The Problem with Cash Me Outside

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

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Caleb Chesnutt
Caleb Chesnutt 9 dagar sedan
so that's where the Eddy clip came from.
smith john
smith john 10 dagar sedan
you left out the fact.. that she's a scrawny little bitch who could not defend herself in a real fight. Lololol people like her get fucked up in prison 🤣 go running their mouth and show how little they know and get knocked thee fuck out.. lol yo I would know.
pjfl45h1 12 dagar sedan
Here I am, three years in the future, stopping by to say: "Goddamnit Eddy, we were all thinking it, but you *said* it!"
Ellen M
Ellen M 14 dagar sedan
What the fuck is up with that r slur my dude
Lord Elooot
Lord Elooot 27 dagar sedan
The discord link is expired.
Bronwyn Edwards
Bronwyn Edwards Månad sedan
Wow saying re**rded is so funny... Eddy love your videos but I sincerely hope you wouldn’t say that now
JC Denton
JC Denton Månad sedan
This story is really not sad.. They're scum bags. No sympathy for shit
CarissaEllyn Månad sedan
Ooof saying the r word
The building Blob
The building Blob Månad sedan
She sounds like a sour-pitched midget melon
jeremy toutain
jeremy toutain Månad sedan
The first Seinfeld cut was brilliant. The second was brilliant-er.
TheCobe-Lee 2 månader sedan
Hey, Eddy did eventually become a meme. Dreams do come true.
Grant B.
Grant B. 2 månader sedan
Does being self aware enough to call out your desperation for attention make it less desperate?
Kunisake 2 månader sedan
My friends would say it specifically to annoy me
Jimmy 2 månader sedan
holy shit I had never seen the actual interview.. just the famous bit. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck thats so depressing. her dad leaving hits close to home for me because something like that happened to me too but then her mom got cancer too? shit dude.. my mom had a cancer scare once and i was basically a vegetable that entire day at school while waiting for the results. luckily it wasnt cancer in our case but i can sorta imagine what she must be going trough. fuck dude
Jimmy 2 månader sedan
as or your quest to become a meme, its good that you provide green screan footage but you gotta do stuff that doesnt involve you talking. most memes dont have audio so it needs to be visual only if you want it to take off. good luck
Alaina Sale
Alaina Sale 2 månader sedan
I an litterly only nine and i love watching eddy burback it awesome
Ruler World
Ruler World 2 månader sedan
TO BE FAIR she was on doctor phil because she was an unstable crazy bitch
Kevin Bayu
Kevin Bayu 2 månader sedan
Doctor Phil is just a modern day freakshow
SirTorture 2 månader sedan
Damn she ended up in rehab too eddy called this out ages ago
Crazed Donkey
Crazed Donkey 2 månader sedan
I love your videos... but im always worried gus got lost on his way home. He says he's not lost but lets be honest, hes lost
Stuff and Stuff
Stuff and Stuff 3 månader sedan
He played the meme to make me less sad after that troubling story, but it only increased my pain 10 fold.
MobileUserNoob PP
MobileUserNoob PP 3 månader sedan
Tbh at first I thought she said cash me outside not catch me outside
Why Not
Why Not 4 månader sedan
3 years later and she just got out of rehab
Mykaela Miller
Mykaela Miller 4 månader sedan
I appreciate your compassion
Sleepy Pup
Sleepy Pup 4 månader sedan
I stepped off the meme train because I'm convinced many of them are cover ups for something effed up.
The Darth Cader
The Darth Cader 4 månader sedan
holy christ she's 13
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards 4 månader sedan
Dude I haven’t laughed that hard in a fucking minute. Thank you.
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 4 månader sedan
This is 3 years old already???? Jesus fuckin Christ
Alysha Jenkinson
Alysha Jenkinson 5 månader sedan
"I'm going to KNEE-D your guys' help." IT WAS A PROPHECY
bruh_moment _
bruh_moment _ 5 månader sedan
Seeing the pictures made me sad
Liana H
Liana H 5 månader sedan
It's so sad we made her rich and famous because of this so now she gets paid to act up
Saqqaq 5 månader sedan
6:40 fuck yeah
Shelby Steiner
Shelby Steiner 5 månader sedan
The real meme is at 5:58
happy to be here
happy to be here 5 månader sedan
somethin about her makes me kinda happy i had strict parents
ZlashQu 5 månader sedan
Good old American exploitation. Nothing new.
Charlee Samuelson
Charlee Samuelson 5 månader sedan
She look waaaaay too sexual for her age
i love my toad
i love my toad 5 månader sedan
returning to the classics. a break from the hell that i now live in.
dogs and shit ig
dogs and shit ig 6 månader sedan
dr phil exploited her and is continuing to exploit other children. she’s a CHILD and he has a huge part in ruining her life, because now she’s famous for this bullshit.
lullaby 6 månader sedan
My favorite part is how her mom brags "I flipped you in the parking lot earlier," and the audience cheers. Like I'm sorry, what? Is it not child abuse to throw a child to the pavement? Does it not count as child abuse because the child had an "attitude?" Like... maybe Danielle is so aggressive because her mom is slapping the sh*t out of her... just a thought.
