THE GHOST OF GRANDPA SETH (Troll 2) - Horrible Movie Scenes

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Eddy Burback

4 år sedan

Should I make more Troll 2 videos!?

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James Kiely
James Kiely Månad sedan
When the girl said little nuts I thought she said lymph nodes
Nosmo90 Månad sedan
2:40: I love how Joshua is scared of the most underwhelming scary story I've ever heard half of, but the poster of the Joker clutching his head and maniacally laughing as his mind snaps like a dry twig (as seen in The Killing Joke) is apparently fine.
Nosmo90 Månad sedan
3:24: Oh god, the Joker's face is the last thing you see as the lamp goes off! xD
Jon Joyce
Jon Joyce 2 månader sedan
Screw those 5 people who thumbs downed this. It was good.
Philippe Gagnon
Philippe Gagnon 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: the actor that played Grandpa Seth also started a comedy youtube channel a few years ago. Check it out, it's called WheezyWaiter
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 3 månader sedan
I see what you did. You pretended to have an ad for The Cat In The Hat on PS2 but it was really big _Son Of The Mask_ that made this happen. They are doing everything they can to make their movie look better.
Brettski89 4 månader sedan
she needs to learn that boys support boys!
Kyla Kersh
Kyla Kersh 4 månader sedan
Dude, that fair use must've happened recently, bc I swear I watched that part of this video like two weeks ago and SEpost had been fine with it then, what the heck changed? Of course, there is always the possibility that I'm just going crazy, which is absolutely possible.
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass 6 månader sedan
The cat in the hat video game was actually fun when I was younger, I haven’t played it as an adult yet though.
Sam van der Hoeven
Sam van der Hoeven 6 månader sedan
Do you still read all of them?
Taylor Pennington
Taylor Pennington 7 månader sedan
Wow they claimed it wow
Cova Brouwer
Cova Brouwer 7 månader sedan
7:44 I don’t get it. The bois invited her to come get pizza with them and they genuinely like her curtains. How can she hate Elliot’s bros?
gabriella schmitt
gabriella schmitt 9 månader sedan
Is nobody going to mention anything about the scary ass clown poster beside the kids bed?!
Team Mondayfunday
Team Mondayfunday 9 månader sedan
Dr. Diamond
Dr. Diamond 9 månader sedan
It's funny how Holly says "my parents hate you" then in the same scene she says "ok,I'll tell my father your coming with us tomorrow"....didn't she literally just say her parents hate him and now she's letting her dad know he's going with them even though she literally just said they hate him??!!
Shmepe År sedan
What are you going to do to me daddy?
Rose Aeries
Rose Aeries År sedan
Coming back, because I need more Trolls 2 now.
Pie pigman
Pie pigman År sedan
Poop. Poopoo dookie, dumb dumb dookie poop. Fart stain plop.
Caroline År sedan
eddy can we please get married
Sam Rowe
Sam Rowe År sedan
The Cat in the Hat ps2 game unironically fucking slaps tho
PirateX13 År sedan
I really enjoy the videos you make. Thanks!
Raven Madd
Raven Madd År sedan
Kev Dog
Kev Dog År sedan
At first I thought you were lieing when you were telling us about those scenes that you couldn’t show, but after watching the ones right after, I can’t believe I ever doubted you.
Demi Harper
Demi Harper År sedan
LiquidBlack Sleepsick
LiquidBlack Sleepsick År sedan
Eeewww 4:00 look at those starving cow hips 😬
Erin Ren
Erin Ren År sedan
The sad part is this is scratching the surface of the things wrong with this movie. Maybe that's why they made an entire documentary about it
DickTheDestroyer År sedan
the mother is a fucking creepy ass bitch for real
Brohan År sedan
they act like oblivion characters
Demo År sedan
Sequels that aren't sequels
Psychedelic Feline
Psychedelic Feline År sedan
Somehow I’m enjoying this more watching it out of order...
Elizabeth Sorgi
Elizabeth Sorgi År sedan
I've been binge watching your videos from behind the tree in my profile picture for days now, and you give me very strong Dan O'Brien on Cracked vibes. Thanks for the great content, guy!
