The War on Bird Scooters

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Eddy Burback

År sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
guys WATCH the video before you give your take on it. the amount of comments i see that are uninformed on info/opinions that are stated in the video are way too high
Puzzl3man 15 dagar sedan
I'm just way too high in general
Destry Cook
Destry Cook 29 dagar sedan
Ride them in bike lane: yes Regulate them: yes Wear a helmet: no If you don’t have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle then you don’t have to wear one on a scooter
engieneer gaming
engieneer gaming Månad sedan
You lock pick it and make it iseable without paying then make profit
BEMW Kodiak
BEMW Kodiak Månad sedan
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
Nefepants It’s called a joke buddy
Der GurkenGamer
Der GurkenGamer 3 timmar sedan
Really apreciated the german ODE AN DIE FREUDE song
half loaf
half loaf Dag sedan
the clip in the start was not a war on bird scooters but a massacre of bird scooter
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco Dag sedan
As I always say, "why would they do that?" Is the answer money?... it's for money, isn't it
Constance Strawn
Constance Strawn 2 dagar sedan
I got hit by a Lime scooter on my way to PT for having been hit by a car. I. Hate. Those. Things.
Master Kenobi
Master Kenobi 3 dagar sedan
You should have said: that’s a great electric scooter to the next segment
Dannisaur-Lea 6 dagar sedan
Imagine if someone threw the bird scooter off the rooftop and it hits someone like a baby or a pregnant woman or even animals. Destroying peoples property even if you don't agree is bad do what that one guy did where he put turd on the bike, like burning scooters and chucking them in the sea is bad for the environment so be careful.
Underscore Zeus
Underscore Zeus 6 dagar sedan
Most of the issues these bird scooters solve could also be solved by a better public transit system
Fizz 7 dagar sedan
God the CEOs of these companies are so punchable.
Bud Borne
Bud Borne 8 dagar sedan
In Melbourne we had bikes like this, they ended up high up in trees in the various rivers around melbourne, in drains and everything between, they cancelled the service 2 years ago and I legitimately saw a kid riding one a few days ago. It's probably a rare artifact, last of it's kind
Jackson Dorschner
Jackson Dorschner 10 dagar sedan
8:53 no context
Bathroom Sign
Bathroom Sign 10 dagar sedan
Just buy one
Frog Studios
Frog Studios 11 dagar sedan
Dave Raschke
Dave Raschke 11 dagar sedan
just buy a fucking scooter. there problem solved
Shannon Gentz
Shannon Gentz 11 dagar sedan
Why is eddy always against everything, is he against Gus?
KarIgnishaYumi 12 dagar sedan
They just stared in our city lime. Was walking downtown. Step out of a store and all a sudden 5 scooters out of nowhere. Now only worry is all the pothole in the road looool. Have to stay on the road only.
Terry Gershman
Terry Gershman 12 dagar sedan
Ah yes I love the TURD(tm) scooters. They’re the only ones I ride anymore.
Terry Gershman
Terry Gershman 12 dagar sedan
I love how the first montage is depicting destruction of property and is set to a song about how beautiful the brotherhood of man is.
Little Avara
Little Avara 12 dagar sedan
12:26 I have a vivid image of a mother yeeting her baby into the sky to try and knock down a seagull
Blake Colonna
Blake Colonna 13 dagar sedan
The guys who own these company’s are like the guys who put “entrepreneur” in there bio
cow lover
cow lover 13 dagar sedan
I've only seen one bike lane here in Michigan...
Caseydilla57 14 dagar sedan
Officer, I was not commuting a crime by embezzling all of that moola. I was simply innovating upon the law
MyPupperDoggo 14 dagar sedan
"Whats more important, your safety or my fun?" Oh Eddie, if only you could've seen how much this question would piss you off just 1 year later.
Java Slap Nerved Josh
Java Slap Nerved Josh 14 dagar sedan
these things are in ottawa now
SuperKarlFriedrich 15 dagar sedan
they aren't good for the environmet, bicycles are good for the environment
SuperKarlFriedrich 12 dagar sedan
@Lise Magic as long as the energy comes from coal power plants and/or the batteries cost huge mining effort and water amounts, i don't think so electromobility is not the solution
Lise Magic
Lise Magic 13 dagar sedan
Technically, they both are good, because neither require fossil fuels to operate.
