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If the cast of Vampire Diaries see this please let them know I’m single, unless it’s Jeremy tell him I found peace
The Damon & Spider shirt:
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Click your favorite episode of the Vampire Diaries:
S01E13 “The 14th Party of the Season”
S06E05 “[Song Title]” JennyENicholson
S04E22 “The Mummy vs. Frankenstein”
Seasons 1-4 & Seasons 7-8 spider_jewel
S03E19 “Vampire Fight!”
S08E01 “A clipshow of all the adventures Bonnie had every time she was offscreen for the past 8 seasons” JennyNicholsonVids/
Bonnie fan wiki:
Gameplay footage:
Full credits song:
Six Flags ad archive footage:
Monster Mansion:
Laffing Sal:
Chapter timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:58 1) The Love Triangle
7:54 2) The Supporting Cast
11:12 3) The Lore
17:31 4) The Birth of Vampire Diaries
20:35 5) The Dating Tree
25:20 6) Magic Jewelry
28:15 7) China Beach
30:28 8) Product Placement
33:05 9) LJ Smith
38:14 10) Caroline's Singing Career
40:31 11) The Villains
51:08 12) Good & Evil Switch
56:04 13) Vampire & Human Switch
1:01:36 14) Dead & Alive Switch
1:04:30 15) Raising the Stakes
1:10:49 16) Characters I Hate
1:19:38 17) Good Stuff
1:23:41 18) The Video Game
1:31:43 19) The Clothes
1:33:52 20) The Vampire Diaries
1:35:50 21) Surprise
1:41:05 22) Elena Leaves
1:43:48 23) The Elena Problem
1:56:44 24) The Bonnie Problem
2:11:22 25) Where Are They Now
2:17:25 26) Missed Opportunities
2:24:52 Conclusion
Since I spent $3 to watch that clipshow retrospective I actually earned -$3 on this video.

R GS 17 minuter sedan
I like to watch this video, Sherlock is Garbage by H Bomberg, and Dan "FI" Olsen absolutely eviscerating Doug Walker's The Wall on different devices and just switch between them at random [yes I probably have ADHD and I'm def depressed anxious and autistic, but I'm American and it's easier to access SEpost commentary than to get medical care]
kath morgan
kath morgan 35 minuter sedan
I'm confused because I thought "tinker" was a disparaging term for a gypsy. I guess things are different in the uk.
Laura Buxó
Laura Buxó 2 timmar sedan
One hour and fifty four minutes into the video and I realize there’s a cute Aragog under the board lmfao Also great video!!
John Delaney
John Delaney 3 timmar sedan
Why does Elena hate candles so much?
Giovanna Moi
Giovanna Moi 4 timmar sedan
20:26 what im hearing is that tvd turned into naruto
Ketsia Mfuni
Ketsia Mfuni 5 timmar sedan
This is the best video ever on TVD. I had originally planned to watch it in 2 parts because it’s do long, but 2 hours really flew by😅
Thirty Something
Thirty Something 7 timmar sedan
It look me a long time before I could get past the casting. However, I grew to love the show and characters. I never finished Twilight.
Milhouse Vanhoutan
Milhouse Vanhoutan 7 timmar sedan
So, three months later I watched this finally.... It was, in fact, an ordeal.
James Basnett
James Basnett 7 timmar sedan
I've watched more screen time of analysis of The Vampire Diaries than the show itself.
cars000000n 8 timmar sedan
My mom is now trying to make me watch vampire diaries after seeing me watch this video. I don't know how to explain to her that didn't enjoy this video because it was vampire diaries 😅
It's Iyana
It's Iyana 8 timmar sedan
me watching this to make sure she got everything correct about tvd
Lily’s doll world
Lily’s doll world 14 timmar sedan
Your eyes are so pretty
Sayeeda Rahman Drienikova
Sayeeda Rahman Drienikova 21 timme sedan
the guy from pitch perfect performing the actual spell made me gag laugh so frigging much, subbed, you had me at **JENNA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO** I love you 🤟 you freaking killed it
Jacob Oswald
Jacob Oswald 22 timmar sedan
They stole GILES
Elyse Kuf
Elyse Kuf 23 timmar sedan
This is amazing. Next can you do a point by point exploration of how this show is actually a bastardization of the Buffyverse?
