The technology that’s replacing the green screen

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The green screen is a Hollywood staple. Should it be?
It’s easy to complain about overreliance on special effects, but for projects that require impossible-to-film environments or have incredibly expensive shots, how do you get the flexibility of green screens without the drawbacks?
Charmaine Chan has worked on one of the possible answers. Vox's Phil Edwards spoke to her about her career and how it's at the forefront of a big technological shift. As a compositor for venerable effects house Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), she’s worked on films like The Last Jedi, assembling various digital elements into a beautiful, seamless image. Her job changed on The Mandalorian, one of the first shows to use ILM’s upgrade for the green screen: LED panels that used video game engine technology to place a realistic-looking world behind the actors.
It was a huge improvement, because green screens actually have a lot of drawbacks. Removing the green screen is never as quick as visual effects artists would hope. It also casts green light upon the set and actors. Even substitutes for a green screen, like projecting an image onto a screen behind the actor, fail to dynamically respond to camera movements the way they would in the real world.
ILM’s solution fixes a lot of those problems, and it also led to creative breakthroughs in which the old Hollywood order of a TV show or movie, in which VFX came last, was suddenly reversed. Now, artists like Charmaine are alongside actors, set designers, and other crew members during filming. That collaboration means that this technology doesn’t just eliminate a screen - it eliminates a creative barrier.
Watch the above video to see how it happens.
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dude no
dude no 8 timmar sedan
@Preston Ak i made it 8 you’re welcome :)
Preston Ak
Preston Ak 10 timmar sedan
7 likes, that’s not normal it should be at 8
More Spencer
More Spencer 25 minuter sedan
i like how shes does vfx for a living but her camera outputs at 15fps
Stratus Above
Stratus Above 6 timmar sedan
The world that the children made.
Edmond O'Brien
Edmond O'Brien 7 timmar sedan
Don't give all NASA's Secrets away
Cyrus Esfahani
Cyrus Esfahani 10 timmar sedan
Man ILM never stops innovating, well done
Nikolaos Skordilis
Nikolaos Skordilis 10 timmar sedan
Do LED panels of a high enough resolution already exist that when viewing the show on a large (70+") 4K screen their pixels will not be discerned? Or do the show creators use LED panels of a more reasonable pixel density but take care not to get the camera too close to them - and perhaps if/when they do they use a softening filter to smooth out the pixels? The idea sounds great, but I suppose it can only work if the combined pixel density of the LED panels & shooting distance is greater than the combined pixel density of the largest TV sets & the viewing distance of the audience. Otherwise softening/blurring filters would need to be used, but those decrease clarity and sharpness. If 4K LED panels of 11 timmar sedan
later, it will be like a projection dome in startrek.
Micah 14 timmar sedan
Must be trippy when the camera moves...
Max Films
Max Films 14 timmar sedan
Ok. Fantastic. Amateur filmmaking is dead. That's all folks!
FeDrO Ufficiale
FeDrO Ufficiale 14 timmar sedan
I mean it's not a new technology but it was done in other ways
Lauren Rebec
Lauren Rebec 16 timmar sedan
First off when you dropped the light on baby yoda I almost lost it with laughter!! haaha Amazing video I am completely beyond blowwwww away!! Inspired isn't even the word! I am so ready to dive more into this new coming technology. Its really just projection upgraded! Open to chat with anyone else who cant help but to talk about it! Sorry I have no friends that are interested in this stuff haha!
THE EVERYTHING 16 timmar sedan
much expensive
Niall Moran
Niall Moran 16 timmar sedan
The Truman Show
Reprogramming Mind
Reprogramming Mind 16 timmar sedan
Five to ten minutes!
Diosa Mamii
Diosa Mamii 17 timmar sedan
All this for a tiny movie
Sid Sid
Sid Sid 19 timmar sedan
Guys this is a too complex for a home or small studio, granted that the production quality is going to be better, a skillful vfx magician will know how to achieve similar results, & cost is always problem.
