The Death of the Hollywood Movie Musical

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Lindsay Ellis

2 år sedan

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“Roadshows command premium prices and the exclusive firstruns presumably whet appetites for the subsequent runs at regular prices. And they justify financially the greater length, high costs, starrier casts, and whatever else is big about bigness. The roadshow contagion is now so epidemic that almost any picture deal which comes along is very carefully mined for its intermission potential.”--Charles Champlin, The Los Angeles Times, 1967
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xizar 2 år sedan
"How Millennials are killing the roadshow."
The Argonaught
The Argonaught 6 dagar sedan
@LukeSparow dude is gender neutral
Brayan Damon
Brayan Damon Månad sedan
dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Just google for it enjoy!
Joe Schembrie
Joe Schembrie 2 månader sedan
@Watafu "How Gen Z is killing Millennial jokes."
Dariusz Woysław Miller
Dariusz Woysław Miller 5 månader sedan
@clarissa35f No hay problema. Entiendo tu frustracion. Aca en Polonia tambien hay muchos que escribe de manera desastrosa en nuestra idioma y casi siempre son los mayores "patriotas" :)
Dariusz Woysław Miller
Dariusz Woysław Miller 5 månader sedan
@clarissa35f Perdoname, pero soy Polaco. Ademas de lengua natal, hablo espanol e ingles. No tienes por que burlarte de mis errores. Escribo en ingles, para mejorar el uso del idioma. I si, voy a hacer errores, por que todavia tengo mucho para aprender. Buenas noches.
CrazyKungfuGirl 22 timmar sedan
Can't wait to find out which superhero movie is going to be our "Hello Dolly"...
Kacee Eddinger
Kacee Eddinger 3 dagar sedan
This is an even more interesting watch in 2021...
Loren Sims
Loren Sims 4 dagar sedan
Oh, you're describing my life. Mary Poppins and Sound of Music were some of the first big movies we saw, along with Dr. Dolittle. I'm surprised you didn't mention Oliver!, that one seemed like it was almost successful. We were mad for Cabaret when I was in high school, but Bob Fosse will do that. Hey, doesn't The Rocky Horror Picture Show count? Probably not…
MishaV84 7 dagar sedan
2018 Lindsey: "I don't like going outside". 2020: got something fo ya.
Gunnar Eðvarðsson
Gunnar Eðvarðsson 9 dagar sedan
1950s Hollywood seemed to do Musicals, Westerns and fluffy Comedies mixed with some Film Noir (which were all the rage the decade before). Not much else.
flabuloza 10 dagar sedan
Cinéma at covid times. We need an essay
バンジョベンジ 11 dagar sedan
I'm taking this moment to remind you that the giraffe stepped on his own cock.
Mathea H.
Mathea H. 12 dagar sedan
Wait, Paint Your Wagon is real? I thought it was a Simpsons joke!
Vincent Philippart
Vincent Philippart 15 dagar sedan
"I don't wanna go outside" That aged poorly...
BookishLish 17 dagar sedan
So my brother is a huge animal person and has been since he was little (like he is now studying zoology) and we had Doctor Dolittle on DVD growing up. He LOVED it and I NEVER UNDERSTOOD IT. It always felt like a million hours long, it even has a freaking intermission on the DVD! So watching clips of that movie and seeing just how much of a PITA it actually was to make brought back some childhood memories for me.
amy c
amy c 27 dagar sedan
Shout out to Vanessa Redgrave for making Camelot watchable
Peristeronic Månad sedan
“I don’t like going outside” Ah, 2018.
Lizzy M
Lizzy M Månad sedan
*squints* Do you have a strange Julie Andrews blindness? Because she's fundamental to your narrative (she was a key player in all three of the musicals you characterize as giving an artificial boost to the system), but you barely mention her at all.
Lizzy M
Lizzy M Månad sedan
Your overall point isn't bad, but the examples you use to justify it beg for further explication (why did Camelot fail where Sound of Music triumphed? Both were B'way moderate successes but definitely past their heyday...again, looking at Julie Andrews). Because it doesn't fit your narrative, you write off the the success of Mama Mia to "wine moms." That's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's fiiiiiine.
