedan
I care Eddy. I care.
sydnny martyr
sydnny martyr 8 månader sedan
Omg I love you (no homo)
UnclePimpz 8 månader sedan
This plan so god damn simple
Sparta Rage Kick
Sparta Rage Kick 8 månader sedan
aliens use telekinesis....they get inside ur that theory of urs is flawed....but the govt is making hybrid race of half human half alien breed....thats the pact they made w/the greys....get informed ppl....
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 8 månader sedan
Fun fact: when Kevin pushes his brother, he falls into glasses of milk. The McAllister family drink milk with pizza. They are monsters.
Andrewtheantivirus 9 månader sedan
Nick thune.
Nightmare 9 månader sedan
Skylar Bradley
Skylar Bradley 9 månader sedan
this whole video was a fever dream
memethyst 9 månader sedan
holy shit i can't believe all my life i never noticed that kevin's ear astral projects itself into the hotel room
Kyra Andresen
Kyra Andresen 9 månader sedan
Can’t wait till Kurtis sees this
Michael Isabella
Michael Isabella 9 månader sedan
Honestly this is is the best one he's done.
ray w
ray w 9 månader sedan
Who the fuck drinks milk with pizza?
moist Bean
moist Bean 9 månader sedan
That is why he changes form in the other movies
Ashley Oliva
Ashley Oliva 9 månader sedan
Im disappointed in gus for not being totally ready to help figure out something so very important to the world.🤷‍♀️(and not returning the "i love u")
steven ross
steven ross 10 månader sedan
What if it wasn’t about Kevin’s ears at all, but his dads voice? Could Kevin’s dad be the true alien??
Sudeṣṇā 10 månader sedan
A few good men
TDskirvin 10 månader sedan
My favorite video of yours tbh
Odara Medagedara
Odara Medagedara 10 månader sedan
Hey eddy do you have a humiliation fetish
Mr. Vinster Guy
Mr. Vinster Guy 10 månader sedan
4:57 "IT WAS #1 IN CANADA YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!!" LEL Gus makes me laugh
Faris Abuain
Faris Abuain 10 månader sedan
I did not think I was gonna waste 14 mins of my life watching a documentary analyzing one scene in home alone 2. Yet I did. I did...
chemical brrn
chemical brrn 10 månader sedan
There was a sprint ad with that guy that looks like you before this video.
Knight Padron
Knight Padron 10 månader sedan
I love you man.
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories 10 månader sedan
Nerd City sounds like Jerry Seinfield
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories 10 månader sedan
0:50 I was thinking something about aliens being the theory then you said it!!! lol
Trevor Bateman
Trevor Bateman 10 månader sedan
Merry Christmas, boys!
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 10 månader sedan
Drew is like Eddy in a different body lol
Kartik 10 månader sedan
Holy shit I’m a somewhat new subscriber but I’ve been binging your shit and this definitely my favorite video of yours
Mirabel Armstrong
Mirabel Armstrong 10 månader sedan
the most legendary bit of all time
LoneC 10 månader sedan
Its okay Eddy. I believe you.
jeanine b
jeanine b 10 månader sedan
11:07 thought i heard jerry seinfeld for a sec
Kaiden Blackburn
Kaiden Blackburn 10 månader sedan
at least i'm not the only one who doesn't like Home Alone
AgeingBoyPsychic 10 månader sedan
Eddy I love you (in a gay way) please come and spend Christmas with me and my mum in London. Bring the shorts, but I'll provide the Christmas sweater. I bet you'll look just adorable. I can't wait already! I wish I was joking, - a dude xx
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