Alyn Sterner
Alyn Sterner 15 dagar sedan
Just have the cities buying them, and the city makes the money
Cody Klews
Cody Klews 16 dagar sedan
Remember when we used to care about this kind of stuff? Easier times
Jaime Capella
Jaime Capella 16 dagar sedan
I need to know where you got that shirt it looks great
Matt Joling
Matt Joling 17 dagar sedan
These things are annoying, but it's like usb, micro usb, and the c-type chargers. Technology will never be pushed until someone pushes it. They definitely could've done a better job, but my city just got these and it helps a sit ton getting around.
Angus Pratt
Angus Pratt 19 dagar sedan
Hey guys remember when we had problems like this
Rob Mckennie
Rob Mckennie 19 dagar sedan
if anyone asks me why there's a gap in my resume from when i was in jail, definitely going to say i was innovating on the legislative side
Rob Mckennie
Rob Mckennie 19 dagar sedan
here's a take for you, the companies should be allowed to leave scooters anywhere they like, but citizens are permitted to sell them for scrap metal
Nicholas Bianchino
Nicholas Bianchino 20 dagar sedan
Same thing happened in my town but it was lime bikes
Milo 20 dagar sedan
As someone form the Netherlands this is just so stupid to me, get a bike, make cities get bike lanes, works pretty darned well for us here, I can cross the country on a bike and have big roads for like 80+% of the way
It would’ve been better if he started with “The Good” so it would’ve been “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”
astro.mp3 20 dagar sedan
Traves really said: fuck you and fuck all your paid for *S c o o t e r*
Kane Finders
Kane Finders 21 dag sedan
Or a bus or train
Stevwn ree
Stevwn ree 21 dag sedan
Im deadass watching this at 11 out of complete coincidence
Arrebol 21 dag sedan
Ah, love cities doing ANYTHING but implementing mass transit to solve traffic issues
Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood 21 dag sedan
They seem convenient and eco-friendly but also kind of littering. Leaving them in the middle of the street could be really bad for the blind or wheelchair users.
mannav j
mannav j 22 dagar sedan
as someone from a third world country,,,,, just buy a bicycle
tommy jackson
tommy jackson 22 dagar sedan
im not a idoit on the road im just a idoit
General Grievous
General Grievous 29 dagar sedan
11:00 well, i'm an idiot in general
Imagination Or whatever
Imagination Or whatever Månad sedan
when the bird scooters falls like a brick
brody perry
brody perry Månad sedan
4:33 The awkward crossing of the dudes arms like he doesn’t know what to do with them is... well awkward. He tries to look professional and cool but just falls flat.
Electric Spirit
Electric Spirit Månad sedan
The scooters are spawning in
gavin quezada
gavin quezada Månad sedan
This is like a cool science class😄
Puffin Man
Puffin Man Månad sedan
San Fran didn't want the Bird, but got it anyways.
BeaverHat Månad sedan
What is unsecured and unregulated property in public space if not litter that's up for grabs?
BeaverHat 24 dagar sedan
It's a neat idea, but they can't disrupt and be surprised if they're disrupted.
Tin Can
Tin Can Månad sedan
i dont really think its about the bike lane even, it is a scooter, its smaller than the average persons figure..... you learn to ride a scooter at like 6 before you can even ride a bike properly..... so why is it that so many people dont excersize common sense.... they arent fool proof. if you can drive a car without running into every vehicle in city traffic, you can ride a scooter.... people are simply just not excersizing common sense, when approaching or going around people slow down to around 5-10mph and avoid them.... like that idiot blasting through a redlight, hitting someone then hitting a car....... how can you be that stupid? its common sense, dont drive straight into people or cars, you have a foot free to slow yourself down, youre going 17mph maximum, how is it that within 100 feet you manage to hit a person then a car? in that case i cant imagine those individuals behind the wheel of a car.... its simply gross negligance. theres really no excuse for it. i think a good first step for the company is to install a dashcam sort of system, so when an event like this occours they have grounds to argue that the operator was unfit to operate the machine and is directly liable for gross negligance, rather than the machine itself. and considering they have a drivers lisence, in some states that may be grounds to exhonerate the company from liability, and charge the operator and or revoke their lisence under the grounds that they are unable to operate a scooter much less a car and follow road laws. people who sprint, or ride on any kind of vehicle across roadways in highspeed traffic are widely coined as "retarded douchebags". this kind of situation turns the gaming communities quote on its head.... in this case, the consumer is intentionally abusing regulations... destroying property, and abusing its use... so in this case, id say, hate the player not the game... because common sense is almost always more applicable than their ignorant actions while using a companies properties... either they have rock solid terms of service, or they need them... spelling out rules per location for the limits of their legally binding use, aka if the company determines the consumer has broken their rules, they have grounds to put full blame on the user abusing their terms and or property in unlawful ways.