Kboss The best
Kboss The best Dag sedan
I just finished the show, this is nice
J Rose
J Rose Dag sedan
Madrine Dag sedan
A moment of silence for Jenny's video game character, who is (as far as we know) *still* stuck in those dark treacherous catacombs.
vtr0104 Dag sedan
"Not to get too heated or anything..." should be on a t-shirt or something :|
Char Dag sedan
Jenny from the l word is her mom omg
Vanessa Ferreira
Vanessa Ferreira Dag sedan
It’s 2:30am and I am currently dying of laughter at 10:06 to 10:18 😂😂😭
Andrew Sannar
Andrew Sannar Dag sedan
Press F to No Jenna
Jamie Doerschuck
Jamie Doerschuck Dag sedan
I have never even watched this show, and I have 0 interest in it but this video is amazing
Imogen Stanford-Gibbs
Imogen Stanford-Gibbs Dag sedan
“Take naps, kill the devil, get a bf!” I’m gonna print that on a t-shirt one day
Jojo Bean
Jojo Bean Dag sedan
Aww I really liked the Originals spinoff series :(
Anna __
Anna __ Dag sedan
I just want it documented that U watched this video every night for 2 months now to fall asleep to and know it by heart so yeah. I'm ok btw. It's going to get better eventually
Issey H
Issey H Dag sedan
i love your massive spider that was underneath your noticeboard
Charlienka77 Dag sedan
The Vampire Diaries book was relesed 10 years before Twilight book, so Twilight story is in some ways a ripoff of the story original story - that is way they are so similar.
Moogz Dag sedan
This is truly a masterpiece
Isaiah Dooley
Isaiah Dooley Dag sedan
I see the Bubsy plush in the back. Ah, what an awful character 😌
Family2020 Follow me
Family2020 Follow me 2 dagar sedan
I'm just saying I want everything she's wearing right now
Thomas Petrucka
Thomas Petrucka 2 dagar sedan
Jenny: *speaks even remotely louder than normal* Also Jenny: "ooh, that was aggressive."
Efe Gulener
Efe Gulener 2 dagar sedan
excuse me? it's better than buffy? what?
Killian Maladath
Killian Maladath 2 dagar sedan
What? Nothing is better than Buffy. Well, maybe Angel.
Connor Pratt
Connor Pratt 2 dagar sedan
Got to say I'd like to see supernatural (also cw, but a bit less cw-ness) or teen wolf
Optional 2 dagar sedan
02:08:25 Why is Jenny saying "they are not biologically related" bringing me flashbacks to an MLP fan dub 🤔
Rachita Srivastava
Rachita Srivastava 2 dagar sedan
Ma'am, this is a feature film.
Corrie Hammons
Corrie Hammons 2 dagar sedan
I loved those gem princess books omg- I used to get them at book fairs every year
Damon Salvator
Damon Salvator 2 dagar sedan
Hmm this look familiar
Phased Sinclaire
Phased Sinclaire 2 dagar sedan
Please tell me Teen Wolf is next?
firstname lastname
firstname lastname 2 dagar sedan
I dont think i can watch this videos
Sub Roy
Sub Roy 2 dagar sedan
"Oh, a compliment." "...think I'll fall over"
Cam 2 dagar sedan
I think you have the best editing I've seen in a while, watching the video having the china beach and jenna's death scene perfectly placed made it perfect
Thedragonwhodraws 2 dagar sedan
Thedragonwhodraws 2 dagar sedan
OKAY okay here me out bonaline
Thedragonwhodraws 2 dagar sedan
Amanda Archer
Amanda Archer 2 dagar sedan
Is that Elena's necklace?
Alecia M
Alecia M 3 dagar sedan
I’m so glad I found your channel!
Thabile M
Thabile M 3 dagar sedan
I loved the China beach part 😭😂😂😂😂
Kathryn Long
Kathryn Long 3 dagar sedan
THANKYOU FOR MENTIONING H20 that's all I came for. And pizza vamp. :_)
Jordan Cooper
Jordan Cooper 3 dagar sedan
Is this woman a left wing feminist?
Ruby 3 dagar sedan
Why do you ask?
Randomfully Wonderful
Randomfully Wonderful 3 dagar sedan
If you could only see
raybrandt 3 dagar sedan
can someone please timestamp every "nooo jenna!" and "through the mirror of my mind" in this video? ty
Anylastwords? 3 dagar sedan
We need an originals version bestie
David Streicher
David Streicher 3 dagar sedan
Elena: "We're going to be best friends forever!" Bonnie: "Elena, Look out for that bus!" Bus rushes past, strikes Elena, she falls over dead. Stefan and Damon rush to her side, the former weeping, the latter seething with rage, angrily staring at the bus now rounding the corner. Suddenly, a glow emanates from Elena's hand and her eyes open, the magic ring restoring her to life. Bonnie: "But... How?" Elena: "I don't... I don't know." Smash cut to the inside of the bus, the passengers now rowdy and loud, shouting at the driver. The driver's eyes rise to meet the camera, as a smirk forms on their lips. Stefan: "Oh my god... There's a vampire driving that bus." Dun dun dun dun dun dun... ~Through the mirror of my mind~ "The show that brought women to the fro-"
MarginWalker 3 dagar sedan
You should totally watch Lost. Also, no True Blood comparisons?
