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Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
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hundedbarz718 8 minuter sedan
How does a woman who previously worked as a nurse Triple her salary becoming a taxi driver there is no way professionals would make less and are less desired than taxi drivers no offense to your trade however there is an essential need for one over the other. Something is not right
Jose Antonio Jijon
Jose Antonio Jijon 12 minuter sedan
This was honestly so sad
James 19 minuter sedan
Poverty exists not because we can’t feed the poor but because we can’t satisfy the rich
Tales of A B & C
Tales of A B & C 20 minuter sedan
28:54 Girl be like n*** let me see that snake
Special Services
Special Services 33 minuter sedan
dirty city
Ericka Medina
Ericka Medina 33 minuter sedan
That river!! 🤢🤢🤮
trisha taya
trisha taya 38 minuter sedan
why doesnt the UN takes action against the man who is selling that juice and also against the govt who is promoting it .... as there is no other way the people can be saved there
trisha taya
trisha taya Timme sedan
government could atleast construct the roads
trisha taya
trisha taya Timme sedan
the miner could lose his life..this is so risky
OneOtherDayInSpring Timme sedan
Very informative documentary that depicts the sad realities of Africa, especially when it comes to a country such as the DRC that probably holds the richest natural ressources on planet earth. This documentary sadly shows how the ongoing political and economic chaos, that has lasted for decades, is undeniably profiting some people. Let's see what the educated diaspora will bring on the table just like that remarkable woman running the pink cab company. The DRC has potentially enough human and natural ressources become one of the richest countries in the world.
Kamen Manev
Kamen Manev Timme sedan
This is what capitalism does, everyone should turn to socialism.
T G Chikukwa
T G Chikukwa Timme sedan
Property price is very high while unemployment runs up to 80% and average earning is about $90 per month and government infrastructure projects is non exitance.
You're not my daaad
You're not my daaad Timme sedan
First you give donations then you pay for the juice wow🤢🤮
colintraveller Timme sedan
When you have titled the footage .... "Life of the Super Rich"" ,, TBH more like the harsh reality of life in the DRC .
Jake Hyland
Jake Hyland Timme sedan
google conflict resources in the congo
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Timme sedan
How about you but them a politician
Hope Yukizmizu
Hope Yukizmizu Timme sedan
cures Aids lol
pjmac550355 2 timmar sedan
Cab driver earns 3x more then a nurse!!! No wonder their country is marred in poverty
Ken Kamande
Ken Kamande 2 timmar sedan
I was here thinking my country is worse,who cursed Africa and its leaders......its such a shame
Ralpheal Louis
Ralpheal Louis 2 timmar sedan
this is a sad documentary
jiri julku
jiri julku 2 timmar sedan
Lol "poverty line" even if they would be technically above it they would still live in a slum, what a joke.
Josie Breneman
Josie Breneman 2 timmar sedan
Brilliant. Je voidrais visiter Congo!
Erica Stone
Erica Stone 2 timmar sedan
Rebel leader/Business man..........they make so much money, the least they could do is pay well and not exploit the poor. its heart breaking and gross. Nothing to be admired there.
Just In Case
Just In Case 2 timmar sedan
東方孤行買豆花 3 timmar sedan
feel bloody sad when there are child labour can't go to school
AKa Big
AKa Big 3 timmar sedan
this economy can rise soon
William Tate
William Tate 3 timmar sedan
It’s interesting that the poorest people have the most kids. The couple making good money hadn’t even had kids yet lol. It’s like that in America too.
Jason S
Jason S 3 timmar sedan
Fisherman making $2 day while mcdonalds on workers want $15 hour
EMworld 3 timmar sedan
Very educational documentary that is well composed and delivered!
Barron Ingram
Barron Ingram 3 timmar sedan
maggot seller ? why would someone want to buy maggots ? 😐
Mart Ian Siapno
Mart Ian Siapno 3 timmar sedan
That's one heck of a wicked prophet.
