The Craziest Minecraft Speedrun EVER Just Happened!

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Karl Jobst

Månad sedan

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One of the most exciting Minecraft speedrunning world records of all time just happened! Well, actually, possibly two! I will let you decide which one is more insane.
Illumina's run:
TwoLetterName's run:
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OBLIVION Dag sedan
Who else remembers zylenox as the guy who made peaceful in gd?
Easyflux Dag sedan
Imagine having an F3 in Goldeneye back in the day.. Yeah, no..
Drebin2293 4 dagar sedan
Good luck on that 1 thousand million millisubs.
S.D Kanz
S.D Kanz 5 dagar sedan
Great Video!
David Olsen
David Olsen 9 dagar sedan
1 month later.... Illumina's in 7th place.
Sinn0100 11 dagar sedan
I'm not a Minecraft guy typically but I recognize the skills. Here's the thing...I can't say "no" to this channel anymore than I can stop breathing. Keep up the fantastic work my man.
dodobird5 14 dagar sedan
Imagine if someone stumbled on a set seed used for records by chance and knew everything about it.
Hank 15 dagar sedan
2:00 this youtube channel is just one big old speed run challenge for subs
Penguin 16 dagar sedan
1:09 So essentially being smarter makes you better at gaming Who knew
Jezzy 16 dagar sedan
Is there a reason why they didn't remove/fix the "bug" of the bed killing the dragon in 4 shot?
Nexus 17 dagar sedan
I don't think it's cheating to use F3, it's kind of like using an emulator and TAS bots to figure things out for you. But at the end of the day, if you're using strats such as looking at the crack formations in blocks to determine your orientation, to me there's far more skill involved as the debug info helps cut time that you'd otherwise have to make up in other places without it. Yeah, I think a no F3 WR is the icing on the cake, it just needs to be done again to put the cherry on top.
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll 17 dagar sedan
The no F3 run is superior in skill in my opinion. Yea it was beaten but by someone using F3. No F3 puts the run league's above everyone else.
Anatolii 18 dagar sedan
Still feels like those two runs ultimately boiled down to good luck. It’s not like Illumina used some knowledge of the game that ultimately trumped F3, he was just been lucky. And so was the other guy.
Seneco 18 dagar sedan
I think the ender dragoon might have an addiction to crying obsidian
Mientous • Gao
Mientous • Gao 19 dagar sedan
N-No more doom?
T0nedude 20 dagar sedan
Let me guess you're going to tell us at the end that illuminahd used dream's version of Minecraft to get his WR...
Rocky117 21 dag sedan
Going for first SEpostr to reach 1B subs? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. You should be going for 1 Trillion smh.
The Mar
The Mar 21 dag sedan
cringe he should be going for 1 sextillion
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael 21 dag sedan
F3 seems like a cheat, am I the only one that thinks this?
ConDor 22 dagar sedan
Illumina is the greatest of all time.
Walnut 22 dagar sedan
7:43 *the biggest crossover in history*
electric yt
electric yt 22 dagar sedan
What g.o.a.t means?
electric yt
electric yt 16 dagar sedan
@Level1Slime tnx
Level1Slime 18 dagar sedan
Greatest Of All Time
ConDor 22 dagar sedan
Already outdated. TheeSizzler got 11:10.
Hados_RM 23 dagar sedan
mat pat is a fucking joke sometimes
Jerry Li
Jerry Li 23 dagar sedan
"this might last some time" :)
Ya boi Toenail
Ya boi Toenail 24 dagar sedan
At least he didn’t cheat
zcribe 24 dagar sedan
What? They run with dev tools? In what other game do they run with dev tools? Seems just silly. But people can do what they want. Might have console enabled runs just as well where the fastest to paste a script into wins.
Some guy on the internet
Some guy on the internet 24 dagar sedan
TwoLetterName's run is extremely impressive but the fact that Illumina got WR at all with no F3 is a testament to how skilled he is at MC and how well he knows the game.
madcat789 25 dagar sedan
At a Billion subscribers I'll paint you.