Tin Can
Tin Can Månad sedan
my assumption is due to it being an electric scooter it falls into some sort of grey area.... and companies are more than willing to take advantage of that.. they are in the business of cornering markets and making money after all... so using these grey areas to their advantage is sort of a side effect of capitolism as a whole.they corner the market before any other company can. and deal with the fallout later.. because at that point theyve already garnered the most consumer trust... potentially. as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. basically they are playing corperate risk. but in all realism, the collisions are due to consumer interest and negligence. rental bikes have been a thing forever.... they just dont garner as much interest. say we flip this around and suddenly its rental bikes that are a huge hit, rather than these expensive rental electric scooters that require less effort to use. well then we have the same issue..... you just have far more people interested and using these, than bikes. meaning you most likely have far more cherrypicked examples to use in a case against them in a shorter time. not to mention rental bikes are impossible to spot vs a normal personally owned bike.... while bird scooters are instantly recognizable... meaning that instant association to the brand. bycicle accidents happen all too often in citites, its imply the fact that a rental bike is ambiguous.
DEATHwolf632 Månad sedan
Why do people move to these big cities it sounds like a lot of hastle
DEATHwolf632 Månad sedan
Why do people move to these big cities it sounds like a lot of hastle
krsfenris Månad sedan
We got "ryde" here suddenly.. over night. Many fed up ppl have innoivated and parked them in the river lol.
Spencer Brong
Spencer Brong Månad sedan
Shout out to the rest of the boys in the back
salsa 24
salsa 24 Månad sedan
triple wheel scooters are better than electric scooters *theres no possible way you can change my mind*
Szorch Månad sedan
ngl, I thought this guy was Niel Dregrass Tyson cuz of his voice
SplashDmg Månad sedan
15:06 "...who wishes to remain anonymous, so we'll just show their elaborate fucking lower leg tattoo that will be on them for the rest of their life"
Bronwyn Edwards
Bronwyn Edwards Månad sedan
I was so confused when these scooters just boom showed up in my town, I was not aware people hated them so much, I really appreciate you talking about this
Sidsi Månad sedan
i feel like eddy made this video just to make everyone think he has boys
Ryan Rose
Ryan Rose Månad sedan
honestly I'd check a guy out if he was riding with his boys on a bird scooter
JhongYT Månad sedan
Eddy Burback more like Eddy BIRDback
Pieter Franke
Pieter Franke Månad sedan
...Use your goddamn signals.... nice Edd
dredbaron skylerminish
dredbaron skylerminish Månad sedan
Yeah thats like me taking your baby and throwing it
idontusenumbers Månad sedan
You can't say "it's a companies property" when they deliberately abandoned it on public property.
Bloody B
Bloody B Månad sedan
I don’t care if people get mad at me I’m having fun with them and I’m actually starting to make that my dream sport and if they are gonna be downers about it screw u ( I’m not saying screw u to u eddy)
Silent Historian
Silent Historian Månad sedan
It's funny how the people against the scoots want to stay anonymous but the ceos show there faces
Silent Historian
Silent Historian Månad sedan
I thought the title was bird shooters
sleepy Månad sedan
one thing, theyre not good for the environment, they run on lithium batteries which in essence is worse than cars lmao
Gcool243 Månad sedan
problem is these scooters HAVE to be on the road or in bike lanes, and you have to follow traffic laws
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
Skoot bagoot
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
There’s no girls checking out skoot bois
Ferran Gálvez Castañeda
Ferran Gálvez Castañeda Månad sedan
I think anyone damaging these scooters are shitbags, honestly. Worthless people.
Ferran Gálvez Castañeda
Ferran Gálvez Castañeda Månad sedan
See, the way these companies operate, in my opinion, is understandable. "Regulations" are actually just ways for big companies that fund the city departments to say "Fuck you this would damage our profits" and refuse to let them release their product. It's happened with several car companies who have innovation in the way of price and environmental effect.
gamerboi apex
gamerboi apex Månad sedan
yankee with no brim
CHERNO _3301
CHERNO _3301 Månad sedan
Moslty us skaters
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee Månad sedan
12:24 we synchronized saying "ok" at the baby ramming
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang Månad sedan
Just fly away... fckin dumbass ....
