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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
best knees in the country
Duck Coffee
Duck Coffee 3 dagar sedan
@ Eddy Burback i dare you to sub to my channel
gunslinger_km TTV
gunslinger_km TTV Månad sedan
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde Månad sedan
We gotta get my thighs, your knees and then find the best calves and then we can make the best legs in the country
Humanoid Object
Humanoid Object 2 månader sedan
You could say their the bees knees
Clorox Wipes
Clorox Wipes 2 månader sedan
I’m sad to inform that your knees are indeed inferior, they will and can never reach the raw and unbridled strength of my meaty, steel knees
Munch 2 dagar sedan
Whenever Gus is on eddies channel he’s the sain one and when Eddie is on gus’ channel he’s the sain one
Evan Jaffe
Evan Jaffe 4 dagar sedan
Y does lance Stewart look like Lieutenant dan from Forrest Gump to me
friendly neighborhood dylan
friendly neighborhood dylan 5 dagar sedan
i thought he was kinda funny on vine but tbf i watched his vines when i was like 8
Shannon Gentz
Shannon Gentz 6 dagar sedan
I like watching Eddy and Gus but,,, Gus is just rude all the time.
Kason Morrill
Kason Morrill 7 dagar sedan
Now I can't take eddy seriously because of his bald lip.
K3gan F1nn
K3gan F1nn 9 dagar sedan
Proud member of the cult and owner of knees merch here to say I love ur content
Brandon Foley
Brandon Foley 9 dagar sedan
Children of burback
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta 15 dagar sedan
Bro I’m like addicted to oxygen and I think I have a problem
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 18 dagar sedan
whay is the audio shit and the video shot in a 3:4 aspect ratio
Silas Wells
Silas Wells 18 dagar sedan
Lance has a more punchable face than Eustace Scrubb from Narnia
Deacon Grall
Deacon Grall 23 dagar sedan
You know yelling fire when there’s no fire is an actual crime
Lynnette Bruce
Lynnette Bruce 24 dagar sedan
Okay but like why is there bread in his freezer
unformatted nolastname
unformatted nolastname 28 dagar sedan
Eedy Burbank
Diamond Car07
Diamond Car07 Månad sedan
Lance, there are only 2 reasons why a human would run 8000 years ago. Predators or food
Brandon Bergeron
Brandon Bergeron Månad sedan
But that tv was perfectly fine
Rye Salmon
Rye Salmon Månad sedan
He has a stupid ass haircut too
Sergent Hound
Sergent Hound Månad sedan
bruh he has a tik tok account and it is always does cringy pranks
one zerozerozero one
one zerozerozero one Månad sedan
shameless plug
Juex Ajax
Juex Ajax Månad sedan
7:50 that's literally standup. If your jokes not good scream or make a feminine voice Nd ppl have to laugh
Gabe Foster
Gabe Foster Månad sedan
Dude you’ve now tricked us into watching horrible clickbait garbage content. Lesson learned
This person is cool
This person is cool Månad sedan
you got some nice knees there eddy
Peggy Derr
Peggy Derr Månad sedan
Could have donated that TV.
Bourgeois GR
Bourgeois GR Månad sedan
he looks like the thirty something version of the "up" grandpa
JRaf Månad sedan
Why has nobody else talked about this dude? I had a problem with him for the longest time.
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh Månad sedan
/snaps fingers and points/ Thanks Eddy! I love your rants so much.