Kauri Channel
Kauri Channel 21 timme sedan
if only paints are made of micro led that changes color
Spencer Young
Spencer Young 23 timmar sedan
Can't wait to see this tech come to consumers so NakeyJakey can have memes all around him on his yoga ball.
Jessie Marshall Jr
Jessie Marshall Jr 23 timmar sedan
Didn’t Ray Bradbury make a novel about something similar to this? Lol
Haris Bennington
Haris Bennington Dag sedan
Just do it in iMovie
Diving Up
Diving Up Dag sedan
beautiful minecraft?
JJ K Dag sedan
4:30 NO!!!!!! lol nice acting
Zaktron Dag sedan
This makes me want to check the walls of my room, just to make sure they're not LED panels.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Dag sedan
Digital enlightenment
Paul Freedman
Paul Freedman Dag sedan
Stunningly brilliant.
Jpaul Getty productions
Jpaul Getty productions Dag sedan
I have zero respect for those who contributed to Artemis Foul
Control Televisión
Control Televisión Dag sedan
So this was just an ad for The Mandalorian, wasn't it?
Snooks Dag sedan
though with this all VFX has to be planned and implemented ahead of time and you can't mess up anything or the whole thing needs to be reshot. probably works better for TV than movies
the demons
the demons Dag sedan
imagine gaming on this screen
Moses Ramirez
Moses Ramirez Dag sedan
This is really just a digital equivalent to the matte paintings used in the original Star Wars, which would help (partly) explain how the feel of The Mandalorian is so close to its source material.
Daniel Green
Daniel Green Dag sedan
I don’t like how industrial light and Magic do films that aren’t under the Disney umbrella like Aqua-man. Stop helping the competition!
binbows225 Dag sedan
what are you even saying
OldGamerMusic 2 dagar sedan
The technology that NO ONE CAN AFFORD
Evaldas Klupsas
Evaldas Klupsas 2 dagar sedan
🔥🔥very interesting🔥🔥
Maurizio Abile
Maurizio Abile 2 dagar sedan
And she explained everything though a Green Screen
Teflon Smile
Teflon Smile 2 dagar sedan
Frame by frame!
Teflon Smile
Teflon Smile 2 dagar sedan
They have a room like this inside EXXONMOBIL headquarters 🔎🔥 one of 2 idea! Its very very unreal
Insane Cuckooman
Insane Cuckooman 2 dagar sedan
i hate the way she talks
Farhang Abdinzade
Farhang Abdinzade 2 dagar sedan
her sound is soooo anoyying omg i cant contineo
Oliver McFadden
Oliver McFadden 2 dagar sedan
this is an awesome creative solution! and now we don’t have to listen to mfers complain about how modern filmmaking killed film
Amelia Pinky
Amelia Pinky 2 dagar sedan
With the help of vortexhackers. com. I was able to recover my lost btc which was stolen by some binary traders . .. . .
impooser 2 dagar sedan
8:22 of Californian vocal frying
Jordan Osburn
Jordan Osburn 2 dagar sedan
I’ve met Charmaine once presenting at my college campus, it was really amazing to see how much change these led panels would introduce to the visual effects world!
Julie Burke
Julie Burke 2 dagar sedan
I'm very surprised there is no mention of Epics Unreal Engine which is the real tech behind this Virtual Production process. Its also sad that real locations won't be necessary for future film making, photogrammetry of the world will replace the real thing.
Paul Cwick
Paul Cwick 2 dagar sedan
"It’s easy to complain about overreliance on special effects" With good reason. Too many contemporary movies appear to be 99.99% special effects, and maybe 0.01% intelligent thought put into plot, story-structure or character-development.
Ione Velasquez
Ione Velasquez 2 dagar sedan
sebatian 2 dagar sedan
I hate asians.
wdavem 3 dagar sedan
This video is dripping with public relations. The technology is good. Like an improved rear projection. But the video is leaking public relations out of it's huh.
Umair Asghar
Umair Asghar 3 dagar sedan
have you ever tried the change background feature in skype or zoom?
GoofyTall 3 dagar sedan
The Volume? Don't you mean The Holodeck?
