THE ROAD CHIP (Troll 2) - Horrible Movie Scenes

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Eddy Burback

4 år sedan

Through a series of misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon and Theodore come to believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in Miami...and dump them. They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother.

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Lailah Bustanji
Lailah Bustanji 2 dagar sedan
Lorelei Haycock
Lorelei Haycock 4 månader sedan
Eddy it’s been 3 years we need you to continue this
torrie donley
torrie donley 5 månader sedan
joshua was hands down the best actor out of everyone on that movie
jak kos
jak kos 7 månader sedan
1:00 that's honestly giving me flashbacks of my family telling me I'm ruining shit when I'm upset and I'm just sitting there in silence, doing LITERALLY NOTHING. Also what fucking parents would let's some guy come with them on a month long vacation just because he's their daughters boyfriend, because ThAt MaKeS sEnCe
Michael French
Michael French 9 månader sedan
It was the eighties. I'm pretty sure our man Elliot is in the closet.
En Gi
En Gi År sedan
Eddy has finally put Grandpa Seth to rest
Andrew S
Andrew S År sedan
Zorp År sedan
I am confusion
YoungRebelRoyalty År sedan
You really never heard the word "beau" before?
kelroy2121 År sedan
5:00 That whole scene is motion sickness in a nutshell
im tired
im tired År sedan
How is this a kids movie
huh dot gov
huh dot gov År sedan
Hey eddy I understand that this was a year ago but I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the gist of Alvin and the chipmunks
huh dot gov
huh dot gov År sedan
Hecks yes guess who's name is beau!
huh dot gov
huh dot gov År sedan
Me! Me that's my name!
Tea with Kylee C.
Tea with Kylee C. År sedan
Please do whole movies!!! I love your commentary on bad movies when you show whole scenes from the whole movie. 🙏
Proctor Doctor
Proctor Doctor År sedan
1:31 while Beau does mean boyfriend its kinda like another level, its an older term but it's a bit before being committed, its after first dates and right before being officially committed.
Kasp_The_Ghost År sedan
Eddy what the fuck man. Its 2019 and you still haven't put out part 3. Come on maaaaaaan! In all seriousness I found Gus late last year loved his content, then because of him I found you. You're highly underrated. Love your shit. Both you and Gus have a good thing going here my guy. But Eddy....part 3..... now! 😂
Susie Q.
Susie Q. År sedan
Eddy, it’s time. We need more.
Sam w
Sam w År sedan
Look at the people, living in the moment, not a phone in sight
puresolus År sedan
please continue eddy
Vietnam Gamer
Vietnam Gamer År sedan
*Do the continue*
PlNKFlowers År sedan
The acting is so baaaad.
Jade Laurel
Jade Laurel År sedan
Two things, I couldn't find any racial term relating to "beau" on UD, what'd you see? Beau is a masculine French word meaning handsome. And Row Your Boat is a round, meaning it's meant to be sung at different times by different singers, but they're off time for that as well, that's why it sounds like shit.
Demi Harper
Demi Harper År sedan
Raindance År sedan
Hey where’s part 3 😭 I need to know what happens.
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace År sedan
3:11 I think they're trying to sing in canon
Thera Pitts
Thera Pitts År sedan
They were singing in a round, they were just doing it poorly.
pieisnotreal År sedan
U could come back to this.
amara År sedan
bring this series backkkkkkk
DickTheDestroyer År sedan
im sure josh is schizo
Brohan År sedan
how'd they find so many actors with the same type of teeth?
luna År sedan
and he never did another one again....
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
Not a troll episode but there will be an entire 80s movie video tomorrow!!!
Vasalisa Yaga
Vasalisa Yaga År sedan
This series was such a gift please bring it back 😭
PokeCat År sedan
3:13 they sing off from each other one verse because it’s a game where you do that. My family plays this same game sometimes. It’s not a accident that they are not singing in unison.
Faded Alien
Faded Alien År sedan
my level 4 cryptography skills permitted me to unlock the secrets of Nilbog before this video. yes i'm gloating
generic username
generic username År sedan
8:00 how did he jump out the car in the first place?