Hamza Abdullahi
Hamza Abdullahi 3 timmar sedan
Congo is the most beautiful country in the Africa if not the world, yes it doesn't have futuristic sky scrappers but it has been blessed with greenery its one of the few places in Africa where you find it hard to see a deserted landscape I hope they get peace and stability because if they achieve that, Congo can be one of the richest countries in the world.
Soham Choughule
Soham Choughule 3 timmar sedan
our country, India is offering help to countries like these and i feel very proud about it. Mny of our soldiers work there as Un peacekeepers, im sure that one day congo will become prosperous
stacy conrey
stacy conrey 4 timmar sedan
He could afford to give each and every one of them $50 not $50 to split between them.. but they were grateful
s1nnocense 4 timmar sedan
Am I the only one thinking people who give their savings to a self-proclaimed prophet to buy miracle juice deserve no better?
NR 4 timmar sedan
Sigh, rich in natural resources but bec. of war and especially corruption.... the whole country is down.
Dennison J
Dennison J 5 timmar sedan
One word to explain the condition of that country: CORRUPTION
Nicholas Ngugi
Nicholas Ngugi 5 timmar sedan
They say Religion is the opium of the people, now they have people drinking gasoline?🤮🤮
Pete Parker
Pete Parker 5 timmar sedan
These rich psychopaths that don't help fix the roads and make the cities nicer to live in deserve to experience the conditions other people have to overcome and little kids work in mines while they have so much money they have michellin star conditiobs. Sad. May God help the poor
TT 6 timmar sedan
See I respect if you get rich off making a genuine business (like that power plant dude, which is also actually helping others through creating more jobs) but that "juice" dude.. nah that's terrible.
Qedi Qedi
Qedi Qedi 6 timmar sedan
It's so sad especially that politician miner who can't even improve the road they use everyday
zoi andres
zoi andres 6 timmar sedan
This prophet is earning fucking well
As a Congolese , living abroad, it is sad to see how people are suffering and yet some are becoming rich. One day justice will be served... Sad reality
Sally 6 timmar sedan
I met a man from the DRC who was in South Africa at the time. He told me his whole family was murdered.
Stacy Brenda
Stacy Brenda 2 timmar sedan
HALE IRWIN 6 timmar sedan
that prophet.. my brain hurts
ِAmin Al_Hussawi
ِAmin Al_Hussawi 6 timmar sedan
french is milking most African countries
NM Gaming
NM Gaming 7 timmar sedan
3500 euros for a family is like poverty where I come from
Tamika Shephard
Tamika Shephard 7 timmar sedan
20 my a**! more like 14
卐Zoomer 8 timmar sedan
You ever notice how African villages are super happy despite their conditions?
Emmanuel Ochi
Emmanuel Ochi 8 timmar sedan
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice 8 timmar sedan
I am from Indonesia and I hope that DRC won't travel the same path as Indonesia did whereby the earnings went only to a small group, often politicians turned businessmen and vis-a-vis.
L. Lace
L. Lace 8 timmar sedan
The Tommy
The Tommy 8 timmar sedan
Same like india
L. Lace
L. Lace 8 timmar sedan
I'm disgusted at how the world is continuesly taking advantage of the natural resources these countries have to offer so theu can fill their pockets , while the population of these countries are literally struggling to stay alive ! And ALL the middle men that are millionaires because of it should really look deep into their soul and share some of this wealth with their brothers & sisters , build schools and educate people so EVERYONE CAN EAT . If this government is too corrupt to do it , then the people need to unite and help each other so they don't fall for swindlers like this demon Dominique khonde SMFH . This is happening because of the lack of education and poverty and no chances for the future! Shame on you Dominique Khonde you f****** demon!!!!
Tampered Goods
Tampered Goods 6 timmar sedan
These people do it to themselves so they are their own worst enemies.
Odwa Sigenu
Odwa Sigenu 9 timmar sedan
yhoo, he sells it discretely. I don't trust this prophet
Ashley Black
Ashley Black 9 timmar sedan
Is this about fally ipupa or?
Harsh Khandelwal
Harsh Khandelwal 9 timmar sedan
Didn't realize it was 42 min long.