Stevie Banana
Stevie Banana 3 dagar sedan
this is so funny and well done
flying horse
flying horse 3 dagar sedan
How dare you say that the Originals is bad (whitch it is ) . I demand you go watch it and show it the respect it needs
flying horse
flying horse 3 dagar sedan
I tryied to rewatch the series (and gave up just as the college thing started ) My very first reaction when the first episode played was " She had a brother ? " I had legit wiped Jerremy off my mind . Imagine my surprise when he stick aroung the entire show .
Noelle Alexandria NoelleXandria on Insta-Onlyfans
Noelle Alexandria NoelleXandria on Insta-Onlyfans 3 dagar sedan
The fan wiki description of Damon and Bonnie makes sense when you look at why they’re believable. You can believe they have a genuine friendship, which any good relationship should have, one that managed to withstand a lot of very difficult things and that formed a bond through those difficult things. They do end up with strong sexual chemistry as they grow closer. And the love they have is more than just good friends. They have three important elements to make a well-rounded, solid relationship. We don’t usually talk about relationships having a platonic element as well as sexual (no one has sex 24/7, and so if you can’t hang out with someone non-sexually, there’s a problem), so having it pointed out can sound strange and confusing. I didn’t buy any chemistry between Elena and Damon except when they both were bland, cardboard stereotypes of vampires, but found a lot of believable chemistry between Bonnie and Damon since they had to get to know each other, and found that they genuinely liked each other for it. Damon and Stephen were into Elena because she looked like someone else. Damon and Bonnie should have ended up together. Elena’s personality, what there was, seemed a better fit with Stephen, since he was pretty mild himself. Somehow, it worked for him as a personality though. For her, it was forgettable. Regarding the confederate stuff: I actually liked that. For once something set in the south didn’t gloss over how much that bullshit is STILL celebrated there. Should it be? FUCK NO. But it is, and this show actually acknowledged that. I do wish they’d have had some sort of reconciliation with it, made them come to terms with their pasts, had some sort of discomfort or something, but better to at least acknowledge this than to sweep it all under the rug as nonexistent. A missed opportunity would have been for one brother to enlist in the confederacy to make their dad proud, and the other make the difficult decision to piss off their dad by enlisting in the union. Like it or not, the right thing can be hard when it means walking away from your entire family. My dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad and my dad’s dad’s dad’s MOM’s dad (my great-great-great-grandfather) were both from the same town in Louisiana, and the first one fought for the union, and the other for the confederacy. They survived, and their son and daughter got married. That must have been a super fun wedding. Point is, being in the south didn’t inherently mean believing in slavery. And there was a missed opportunity here for the Salvatore brothers to have had more animosity than just over a woman in a way that could have given the writers an In for bringing up racism in the town. Having both brothers been on the side of the confederacy instead would have made bringing up racism a shoehorned thing, which does suck. But I’m still glad that they showed that that stuff is still alive and thriving in the south. In fact, it actually shows something about Gone With the Wind. That movie is through the lens of southerners who don’t see their behavior as a problem. They sweep it under the rug and ignore the issues since they don’t see the issues, just as no one in TVD did. We’re watching through the eyes of the protagonists on the wrong side of history. Only because the characters in TVD aren’t actively participating in slavery, it’s seen as okay to like them because they have good traits X, Y, and Z, despite participating in confederate reenactments for FUN.
Scooby Darwin
Scooby Darwin 4 dagar sedan
i clicked in randomly, noticed it was 2 and a half hours long, thought I'd only watch for a few minutes before I got bored but I ended up watching it all in one sitting while knitting a scarf and enjoyed every single second immensely, you are a powerful content creator, thank you
Farhana K
Farhana K 4 dagar sedan
Somehow you convinced me to ship Bonnie x Devil. Now I want this ship!
Captain Nermy
Captain Nermy 4 dagar sedan
Having not watched the show, 90% of these characters are completely indistinguishable from each other. Just an endless cascade of generic attractive 30 year olds.