Nils4601 Månad sedan
The bit at 7:38 was pretty much the best stand-up I've seen in a while
Daniel Steiner
Daniel Steiner Månad sedan
Believe it or not Eddy wasn't bragging he was actually voted most likely to have the best knees in the countrt
Pickle Johnson
Pickle Johnson Månad sedan
Now, he looks like an in the making Russian crack fiend
C Månad sedan
Clean-shaven Eddy is very cute to me :3
C Månad sedan
@Max Flower Oo, a buzzword! That really hurt my feelings! ;p
Max Flower
Max Flower Månad sedan
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell Månad sedan
They could have just unplugged the tv, she would have never figured out how to make it work again
San s
San s Månad sedan
ask gus, it happened *calls gus* it didnt happen "follow me on twitter guys" jokes aside this is comedy gold
slade sarosy
slade sarosy 2 månader sedan
We have a nerdy ass leafy now bois les go
just some big footed man with internet access
just some big footed man with internet access 2 månader sedan
My leg benders aren't that good
Baum 2 månader sedan
12:15 is my life in a nutshell
Rvedoss 0.76
Rvedoss 0.76 2 månader sedan
2:13 funniest shit I have ever seen
Joey K
Joey K 2 månader sedan
Oh so that's how all these shitty youtubers afford mansions. They have like 25 roommates.
Ghostshot990 2 månader sedan
You are so far ahead of your time
Iamarobotbanana4 2 månader sedan
Lances’ fire prank is illegal
Slimothy Jones
Slimothy Jones 2 månader sedan
I just checked out "mack weldon" and that shit is crazy over priced. I know u aint buying boxers at $30 a pair. Promote shit that u fuck with.
Aidan B.
Aidan B. 2 månader sedan
This is suppose to be a comedy?
Hyperspace Gaming
Hyperspace Gaming 2 månader sedan
6:05 the stew crew
Nico H
Nico H 2 månader sedan
I used to live near Lance in NJ, he knew my brother.
Alikat3000 2 månader sedan
OutlawStarkiller 2 månader sedan
10:48 I know y'all heard that harmony tho
meme lord
meme lord 2 månader sedan
Coleman 3 månader sedan
There is a ltt video about that tv because it's the cheapest 4k smart tv on amazon
Cly Marin
Cly Marin 3 månader sedan
Yes I Do Like Food
Devin Osland
Devin Osland 3 månader sedan
Man, this Eddie Burbank guy is pretty funny.
BensoNNicK 16
BensoNNicK 16 3 månader sedan
Good ole Edward Burback
rusty shakleford
rusty shakleford 3 månader sedan
IMO, everything about Lance's content is cancer. But the most egregious thing to me, that he does, is when he runs out of ideas and just recycles all of his content in the form of a compilation.
Aidan D.
Aidan D. 3 månader sedan
Lance Stewart is a pretty alright guy imo. He's just got really stupid and shitty content
Scotty Newson
Scotty Newson 3 månader sedan
He’s a master baiter
CajunByBlood 3 månader sedan
Hatrers gonna hate
Jami Zeller
Jami Zeller 3 månader sedan
The Stew Crew
Roman 4 månader sedan
Mr. Burback, Sir, you are not just a snack you ARE A FULL MEAL.
Sarah Athome
Sarah Athome 4 månader sedan
3:31 I MEAN, Mr. Beast has done something like this. Smashing his friends car and buying a new one for him...
Ethan Bousfield
Ethan Bousfield 4 månader sedan
lances stairs look like the house from cool cat saves the kids
Giani B
Giani B 4 månader sedan
where did they live before
Maggie V
Maggie V 4 månader sedan
are we not gonna talk about how he was holding a camera literally the whole time he was yelling FIRE! and just filming everyone running
Kyra Kochmansky
Kyra Kochmansky 4 månader sedan
omg he lives in my area in nj and everyone used to try to find him at the local mall on Fridays to get a picture with him lmfao. middle school was so cringey
Lord Barbecue
Lord Barbecue 4 månader sedan
6:33 9:13
Lusus Naturae
Lusus Naturae 4 månader sedan
"Grandma you have no life" Bitch that's because she lived it already, god damn give her a break, let her relax on her retirement
The Slipknot Life
The Slipknot Life 4 månader sedan
That grandma looked like she was gonna have a heart attack
Alexa 4 månader sedan
His face makes me angry
sean outwater
sean outwater 4 månader sedan
That destroying tv prank was like a Eric Andre bit😂
Saqqaq 4 månader sedan
wack meldon
vanillaa_ 4 månader sedan
“You watch too much TV you need to get outside!” Me: um well can’t exactly do that now buddy
Captain Salamander
Captain Salamander 5 månader sedan
He looks like that dude from recess
red nasorwerd
red nasorwerd 5 månader sedan
Erik Karlsson Åkerman
Erik Karlsson Åkerman 5 månader sedan
Diana GRM
Diana GRM 5 månader sedan
Eddy said he has Megan Thee Stallion knees
LadyNightFox28 5 månader sedan
Is Eddie gay?