Queen Ursula
Queen Ursula Månad sedan
How can theaters compete: By embracing the luxury service they have become. Make it dinner and a show, re-screen more classics, have theme nights, do on demand for large parties, create smaller "home theater" rooms for smaller parties. It's more than possible, its just not being done.
acecat2798 Månad sedan
I've watched a *lot* of musicals from the roadshow era, plenty of B-grade ones with maybe one great song or dance number. I've watched a lot of 60's media, tv, movies, even a lot of the forgotten musicals mentioned here (I actually grew up watching Dr. Doolittle and always got bored partway through.) I can't put my finger on why 60's musicals are just cheesier somehow. Some, like West Side Story- are at least pushing the boat out with dance and music (WSS has some of the most difficult orchestration in any Broadway musical and the choreography is some of the most demanding out there). Mary Poppins has outstanding animation, music and dance. Oliver and Fiddler on the Roof are less conventional and use the grungier, bleaker tone of the 60's-70's to their advantage. But in all honesty, a lot of the big-budget 60's films just flat-out sucked. Hello Dolly, Funny Girl, Camelot, Unsinkable Molly Brown, 1776, Bye Bye Birdie, How to Succeed in Business, She Loves Me, Man of La Mancha... You could live the rest of your life and never have to think about any of these again.
acecat2798 Månad sedan
Say what you will about Hello Dolly, and I do, but seeing Louis Armstrong on screen is always a delight. The man had such a charisma to him. I always loved his duets with Ella Fitzgerald, they had a great rapport.
Tate Bauer
Tate Bauer Månad sedan
Hello Dolly is my favorite musical of all time and I will forever stand by that
Delique Scence
Delique Scence Månad sedan
Julie Andrews is my hero. Just had to say it.
Ozzie Hall
Ozzie Hall 2 månader sedan
*Reads the title* *Flashbacks to crying over the ITH trailer* Maybe the Hollywood musical has been revived thanks to the Hamilton proshot.
Synthesizer Patel
Synthesizer Patel 2 månader sedan
14:00 - you're getting confused with the renowned civil rights activist Malcolm the tenth - Jerrey Holder wished to be be known as William Shakespeare "ex"
lol 2 månader sedan
Lindsay: "I don't like going outside" CURSED, SHE JINXED IT
Heather B
Heather B 2 månader sedan
Mary poppins is a perfect movie
Tmanaz480 2 månader sedan
LOL...when she said "tentpoles" it sounded like "tit-pulls"
Diya Gore
Diya Gore 2 månader sedan
Time is a flat circle.
Joezppy 2 månader sedan
"We'll get to that in a minute" WHAT?! killing me.
Zain Rizwan
Zain Rizwan 2 månader sedan
The problem with Shrek is we can't ever surpass it's elusive genius in the entire time of human existence.
MathisMagic 2 månader sedan
Who's here to re-watch after the recent Musicalsplainin' episodes?
MathisMagic 2 månader sedan
"I don't like going outside." Hits different now.
Molly Fraser
Molly Fraser 2 månader sedan
Wow, so I always wondered why Japanese movie posters proclaim "roadshow from X to Y dates!!" and theatres sell elaborate pamphlets. Guess it's more American cultural leftovers 👀
Candescence 2 månader sedan
I find it hilarious that Dr. Dolittle of all musicals ended up killing tie-in merch to the point where Fox later signed away those rights to George Lucas for Star Wars, only to learn the hard way that Star Wars was a perfect merchandising vehicle and they just signed away the film's biggest revenue stream.
Lucky C4t
Lucky C4t 2 månader sedan
0:52 This has aged. Not particularly well, not particularly poorly, but it's certainly aged
Robbie Torkelsonn
Robbie Torkelsonn 2 månader sedan
"I don't like going out" - must be the time of her life now
Anya R
Anya R 2 månader sedan
𝙇𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙖 𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙙, 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙙.