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
Who Eddy? Because he made a lot of good points so I think you’re a fucking dumb ass
christmastiger Månad sedan
Answer: make better public transportation systems in cities. We had a bunch of brands testing in Chicago last summer and they got a bit of use but not enough to make it worth keeping them, for me it was healthier and more convenient to walk to places I needed to go and if it was too far away I'd rather pay $2.25 (now $2.50 dammit) to get on a bus and relax while someone else figured out how to navigate traffic instead of risking my safety in the dreaded bike lane. That said, you moved to L.A. from Chicago and left your car? You moved to Los Angeles without a car, and left said car in Chicago? There are way too many things wrong with that statement I don't even know where to begin
Superflybowling Månad sedan
His twin brother still lives in Chicago and drives the car. He said that in the video.
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith Månad sedan
Oh my god, I checked the time at the beginning of this, it was 11 pm
G_Odu Of the North
G_Odu Of the North Månad sedan
I don't get it, if they're electric, don't they need to be charged? Why wouldn't you just get permits to put stations where you can hold the scooters on a rack or something, have the pay kiosk on said rack, and then just make it continually charge you over time until you put it back in a compatible station? Cuz I mean, otherwise what happens to them when they run out of battery?
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
I’m pretty sure they have like some trucks that go around in the middle of the night and pick up as many scooters as they can fine but yeah I thought about it would definitely be more efficient and better if they just had docks to put them in
• Scrithen •
• Scrithen • 2 månader sedan
I had a razer electric scooter when i was a kid and that fuckin thing was awesome
Notthemaster 2 månader sedan
is that guys name pronounced you in poon
Joey K
Joey K 2 månader sedan
Sounds like a bunch of boomer pussies pissed off about the free market
Gregor Wlliamson
Gregor Wlliamson 2 månader sedan
Like... All the "cons" are the same cons people initially had with bicycles. Or more specifically like... Stupid people on bikes. And they wouldn't ask the state because the state would probably either say no because "book good computer bad" or demand an unnecessarily large cut to stem off private enterprise overtaking state enterprise. I don't get it #southernenglandgang
Gregor Wlliamson
Gregor Wlliamson 2 månader sedan
Also who the fuck can afford to own a car these days jesus christ those money leeches
Andrew Shores
Andrew Shores 2 månader sedan
U know this is cereal when South Park made an entire episode on this
Omnistar 2 månader sedan
why does everyone have to use some weird form of transportation (hoverboards, those weird wheel things that go between the legs, electric scooters, ) instead of just walking or using a bike like a sane adult?
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
Because you can’t scoot around with your boys while walking can you
Evan Carnagey
Evan Carnagey 2 månader sedan
BLM is now Bird Lives Matter
Stas Constantine
Stas Constantine 2 månader sedan
clear answer is: ppl are dumb
the best gamer
the best gamer 2 månader sedan
It's kinda funny that they don't know something called the bike lane
James Burk
James Burk 2 månader sedan
buuuuuuut no.
Allen DeKeyrel
Allen DeKeyrel 2 månader sedan
Holly shit it is eleven oh god
Uncle Crum
Uncle Crum 2 månader sedan
Or you can run at 17 miles per hour because you are usaine bolt
FART NOISES 2 månader sedan
I really just wanted to see people fuck up scooters
Es tut mir leid
Es tut mir leid 2 månader sedan
I live in a village and I don’t have them...😢
Ein Rentner
Ein Rentner 2 månader sedan
Dorf gang
Leo Bakaitis
Leo Bakaitis 2 månader sedan
War on bird scooters at 5: 36
Eldritch Lemon
Eldritch Lemon 2 månader sedan
Wait there are people who dont use signals.
Eldritch Lemon
Eldritch Lemon Månad sedan
@CrampedTurtle no I I've done for many years I will continue to collect bad luck walk under any ladders I see
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
Midnight Oracle Consider yourself lucky my man
Eldritch Lemon
Eldritch Lemon Månad sedan
@CrampedTurtle i mean proba ly cause I've only been on the road for a short time
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
How have you not seen dumbasses on the road who don’t use their signals
invaderzimismyfav 2 månader sedan
Eddy's argument at 10:00 is just an argument for bikes. Did you forget about bikes?
invaderzimismyfav 2 månader sedan
I hate the bird scoots. They litter the world
CrampedTurtle Månad sedan
So do burning them
Emily Craig
Emily Craig 2 månader sedan
I’m Canadian and I have never heard of this. Don’t think we have them here. Or if we do, they’re not in my city. Weird.
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