ーファビアン 25 dagar sedan
Illumina has been speed running this game for longer than I knew of speed running. He has been THE go to guy, when it comes to Minecraft Speedruns. He was the first to be confident enough to run it in GDQ, and back then his couche-commentators were highlighting that he is doing it the "Japanese" way, no F3 (and hard mode. In a major, livestreamed marathon. I think they collected over a million dollars for charity in that marathon.) He stuck to his way, and never made a big deal out of how he runs the game in his streams. If you ask me, he deserves a 10 second time bonus, just for running it "no F3" And on a sidenote - this guy is the perfect example of how grinding a game can eventually give you the desired success. You should visit his streams on twitch (just search for illumina1337), and give him the love he deserves. EDIT: And for the people crying about a certain person being called out for impossible drops, that seem to normal now: The drop rate has nothing to do with finding the spawn areas. Even if they had found the piglin and blaze spawners at the rate that seems to be normal nowadays, the drop rate still stays the same. And there is just no chance anyone can win the lottery a thousand times.
Steven Roil
Steven Roil 25 dagar sedan
Honestly, TIL you can beat Minecraft lol
KCP 25 dagar sedan
Now I have officially watched 3 vids on Ilumina's run
KCP 25 dagar sedan
SilentVinyl 26 dagar sedan
going from 1/2000 to 1/100 is huge
Jesse Sanchez
Jesse Sanchez 26 dagar sedan
Road to a bill 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kieran Boes
Kieran Boes 27 dagar sedan
if anyone can reach a billion, its our boy Karl. I see the second run as a technical achievement, but I see Illumina's run as more groundbreaking by virtue of its handicap.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 28 dagar sedan
for me, anything that gives you an advantage compared in playing a game normally is considered cheating ex. in moba, there are tools that display the hp of enemies in numbers, it might sound useless but it allows you to estimate when you can kill an enemy with a skill but if speedrun website consider it legal for minecraft, then it might be legit
SkyeThe Peachie
SkyeThe Peachie 28 dagar sedan
Both runs are pretty equal! My thoughts on it are that if illumina DID use f3 then he probably couldve gotten a similar time.
FOX Månad sedan
This guy do math about Minecraft is better than my math about simple things I forgot
A_L1L_5UMFIN_5UMFIN Månad sedan
a billion subcribers ... waaa? lo.l i hope it happens
deluks917 Månad sedan
No f3!
Caleb Congdon
Caleb Congdon Månad sedan
This did not age well
Seaweed1 8
Seaweed1 8 Månad sedan
Obviously fake, forgot the pizza and coke
RetroGameDays36 26 dagar sedan
and the cam
Valiables Månad sedan
Karl was joking about being a Full-Time Minecraft Channel. Please delete your stupid comments being mad about it.
Philly Wister
Philly Wister Månad sedan
someman7 Månad sedan
So it's still luck
SRM Månad sedan
Art thou Modest Pelican Karl?
Blake Haley
Blake Haley Månad sedan
Illumina is the Tom Brady of Minecraft. Absolute beast.
Minecraft Kuggfråga
Minecraft Kuggfråga Månad sedan
Shutup, u just want to put dreams name in videos to get yourself famous so shutup
Level1Slime 18 dagar sedan
How in the absolute WORLD does this have ANYTHING TO DO WITH DREAM!? If anything you should "shutup"
Merl_ Månad sedan
mhm he wanted to use dream as clickbait that's why dream isn't in the title, description, thumbnail, or video
The Mar
The Mar Månad sedan
Can't tell if this is a joke or not but if not did you even watch the video. None of it was about dream wtf.
quick silver
quick silver Månad sedan
0:12 seriously? i'm not watching your channel anymore and will remove you from my bookmarks if that's the case. i watch your videos for the speedrun news and info, not minecraft which i could LITERALLY find countless other channels to see. if you've seriously decided to make this a minecraft focused channel then you've sunk lower than the bottom of the barrel imo.
quick silver
quick silver Månad sedan
@57 Year Old James Bond lol
57 Year Old James Bond
57 Year Old James Bond Månad sedan
@quick silver Sorry, I’m half your age. My username is just a name.
quick silver
quick silver Månad sedan
@57 Year Old James Bond you're older than i am, funny guy. 33 here
57 Year Old James Bond
57 Year Old James Bond Månad sedan
Oh no! Please don’t remove this wonderful Minecraft channel from your bookmarks!