A D 5 månader sedan
SchoolboySlav 5 månader sedan
Hello past eddy
Drew Chestnut
Drew Chestnut 5 månader sedan
I never pranked my grandma and now she's dead.
Ben Chaverin
Ben Chaverin 5 månader sedan
Rickey Hamilton
Rickey Hamilton 5 månader sedan
Well dressed bird
nicholas leboeuf
nicholas leboeuf 5 månader sedan
Did anyone realize he flipped his movies posters
ADAM FARRA 5 månader sedan
He finny
Your A Wizard Harry
Your A Wizard Harry 5 månader sedan
if i just ran in and hit my Gma's TV (god rest her soul)... i might have got one hit in on it before i had a .38 special round in the side/back of my thigh... that woman SAW IT ALL.... since childhood... she started out at 8 years old with her dad cutting her hair so she could do the boys work with her brothers in the mines for ACTUAL cents an hour.... and as an adult she just kinda kept that coal miner attitude and carried a .38 special revolver with her EVERYWHERE even to the bathroom and to the kitchen for coffee refills or dinner.... lovely woman but not someone to play with...
Egg Man
Egg Man 5 månader sedan
I fucking hated this guy when he did Vine
Halin Busch
Halin Busch 5 månader sedan
Lance looks like the snitch from recess
Dana Finlay
Dana Finlay 6 månader sedan
Lance looks like a street shark
T Tade
T Tade 6 månader sedan
'House on fire prank' more like 'breaking the law and filming it'
neu dae
neu dae 6 månader sedan
if he actually did the "fire" prank, that's actually illegal.
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 6 månader sedan
The yoga pants butt thumbnail is actually from a video on SEpost, of that girl in yoga pants just walking around with the camera trained on her butt. If you search for "sexy yoga pants" you can probably find it. Um. Don't ask how I know that.
Nis 3r
Nis 3r 6 månader sedan
4:03 90's humour explained perfectly :S
jaxmarie 93
jaxmarie 93 6 månader sedan
I was drifting off to sleep when suddenly screaming.
Simon Narode
Simon Narode 6 månader sedan
Two years ago, Eddy had only 5k twitter followers, and now he has 212k?! There is a chance for me yet!
Sutetchi 6 månader sedan
Not going to lie. To me his old stuff is funny cause he’s a kid and I just imagine him screaming and maniacally laughing and then instantly stopping when the shot is over.
Bone4Crusher 6 månader sedan
BTW the TV they got her was a TCL which has one of the lowest refresh rates on the market, not to mention they are just generally bad.
anbthree 6 månader sedan
5:00 his grandma speaks the truth
J.H 7 månader sedan
His memes look like something my 9 year old cousin kid would make.
btchpants 7 månader sedan
Heh. nuts...
Amari Lee
Amari Lee 7 månader sedan
At first thought it was Sam smith
John K
John K 7 månader sedan
You lookin' like a snack, matter of fact breakfast.
Café Floofy
Café Floofy 7 månader sedan
Gus is my waifu
Nerfed Nosferatu
Nerfed Nosferatu 7 månader sedan
house on fire prank :') bruh. he probably got that idea from that one episode from the office
Aaron McCollum
Aaron McCollum 7 månader sedan
10:01 every 8 year old fox main
Iced Tea
Iced Tea 7 månader sedan
I love you but I hate you at the same time you delicious fuck
Iced Tea
Iced Tea 7 månader sedan
I don’t actually hate you daddy I’m actually a big fan
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