The Problem with Casey Neistat Style Vlogs

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Eddy Burback

3 år sedan

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DW Free Background Music
DW Free Background Music Dag sedan
Great video and cool channel content, i follow :)
Carter Ross
Carter Ross 7 dagar sedan
whhaaat under 500 comments
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis 27 dagar sedan
I just ruined a pretty good joke
chouaib hat
chouaib hat 27 dagar sedan
Can't agree more
Sarah Dayle
Sarah Dayle Månad sedan
I’ve made videos with my hands in it but i wasn’t trying to copy anyone, honestly I’ve only really watched Casey ninestat like a few times years ago, so anything he did that I copy is purely accidental and more like a memory technique rather than an inspiration
Ethan Yetter
Ethan Yetter 2 månader sedan
You're not funny
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz 2 månader sedan
What I just did.... was fuckin weird 😂😂😂😂
Mr.Potato 2 månader sedan
i respectfully disagree
Sig R
Sig R 2 månader sedan
Much love from a kid from Maine
Adam A
Adam A 3 månader sedan
I'd agree that people shouldn't copy Casey but Casey's style was trash to begin with.
Quinn Ridin
Quinn Ridin 3 månader sedan
wait wtf at 1:32 you turn your keys all the way at once? you gotta prepare to hit the road! twist to almost on and then take your hand off to make the final flick of the wrist!
Ethan Montano
Ethan Montano 4 månader sedan
That chair squeaking made me wanna die
Gabriel Hills
Gabriel Hills 4 månader sedan
1:46 What is "some kid from Maine" supposed to mean? WTF.
Batty Babygirl
Batty Babygirl 5 månader sedan
Okay but Eddy has a really nice car
Jimmie Henson
Jimmie Henson 5 månader sedan
You should meet gus johnson and start a podcast and call it the gus and eddy podcast
MasterEth Side Channel
MasterEth Side Channel 5 månader sedan
this got recommended to me 3 years later
Liam Egan
Liam Egan 6 månader sedan
He just streamed with Casey lol
Murkorus 6 månader sedan
well i mean in hid defence... if you arent an asshole filming your hands, you're just an asshole, he needs a purpose other than just being annoying
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
Definitely the most aggressive Eddy Burback vid description
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass 7 månader sedan
The just filming your hands thing is how I look at most things 😂
Andy Bradley
Andy Bradley 7 månader sedan
2:04 that’s a jacksfilms song
solon perry
solon perry 7 månader sedan
Wow wow wow as a kid from Maine I'm pissed but also good video thumbs up
Geovanni Botticella
Geovanni Botticella 7 månader sedan
I drive 15-20 mins to get milk And he makes it seem like it’s a big deal to get one shot
Fragmonkei 7 månader sedan
"Now I'm not telling you that you have to eat peaches in a sewer for views."
Woofie Productions
Woofie Productions 8 månader sedan
I know I'm really late here, but I have a 70D for photography and I feel attacked. I got it used for half price...
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy 8 månader sedan
julien solomita is the only person that had a similar style and took inspiration from him but did it well and incorporated his own style as well
zachary bear
zachary bear 9 månader sedan
I believe this style of vlogging is called "the Les Stroud way."
Nonexistent 9 månader sedan
Where did you put your mustache. Put it back on, Eddy!
Games Until Dawn
Games Until Dawn 9 månader sedan
I didn't dislike the video, but I don't really see this as a problem. There's only so many ways you can film your day to day and make it interesting. There's a million vlog channels out there and I'm sure people have come up with similar formats on their own. Also, it's a pretty smart business plan to take inspiration from your favorite creators. But, make it your own at the same time. Don't just completely copy everything move for move. I don't do vlogs or any videos that are important and this is just my opinion. The way I see it is, you can copy the format, but you can't copy the creator himself/herself. I feel like people that went to school for film were all taught these same camera tricks (or whatever) to keep people interested. If you have someone just talk in a car, talk in a house, talk at subway, etc. it's probably gonna suck. loll
Apek Fishy
Apek Fishy 10 månader sedan
I live in maine
Aidan Cantara
Aidan Cantara 10 månader sedan
What yo problem with kid’s from Maine? Even though you gotten your point across, WHY specifically kids from Maine.
Peter Cipra
Peter Cipra 8 månader sedan
I think he might be from Maine, so it’s probably just a joke because he’s from Maine and he’s copying the style of vlog.