Will MG
Will MG År sedan
"I'll keep doing some troll"
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers År sedan
Row row row your boat is actually a round, so they were singing it correctly. I mean, off-key and atonally, but otherwise the out of sync singing was right.
loupgarou95 8 månader sedan
@Nikolas Shull Look up "singing in the round'
Nikolas Shull
Nikolas Shull 8 månader sedan
please explain
erika furry
erika furry 2 år sedan
eddy it’s been 2 years you NEED to continue this
Mel Smart
Mel Smart År sedan
Wow its been three years and he's now done it
Darric P.L.
Darric P.L. 2 år sedan
Damn only one dislike nice job... it wasn't me...
Hayes 2 år sedan
“I like doing troll. I’ll keep doing troll” *never does troll again*
Mizzix 4 månader sedan
@Bina Mai not anymore
Mizzix 4 månader sedan
As I pointed out to Zachary you will never beat me
Bina Mai
Bina Mai 4 månader sedan
Mizzix :-0
Mizzix 4 månader sedan
What about now?
Bina Mai
Bina Mai 4 månader sedan
Mizzix now I’m from the future
Nickolas Barnes
Nickolas Barnes 2 år sedan
As I child of Burback I don’t believe that you would tell me you were gonna finish Troll 2 and lie straight to my face. Plz....
Jeronimo 2 år sedan
1 dislike
adsrotufs Soho
adsrotufs Soho 2 år sedan
iamhiphoptk 2 år sedan
Can we finish this please cause I don’t wanna watch it without u
Mandi Rosanna
Mandi Rosanna 2 år sedan
Where’s the next one?! I need more!! Binging on your videos and need the next Troll video!! X
Cait G
Cait G 2 år sedan
I need to know what happens next! Please continue. Also I love everything you make brb gonna go buy your cult merch
sophie 2 år sedan
eddy it’s been over a year if i don’t get more of these i will die
AlesiaJenae 2 år sedan
I want more Eddy!! This videos are my absolute favorite!
jwoody 2 år sedan
Imma comment a bit late, but make more of these vids.
Bessie Vargas
Bessie Vargas 2 år sedan
This video has 666 likes...creepy
GabbyBear 2 år sedan
That’s generally how numbers function
Elliot Jackson
Elliot Jackson 2 år sedan
elliot IS a good for nothing
koolkdm 2 år sedan
I need a part 3
Brittany Stewart
Brittany Stewart 2 år sedan
I need more horrible movie scenes in my life
Natalia Aversano
Natalia Aversano 2 år sedan
Eddy u need to post more im at the point where i have to rewatch ur videos
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
Next one is a big one! Probably like 5 days. Thanks for looking this far into the catalogue hahah
Molly C
Molly C 2 år sedan
More of these!! 😊😊😊
Kira Veritas
Kira Veritas 2 år sedan
Beau is an old fashioned term that means admirer, so there’s no formal relationship or agreement that’s been entered into (unlike with a boyfriend where there is usually a commitment to monogamy and various other constraints or rituals)
meta gothh
meta gothh 2 år sedan
It literally took me this long to realize that nilbog is goblin spelled backwards ffs
Yesica Valenzuela
Yesica Valenzuela 2 år sedan
I don't know what am i doing here, but this is awesome.
Pauline Martinez
Pauline Martinez 2 år sedan
your content is so good I wish I could find a funny way to tell you that I really enjoy your work but my english is not fluent so I'm not really able to say funny stuff. thank you tho I hope your work will pay off and you will get the recognition you deserve
Pred 2 år sedan
My names elliott i have been crippled
HoneyHop 2 år sedan
Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd. You haven't done the oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd scene yet. Also the corn/popcorn scene.
kaitlynn p.
kaitlynn p. 2 år sedan
that little boy had to be covered in some strange green goop. and not even the nickelodeon slime
LordFurquan 2 år sedan
The singing part was hilarious.
Jadyn Padilla
Jadyn Padilla 2 år sedan
This has become my favorite channel in the span of 1 week. Keep it up
Braiden 420 Milan69
Braiden 420 Milan69 4 månader sedan
Same btw i subbed
lessandri 2 år sedan
please do more of this! You should colab with search for the worst or Cris stuckman
Yori desu
Yori desu 3 år sedan
5k views only??? Wtf?? this should've gone viral
Brennan Smith
Brennan Smith 3 år sedan
Homey. I've been going through your content the past few days - really funny stuff. I've enjoyed watching your sub count increase so much, especially in the past few days! I think you were at 29K yesterday and as of this post you're up to 32K...Hell YEAH man! Keep it up!