Victor Riwa
Victor Riwa 9 timmar sedan
Poverty is Africa’s best friend
PoNg PoNg
PoNg PoNg 9 timmar sedan
I wonder what that the juice contain. Wont be surprised if it contain some marijuana
Pradeep Khadkathoki
Pradeep Khadkathoki 9 timmar sedan
Worldwide all of know coca-cola
truth 10 timmar sedan
Gasoline with Lemon juice for aids?
Bob Weiram
Bob Weiram 10 timmar sedan
I guess the US is a failed state too.
Dhimitrula Bakiu
Dhimitrula Bakiu 11 timmar sedan
41:22 what a big dammed lier
Dhimitrula Bakiu
Dhimitrula Bakiu 11 timmar sedan
They are there just to hear for the juice that cure you oh come on man you are scanning them is so sad 😭
Gopal Bari
Gopal Bari 11 timmar sedan
You should give subtitle
Dette Navn
Dette Navn 11 timmar sedan
Guy at 27:55 is smoking the lowest effort fake Cohiba (Cuban cigar), I've ever seen. It's probably made from factory sweepings.
4 4
4 4 11 timmar sedan
i gotta get me some of this juice
Mayhem Rocket
Mayhem Rocket 12 timmar sedan
Another good one from DW.
Abdalla Ismail
Abdalla Ismail 12 timmar sedan
Greetings from Somalia to Congo 🇸🇴🥺🇨🇩
DriversSeat 12 timmar sedan
They ought to bring Europeans to show them how to build
DriversSeat 13 timmar sedan
Do they eat maggots in the DRC? With that much inequality it won’t be a safe society. No amount of money will protect the rich from the poor. Another poorly run African nation. The streets are filthy, the roads are bad, the architecture is horrible and the buildings are poorly constructed. That place needs a complete makeover.
Courtnae Smith
Courtnae Smith 13 timmar sedan
I just can't. 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Ale 13 timmar sedan
Very sad
Ronaldrio7 13 timmar sedan
I wish i could help anyone in need just like Fally Ipupa.
Power Wash
Power Wash 13 timmar sedan
Lamborghini guy give them 50 bucks😂
Abdoo Ismail
Abdoo Ismail 13 timmar sedan
Greetings from Somalia to Congo 🇸🇴🥺🇨🇩
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M. 14 timmar sedan
this is a long ago documentary It got reposted on youtube 👀 *no one listen to this video or what any media says about congo, congolese people are trying their best to change and make their country to be better, of course it would take time or maybe years but they will make it happen one day I pray for them ❣ edit: *the media all aways show the bad side of africa to make none africans or just any foreign scared to go to africa, get to know it or just make foreign think bad about africa....... does anyone notice that they always show everything about war and poverty to make you feel sad and scared 🙄 when we all know that africa is very rich it just the president of most africans country don't do anything to help their country and they eat all the money that the countries have with their families* beside that africa is a great place to be full of culture,color,nice music,nice people,best food and beautiful people, so don't let this old video from long ago make you think bad about congo or africa 😌 has everything you see on tv are never truth..... and to see the real africa if you want to judge it you will need to visit africa first then judge it all you want but if you don't visit africa or want to visit then please don't think bad about it africa is beautiful the media want to scare you they always make africa look bad 😡 watch videos about all 54 african countries you will see the true beauty of all the country 😊 have a beautiful day
Koko Ubas
Koko Ubas 14 timmar sedan
The biggest scammer among them is the pastor, can’t believe what I just watch!!!
Leetarvius Franklin
Leetarvius Franklin 14 timmar sedan
All I heard in this video was "ME, ME, ME" and that there is BIG MONEY in the business of RELIGION
Luis Lascano
Luis Lascano 14 timmar sedan
If hell existed, the preacher would have a golden ticket to it
lionel kings
lionel kings 15 timmar sedan
Erick monga has a good future with his project
Beats by Katie
Beats by Katie 15 timmar sedan
This self-proclaimed "prophet" is bloody sick, selling bottles of gasoline and lemon for people to ingest.