Faded Alien
Faded Alien År sedan
unsure if this was covered further in the video but the town that the parents are going to is called Nilbog, also translated backwards to GOBLIN!!!!! level 4 cryptography
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin År sedan
Great video, Eddy! I enjoy listening to you talk about Troll 2 and other things that are bad. If I were you, I'd do more. Like, do these more. More of these. You know what I mean.
Ueda Yuuji Fan
Ueda Yuuji Fan År sedan
Goblin backwards. .sdrawkcab nilbog
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers År sedan
The girl who plays the daughter changed her name just so when she auditioned for stuff people wouldn't be able to look up that she's that girl from Troll 2.
Philippe Gagnon
Philippe Gagnon 2 månader sedan
And the actor who played Grandpa Seth went under the pseudonym WheezyWaiter for a while
Cova Brouwer
Cova Brouwer 7 månader sedan
I would probably do the same.
gabriella schmitt
gabriella schmitt 9 månader sedan
Banjo Peppers awww that makes me sad. U don’t see Jeniffer Aniston regretting the crap she was in when she was younger (not on paper anyway). I think REAL actors have to build that tough skin of their cringy past. That’s like a celebrity right of passage
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers År sedan
The mom from Troll 2 IS crazy. I don't know what her deal is, but yeah, that documentary... Like she doesn't want to leave her house because the things will get her or whatever, and she's taking care of her incredibly cranky mother who's missing a leg. I feel bad for her, actually.
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 2 år sedan
I need to see this movie. Sounds hilariously fun!
CoolGuy 69
CoolGuy 69 2 år sedan
Just do movie reviews
Uncensored Chemboi
Uncensored Chemboi 2 år sedan
They’re eating her... and then they’re going to eat mE!
Athena Delgadillo
Athena Delgadillo 2 år sedan
I feel like I'm stalking your channel when your videos this old come up..
Lumina Solaris
Lumina Solaris 2 år sedan
You read ALL of them? Even the new comments on old videos? *Narrows eyes in suspicion* Also, dope videos. :) I'm a fan now.
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
no I never read old comments and I didn't read this one
Daisy 2 år sedan
Bought cat in the hat on PS2 because of you, great gameplay and storylines and I actually got to PLAY the cat in the hat in the game. Thanks so much Eddy, 10/10 video.
CT 2 år sedan
1. Why would her family let her bring her ‘boyfriend’ to a family vacation. 2. Why would he ask to bring friends? I thought it was obvious you don’t need friends to have sex. 3. Why did he bring the friends? Does he need moral support when he gets laid? What?
Taylor Pennington
Taylor Pennington 7 månader sedan
The whole team want sum fuk
Hamilton.Is.Life 2 år sedan
I thought she was being sarcastic when she said she could come. She’s a crap actor
Restless Sheep
Restless Sheep 2 år sedan
Your content is so great that at the time of writing this there are no dislikes on the video
Vilavain 2 år sedan
idk why but your style of humor reminds me of jontron a little bit
Kyle 3 år sedan
2:20 or his grandpa is a registered sex offender and jumped out the window
LiquidBlack Sleepsick
LiquidBlack Sleepsick År sedan
Omg 😂😂😂
benjamin kerzee
benjamin kerzee 3 år sedan
Dude. That fucking subtle Son of The Mask edit was the best.
Tugboat Maguire
Tugboat Maguire 3 år sedan
I feel a sundden urge to pre order that cat in the hat game
With Love, Thomas
With Love, Thomas 4 år sedan
Exciting changes! You guys have doubled your subs since I subbed!
Edgar perez
Edgar perez 4 år sedan
wtf i have that shirt aswell
Alec Kuskey
Alec Kuskey 4 år sedan
Love the video (as always) those troll/goblin things are spooky as hell man I'm gonna have nightmares
BusinessVulture 4 år sedan
ZAD, can I call you that? OK. I love you and your work. You are one of my favorite SEpost's. That's it, that's all I wanted to say. ;)
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Thank you so much!
Howard Parkes
Howard Parkes 4 år sedan
Make a hms on the smosh movie
Sukant Panigrahi
Sukant Panigrahi År sedan
They're all friends
Melon Lord
Melon Lord 4 år sedan
I love you daddy
MRMAN21 4 år sedan
You got a sponsor, nice!