Kayla Crespo
Kayla Crespo 3 år sedan
you make me procrastinate in life
Burt C0caine
Burt C0caine 3 år sedan
They weren't singing together on purpose.
Mike 3 år sedan
FYI, Row Your Boat is supposed to be sung that way.
Mike År sedan
@Rum Ham Except at 3:12 it's clear Eddy thinks it should be sung in UNISON
Rum Ham
Rum Ham 2 år sedan
Mike I think he meant after the son sings it she sings it too quick
Shreyas Dodamani
Shreyas Dodamani 3 år sedan
can you do another video on this?
Shreyas Dodamani
Shreyas Dodamani 3 år sedan
hurry up son
Floyd Outdoors
Floyd Outdoors 4 år sedan
Have zach be in the videos
Floyd Outdoors
Floyd Outdoors 4 år sedan
To bad, I went to high school with him.
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
He is away at school right now
Xtessy 4 år sedan
I didn't receive this in my sub box
Sam McCloud
Sam McCloud 4 år sedan
When is Zach coming back. I want to see more skits. But awesome job eddy, love the vids
Jacob Abarbanel
Jacob Abarbanel 4 år sedan
Photoshop Skills Part Two! Acknowledge that your a gem, Eddie, acknowledge it!
Guillermo Errasti Morales
Guillermo Errasti Morales 4 år sedan
please make a third part it was hilarious and i just wanted to tell you that you did some great work! :)
LogicPunch 4 år sedan
When you're famous never forget me
Julian 4 år sedan
I need more
Anthony 4 år sedan
Damn I didnt expect that spooky shit
Aaria 4 år sedan
love the Description BTW
I know people said they wanted it shorter but I DON'T LIKE TO WAIT FOR THREE PARTS TO COME OUT!!! Other than that great work these troll ones are hilarious!
I Suppose I can live with that haha
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
I did make them longer! But 8-11 minutes is all i can handle for now haha
Gameplay Days
Gameplay Days 4 år sedan
please do more troll soon its halarious
Alec Kuskey
Alec Kuskey 4 år sedan
This is true quality content, always enjoy it. Keep up the great work!
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Thank you! I work very hard on it!
Paku Zero
Paku Zero 4 år sedan
I feel like most of Ifunny doesn't know you guys have a youtube channel, cuz I'm pretty sure most of them have a youtube account
Melon Lord
Melon Lord 4 år sedan
Eliot had to trick his friends into coming :^)
LogicPunch 4 år sedan
Andrew Oroszlan
Andrew Oroszlan 4 år sedan
Y o u r e a l e g e n d
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
n o y o u
Jakob Goveia
Jakob Goveia 4 år sedan
funny stuff dude keep up the content
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Will do!
Juston 4 år sedan
After Troll2 can you please for the love of people's entertainment do Food Boy?
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
I think I saw the poster on Netflix before and thought "I should check that out"
Bennett Wright
Bennett Wright 4 år sedan
Do another 1
David Darko
David Darko 4 år sedan
this shit is hilarious. thank you. you should do ghost ship lol
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
I have never seen it but I will definitely look it up because that sounds amazing.
Julian M
Julian M 4 år sedan
Are you going do this for the whole movie? If so, you have no complaints from me. Im down. In fact im so down, that the noose is just ready to go!!! But seriously, the whole movie would be fun.
bee 2 år sedan
please, bring it back eddy. i've been binge watching all your videos and i'm sad there's no more about troll 2, they've been my favorite
Lizzie K
Lizzie K 2 år sedan
Eddy Burback please! I know it’s been a year but you’ve just made me laugh so hard with these two troll videos.
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
I am considering it!
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Would you bang grandpa Seth!? Tell me in the comments below!
Poppins 8 månader sedan
@JackBudi Great! Lol
JackBudi 8 månader sedan
@Poppins it’s been a week but I just wanted to say 124th like
Poppins 8 månader sedan
123rd like Yeeeee
Dr. Diamond
Dr. Diamond 9 månader sedan
Hell yeah
Holly Rice
Holly Rice År sedan
I wonder what he’s into
Theracerboy101 4 år sedan
Yea! New vid!!!
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