Uchiha Avenger
Uchiha Avenger 16 timmar sedan
Did he really just give them €50 to SHARE? 😐 cmon bro
Shawarmang 16 timmar sedan
A prophet with juice...they are brainwashed as if these people didn't have it hard enough
Kevin Lumenello
Kevin Lumenello 16 timmar sedan
Africa is so rich in so many things not just money . Great documentary:)
Ini Love
Ini Love 16 timmar sedan
GIVE THE MONEY TO THE PEOPLE YOU GREEDY PASTOR(THIS IS NOT A PROFIT), THIS PASTOR IS A CAPITALIST Excellent video. This video demonstrates to the world the real GOD of our society. The neoliberalists and capitalist societies run things, don't they? It is the ten percent of the world's population that run and own resources. While we, the working class people are all brainwashed for the so called "good life". It is the leaders, religious places, icons, and etc., that model the so called "good life", we envy, we work hard, and we are all murders. The technology that we all bought in to, has death on our hands; this so called "good life" we all need to realize is to NOT serve GOD, But money= devil. We make the pasters and the icons rich, and they continue to exploit our people, your people, their people, AND, I mean us HUMANS. R.I.P. to all the real warriors that developed our products ; we do not think about what we wear or use has been because of exploitation, do we? This video demonstrates exploitation. First, paster uses religion to exploit the people. For instance, we see the paster charging the sick for help and healings. This is exploitation. Secondly, people that are not of money are working in the mining and die. For example, we see people digging for material. The rich people profit of this labour. The people that are working for the rich do not look much better off, and they are definitely not better off if they are dying. This video demonstrates how society is really operating. Society is designed to exploit the poor and pay the rich, the ten percent of the world's population. Furthermore, this video demonstrates it is not about race, it is about greed. We need to question these profits, the leaders, the icons. Why are they charging the poor, when they are already rich?
Teone Launay
Teone Launay 17 timmar sedan
Where can I buy this juice from 🤣😂😂😂
EricaYE6 12 timmar sedan
The grocery store and the gas station.
The mongolian way
The mongolian way 18 timmar sedan
When was this shot?
Dee Fitzgerald
Dee Fitzgerald 18 timmar sedan
It’s so sad how some people who have a lot and other’s have nothing......This man should invest in his own country buy helping with the minerals that are rich in his country.....
akuaku 18 timmar sedan
All these rich folks in these poor countries but hard any of them do a lot to help their own people. Those in power are at fault too
Henry C
Henry C 18 timmar sedan
26:44 The city of Chicago is right in that group😱🤣🤣
Eric Gary
Eric Gary 18 timmar sedan
I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Anna,her trading strategies are top much
Mike Denny
Mike Denny 18 timmar sedan
Wow, amazing to see others who trade with Mrs Anna I am currently on my 5th trade with her and my portfolio has increased tremendously
Onli Eena Belize
Onli Eena Belize 19 timmar sedan
Fake ass prophet.
Pat 19 timmar sedan
They're trying to find out how the rich get rich while others are in poverty. Well, you need to find out why that happens in Germany and America as well.
Caryn Benson
Caryn Benson 19 timmar sedan
My people perish because of lack of knowledge... however I believe if you believe in something it will work for you ... this is SAD 😔
Babaero Max
Babaero Max 19 timmar sedan
worst bribery i bet.. that is why the social gap is so far
Killy_ Hoffman
Killy_ Hoffman 19 timmar sedan
Dw do this kind of documentary in Tanzania
Caryn Benson
Caryn Benson 19 timmar sedan
My heart is bleeding... I would not even be able to stay under there for 2 seconds ... 😔😔😔
Just Another Shitty YouTube Channel
Just Another Shitty YouTube Channel 19 timmar sedan
Even the subtitles are going WTH?, after seeing the shit that's going on down there. (I am referring to the question marks).
Vanessa Haileka
Vanessa Haileka 19 timmar sedan
This is in 2021?
Niko Omilana
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