Hana Zherka
Hana Zherka 4 dagar sedan
Oh also the racism in how for the first few seasons the only witches were black
The Absent Deity
The Absent Deity 4 dagar sedan
13 minutes in and I'm dying of laughter! Did this show really happen? omg
:T 4 dagar sedan
This is 1:30 long and you've only watched half the series holy shit
helen s
helen s 4 dagar sedan
watched this whole video and i still cant remember any of the character's names
D. Edward Bridges-O'Connor
D. Edward Bridges-O'Connor 4 dagar sedan
"Take naps. Kill the devil. Get a boyfriend. Words to live by, I guess." - Jenny Nicholson
MD Rivera
MD Rivera 4 dagar sedan
The delivery on "Caroline wears garbage that she finds on the street" kills me every single time 😂😂😂
Anthony G
Anthony G 4 dagar sedan
Damn I always thought Jenny was underrated as a SEpostr (still do actually) but 2.7mill views on this topic?!?! Muh gurl chrushin this SEpost game!!!
crispyfuller 4 dagar sedan
this is my third time watching this, and somehow "oh, a compliment. i think i'll fall over." followed by her getting tHROWN down the stairs caught me by surprise AGAIN and i laughed way too loudly at 2am on a weeknight AGAIN
miiraculerchan 4 dagar sedan
Did I just sit and watched 2 hours and a half of a girl I don't know explain a show I've watched completely least 5 times even tho I have late assignments that I need to do? Yes, yes I did.
Coffee Pasta
Coffee Pasta 4 dagar sedan
.... okay but did no one else immediately think of The Village People, the BAND, killing The Devil??
warrenclicky 5 dagar sedan
I bought a bottle of reallemon but left it in my car for like 2 months... I wonder if I can still use it
Tobi Grantlbart
Tobi Grantlbart 5 dagar sedan
The good and evil switch seemed to make sense at first, but it didn't later on
Lena 5 dagar sedan
I actually really liked Caroline's style. 🤷‍♀️😅
Kyle Mesa
Kyle Mesa 5 dagar sedan
ooh i have that shirt..
Isa Lo Explica Todo / Isa Explains It All
Isa Lo Explica Todo / Isa Explains It All 5 dagar sedan
"It's better than Buffy" is the only thing I disagree with in this video
Alexia Marcott
Alexia Marcott 5 dagar sedan
The Vampire Vlogs™
Miranda 5 dagar sedan
Petition for (mainly) American tv shows and movies to stop using the g slur and act as if Romani people are some kind of half mythical beings
Sean James
Sean James 2 dagar sedan
Rando Plants
Rando Plants 5 dagar sedan
"It smells as if celery was mad at you."
Laura Patrice
Laura Patrice 5 dagar sedan
SEpost often puts this video on auto play for me. I assume this is the highest compliment. 😆
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite 5 dagar sedan
Realistically she probably didn't want people to boycott it because she probably got some form of royalties out of it. Similar to how comic book writers/artists get royalties from comic companies and movie companies who use their characters even if they were always owned by the company.
Noelle Alexandria NoelleXandria on Insta-Onlyfans
Noelle Alexandria NoelleXandria on Insta-Onlyfans 3 dagar sedan
The people I’ve known who’ve done that kind of work don’t get royalties. They’re paid to do a job, and that’s it.
Storm Jinx
Storm Jinx 5 dagar sedan
I watch this once a month
Olivia T.N.
Olivia T.N. 5 dagar sedan
Where is the love for the video game section of this video? One of the most underrated elements of this essay ✨
Lillith666 5 dagar sedan
1:23:20 can I get a gif of this death scene, exactly as it’s seen in this clip??
maskedleopard0 5 dagar sedan
Stop calling it VPD, it's TVD
HalflingHarmony 5 dagar sedan
That Michael death scene truly caught me off guard and now I’m cry-laughing in alone in my room 😂
Kat H
Kat H 5 dagar sedan
Your eye makeup ::chef’s kiss::
maskedleopard0 5 dagar sedan
How is the originals bad? Asking for a friend
Mezzanine 6 dagar sedan
through the mirror of my mind
kaylee birdwell
kaylee birdwell 6 dagar sedan
Thank you so much I have wanted this video since I finished the series! Thank you for all of it!❤️
ceylamb 6 dagar sedan
I love how manic you look in the thumbnail
Baatile Kgosiemang
Baatile Kgosiemang 6 dagar sedan
I watched 5 seasons. At least now I know for sure that there is no need for me to ever finish it.
AstronomyBeck 6 dagar sedan
Lacey Zielinski
Lacey Zielinski 6 dagar sedan
I love how I only watched the pilot of tvd but this girl that walked on the same route as me home from school bonded over it and usually just screamed team Damon and team Stefan me having basically no context on what I was yelling for but it was so fuuuuuucking amazing
Izonxy 6 dagar sedan
This is all your fault, Bailey.
okay but nora and mary louise were epic. they should've gotten more screen time and more development.
"not a single good character is a werewolf" HAILEY THO- I LOVE HAILEY (the originals made me love her, she's bada$$, but yeah she's annoying in tvd)
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