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Noizzy Razer
Noizzy Razer 9 dagar sedan
Will it come back?
Παοκ William
Παοκ William 28 dagar sedan
Hhaa lol i love it when u put in the shit malakia
Butter_cup Månad sedan
I got mid Eusebio couldnt believe it had shite all year
Caio Araujo
Caio Araujo Månad sedan
PhamHD Månad sedan
At least it’s not the first time Zwe was catfished
pida siouy
pida siouy Månad sedan
Filippos Zioutis
Filippos Zioutis Månad sedan
einai malakia
vaggelis diapoulis
vaggelis diapoulis Månad sedan
All day malakia🇬🇷😂😂
pida siouy
pida siouy Månad sedan
3:00 why are there 5x fifa 21???
Le Meilleur 97
Le Meilleur 97 Månad sedan
Got mid cruyff out of mine I couldn’t believe it
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Månad sedan
him. Saludos de Argentina!
arif Månad sedan
Prime Ferdinand
Futbolun Güzellikleri
Futbolun Güzellikleri Månad sedan
Garrincha mid 😍 he is a beast shoot me to elite 3 😃😃😃
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Månad sedan
Outro song name anyone?
Giorgos Aelara
Giorgos Aelara Månad sedan
5:39 MALAKIA😂😂
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant Månad sedan
Without further or do boys count : 39
aryan8patel Månad sedan
Got prime zizou
Hatem AbulQaraya
Hatem AbulQaraya Månad sedan
Get 89 mertens
Agar Twisted
Agar Twisted Månad sedan
That guy who got 94 cruyff pissed me off. Already been so lucky on icon packs and it gets better
Benni Stingl
Benni Stingl Månad sedan
Is it a glitch to put dream sqaud player?
Morgan Deyes
Morgan Deyes Månad sedan
Why dosent he cut when he stutters😭
TheUltiMUTBlitz Månad sedan
Cruyff was a concept in his squad too 😂
Tempo Månad sedan
Zweback did you just say blanc was petit
Νικολας Παπαλεξοπουλος
Νικολας Παπαλεξοπουλος Månad sedan
Κανένας Έλληνας που άκουσε το μαλακια και γέλασε😂
stylo 03
stylo 03 Månad sedan
Minute 3:00
stylo 03
stylo 03 Månad sedan
3:00 why are there 5x fifa 21???
Ambrose Asylum97
Ambrose Asylum97 Månad sedan
Mid Scholes, Mid Guardiola and Mid Rui Costa... nice EA, THIS was the selection I needed desperately 🥺🥺🥺
Mixalis22 Gr
Mixalis22 Gr Månad sedan
7.30 Gattuso knows about Malakia 🇬🇷🇬🇷🤣
kai johnson
kai johnson Månad sedan
CHEESE PIE, Curry chips and Riiiiiiiice
KB Månad sedan
Outro song name anyone?
Alexandros Tanase
Alexandros Tanase Månad sedan
Are you greek?
vinicius regazio farias
vinicius regazio farias Månad sedan
Huges of Brazil....nice video bro
Evan Dipasquale
Evan Dipasquale Månad sedan
I'm putting money on ea dropping some decent icon SBC's when these icon picks expire. That's definitely something they would do, I remember 2 yrs ago when we had good icon SBC's. You were able to unlock players like prime eusebio or gullit for the same amount of coins this slot machine sbc costs. It is truly sad how greedy and unrewarding fifa has become.
Stewart 101
Stewart 101 Månad sedan
For hugo sanchez pack, he opened the pack and closed his app once he saw who he got, then put him as a concept and he had let you reopen it
O Månad sedan
"Ronaldinho might be the most expensive player we've got" He says, after getting Cruyff and Eusébio 😂
Elliot NFFC
Elliot NFFC Månad sedan
Zwe rattled at the end
Jeremy Roberts
Jeremy Roberts Månad sedan
Sometimes win sometimes loss 🤣🤣
Miguel Huerta
Miguel Huerta Månad sedan
I'd turn down ferdinand for just about any other ard
3ALUCH Månad sedan
... and an Emilo Harry Styles... my tea came out my nose at this point LOL
David L.
David L. Månad sedan
some of thes teams are just horribly made I mean look at this: 5:00 switch rooney with sisoko switch canavaro with smaldini I mean wtf happened there
Henrik Røsåsen
Henrik Røsåsen Månad sedan
Why do i have to smash the like button every video?
Mister Avacado
Mister Avacado Månad sedan
Why would he want Johan Cruyff when he could have Zanetti
Jack Schorah
Jack Schorah Månad sedan
Does that fifa21packs thing work
猫氏 Månad sedan
13:14 Weston McKennie Lol
Musa Bashir
Musa Bashir Månad sedan
The router connecting the wifi
MrJmwilmott Månad sedan
Are you a grown up? Still making these kiddy videos...sad
PsYcHiCzNa IzOlAcJa
PsYcHiCzNa IzOlAcJa Månad sedan
Jeroen Kossen
Jeroen Kossen Månad sedan
bro i got fucking 92 giggs so bad bro 😭
Carlos Neves
Carlos Neves Månad sedan
Why does the last person sound like futcrunch Lmaoo
Thamer Ss
Thamer Ss Månad sedan
19 dollar Fortnite Card who wants it
19 dollar Fortnite Card who wants it Månad sedan
19 dollar Fortnite card who wants it
Ross Adams
Ross Adams Månad sedan
EA sometimes give you players you already have so by putting the concepts icon in your team you will get that icon
Ross Adams
Ross Adams Månad sedan
I agree dude. Happens all the time
Nik Salvador
Nik Salvador Månad sedan
Alperen Akin
Alperen Akin Månad sedan
Prime cruyff. Sheeesh
Sevket Kumcuoglu
Sevket Kumcuoglu Månad sedan
I got 91 socrates 😭
noam 2004
noam 2004 Månad sedan
ATA mamash sababa
Jason Wilkinson
Jason Wilkinson Månad sedan
Packed prime puskas out of mine, what a dub
Eddie White
Eddie White Månad sedan
one of the funniest vids this year!!!! ur NBA game was cold cheers zwe
Amir Amoor
Amir Amoor Månad sedan
Kadim Jabar
Kadim Jabar Månad sedan
Komarasaki Wano
Komarasaki Wano Månad sedan
Devon Burkhard
Devon Burkhard Månad sedan
Had to choose from prime Pele, mid Ronaldinho, and Prime Rashin. If anyone wants the vid lmk
hadyn milton
hadyn milton Månad sedan
guys i got gullit out of it.