The Mar
The Mar Månad sedan
yo chill I'm pretty sure thats just a joke.
commander green
commander green Månad sedan
Hello my favorite minecraft channel
Josh Wekony
Josh Wekony Månad sedan
This made me sub, only for the 1bil dream
Jiovanni Sookhai
Jiovanni Sookhai Månad sedan
On the road to 500k subs good luck
Jason Torpy
Jason Torpy Månad sedan
love your videos - learned about ACE on Any Percent channel (Feb 9) . would love to have your deep-dive on this crazy method to modify game code from within the game. I don't think I've seen you do a video on it. what games has it been exploited? how does it work?
Wendigo The Bot
Wendigo The Bot Månad sedan
Makes video, TwoLetterGame Take that back
Wendigo The Bot
Wendigo The Bot Månad sedan
@Bryan Fewell too true xd
Bryan Fewell
Bryan Fewell Månad sedan
And now fe666 beat TLN
Simon Leonida
Simon Leonida Månad sedan
Good luck on 1B subs Subscribed And hello from Australia
Brandon the Writer
Brandon the Writer Månad sedan
me, 36 years old, haven't been gaming for almost 20 years, hears "hello you absolute legends" yes he's talking to me, 'cause I was a fucking boss at soul calibur 3 when i was 17
Henry Walsh
Henry Walsh Månad sedan
I'm kind of sad that you are now full time Minecraft, I liked your more varied videos.
57 Year Old James Bond
57 Year Old James Bond Månad sedan
Are you aware of what jokes are? Or do you also think he’s going for 1B subs?
gex :enter the gecko
gex :enter the gecko Månad sedan
Second most popular video of his is about dream so I don't think he's gonna stop until the minecraft hype dies down
Henry Walsh
Henry Walsh Månad sedan
@_Gamma_ I guess? I just have 0 interest in MC speed running. My personal tastes are for excellence-in-execution speed runs as opposed to glitches and cheesy "techs" - I'm more about running it as-intended but running it completely flawlessly.
_Gamma_ Månad sedan
Its probably because MC speedrunning is the shit in the speedrunning community today. He might still make the varied speedrunning content but there's nothing really interesting happening, until something does.
ToughGuy529 Månad sedan
Wow and he's a gd youtuber, mad respect
El Caponè
El Caponè Månad sedan
Are we going to ignore the fact that he called out mat pat
Dan Neale
Dan Neale Månad sedan
Just curious what the difference is between this, and the guy who was found out for chesting because his luck was too good? Specifically the 6 out of 7 on thr 50/50 blaze rod
Bryan Fewell
Bryan Fewell Månad sedan
@beep boop I think you underestimate the size of 7.5 trillion. If you did the same runs as dream every 1 second, it would take 237,823 years on average to get the same luck that he did. It's mathematically impossible. And for your coin flipping example. If each of the 7.6 billion people on Earth flipped a coin every second, it would take 500 trillion years for someone to flip heads 100 times in a row.
The Mar
The Mar Månad sedan
@beep boop So let me put this into perspective. Dream odds that were very biased to him is 7.5 trillion. The raw odds were 20 sextillion. Lets say that there were 10 billion humans that speedrun mc every single second, it would take a whole century for people to reach his odds. If that doesn't convince you, his own expert came out with a 2nd paper saying that readjusted his odds (to 100 million) and then came to the conclusion that he cheated. There's more evidence out there but im bored.
beep boop
beep boop Månad sedan
@BlueCyann i’m sure someone has definitely flipped a coin 100 times and got heads lmao. if it’s impossible then why is there even a possibility of it happening? i think impossible would be like it is impossible for me to physicall reach through my screen and pop out the other end and strangle you not oh this thing in a video game most likely won’t happen. and i don’t need ur video recommendations we are literally on the same channel literally one about speed running do you think i’d just casually watch in dept videos about speed running if i wasn’t involved with it and had watched many videos and reports explaining this whole thing but it doesn’t make logical sense why would u not count it when it is possible and then proceed to label him as a cheater which ultimately HAS affected his career
gex :enter the gecko
gex :enter the gecko Månad sedan
Twitter dot com be like
BlueCyann Månad sedan
@beep boop Because I've answered these questions over and over for probably 50 people in SEpost comments over the past couple of months. You want to talk "it's possible"? Wake me up next time someone bets you they can flip a coin heads 100 times in a row, then actually does it. I'm sure you'll be paying up that bet pronto, because "it's possible", right? Same thing here. It's statistically IMpossible. As in, every single person in the world could speedrun nonstop for a century and it's still vanishingly unlikely to ever happen impossible. Which is what every single one of those videos I'm talking about takes care to describe. I recommend Matt Parker (Standup Maths) or Karl Jobst, but only after you've first watched the mods' video (on Geosquare's channel). Good bye.
