The Worst Prankster on YouTube

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
make your handsome and very funny leader rich buy getting some spicy threads -
The Switch Crusader
The Switch Crusader 2 månader sedan
@Eddy Burback will do
Pineapple Pants
Pineapple Pants 4 månader sedan
Tharuka Herath
Tharuka Herath 4 månader sedan
Eddy Burback Yo maybe the reason that the tee spring is the top result because every video has a comment plugging the tee spring merch
gurnko 5 månader sedan
eddy i'm begging you please please please make a full Lets mine tonight music video
CaT Ash
CaT Ash 5 månader sedan
Idk if most viewers are 12 but I literally have skipped 3-5 minutes of each video to get to the actual video each video. It's goddamn insane.
Kitty Moose65
Kitty Moose65 2 dagar sedan
0:53 I want that song for my ringtone!
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 8 dagar sedan
My husband would be running to the car to check it out.
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla 9 dagar sedan
hOW DOES THE ORIGINAL VIDEO NOT GET DEMONETIZED I swear youtube has an agenda of some sort
Iris Carter-Schafer
Iris Carter-Schafer 19 dagar sedan
Those gold digger pranks are so cringe... A loud car is such a turn off.
Its Cinfull
Its Cinfull 22 dagar sedan
I'm about a minute in and this is already the best sponsorship/merch plug I have ever seen on SEpost 🤣😭
Sloppy Phart
Sloppy Phart Månad sedan
Am i the only one who thinks all of these expensive cars look really gross? What happened to Minis? Those are the real shit.
CChris Schultz
CChris Schultz Månad sedan
Look man this is my Gee Eff BBBBack off boi
CChris Schultz
CChris Schultz Månad sedan
As rich man can confirm lots of ladies like my feraree
Zippy Månad sedan
"Wait did you start up this awesome car? Well I'm wet now! :)"
bobObob Månad sedan
Dick Van Draeman
Dick Van Draeman Månad sedan
The real reason rich guys have better luck with women is because they are not exciting. It's easy to be exciting when you can literally do whatever you want. Hearing about trips to Australia and sky diving once a year is better than hearing about how this guy works a 9-5. Unfortunately that's the truth
Zyon Månad sedan
Video starts at 3:02 Sorry Eddy, I love ya, but holy shit.
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
You're right,that's not how people interact. I would've yelled at him MUCH sooner
Nicholas Chica
Nicholas Chica Månad sedan
This is something good to watch after learning about these people:
Afwe Griffin
Afwe Griffin Månad sedan
Eddy my guy I agree with you fully that the pranks are fake and not all women are like this but I've seen and met PLENTY of women who ARE like this XD
Nosmo90 Månad sedan
Prankster: "It's getting really dark." Me: *shielding eyes from the sunlight bouncing off of every goddamn thing in the shot*
Sam Jasek
Sam Jasek Månad sedan
I wonder if he rents these lambos
DependswhosAskin 2 månader sedan
What are you talkin bout uncle eddy I wear hoodies through droughts
San s
San s 2 månader sedan
you know its gonna be a good video when he opens with "whats up children of burback!"
Pajama Sam
Pajama Sam 2 månader sedan
So I'm also wondering why the hell this woman is randomly walking around wearing a bikini when they don't seem to be on a beach or going to a beach. The "boyfriend" isn't wearing a bathing suit so what?
Drew Bishop
Drew Bishop 2 månader sedan
Funni mic
malcolm champion
malcolm champion 2 månader sedan
1:11 Those are some fine ass knees Eddy
interrobangings 2 månader sedan
1:20 dunno how you managed it, but i could actually *taste* your (deserved) contempt it was sour, but creamy. like buttermilk
Mr Oogabooga
Mr Oogabooga 2 månader sedan
About to get warm (cries in Canadian )
[Yurk06] 2 månader sedan
Just went through this dude’s videos and disliked all of them. Guy is such a scumbag
Grant B.
Grant B. 2 månader sedan
Hahaha I love how polite the boyfriend in the video is. He totally just patiently waits while his girlfriend makes plans with another man 3 feet away. What an NPC.
Mason Robbins
Mason Robbins 2 månader sedan
Wait why does he have such nice knees
epic. 2 månader sedan
Wait... did he just say ZEBRA CORNER DONATED TO HIM?
Joe Nuts
Joe Nuts 2 månader sedan
Eddy, don’t stand on your chair. You’re distracting the class
Zyaa 2 månader sedan
Micah Garrison
Micah Garrison 2 månader sedan
This guy is a sociopath!😅 His videos seem like a weird porn intro.
Micah Garrison
Micah Garrison 2 månader sedan
I thought the knee thing was a joke. But wow, Eddy has got nice knees.
