The Corrosion of Bart Baker

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j aubrey

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Join me as we take a look into the corrosive happenings of SEpost's biggest parody maker, Bart Baker.

j aubrey
j aubrey År sedan
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Doctor 4 månader sedan
What's the intro music?
武义 9 månader sedan
@Ovi G-Easy instrumental called 'Running'
武义 9 månader sedan
@Lin Zenmaines G-Easy instrumental called 'Running'
武义 9 månader sedan
@Jilienne Boyd G-Easy instrumental called 'Running'
武义 9 månader sedan
@James Benis G-Easy instrumental called ' Running '. Its in his " about ".
Anime R
Anime R 2 timmar sedan
His dog is dead inside
Skidiscovery 13
Skidiscovery 13 3 dagar sedan
13:45 isn't tik tok Chinese
Chaitra K. S
Chaitra K. S 3 dagar sedan
It is 😂
Mpumelelo Khumalo
Mpumelelo Khumalo 4 dagar sedan
Isn't TikTok a Chinese app anyways?
Fat Potato
Fat Potato 5 dagar sedan
hes doing everything to be able to have money.... he looks like a man who just sold his soul, really sad
serif 6 dagar sedan
Krys Ivory
Krys Ivory 6 dagar sedan
He could just retire early and travel the world with the millions he has.
Cas 7 dagar sedan
Fuck boy chlorox would have been much better, considering SoundCloud rappers are fuckboys. And soooo bad.
Brak Nazwy
Brak Nazwy 8 dagar sedan
He stopped making videos because his content was not fAmIlY fRiEnDly so youtube basically cut his clout and by it limited freedom of speech. So he decided to sell himself to CHINA. The irony of that...
Nathan Coley
Nathan Coley 8 dagar sedan
It's amazing to me the original songs are fine like (Cardi B) but Bart who does parodies which is legal 100% by the way gets screwed.
SeanChuah34 10 dagar sedan
this is disturbing,REALLY disturbing,it literally looks like bart sold his soul for $$$
Henry the Anglerfish
Henry the Anglerfish 10 dagar sedan
I think it’s safe to say that, even decades after he started his career, Weird Al is still the king of parody
Chris Bouvey
Chris Bouvey 13 dagar sedan
Ya SEpost was tampering with his channel. Just wait until SEpost becomes the next myspace.
Stingray 13 dagar sedan
Why is it sad that he saw a new opportunity. Is it because it's in china? I just hope he can be happy he has a lot of talent
Aldy Chann
Aldy Chann 15 dagar sedan
*SEpost Family Friendly* Rappers: niga niga niga niga big botty shakin on top anaconda niga niga niga
Pellbort 15 dagar sedan
Bart is bizarre, but SEpost fucking sucks
Rachel 16 dagar sedan
I find this sad, I watched all his parody videos, I even thought he was like a mixture of South Park and Weird Al, this is truly sad what happened. Would of loved to seem him do a parody of WAP.
Bread 1
Bread 1 17 dagar sedan
isn't tiktok a chinese app/ made by a chinese company?
Robert Nich
Robert Nich 17 dagar sedan
Tiktok is foreign douyin douyin is original tiktok and owned by the same dude.
Euphorica 24 dagar sedan
ClutchMan 25 dagar sedan
18:41 oh no amogus is here too ahhhhhhhhhh
Sam Hopper
Sam Hopper 26 dagar sedan
I have one prediction Bart gonna end up dead in China somewhere. My guess is his channel will lose momentum in China eventually and shit will hit the fan.
MeiMei 27 dagar sedan
chinese version of tiktok???? tiktok is original chinese (douyin)
Willie5000 28 dagar sedan
The poor guy... he doesn't even seem to understand that people in China are laughing at him, not with him.
Molly Briscoe
Molly Briscoe Månad sedan
Bart: 🎶I’m a saviour, I’m a saviour🎶 Me mentally: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it..... Me: Couldn’t save your channel, though, couldn’t you?