DoctorX17 3 dagar sedan
I have purple screen
fatarsemonkey 3 dagar sedan
So a modern version of what Stanley Kubrick did.
clay 22 timmar sedan
@fatarsemonkey Yeah you're right.
fatarsemonkey 23 timmar sedan
@clay Well, I was just implying it's not exactly ground breaking.
clay Dag sedan
Yeah but much easier than what Stanley Kubrick did.
Mioumi 3 dagar sedan
How does one interact with an object that goes from the volume to the real scene without a cut?
durr clips
durr clips 3 dagar sedan
has it been used for anythin but static empty landscapes? Yeah ok standing in a desert is cool but this seems limited. You cant shoot anything where you need to move more than 15 feet
rowelle 3 dagar sedan
I understand this new technology is more efficient, but is it cost effective? Looks like it costs more to do this than to do green screen.
Alexandre Bugado
Alexandre Bugado 3 dagar sedan
so it is a real time -ray tr- green screen
Phil Christophers
Phil Christophers 3 dagar sedan
yeah I was okay till you started promoting 5G which is not good for humans come back to the human race
Luke Evans
Luke Evans 3 dagar sedan
Same technology used in 'Oblivion' 7 years ago
Damon Zap
Damon Zap 3 dagar sedan
my thoughts exactly. I was hoping someone wrote this in the comments selection. 🖖
Alan Smith
Alan Smith 3 dagar sedan
my question would be about the floor... how is that done to fit into the ocean?
ShortMovie Editor
ShortMovie Editor 3 dagar sedan
it would cost less to just like go to the actual spot and record
Linus Wärn
Linus Wärn 3 dagar sedan
Why haven't we invented high resolution conference calls yet?
Linus Wärn
Linus Wärn 2 dagar sedan
@GG-Private I have fiber broadband. I was referring to the woman's low res image.
GG-Private 2 dagar sedan
Your internet or LTE might not support affordable high res calls yet so no use using high res conference cams.
theacp127 3 dagar sedan
It's amazing that the studio who basically revolutionized key removal with the original Star Wars film is still innovating years later to create more amazing Star Wars content.
April Mintac Pineda
April Mintac Pineda 3 dagar sedan
So the "new" tech that will replace green screen editing because it's a better solution, is basically a tech of the past that they ditched for green screen? That's the equivalent of choosing the wrong guy and coming back crying 😂😂
Fun Film
Fun Film 3 dagar sedan
Is there a way to do this for us lower budget filmmakers, say like for only 1-2 million?
sK3LeTvM 3 dagar sedan
Nothing new. This technique has allready been used by Stanley Kubrick for filming A Space Odyssey. Though it was (rear) film projection instead of LED screens at that time.
Radu Caseti
Radu Caseti 3 dagar sedan
But they still eat pangolins...🤷🏿‍♂️
Casey Chisholm
Casey Chisholm 3 dagar sedan
Her BaSS
Her BaSS 3 dagar sedan
och X-Men Fight room
Alisa Komendova
Alisa Komendova 4 dagar sedan
When she talked about removing the uneven green screen frame by frame, I felt physically ill. They are the real heroes
Daniel Grove Photo
Daniel Grove Photo 4 dagar sedan
How do real camera movements translate or get measured and put in to the system so that the 3d renders correspond to the camera angle changes?
Green Moxy
Green Moxy 4 dagar sedan
Can you play call of duty on the LED screen?
Mr. Ant
Mr. Ant 4 dagar sedan
Before I knew about this I thought the mandalorian was filmed at real places around the world
Karolis Jurevicius
Karolis Jurevicius 4 dagar sedan
VFX is the least appreciated team in filmmaking when it comes to general audiences and mainstream films.
JBulsara A
JBulsara A 4 dagar sedan
However the screen they need to learn how to act right in front of a camera.
Sourish W.