John Pearson
John Pearson Månad sedan
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Tyler M
Tyler M Månad sedan
He wanted the hugo sanchez and got it hahahaha
Tyler M
Tyler M Månad sedan
1.05 last night now over 1.2 mil
Tom Barnes
Tom Barnes Månad sedan
My bro got prime Henry jammy
Jay aoi
Jay aoi Månad sedan
What’s the name of the song he played during the ronaldinho pp
Jp tyrannosaurus 29 gaming
Jp tyrannosaurus 29 gaming Månad sedan
Is it worth selling my neymar and poga for this pack
Man Manley
Man Manley Månad sedan
Henryk Martinez
Henryk Martinez Månad sedan
Wish I had Hugo Sánchez:(
Tonyo Månad sedan
That Hugo Sanchez pull was a wholesome moment
justin Kirchmayer
justin Kirchmayer Månad sedan
5:25 swap rooney and sissoko put smalling at left centre back for full chem. honestly how do ppl not realize stuff like that
Knut Månad sedan
How would he even think about taking Nedved over Cantona
justin Kirchmayer
justin Kirchmayer Månad sedan
petit over rjikard? rlly...
Niklas 17
Niklas 17 Månad sedan
How did the guy Who got cruyff have that insane team with 200 games played?
mikeee Månad sedan
Kuron Coipel
Kuron Coipel Månad sedan
easily the three best picks ever @11:24
JWWHI L Månad sedan
So its really really good or pure shit
Raymandi Garcia
Raymandi Garcia Månad sedan
I got prime Petit W or L ?
Man Manley
Man Manley Månad sedan
Very Usable
WolterBee_ Månad sedan
4:35 switch sanchez and bruno so bruno is on full chem
Jad El Sayed
Jad El Sayed Månad sedan
Gets prime cruyf Gets mid Ronaldinho: i think this was the most expensive card so far
KD1 Månad sedan
Yo man I just started making teams for other people and I am trying to build people teams if I could build you a team I would really appreciate it and I could put it in a vid I just need to know your budget and players if you could comment it on my latest vid I would really appreciate it and it will be out tomorrow
ッAlexRai Månad sedan
Solid video
Diego Freyre
Diego Freyre Månad sedan
viva mexicooooo
Ice Tea
Ice Tea Månad sedan
9:18 name of the song pls
G G Månad sedan
These teams are already gross jeez
Mr Toxic
Mr Toxic Månad sedan
I did fucking raphina and a mid icon 20 mins before it came out smh
Adam Cuddihy
Adam Cuddihy Månad sedan
I packed mid r9
TwoBoysGaming Månad sedan
What’s the song at 12:05 ??
Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans Månad sedan
I got 88 viera 😊
Miquel Cabanas
Miquel Cabanas Månad sedan
Comming to a happy video after seeing what some official papers like (mundo deportivo) are doing to cover what Bartomeu did and saying that this all is against barça.. which is not, it is against him. Thanks for creating content zwe!!!
Milton Gutierrez
Milton Gutierrez Månad sedan
DONT DO THIS BOYS !!!! trust me I got 3 of the worse icons in the game AGAIN DONT DO THIS
Ashkan Månad sedan
Ultimate Team is not a football game mode anymore, EA want you off the gameplay and on the menus where they have you wasting cards and coins which make you stuck with buying packs. Where on the football pitch can EA make money? Not even on a signle blade of grass.
Alfie Freeman
Alfie Freeman Månad sedan
I made it in at 13.00
leteejay Månad sedan
Baby Lahm from first Icon swaps. TOTY Bruno from 25 83+ pack. Eto'o mid from mid/prime pack. Im doing this later today and Im ready for my L. I deserve Nakata and I am ready for him.
SnaxLF Månad sedan
That guy probably closed the game while pp was opened,so when u open it again its the same picks😶After he saw what he got he added the concept
Valentin Adam von Linstow
Valentin Adam von Linstow Månad sedan
Hugo was a fine moment in the history of fifa
Kian Woolston
Kian Woolston Månad sedan
Ur presence makes people’s accounts rigged! 😱😱
Reece Morrison
Reece Morrison Månad sedan
I came here to feel better about myself and my mid Frank Rijkaard. I can confirm I do not feel bettet about myself
Rolly Månad sedan
That Gattuso pick was the definition of "sometimes may be good, sometimes may be shit"
Raphael Egbo
Raphael Egbo Månad sedan
I got mid garrincha, prime butra and prime etoo
Meneerhidde Månad sedan
How is everybody so lucky.... i got the option owen, gatuso and scholes
Michal Grepl
Michal Grepl Månad sedan
Boiiis i got mid gullit
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