Matthijs 6 månader sedan
literally just commenting because I hope this engagement will get it to pop up in people's recommendations. More people should be mindful of stuff like this :(
Stinky Weanie
Stinky Weanie 6 månader sedan
Please do a follow up video on her!
Nicks Kinda Neat
Nicks Kinda Neat 6 månader sedan
What's bad is that he really did get famous for the "That's hot" line
Tanya Cockle
Tanya Cockle 6 månader sedan
I just think about being her age and the thought of having to say *anything* in front of a crowd that size is terrifying. And something as personal as that? God, I feel so bad for her.
Riley Dragoncrow
Riley Dragoncrow 12 dagar sedan
Yeah, her additude struck me as more bravado than anything else. Poor kid - she should've been sent to a program for a while, if at all possible. Not a regular group home because her mother didn't want her anymore and her father may never have, but one designed around mental health and personal growth.
Harrie Goston
Harrie Goston 6 månader sedan
6:09 Oh wow That’s problematic!
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
That cash me outside clip makes me dead inside
Myke Vision
Myke Vision 6 månader sedan
Uhh if she's 13, she's not a PREteen.. she's a teen...thirTEEN...
Jonas DiGioia
Jonas DiGioia 7 månader sedan
6:17 am I gonna green screen Eddy into the casting couch? Yes, yes i am
tux alfredo
tux alfredo 7 månader sedan
I know this was made in 2017, but I really do agree on what you're trying to say. As someone who has been abused physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually, I would be very defensive if a "therapist" humiliated me and basically called me a dumbass. Danielle makes music now. I've never listened to her music, though, but I know she's a singer/songwriter. I want to become a singer/songwriter as well. I write music now, but none of the songs are out on the internet yet. My songs are usually carried from my PTSD I've developed over my traumatic experiences. Most of them are love songs, I still miss my ex even though she wronged me deeply. Most of them are almost like my future self is talking to me in the present. I just tell me to hang on to the happy moments. Suicidal thoughts I've dealt with for years, that's where the key to my creativity flows most of the time. I often get inspired by Lil' Peeps songs(rest in peace). His songs talk about things he's done wrong and things he's insecure about. That's what my music is like and I hope to get it out on the internet once I get my equipment for it. I just made this all about me, but to people that's reading this and going through depression, you should try finding some way to plug your creativity and make a living off of it. Do what you love as a job, not something you hate.
Jerry Veve
Jerry Veve 7 månader sedan
So anybody aware that she is a successful rapper now??? I think the situation has gotten worse???
Jack Wolf
Jack Wolf 7 månader sedan
Well I'm a shitty person because the only thing I thought at 2:52 was "Finally somebody cashed her outside"
d0xter 8 månader sedan
Jacob Ritmiller
Jacob Ritmiller 8 månader sedan
lol eddy did yikes literally two years later and made himself a meme. good job
Fogon 8 månader sedan
Dr.phill is a dangerous show
Star7Communicator 8 månader sedan
I hope Danielle and her mom can be close again. 💟
danielle 8 månader sedan
its really weird hearing my name from him
Megan Barnett
Megan Barnett 8 månader sedan
Honestly, bringing a troubled minor onto a sensationalist talk show isn't a good idea in the first place. She needed help, not to be condescended to on a public platform
Dan 8 månader sedan
As someone who works with trauma victims, it is very upsetting to see her going through a crisis in front of a massive audience. As a minor, she didn't have a choice about being on the show. I saw comments saying she didn't need to be rude, or that she was unaffected by it. Reading that makes me wish we had a more trauma-informed populace. That girl needed a non-conditional advocate
Extran Taves
Extran Taves 8 månader sedan
thats gonna be a yikes from me
Just a kid that rants
Just a kid that rants 8 månader sedan
Living with Perks
Living with Perks 8 månader sedan
0:53 Congratulations Internet Memesters... You destroyed the music industry by creating Bhad Bhabie.
FBB fan 94
FBB fan 94 8 månader sedan
People think that us millennials are fucked..... but I see bunch of shity Gen Z doing shity things
QuartuvLarry 8 månader sedan
How do you know her father’s an asshole? How do you know he wasn’t alienated from his daughter by an evil bitch-mom? Where’d the girl learn her appalling behavior? Did I miss something? Or did you?
Matthew Dalgleish
Matthew Dalgleish 9 månader sedan
This video has aged very well
The Mirror Plays
The Mirror Plays 9 månader sedan
*ahem* hey so where's that link to the green screen footage?
bro thatscrazy
bro thatscrazy 9 månader sedan
Who else looked in the description like a total dumbass.
Carl W
Carl W 9 månader sedan
This shit is so sad. I’ve always felt so bad for that girl. She was literally a child like not even a teenager and everyone just made fun of her when she clearly just had fucking issues and a terrible home life. Make fun of her awful mom not the kid whose acting crazy because she has no love or supervision 🤷🏼‍♀️
Alexander Browning
Alexander Browning 9 månader sedan
Patton Oswald. That's who you rimind me of.