Aidan Cantara
Aidan Cantara 10 månader sedan
What’s your problem with kids from “Maine” ? Hmm? I’m from Maine and I don’t have any problems with you. 😐 and I want an answer.
Psicologia e Tecnologia
Psicologia e Tecnologia 10 månader sedan
You are a genius, period! A vlog made in Casey Neistat style to criticise blogs made in Casey Neistat style. Furthermore you debunk such kind of techniques, and I thank you: now I know I can vlog like Casey Neistat too 😉
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 11 månader sedan
You're from Maine? I'm from maine
Cody Kerstin
Cody Kerstin 11 månader sedan
Hey, my grandparents live in Elk Grove
K Wat
K Wat 11 månader sedan
This was uploaded on my bday
QueenOlivia 11 månader sedan
So I've never heard of Casey Neistat, but how were vlogs done before him? Also how do you know he wasn't influenced by some other vlogger?
freesf ftrefv
freesf ftrefv 11 månader sedan
I cant stand Casey neistat, he's cheesy!
Gone After Midnight
Gone After Midnight 11 månader sedan
Check out John Hill
Stella Lum
Stella Lum 11 månader sedan
Aidan Cantara
Aidan Cantara 10 månader sedan
No problem with him just the fact he said “ from Maine” is the one thing that grinds my gears.
Chris M
Chris M År sedan
SEpost decided I should watch this again today Freddy
B År sedan
This makes me want to go for a long walk on a dirt road outside of town
Jay Lew
Jay Lew År sedan
"We're all just assholes filming our hands"... move over ghandi, step aside Lincoln, get the fuck out of the way Edgar Allen, we've got a new motha fuckin quote genius
JayL rap
JayL rap År sedan
Dude I live in Elk Grove and everytime I try to find a Facebook group for my city or something I always end up adding Elk Grove VILLAGE on accident and it drives me crazy
Quix Nix
Quix Nix År sedan
Execution 100
Sarawak dude
Sarawak dude År sedan
What is casey style that we copy?🤔
kebrinab13 År sedan
Damn dude....oil ya lawn chair 😂😂
the kahjiit boy
the kahjiit boy År sedan
omfg I deadass know a kid from Maine who asked me to help edit his vlog lol he misspelled every word and didn't know how to do transitions
Keren Dawson
Keren Dawson År sedan
His hair at 2:50 😂
Kelli Sees
Kelli Sees År sedan
I’ve never seen a Casey neistat video but this was too funny 😂
Summer År sedan
Casey’s style of vlogging isn’t original- it’s vlogging.
Demi Harper
Demi Harper År sedan
Grace Garn
Grace Garn År sedan
This is so good
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas År sedan
That squeaky chair is a scene hog
Aaron Fitzgerald
Aaron Fitzgerald År sedan
bit late to the show but talk to me eddy please
Space Pirate
Space Pirate År sedan
WHEN YOUR NATION'S LEADER STARTS SINGING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, YOU'RE IN TROUBLE. Sorry Prager U gets to me sometimes. Like, they're just so stupid.
jomie orbino
jomie orbino År sedan
Casey has 10 million subs how um I suppose to listen to you
Johnson Tv
Johnson Tv År sedan
Made sense and was simultaneously respectful of other creators copying him
ohheyleighannn År sedan
came back to watch this 2 years later bc this is a good video
Porter Colville
Porter Colville År sedan
Did I see a Dildodrome reference in the end card lmao
Joseph Solari
Joseph Solari År sedan
I did this a lot rip
Let Me In Your House
Let Me In Your House År sedan
Actually, I am a hand filming an asshole
Let Me In Your House
Let Me In Your House År sedan
It's no problem me
Let Me In Your House
Let Me In Your House År sedan
Thanks me
Let Me In Your House
Let Me In Your House År sedan
Nice comment me
despite what you’ve heard
despite what you’ve heard År sedan
Survivor man did it first
Kyle Luke
Kyle Luke År sedan
No timlapses ? ....this is not casey at all
Beyonce W
Beyonce W År sedan
THE RUN SENT ME you just earned yourself a like lmaoo
Charlie Gordon
Charlie Gordon År sedan
Everyone bullies Maine
JIMMY.J REVIEWS 2 år sedan
He is not original AT FUCKING ALL ! The only thing slightly original about kc is those shit dumb glasses he fucks up ! Let me explain..... of course it’s gonna look like ppl are copying home because let’s be honest,there is only so many ways you can hold a dslr and film yourself! Just because he films himself and you filmed yourself doesn’t mean you copying him! Just because you guys are both holding the camera the same , but... if you stored using his facial movements or his catch phrases glasses and so on THEN we could say YOUR COPYING KC ! Another example, is kc copying ME!? Because I eat pizza with my left hand ? No he’s not...BUT IF after every bite I say something like,... now that’s a Peace of Italy ! ! Or something like that ! Than YES !!! He IS INFACT COPYING ME! Just because you have a dslr and film yourself and even if you have a boosted board your still not copying him! You get it?🤔 it would come down to catch phrases, glasses, hair , clothes, etc... you know?