Sourish W. 4 dagar sedan
I got a Verizon ad as soon as the main video ended, then got another vox sponsor speech lol
MrSaemichlaus 4 dagar sedan
Dis is da we.
hypnotic1979 4 dagar sedan
BOOOOOO 5G !!! It doesn´t only make technology different IT ALSO RUINS LIFE ON EARTH, so PLEASE BANN 5G EVERYWHERE... everywhere where you love people and nature to survive healthier...
katasiapa 4 dagar sedan
Me: How much the technology price compare to green screen? Her: Your house.
rowelle 3 dagar sedan
My exact question.
Erik Hendrych
Erik Hendrych 4 dagar sedan
Those panels must ve really special. Seen those people who film their computer screen instead of using screen capture software? It looks horrible!
~ImaginedByMe~ 4 dagar sedan
i did not expect anything different than a jebait from vox tbh
Michaelangelo A Barreto
Michaelangelo A Barreto 4 dagar sedan
This same screen technology is used in The Bourne Stuntacular live show at Universal Studios Florida. So if you want to see this live, check out that show. It is breath taking.
Animatroix 5 dagar sedan
what if the whole world is just a green screen?
wedoebe 5 dagar sedan
This was plain and simply awesome!!🤓
p c
p c 5 dagar sedan
It would not be too surprising if a future iteration of 'The Volume' were to be more like a half sphere and much larger.
kngston20 5 dagar sedan
Soaring over California needs to upgrade to this technology. Those screens are getting dated.
IsThisLeftUnity? 5 dagar sedan
I kinda assumed that most of the Mandalorian was filmed on location with the backgrounds edited in later. Compared to the creature and vehicle CG it looked almost flawless.
Billy Crutchfield
Billy Crutchfield 5 dagar sedan
Matthew Pennington
Matthew Pennington 5 dagar sedan
This is incredible development on the part of the lead technologist, she is amazing, but why scrimp on a glitchy zoom call quality interview for this piece? I'd implore you to re-shoot this in her developed tech! Amazing work highlighting such talent, not meant as a criticism. Big love.
isabella live 2.0
isabella live 2.0 5 dagar sedan
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow 2.5 seconds really!!! I mean Ah!!!!!!!!!!!5G!!!
Mick Murray
Mick Murray 5 dagar sedan
How can we change the way voices sound?
Aesthetic Virtuoso
Aesthetic Virtuoso 5 dagar sedan
It makes it easier for the actors too
lon-ist lon-ist
lon-ist lon-ist 5 dagar sedan
My favourite type of films probably wouldn’t need techniques like this one. There is much more to cinema than guns, cars, explosions and blond babes.
bill billiomson
bill billiomson 5 dagar sedan
yikes imagine the shame of having worked on the last jedi.
CraftingBlue 4 dagar sedan
I loved that movie
Online Radio School
Online Radio School 5 dagar sedan
Fun watch!
Alexander Johansen
Alexander Johansen 5 dagar sedan
Optimal for streamers
Sargent Peep
Sargent Peep 6 dagar sedan
Can't hear anything anyone is saying over the annoying background "music" noise.
MrLaeddis1 6 dagar sedan
What about in scenes the character is walking around. How does he act the walking without walking into the LED panels
kiiinggg Galaxy
kiiinggg Galaxy 3 dagar sedan
@Adam Davies is there any sensor connected between the character and background panel?
Adam Davies
Adam Davies 3 dagar sedan
Not even a joke, they use a type of treadmill that is synced to the motion on the screen faster you walk or run the quicker the background moves
Chancey M
Chancey M 4 dagar sedan
its a pretty big room
Kpop X Anime High
Kpop X Anime High 4 dagar sedan
@Ironic Man 😂😂
Ironic Man
Ironic Man 4 dagar sedan
PengWin76 6 dagar sedan
Love the Delorean in the background.
Strong Independent Chinese Virus From Wuhan
Strong Independent Chinese Virus From Wuhan 6 dagar sedan
Imagine if game of thrones used that tech :O
looking for places
looking for places 6 dagar sedan
very interesting video
bara laurentza
bara laurentza 6 dagar sedan
old, we filming movie in the virtual wolrd
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