highflyer Månad sedan
Thats my boy
SonnyMcBlackk Månad sedan
No F3 pog
PoPaDoseYo Månad sedan
I'd love to play more Minecraft. Its the only game in my 29 years that make me sick to look at. I've tried everything changing FoV, texture packs, slower sensitivity. Nothing helps. Guess I'll stick with Terraria.
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
@PoPaDoseYo oh okay. I can't help you with that. Do you play other first person games?
PoPaDoseYo Månad sedan
@ShihammeDarc Its not the graphics. Its the motion of moving around in the game. You must not understood what I wrote. I literally get dizzy and want to throw up when I play. Also I never said I don't like the way it looks. I grew up playing games that look worse.
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
why are you playing terraria if you don't like the general way minecraft looks, even with texture packs?
K - Sco
K - Sco Månad sedan
Why are some speedruns on easy mode and some on normal, is easy mode not like cheating?
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
@BlueCyann oh, thanks for letting me know. I thought it was the case since villagers can't convert in easy mode.
BlueCyann Månad sedan
@ShihammeDarc Pretty sure that's not true. Mobs spawn with buffs (such as armor, enchanted weapons) more often on higher difficulties, but I've never heard that they spawn more often. As far as I know the only benefit to a speedrunner of using a higher difficulty is that fire spreads more quickly. So in the event that a player has to light a nether portal without flint and steel/fire charge, it'll on average happen faster on hard difficulty than on easy (and you'll see players changing their difficulty mid-run for this reason). But otherwise I believe the only meaningful difference is that players take more damage from mobs on harder difficulties. So they're more likely to die, and will need more food to heal. Easy is definitely the best way to go, but a lot still play on normal. It's not a huge difference.
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
Harder difficulties are technically easier because more mobs spawn so it may require more skill but you can get lot more materials easily. So there is a choice between lessening the risk of dying and completing the run faster.
BlueCyann Månad sedan
Any difficulty setting other than peaceful is allowed.
A Zip A Day
A Zip A Day Månad sedan
Why is karl throwing shots at matpat?
Punishment for Decadence
Punishment for Decadence Månad sedan
Can't believe this channel doesn't have a billion subs yet
DifferentMan Månad sedan
Wait wait wait wait wait wait Ur a MINECRAFT channel now? Plz don't be. U do such good general research. We liked that. Why are u switching?
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
It's a joke dude
Mathis Bourcier
Mathis Bourcier Månad sedan
I was here when you started your channel after RWhiteGoose. WTF HAPPENED DUDE!!? You blew up out of proportions in no time!
Ethernet Månad sedan
Why does illumina not play without f3 Is it just a weird flex?
BlueCyann Månad sedan
He considers it to be more fun. It's also a bit of a flex, but he kept doing it even when he was stuck in the no-PB doldrums for months so I think the main reason is he just likes it.
Ethernet Månad sedan
I love how serious he sounds even when he's sarcastic lol
Jonathan Mayer
Jonathan Mayer Månad sedan
No F3 needs it's own category or something. That's next level.
Bryan Fewell
Bryan Fewell Månad sedan
There will probably be a f3/purist split in the next month or two. Especially with the new pie-ray stuff that came out
Boot & Scats
Boot & Scats Månad sedan
TwoLetterName: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Tobias Steindl
Tobias Steindl Månad sedan
Where can i find out more about using structures to locate nether fortresses? You included it in your video but didn provide a link
Morgan Månad sedan
minecraft speedrunning exploding in popularity has been so awesome to watch. it feels like even just a few yrs ago no one took it seriously
FLuiD xd
FLuiD xd Månad sedan
Karl Jobst to 1 billion 🚀
Leonard Miles
Leonard Miles Månad sedan
Doesn’t illumina also have the achievements world record?