David Hillerström
David Hillerström 2 månader sedan
"I dont like going out" that quote aged well
G Stone
G Stone 2 månader sedan
I love Gigi ❤️❤️
G Stone
G Stone 2 månader sedan
I love Hello Dolly 😍😍😍😍😀😀
Annie Clarf
Annie Clarf 2 månader sedan
Well shit now I need to find some dolittle merchandise on my flea market travels. Maybe I’ll start collecting merch for any of the Doolittle movies that would be a weird thing to do
D'ran Dana
D'ran Dana 2 månader sedan
Bahahahaha the Bladerunner crossover was brilliant
Little Bird
Little Bird 2 månader sedan
I'm kind of surprised that the industry hasn't tried to bring roadshows back. Having a limited release for an extended cut come out first seems like the kind of thing to cause "FOMO" especially with social media.
fox 2 månader sedan
i like you
Win some Lose some
Win some Lose some 3 månader sedan
I'm glad stranger things crumbled the way I knew it would, was never a good show, just a nastolgia gotcha show.
15Acesplz 3 månader sedan
One of my favorite things about The Producers's movie musical adaptation is that it emulates the old hits discussed in this video! It's very fitting, considering the time period of the story :D
MrJamieb18 3 månader sedan
Venom was good actually
Jason Roggasch
Jason Roggasch 3 månader sedan
Jason Roggasch
Jason Roggasch 3 månader sedan
I dont like you because you WANDER into anti conspiracy subjects and you are tragically ill informed to do so......BUT GREAT VIDEO
Troy Baer
Troy Baer 3 månader sedan
[*is quietly disappointed by the complete lack of "the Sound of Griswold" in this video*]
Cameron Lapp
Cameron Lapp 3 månader sedan
There was "Kiss Me Kate" in 1953 which was also a 3D Musical - 3D comes around every few decades.
Nick Youde
Nick Youde 3 månader sedan
The reason why musicals back in the 1960s felt dated was a combination of things. 1. The collapse of the Hays Code which restricted what movies could show on screen (Advantage: The Graduate, Bonnie & Clyde). 2. Musicals, which relied on pure escapism lost relevance during a turbulent era of both the Vietnam War and the many riots that were happening in the late 1960s (Disadvantage: Doctor Doolittle, Hello Dolly!) 3. The collapse of the studio system. 4. The rise of rock music, Woodstock and the like.
Dom Shaheen
Dom Shaheen 3 månader sedan
Great vid! Did I miss the mention of Oliver! or Willy Wonka? The former especially made $ and won awards so Dolly definitely seemed like a good bet. I love it as a film - and it won awards so it bombed but at least it was an Oscar winning bomb.
Ian Irwin
Ian Irwin 3 månader sedan
Hollywood producers: "I dont get it, people don't want to come and watch our lazily made crappy movies in 3D - I know, lets make them in 3D 48fps!"
Tessa Janes
Tessa Janes 3 månader sedan
"I don't like going outside". Finger on the money's paw curls
Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy 3 månader sedan
Franco Nero.
Jekyllstein Gray
Jekyllstein Gray 4 månader sedan
Fortunately the incompetence of 1960s movie moguls didn't kill Moulin Rouge!
AD-SD-vids and stop motion
AD-SD-vids and stop motion 4 månader sedan
13:52 computer cursor
Ash 4 månader sedan
I would legitimately love a followup to this, with consideration to 2020 and what it's done to the movie industry.
Stephen LeBlanc
Stephen LeBlanc 4 månader sedan
BTW, I begged my parents for a Push-me Pull-you talking stuffed toy. I remember the commercials. I was 5.5 y.o.
Nathan Richardson
Nathan Richardson 4 månader sedan
referencing 30 rock and drag race in a video about musicals? heaven. i'm obsessed with this channel.
bel pet
bel pet 4 månader sedan
Good news about not liking to go out!
Emma McKenzie
Emma McKenzie 4 månader sedan
Enter Les Miz and Cat's
Emma McKenzie
Emma McKenzie 4 månader sedan
10:36 I've been there!