Vampe n
Vampe n 2 månader sedan
Video starts at 2:30
Veronica Worden
Veronica Worden 2 månader sedan
did anybody else sing “the knees are back in town” to the tune of the boys are back in town 😂😂
jacob espinoza
jacob espinoza 2 månader sedan
Yea thanks for fucking up earth wind and fire for me still love your show tho Eddy
Kevin Rod
Kevin Rod 2 månader sedan
How’s is it a prank if it’s fake
Simon Kirbycraft
Simon Kirbycraft 3 månader sedan
1000th comment
TheWatermelon Wolf
TheWatermelon Wolf 3 månader sedan
I like ur vids but 3 fuckn mins for an intro com on maybe shortn that a bit
Gabe Ryals
Gabe Ryals 3 månader sedan
I was fully expecting for Gus to come running in and yell at Eddy for having his feet on the chair.
Philine 3 månader sedan
Damn I never knew knees could look so nice 😅
Cheeto boofus
Cheeto boofus 3 månader sedan
How is that second woman even a gold digger? He didn't ask her out and she just thought it was cool that he had a lambo lol. All he did was ask her where a she got the drinks
Kelsey Drummond
Kelsey Drummond 3 månader sedan
"I'm not a loser!" Puts on Elvis glasses.
Jonas Steiner
Jonas Steiner 3 månader sedan
3:04 for start
Who Wants to Know
Who Wants to Know 3 månader sedan
It was kind of believable until she B lined for that car
MargaritaMolly 3 månader sedan
This video is too difficult for my female mind to understand
DawnOfTheElderly 3 månader sedan
Thank you father
Phantom Phoenix
Phantom Phoenix 3 månader sedan
Tbh I would get in some random guys lambo
Zach Fetters.
Zach Fetters. 4 månader sedan
Imagine what this guy must actually thi k of women to make these videos. Im by no means a rabid feminist but this is just ibhubjjvh
Felix Moffat
Felix Moffat 4 månader sedan
Lizzy Kitty
Lizzy Kitty 4 månader sedan
Where can I find the song?
LightninG 360
LightninG 360 4 månader sedan
Imaine seeing eddy at the park 1:18
xaarz 4 månader sedan
Children of bare back
Salem Bendeck
Salem Bendeck 4 månader sedan
Bruh some bullies at my school always talk about hoomantv and im dissapointed that im not bullying them now
Sarah Athome
Sarah Athome 4 månader sedan
Rachel Salo
Rachel Salo 4 månader sedan
Love how HoomanTV's videos are all about "gold diggers" but not about the prankster hitting on women who say they're in relationships or half-assly turning the girl away.
Harrie Goston
Harrie Goston 4 månader sedan
Man, I gotta say, when he did that thing with the green Ferrari, all of my female mind chemicals just went wHoOoOoOaAaAaAa
Bret Rogers
Bret Rogers 4 månader sedan
This fucking dude is on part 25. What a betch
Goldentoasterpotato 4 månader sedan
We need to make the song number one!
Drew Evans
Drew Evans 4 månader sedan
Jorts? Come on eddy, I thought you were better than this
kathvrt 4 månader sedan
the way I cringed when he ripped off his shirt
Jake Custer
Jake Custer 4 månader sedan
I always come back to this video, every joke nails
mr twollock
mr twollock 5 månader sedan
IWantMyBed 5 månader sedan
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin 5 månader sedan
Man if these pretty girls are gonna do questionable things for money like be in these videos, couldn't they have just done porn like back in the old days? Smh technology really has destroyed society
jake brittain
jake brittain 5 månader sedan
I feel bad for someone where this is their first burback video they’ve seen
Jenna Michele
Jenna Michele 5 månader sedan
10:03 Plus if that's his car why the fuck is he on a moped thats parked in front of it with a helmet on??? 😂😂
Beau Gordon
Beau Gordon 5 månader sedan
After the McDonalds cup part, I think he knows how obviously fake it is, and finds it funny he can make some people think it's real.... At least I hope he knows how fake that is.
Don Vito Siciliano
Don Vito Siciliano 5 månader sedan
Miguel 5 månader sedan
2020...if anything want me to roleplay with more women
Booty Eater
Booty Eater 5 månader sedan
How do you know it’s fake?
Communist Oreo
Communist Oreo 5 månader sedan
@Booty Eater because you're a child
Stephen 5 månader sedan
Adolf Not hitler ayyyyy
Adolf Not hitler
Adolf Not hitler 5 månader sedan
Yah about as real as you getting ass
Booty Eater
Booty Eater 5 månader sedan
Seems real to me
Stephen 5 månader sedan
Its just anyone of weird stuff that u wouldn't ask/tell someone. Also, he's really in their face about everything.
CaT Ash
CaT Ash 5 månader sedan
Idk if most viewers are 12 but I literally have skipped 3-5 minutes of each video to get to the actual video each video. It's goddamn insane.