And of course neurotic , malconted Candice .......see you next tuesday
Ric Ferr
Ric Ferr 2 år sedan
He will copy you. Jjjjust wait
hmug tv
hmug tv 2 år sedan
What is it that your really mad at? Is the story that: to be inspired without Imitating?
mamatony 2 år sedan
back when ebby's channel was called "ZADstudios" and not "iggy borgak"
Cantor Yakov
Cantor Yakov 2 år sedan
That music BUMPS
skye hathorn
skye hathorn 2 år sedan
1:49 Hey! Why'd it have to be a kid from Maine? 😢
T Vela
T Vela 2 år sedan
Seems like a lot of people disliked the video just because of the title
Annie Bush
Annie Bush 2 år sedan
“If your trying to copy Casey... you should stop.” 10/10
Runa 2 år sedan
well excuse you, bc the crunch is actually the best part of a leaf.
Phil Bowman
Phil Bowman 2 år sedan
So says the guy ripping off Tim and Eric
Cameron Batchelor
Cameron Batchelor 2 år sedan
“We’re all just assholes filming our hands” ~eddy Burback
Samuel Overs
Samuel Overs 2 år sedan
You forgot film a street full of traffic and speed it up/slow it down
Eth Brumhall
Eth Brumhall 2 år sedan
This made me laugh. A lot.
Nicolas Labra
Nicolas Labra 2 år sedan
theres a lot of people who copy neistat and get views, sara dietschy, peter mckinnon, nico roseberg in a way
Check out austin augie
Mari Whiteside
Mari Whiteside 2 år sedan
This reminds me of a Ten000 hours styled type of video. Really Ten000 hours need a little more credit as far as in this style of vlogging. It's actually pretty cool engaging opposed to someone just sitting there talking or other styles I've seen.
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 2 år sedan
Julien Solomita
Tauqeer Hussain
Tauqeer Hussain 2 år sedan
Review Peter McKinnon Vlogs
Ingrid 2 år sedan
lmao You come off so insufferable but it's funny so I subbed because I'm like that as well. I like Casey's vlog every several months yet I hate it, so, there's that.
Abu Lahab
Abu Lahab 2 år sedan
Omg its 31st jan
George 2 år sedan
why you calling out them kids from Maine?
Emily 2 år sedan
i cant believe it took me this long to watch this video
vcaptures 2 år sedan
ive been thinking this for so long thank you for this
Alyssa Rae
Alyssa Rae 2 år sedan
You should start a vlog channel where you do meaningless tasks for ten minutes in this Casey Neistat style while simultaneously pointing out how stupid the filming is. 10/10 would watch that.
COLOutsideWave 2 år sedan
Classic Maine kids!
Bag of Nopes
Bag of Nopes 2 år sedan
If you put on subtitles it doesnt make sense lol Katy nice dads blogs
Meryl Rae
Meryl Rae 2 år sedan
This video is so funny! I like the music in the beginning! I subbed for sure :)
antonio munoz
antonio munoz 2 år sedan
Yo I was really expecting some other idiot trying to copy Casey and I got shit lmao
Benjamin Burton
Benjamin Burton 2 år sedan
He is right, to be successful you've got to be original. Can you blame people? Everyone wants to be Casey!!
Andrew Hmar
Andrew Hmar 2 år sedan
Funny as hell
KatanaShot 2 år sedan
I think everyone has influence from someone or something and you tend to copy it. It is something completely natural. Casey “style” is not really his style because there were a lot of filmmakers that made this shots way before Casey even grabbed a camera. So Casey was original for been the first one that copied that style and implement it to vlogs.
TheBigBro 2 år sedan
You are a fucking idol! I'm crying for laughter
Amina Trifonova
Amina Trifonova 2 år sedan
😂 marry me
Yulius The Julius
Yulius The Julius 2 år sedan
Does this video get demonetized? I am just wondering whether youtube would know how you speak within the video.
Najd 2 år sedan
why do you only have 80k??? you're so funny
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