Little Death
Little Death Månad sedan
Another reason he lost views was because parodies became predictable and boring. I was big fan of his during his peak. He was so popular in my middle school. But as time went on, his primary audience got older AND his schtick became the same old same old. SEpost’s new ad policies did have some effect on his views, but ultimately what did him in was in inability to adapt to the changing environment. I almost feel bad for him, but he chose to do what he does now. He chose to abandon the parodies and not try to make them work. Almost all of this was brought on by his own choices, not just by SEpost
Carson Productions
Carson Productions Månad sedan
Do a video on guava juice
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Månad sedan
Kinda sad I used to love his parodies also dude followed me on Twitter for some reason
sonic wolf
sonic wolf Månad sedan
I know this is an old video but i feel like Bart left youtube and sold out cos he didnt want to adapt to youtube. Does it suck that youtube changed so much that he couldnt do what he was already doing? Sure. But arent the most successful people on youtube or any industry the ones that learn to adapt ? I think Bart just got stuck in his way and seems to have sold his soul to not change.
Lola Fields
Lola Fields Månad sedan
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darling Månad sedan
Josie Hamilton
Josie Hamilton Månad sedan
not me binge watching drama videos cuz the world is finally boring again.
AndyGames666 Månad sedan
7:08 nooo german que haces ahi
Mark23 Månad sedan
Imposter syndrome=amogus
Crystal Liu
Crystal Liu Månad sedan
... oh dear
Truckermom18 B
Truckermom18 B Månad sedan
I’ve watched a lot of vids by youtubers and all the money they make... now, it could be me but, don’t they all know that someone younger, quicker, smarter and more creative, why don’t they save their money, save half of it... no matter how many years you may be doing good, I don’t feel sorry for them!
조이스 Månad sedan
i used to watch a lot of his parodies and then forgot all about him
lynn m
lynn m Månad sedan
Maybe he went too far by making a parody about the Savior of the world, The One True King, Jesus. Just sayin.
BigBoi _Q
BigBoi _Q Månad sedan
one of the proudest moment's of my life was when this man followed me on twitter
Sanhita Chowdhury
Sanhita Chowdhury Månad sedan
Hahaha Bart literally follows all the fanpages of Bieber on Twitter like literally tons of them. The fun fact is that Justin Bieber himself follows Bart. Justin really enjoyed the mocking parodies of Bart of him😂😂😂😂
Distilled orange juice
Distilled orange juice Månad sedan
Honestly, his new Chinese content just seems kind of like a shell of himself. Like he's just a hollow casket of the person he once was. Kind of sad to see.
Some_oblivion_npc Månad sedan
a shitty haiku that doesn't even follow the rules of haiku if you will imposter syndrome. IMPOSTER. among us reference.
Tracy 2 månader sedan
Unlike Weird Al Yankovic, Bart is forgettable. Weird Al is the King of the music parody genre and will always reign above all others.
Captain Morgen
Captain Morgen 2 månader sedan
China owns him, and the doyin "algorithm"
Captain Morgen
Captain Morgen 2 månader sedan
Epstei n didn't kill himself
Mangalya Lakhia
Mangalya Lakhia 2 månader sedan
What an amazing video!
thatonegirleatinggrassbelowtheslide 2 månader sedan
I used to watch his channel but then grew up so I got disinterested but I saw my uncle watching this dude and I shit you not, I was today years old when I found out HE was the funny parody dude 😔🤚
Bernard Fernandez
Bernard Fernandez 2 månader sedan
douin. Haaaahahahahah, hilarious, I did not even notice the existence of this creature.
Unreliable Gachatuber
Unreliable Gachatuber 2 månader sedan
this isnt the simpsons
Mo Chi
Mo Chi 2 månader sedan
the YT PG-family-friendly shift was so stupid don't blame the content creators then, parents should monitor their children's internet activity, or like explain to them the things they didn't understand tf
Akame Eliminate
Akame Eliminate 2 månader sedan
And then Bart became an advertisement for China
Michael Tsagaris
Michael Tsagaris 2 månader sedan
All of Bart's success in China is also assuming those numbers are legit, given the fucking rampant cheating and trademark infringement in china it wouldnt shock me in the slightest if they where using bots to pump his numbers
Jahi Palmer
Jahi Palmer 2 månader sedan
OKay, I kinda like lil Clorox's songs.