Music Fanboy
Music Fanboy 4 månader sedan
*laughs in Hamilton*
alycedia 4 månader sedan
Is that a Hollywood movie musical? I thought it was just a normal musical
AgentSeamoose 4 månader sedan
Fast forward to 2020 where Warner Bros. is releasing their catalogue of films releasing in the next year simultaneously in cinemas and streaming. Will we see theaters die after 2021?
shohna 4 månader sedan
Not to be *that* person but, this hits differently in 2020 😏 a lot of movie studios are looking like they may be about to tank because of movies they've been sitting on for months now and can't pay their creditors back for because they can't make a profit from yet, it's anyone's guess how to make or market a movie anymore, and the actual Wonder Woman sequel is being released, for first time viewing, on HBO Max on Christmas Day. Cannot make this stuff up. And heaven only knows what Mulan's final profit numbers will be, even with the $30 Disney premium online cost. 🙄 I get the feeling there's going to be some belt-tightening after this.
Ghost 4 månader sedan
' a lot of __ movies have come out' oh dang this intro did not age well lol.
carfonju 4 månader sedan
VERY GOOD WORK, the problem is Lindsay's fascination for Annie Wilkes. Is a very bad fandom for Kathy Bates
Tropical_77 4 månader sedan
Watching this in 2020 with all the streaming releases is... surreal
Adam Kalb
Adam Kalb 5 månader sedan
0:29 And you thought it was Infinity War. Sorry!
A Goth Named Wednessday
A Goth Named Wednessday 5 månader sedan
"I don't like going outside" *Cries in 2020*
Perriwen Plays
Perriwen Plays 5 månader sedan
"It's a streaming world now. I don't like going outside." 2020: "Say no more!"
Anna Carolina Capilé
Anna Carolina Capilé 5 månader sedan
I loved Hello, Dolly! despite Barbra being too young to play the part, something that confused me the first time around. Okay, this lady in the prime of her beauty and youth is already a widow and is bluntly ignored by Horace, who's looking for a bride. And she's even more fabulous then the hat shop lady he's interested in. Hard to believe, but I try to ignore that, because all of Dolly's and Horace's scenes are lovely, and the costumes are so magnificent.
Fangsabre 5 månader sedan
"I dont like going outside" 2 years later: god I wish I could go outside
thewalrusaurus 5 månader sedan
What if i like Hello Dolly?
Fettuc 5 månader sedan
So, basically what The Mummy (2017) went through?
Jake Irons
Jake Irons 5 månader sedan
I usually don't think about the fact that Lindsay lives in the same town I do and then a minute into a video she name drops a movie theater I've been going to since I was a kid
B Z 5 månader sedan
The singing cowboy western stuff that my father insisted on having on the Western Channel suddenly makes sense.
Kefkaownsall 5 månader sedan
Context 18 million was 142 million today. Fucking hell
Belky Hernandez
Belky Hernandez 5 månader sedan
I liked Hello Dolly
Dreamy_ 5 månader sedan
Hollywood Movie Musicals were never great; most were passable at best. They were a niche product that where imposed onto the general population by sycophantic fans. Soon, people will realize that the Avengers 2012 was utter rubbish too. The Boys has already demonstrated that.
Nick Youde
Nick Youde 5 månader sedan
What exactly is a "Wine Mom"? I've never heard the term before.
Lainpinky131 5 månader sedan
People make fun of the trailer for Titans, in all it's edgy glory, but compare it to the trailer for Titans season 2. Can't remember the season 2 trailer? Of course not. It was bland and safe and boring. At least you remember the trailer for the first season. Which i guess means it did its job. #TurdInTheWind
Frank Kopke
Frank Kopke 5 månader sedan
Those 'wine moms' that you mention must be going through an AWFUL lot of wine when you consider Mamma Mia in any form...As a singer Meryl Streep remains one of the greatest ACTRESSES ever. Sadly, the demise of the musical - on stage or screen - began when "musicals" became a collection og songs from a successful (or not so successful) singer or group.
Sam King
Sam King 5 månader sedan
The movie musical died when Russel Crowe sang Stars
Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Jonathon Cowley-Thom 5 månader sedan
Someone should show this video to the publishers of "AAA" live service looter-shooter video games.