Kyle Fisher
Kyle Fisher 4 år sedan
So it makes me legitimately upset that you guys are not more popular then you are bc you're actually really funny
Demo År sedan
@Jeronimo It makes perfect sense if you know that two people used to be in charge of this channel.
Jeronimo 2 år sedan
Kyle Fisher that statement didn’t make any sense
Jordan Stewart
Jordan Stewart 4 år sedan
Do 3 parts if you have to zad
Tom Bachelder
Tom Bachelder 4 år sedan
I'm so stupid, I saw this in my notifications and tried to find the first part.
gabriella schmitt
gabriella schmitt 9 månader sedan
Tom Bachelder lmao I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who thought there was a part 1 to this video
jisanos 4 år sedan
"aaaaah"/10 -IGN
Grace Motley
Grace Motley 4 år sedan
Welcome back Eddy
Randon 4 år sedan
nice artwork m8 😊
Jeremy 4 år sedan
This is funny man have not regretted subscribing. Various other complements. yea *Sponsored comment brought to you by Carbon! that essential element you are made of, that Apple will try to sell you eventually.*
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
This comment has been taken down by the Cat in the Hat Corporation.
EpicBanana64 4 år sedan
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Aaria 4 år sedan
well since you already mention the cat in the hat can't wait for you to make an episode on it
TheUltimateJae 4 år sedan
This video was really funny, can't wait for the next one!
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Thank you! I'm so glad people like HMS
LowSupport 4 år sedan
best sponsor ever
Jacob Abarbanel
Jacob Abarbanel 4 år sedan
Eddy, your photoshop skills. How can I be like you?
Jacob Abarbanel
Jacob Abarbanel 4 år sedan
when do i start?
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
be severely untalented for just under 20 years and then you might have a shot.
Archii™ 4 år sedan
Whats your promo code for Cat In the Hat?
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
I don't know why youtube held this for review as spam but the code is KILLMENOW
squibby smalls
squibby smalls 4 år sedan
I love your videos, I wish you uploaded more. you need more recognition
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Also guys please pass these videos around with your friends, it would really help me out!!!
joppe 5 månader sedan
Jack Attack
Jack Attack År sedan
Eddy Burback okay!
MrPuretrollin År sedan
Love the horrible movie scenes series, would love it even more if you did entire horrible movies. You're hilarious and I wish I found your channel sooner.
Eva Williams
Eva Williams 2 år sedan
Nic Gauthier
Nic Gauthier 4 år sedan
do a hate comments video, and post more on Ifunny plz cause you're hilarious
Seth Noel
Seth Noel 4 år sedan
Bullshit copy right claim.
Seth Noel
Seth Noel 4 år sedan
Right. There have been way too many YT problems lately.
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Yeah. I understand it because the system is to prevent people from uploading movies, but it's a pain in the ass.
Weather Daddy
Weather Daddy 4 år sedan
sup bitches
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
What do you think of the channel redesign guys?
Julian Karustis
Julian Karustis 4 år sedan
This movie needs to kill itself
Guillermo Errasti Morales
Guillermo Errasti Morales 4 år sedan
I think it's great and please bring a part two soon! :)
Weather Daddy
Weather Daddy 4 år sedan
i. liked how you did the dramatic reenactment
Riley DelVasto
Riley DelVasto 4 år sedan
I purchased the cat in the hat game as soon as I could when this video ended
Johnny Allen Shane Prater
Johnny Allen Shane Prater År sedan
@Eddy Burback Wtf you replied to a comment ahHah!?!?! Back when you weren't too too famous lol.. You're amazing Eddy keep up the good work man.. You're hilarious and original In your own way.
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
You brought home the WACKY fun!
Aidan Yelsma
Aidan Yelsma 4 år sedan
Eddy, which movie has been the worst that you have reviewed to horrible movie scenes?
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
Probably Death Wish III because it's the most boring of them all. The music is also unbearable!
Brian Walley
Brian Walley 4 år sedan
Definitely have to make a second Troll 2 video. Gotta see that infamous OMG scene.
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
UK_ Speedy
UK_ Speedy 4 år sedan
Alright I'll be the first to say FIRST COMMENT!!!
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