Bradley Nowatzki
Bradley Nowatzki 5 månader sedan
I do band in school and we're actually playing let's mine in class. My teacher tried to tell me that it was some weird earth, wind, and fire music, so Eddy I think they're trying to steal your song.
Chazz Johnson
Chazz Johnson 5 månader sedan
Doesn’t breaking up relationships make him a home wrecker?
Cameron C
Cameron C 6 månader sedan
do more gold digger prank videos
Brown Body Vlogs
Brown Body Vlogs 6 månader sedan
went to his channel and he still does these. on ep 20 now. goddamot
Adolf Not hitler
Adolf Not hitler 5 månader sedan
22 as of now
Erika 6 månader sedan
Oh my gosh! I do this ALL the time!!!
Stephen 5 månader sedan
SuperBored that was very funny.
Erika 5 månader sedan
Stephen O'Connor yes
Stephen 5 månader sedan
do what
Michael Day
Michael Day 6 månader sedan
Imagine finding a SEpostr who lets you be in their club as long as you THINK they should have’re a god among mortals.
artstroneatical 6 månader sedan
it’s so weird how so many of these kind of pranks also have the woman walking around in the smallest “sexiest” outfits. like i know they’re near the beach but most women don’t just walk around on the sidewalks in a bikini.
Tom Dang
Tom Dang 6 månader sedan
I frequently return to this video for the original jam that is Let's Mine Tonight. You should make more music Eddy!
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
I like how Earth Wind and Fire songs can carry any terrible parodies
Gabriela Thomas
Gabriela Thomas 6 månader sedan
You ever start binging all of Eddys videos, waiting, watching, just trying to fill the void until the next video come again?
Gabriela Thomas
Gabriela Thomas 6 månader sedan
@Mack Williams Oh my god, you´re amazing. Thank you for your service, Child of Burback :)
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
Gabriela Thomas that’s been me all week
Lucas Nicholson
Lucas Nicholson 7 månader sedan
Porn quality acting
Adolf Not hitler
Adolf Not hitler 5 månader sedan
Oh no stop big bro
Kevin S
Kevin S 7 månader sedan
Eddy why did you make me watch that guy with my own eyes
Kaitlyn Wyre
Kaitlyn Wyre 7 månader sedan
Yeah... this is insanely disgustingly insulting
Harrie Goston
Harrie Goston 7 månader sedan
Man I love it when the chemicals in my female mind go WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!!!!
Aquablue 125
Aquablue 125 7 månader sedan
No big point ...that's hoomans problem, if you get my drift, hence why he attempts to degrade women
Arlo Roster
Arlo Roster 7 månader sedan
This is very Michael-Scott esque
Evan Dotzler
Evan Dotzler 7 månader sedan
Yo is this Minecraft song on Soundcloud?
Carson O'Keeffe
Carson O'Keeffe 7 månader sedan
why are these women just walking around in tiny bathing suits on the street
Stephen 5 månader sedan
@Carson O'Keeffe oh lol
Carson O'Keeffe
Carson O'Keeffe 5 månader sedan
@Stephen yes...i know it's fake! i was saying it makes it less believable.
Stephen 5 månader sedan
Cus it's fake
Sally L
Sally L 7 månader sedan
I’ve been binging your videos for a few days now and genuinely can’t remember the time before I was a child of burback 🙏
Too Jewcy
Too Jewcy 7 månader sedan
Eddy please call your subscribers the cob
sexywheels07 7 månader sedan
Wow Eddie it only took you 3:16 of absolute my numbing bulshit until you could get to whatever content you were trying to provide... wow buddy I love your videos but sometimes I cannot help but use the fast forward button on a lot of your clips
Wumbology Wumbo
Wumbology Wumbo 7 månader sedan
Dude that song is art. How it hadn’t got a Grammy yet is absolute blasphemy!
Bret Claar
Bret Claar 7 månader sedan
I think if this is real that dude was definitely a gay best friend and they lied.. I’ve seen it before. Definitely fake
little brunette
little brunette 7 månader sedan
🎶 _The knees are back in town_ _Knees are back in town_ 🎶 Now it's stuck in my head, imma go listen to some good old 70's rock music babbbyyyy After I finish watching this, ofc.
corey mcfadden
corey mcfadden 7 månader sedan
Why is this mook wearing all black and a fucking hoodie in the goddamn LA sun. Probably films from so far away so you can’t see the sweat cascading down his face.
Bubba Fetch
Bubba Fetch 8 månader sedan
Didn't think it would be possible for a man to get a yeast infection, until I seen you wearing those gd tight shorts
Trevor Coe
Trevor Coe 8 månader sedan
It's so fake it's bad
dingle berry
dingle berry 8 månader sedan
If hes able to take her to Italy then hes got money to begin with
Megan Chambers
Megan Chambers 8 månader sedan
"It's getting really dark" ...broad daylight...
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