Jiilaal 9 månader sedan
Eddy, I have that same shirt
Cody Smock
Cody Smock 9 månader sedan
I know I'm 2 years late, but can someone link me to videos of eddy in front of Auschwitz saying "ooooohhh that's hot."
Merijn 9 månader sedan
Seeing you from the side is so weird to me hahaha
YsbrandD 9 månader sedan
she has one bald spot on the front of her head, ever noticed? YOU CAN'T UNSEE IT NOW!
Sean B
Sean B 9 månader sedan
"I want to get famous by becoming a meme." *monkey's paw curls* *plainpotatoes threatens Eddy's life in an instagram post* "YIKES!" *Seinfeld theme*
Poop 9 månader sedan
is she dipping lmfao
jess 9 månader sedan
6:41 eddy predicted the 2018 rewind (will smith(
Devan Devan
Devan Devan 9 månader sedan
3:45 now that looks like an actual person
Devan Devan
Devan Devan 9 månader sedan
I’m sorry... she’s 13?! I’m 13 and I can tell you 13 year olds do NOT look like dat
Darnguccitoast 9 månader sedan
You had my boy Sorrow TV show your hot green screen, good on you
Harmony Ibarra
Harmony Ibarra 9 månader sedan
I saw this video of two ten eleven year old girls one of which was emery Bingham, dressed as Danielle Broccoli and the other Lauren Grey having a rap battle and that was just amazing
who put this car here
who put this car here 10 månader sedan
the best part of hook is when he was fucking his wife in the shower when the kids were flying out the window
Riley Mayfield
Riley Mayfield 10 månader sedan
6:40 his meme worked just to little to late.
Abby idk
Abby idk 10 månader sedan
Ok so do like a million sub plat behind him on the one where he doesn't know where his is
Palak Chopra
Palak Chopra 10 månader sedan
Eddy did that's hot before will smith.
Cinnamon 10 månader sedan
this was a really good video. I know it's been like 3 years but I wanted you to know
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely 10 månader sedan
You should do a part 2 on her. Have you heard her songs or seen her music videos?...yikes...If you haven't look under "Bhad Baby" I suggest the first video you start with is "These Haux" No that was not misspelling in my part.... She made that video as I think a 14 yr old...the lyrics...again, yikes...and made videos after that, and is still making them. People buy these songs...Her mom is actually pretty awful herself, if you look into it a bit more, you will see. Please I need to hear your thoughts on her now. She blew up way beyond what she is in this vid...It's disturbing who people make famous now a days with memes, and stuff. We need to stop. Basically praising these people for being terrible human beings, and making them rich. That makes it worse, and it also encourages the terrible behavior.
NickBush24 11 månader sedan
Cash Me Outside was the first viral thing of 2017. I got diagnosed with diabetes in 2017. 2017 sucked.
i disagree
i disagree 11 månader sedan
We all going to ignore the fact that this man predicted Will Smith in YT rewind 2 years before it happened? 6:40
Justin N
Justin N 11 månader sedan
The voice of reason on SEpost.
Victoria Garcia
Victoria Garcia 11 månader sedan
It's mere existence is the problem
Nalon 11 månader sedan
I have never liked, participated in, nor condoned this meme. It has never been funny, just another depressing reminder of what happens in many broken homes.
iHazPwnPhone 11 månader sedan
Turns on Eddy for laughs... instead gets depressed... fk☹️
Matt Petty
Matt Petty 11 månader sedan
Its rufio you uncultured swine
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 11 månader sedan
Ok, some of the green screen content was pretty funny.
Brit Ann
Brit Ann 11 månader sedan
It's funny how she's still famous and actually doing pretty well now 😅 she's got money, a music career and is the face of a makeup line. I think all this has caused her to grow up and be independent real fast. Now, she has access to a small fortune & will be able to afford good therapy or treatment if necessary so she has a better chance statistically of having any emotional disorders treated. She also has a lot more to lose now, and has goals and is very career motivated. I mean, how bout dat? Lol such a weird case.
Marshall Wolfe
Marshall Wolfe 11 månader sedan
Cash her outside the plane about that
MisterFace 45
MisterFace 45 11 månader sedan
In the green screen footage Eddy sounds like George Costanza
Dolly År sedan
This girl's dad is a piece of shiiiitttt
Dolly År sedan
Also every grown adult who makes fun of children is a piece of shit. Why has the internet made this a normal thing? I'm so glad you're a good person Eddy.
David Lefebvre
David Lefebvre År sedan
Boo hoo Eddie I wish all my childhood issues lead to piles of money.
Danny Danny
Danny Danny År sedan
She's much older and wiser now ... and there is another!
Michael Morris
Michael Morris År sedan
I can't find the link to the footage. It's time to make you a star Eddy
Shashwat Sharma
Shashwat Sharma År sedan
"First viral trend of 2017" Jeeeesus, It's been that long, huh?
I now feel bad for Daniele but I still am mad at the fact that she followed this shit, although she prolly should’ve fixed her problems
Anas Safir
Anas Safir År sedan
I’m from 2019 and you’re desperate attempt to get famous by memes failed horribly
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