BlueCyann Månad sedan
@Leonard Miles I keep meaning to watch it some day to figure out what the heck he did because that's not the kind of improvement you get just by better execution.
Leonard Miles
Leonard Miles Månad sedan
@Patrick ? wow, thats quite a drop
Patrick ?
Patrick ? Månad sedan
No. Elysaku does. He beat Illumina’s by over 8 hours
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson Månad sedan
I'm sure Dream could do better
Trevor & Sunila Swamy
Trevor & Sunila Swamy Månad sedan
Why does he sound like modest pelican
Patrick Laune
Patrick Laune Månad sedan
2! Mins better than his PB.
shadowsa2b Månad sedan
I havent been keeping close tabs on minecraft development for a long time. What is a bastion in the nether?
Level1Slime 18 dagar sedan
It's sort of like a crumbling dungeon in the Nether.
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
It's a new structure added in 1.16 nether update
The Abstract
The Abstract Månad sedan
I'm sorry, but this guy breaks a block and knows where he is facing. Wtf.
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
you can memorize patters
leanomon Månad sedan
Whatever happened to the channel "Karl's Commentary"?
Sorchara Månad sedan
"given that im now a full-time minecraft channel" lmaooo
Rob Bert Johns Son
Rob Bert Johns Son Månad sedan
6:40 Was anyone else caught off guard by the way he pronounced “together”? Is that just me?
fffforever Månad sedan
why is he crying
_Gamma_ Månad sedan
Crying in disbelief?
sharpfang Månad sedan
One important point: F3 can turn a scuffed run into a decent one, a decent into good and good into almost great. But it won't turn an almost-great into truly great. You need pure luck - and skill not to waste it. A seed that gives you top time *will* have the bastion and the fortress within view distance from the most logical route, and you'll be able to eyeball the distances with perfectly adequate accuracy. If you *need* to use F3, it means they were too far for top time anyway.
tisdue Månad sedan
you went exclusively minecraft? did I hear that right?
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
it's a joke dude lmao
Skelli Månad sedan
Hey Karl can u do a video about the dumbest lawsuit in gaming where a 9 yr old kid sued nintendo for a very dumb reason?
Skelli Månad sedan
@Firi ik but i would like that idea
Firi Månad sedan
@Skelli karl makes videos abt speedrunning
Skelli Månad sedan
@57 Year Old James Bond because the kid sued nintendo of not putting the players names
57 Year Old James Bond
57 Year Old James Bond Månad sedan
But why? Why make a video about that?
Kingj Månad sedan
love how this got beaten so quickly
Garrett Månad sedan
I'm completely new to this whole situation but I can still fully appreciate the karma of that Dream nerd cheating because the rng sucked and now rng isn't a problem. Sometimes people do get what they deserve 🙂
That says a lot about- [M A N]
That says a lot about- [M A N] Månad sedan
In a few weeks: mc speedrun in 5.45.3 minutes
Addison Shorter
Addison Shorter Månad sedan
How do we know dream didn’t get something like this p.s. I added this early so it may be answered
jack Månad sedan
This is reaching Super Mario 64 levels of game knowledge.
GSRGaming115 Månad sedan
I really dont get minecraft speed running
Raden Adam
Raden Adam Månad sedan
untitled.png paint is legend
NoArtisticLimitation Månad sedan
Wait... FULL time minecraft? I like MC as much as the next guy, but there’s no need to box yourself in... I mean, if that’s the way you’re gonna go, I’m still gonna love your content, but it’s a pity.
ShihammeDarc Månad sedan
it's a joke dude lmao
NeoArashi Månad sedan
Please don't just cover Minecraft stuff. Please :(
Level1Slime 18 dagar sedan
It's a joke.
Amey Kadam 51
Amey Kadam 51 Månad sedan
why not?
Dylan Davies
Dylan Davies Månad sedan
No F3's given
PizzaMan Månad sedan
sparx0s Månad sedan
-wakes up -does world record -what
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