CloroxLollipop 5 månader sedan
idc what anyone thinks but Helly Dolly is my favorite live action musical ever. i dont even know why either
Percy Hallow
Percy Hallow 6 månader sedan
"I don't like going outside." *Laughs manically in 2020*
Nathaniel Arndt
Nathaniel Arndt 2 månader sedan
*Wheezes in 2021*
Skyler Azzuolo
Skyler Azzuolo 6 månader sedan
This needs a 2020 update
zenobia10127 6 månader sedan
I recall really enjoying Hello Dolly! Of course I was about 7 and it was being broadcast for free on network television.
Luke Field
Luke Field 6 månader sedan
I'm trying to work out how you did a video on musicals and managed to completely avoid talking about Little Shop of Horrors or the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the latter of which confronted a lot of people's stereotypical views on sexuality very early on, and still has stage productions touring to this day.
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 5 månader sedan
@HERSHISKISS In fact a lot of musicals now are either animated, counter musicals, genre mixes, or a mix of all three. Rocketman and Greatest Snowman mix the musical with true story dramatization. Meanwhile counter musicals grow with the likes of Repo The Genetic Opera and Anna and the Apocalypse. And then you have all the animation from My Little Pony and Frozen to even South Park and Hazbin Hotel.
HERSHISKISS 6 månader sedan
1. Those weren't roadshow realesses 2. Movies like Rocky Horror are considered counter culture musicals.
Hannah 6 månader sedan
I wonder if once the pandemic has passed (assuming that does happen in some way) we’ll see a return to a kind of roadshow then wide release experience, with films released at premium prices for a few weeks in cinemas and then released to streaming straight after. I’m not sure if it would work out as a way to save big studio budget films and the theatres which want to show them, but it might be one way they all might try to deal with the post-covid movie going landscape.
Andrew MacLeod
Andrew MacLeod 6 månader sedan
Musicals a synopsis = A Star is Born; Four Films 1: not seen 2: Brilliant 3: OK I suppose 4: When are we going to watch the first one.
OverlyCritical 6 månader sedan
Huh, I never thought that Dumbledore Mk. 1 was the "show up to set drunk" type.
Fletcher Reed
Fletcher Reed 6 månader sedan
In my opinion, one thing above all else matters when it comes to musicals that so many of them don’t do (outside of being good): casting actors who can SING. I have no idea why anyone thought casting Emma Watson, Russel Crowe, Gerard Butler, or Pierce Brosnan in singing roles was a good idea (poor Pierce Brosnan sounds like he’s dying when he sings in Mamma Mia).
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 5 månader sedan
Even La La Land, though intentionally wanting struggling singers for character reasons as the characters throughout the movie are still unprofessional and/or untrained, still makes sure everyone can actually sing and hold a note.
Nick Youde
Nick Youde 5 månader sedan
Don't forget Peter Mullan's cheese grater like vocals in Sunshine on Leith. At least he's legitimately trying to make an effort unlike Rami Malek lip-synching his way through Bohemian Rhapsody.
TheHighNoonSaloon 6 månader sedan
no name
no name 6 månader sedan
Venom and Titans becoming hits after seeing this video is hilarious especially cause Venom wasn't dark at all it was a comedy straight up
Jo Clawson
Jo Clawson 6 månader sedan
Hey, I 💘 love hello dolly, fiddler on the roof and poppins
Turalcar 6 månader sedan
15:18 Being called "cartoonishly racist" in 1967 is kind of impressive
Nick Youde
Nick Youde 5 månader sedan
Even more so when you remember that is was nominated for Best Picture against 2 dramas about race relations In the Heat of the Night and Guess who's Coming to Dinner.
WhiteTreeRightful 6 månader sedan
"it's a steaming world now, I don't like going outside of my house" haha if only we knew
Athul Nair
Athul Nair 6 månader sedan
I think Wicked could be the next great movie musical if done right
jbvader721 3 månader sedan
After trainwrecks like "Cats" and "Les Miserables" which were both released by Universal that holds the rights for "Wicked"? No thank you.
BluenoteNinja 6 månader sedan
Turds In The Rain is my new favorite monologue Edit: 23:01
Why is Cats?
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