Milkugh 2 månader sedan
Honestly good for him
MissMaeww 2 månader sedan
He's got that Ben Shapiro voice going on.
RainySkyMLP TM
RainySkyMLP TM 2 månader sedan
Look, I'll never blame Bart for this. This is literally 100% SEpost's fault for being really shitty as platform managers.
ThatLycanTomboy 2 månader sedan
god, 2014 really was a different time, isn’t it
Suki B
Suki B 2 månader sedan
I like the Chinese content!!!! It’s fun and his voice is nice
ell e.
ell e. 2 månader sedan
i would really enjoy his new china job though lmao linguistics AND music? dream
La Chona
La Chona 2 månader sedan
Why would he have BTS in the background 💀
Bella the dog
Bella the dog 2 månader sedan
The worthless modem collectively cover because michelle problematically choke per a bloody eye. determined, sordid psychiatrist
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 2 månader sedan
bart baker sold his soul to the chinese
Blueberry Potato
Blueberry Potato 2 månader sedan
All yt is doing is taking away people’s platforms, a lot of people’s source of income. They don’t understand, people are losing income because of these stupid rules.
Shawn Irene
Shawn Irene 2 månader sedan
Man... That manager has it all wrong. BART, WAKE UP BRO... YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT!!! But, make your money... I get it... I just see regret in your future, that's all.
Minority01 2 månader sedan
I might be crazy, but I think he's started wearing more makeup since moving to China
Oswegoma 2 månader sedan
Sounds to me like he’s doing great not corrosive at all wtf
Ryan Swanson
Ryan Swanson 2 månader sedan
15:14 Thanks for forgetting a trigger warning, I wasn't prepared to hear *The Right Opinion's* soothing voice.
Krumpet Puppet
Krumpet Puppet 2 månader sedan
I mean the dude is trying something new in his life. Good for him.
Multi Cat Bear
Multi Cat Bear 2 månader sedan
When you know some Mandarin and the pronunciation just have you feeling 😬
peacee2468 2 månader sedan
The last thing you said before the video ended .. 😢. You’re so sweet.
Leisi Cu3vas
Leisi Cu3vas 2 månader sedan
Why am i so sad i feel bad because i used to watch his videos throughout elementary school but as i got older I started not finding him funny anymore and kinda forgot about him and now i feel bad that he was such a big part of my childhood and i let his channel die😭😭
Effigy Swiper
Effigy Swiper 2 månader sedan
your video production value is SO high dude. Incredibly underrated channel.
Lofi Cleanse
Lofi Cleanse 2 månader sedan
this is hilarious
voracious viewer
voracious viewer 2 månader sedan
It's like buying a prince from a foreign land to dance for you as a display of dominance. A-list celebrities have been whoring out to foreign markets for ad campaigns like this for two decades. And to a smaller degree, this is the same as the practice of "yachting" for celebrities finding themselves in financial need or exposure. Do we really think Hiedi Klum, Naomi Campbell and whoever the fayed's had on their boats were doing it for the emotional connection? If you sell your soul for money, you'll earn every cent and then some.
Tatiana Smith
Tatiana Smith 2 månader sedan
15:45. I love whoever this commentator is lol
Stephen Park
Stephen Park 2 månader sedan
Too loud.
Jayminnie 2 månader sedan
Damn, hella nostalgia. Watching back at his old videos, I don't really find it funny anymore, but I still really appreciate them. I would rewatch them over and over again when I was younger because I thought it was the funniest thing on SEpost, but now seeing that he had to quit SEpost because he was screwed over by the algorithm is sad. Another part of my childhood ruined.
Travel Here
Travel Here 2 månader sedan
This channel owner / commentator is laughing out at Bart Baker, But I have huge respect for Bart Baker. He goes ''all in'' and is more succesfull in China already then this channel owner every will be on SEpost haha
ifti A
ifti A 2 månader sedan
13:45 tiktok is made my Chinese company aswell
ifti A
ifti A 2 månader sedan
made by the same company
IronBuddha80 2 månader sedan
17:30 There's 1.4 Billion people in China. 10 Million is just a drop in the bucket.
Random Trinidadian
Random Trinidadian 2 månader sedan
Basically.... he could not adapt to change and ended up Selling his soul to China in a desperate attempt to cling on to some form of Fame.
Tiramisu Desu
Tiramisu Desu 2 månader sedan
Didn't know him by heart. Not from the US but I happen to come across rebecca black's song Friday when it came out. Found it hilarious but entertaining. Then I saw the parody. music videos(these kinds of vids were fairly popular at the time) only to realize now that that was one of his videos. I never found it funny. The humor on his videos was kind of crude for my taste. Sad what happened to him though but he refused to adjust his content while retaining his identity as a youtuber.
Kuwaitisnot adeployment
Kuwaitisnot adeployment 2 månader sedan
I dont see a problem or understand why its considered F'd up for the Chinese company only using him to make more money and vice versa him changing your content so you can make money. Honestly I think it's a good thing for someone to stand up to SEpost and tell them to fuck off instead of bowing down to there shady business practices. I think SEpost preys on content creator's and viewers more than any other company including china
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey 2 månader sedan
Bart baker? *takes drag* Hm.. an unfortunate story.
Samuel 2 månader sedan
Man deadset tweaking in that vice interview
Meg Krish
Meg Krish 2 månader sedan
I mean whatever? I feel bad for him but SEpost shit everyone over and we can't blame him for stopping cuz he wasn't making money. If he found success well and good I just hope he's happy with what he's doing
Nugget Boi
Nugget Boi 2 månader sedan
Bro imagine in the future china buys all cancelled content creators and they make it big there....
Samuel 2 månader sedan
yes because China is well known for its tolerance of dissenting voices
achiando raymond
achiando raymond 2 månader sedan
As long as he pays the bills I'm ok with it
Astaroth H
Astaroth H 2 månader sedan
osea la neta neta camioneta que no entiendo porque le dan tanta vuelta a la vida de Bart Baker, si no le convino seguir mas en YT y quiso intentar nuevas cosas en China, es su puto problema, criticones de mierda. PD: te amo Bart :*
Drury 43
Drury 43 2 månader sedan
I'm sorry but I have no pity for youtuberz that complain about their job. If you stepped in my shoes for a week you'd never complain again.
Mr Thanos
Mr Thanos 2 månader sedan
Sorry China only thing I ever used of yours was the hacked Pokémon go I think it was Chinese Atleast
Sly Fuchs
Sly Fuchs 2 månader sedan
Seeing imallexx in this vid makes me miss Leafy... dude was the villain we needed.
Emypony 2 månader sedan
I know this video is pretty old but I only got around to watching it. Does anyone know the song in the beginning?
Madi D
Madi D 3 månader sedan
His kloroxx songs actually could've been bops if they got popular
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman 3 månader sedan
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Block 3 månader sedan
MARTINSTERN 3 månader sedan
This one of the saddest SEpost creator stories I’ve seen
Toyadome C
Toyadome C 3 månader sedan
His humor aged badly, it never got with the times. people don't find that stuff funny anymore, its just a bunch of cheap shots from a guy in drag making pedophile jokes. he got what was coming. A natural progression. He failed to see the bend in the road and he went over the edge. Baker isn't a sob story, he's a perfect example of generational shifts. He made content for 8th graders during 2010, well now its 2020 and those 8th graders are 24 years old but he's still making the same shit. There's plenty of people on youtube who are doing well and not making family friendly content.
Stuart Ward
Stuart Ward 3 månader sedan
This is why SEpost should never be anyone's full time job
ThatLycanTomboy 2 månader sedan
uh... no, bro, some of these youtubers make a pretty nice living, actually? the ones who survived the adpocalyse, anyway
bursuca grasa
bursuca grasa 3 månader sedan
what a paradox forced to flee youtube because of censorship and to end up in a comunist country
Sir Joop
Sir Joop 3 månader sedan
i came to this video expecting a scandal but left feeling emptier than before. it’s honestly really disheartening to watch his career basically fall apart after so many successful years of being a creator
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