The Case for Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Lindsay Ellis

3 år sedan

Hunchback is the metaphorical Quasimodo of the disney animated feature film canon--weird, hidden away, and relegated to its master's hairshirt. Some common and consistent criticisms of the film have cropped up over the years, but they often miss crucial context and the original goal of Victor Hugo's dark tale of human brutality.
But don't worry everyone. We're here to fix colonialism, y'all.
Wait, wrong video.
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janka stelmaszyk
janka stelmaszyk 2 timmar sedan
i thought you were reffering to oedipus when you were talking about edifices
Sam’s Petz
Sam’s Petz 17 timmar sedan
I like how she is just casually filming herself in France without announcing anything about it.
Jodie Garner
Jodie Garner 23 timmar sedan
Quasimodo had never had a single friend or companion up until meeting Esmerelda. Of course he would get a crush on her - but he didn't know her very well. It wasn't true love, it was infatuation with the first person to show him kindness, to value him as a human being, who also happened to be a beautiful woman and the first girl he'd ever been able to interact with beyond someone being horrified at the sight of him. It makes perfect sense that he'd get a crush, but it's also a really mature take to recognize how superficial that emotion would be. Quasimodo admired Esmerelda's strength and beauty, and was shocked that she treated him like a person, and at that point couldn't imagine anyone else treating him that way. But by the end of the film, he recognizes that A) Esmerelda doesn't see him that way, and is love with someone else, B) he respects her opinions and decisions, unlike Frollo and C) there is value in a nonromantic/physical relationship with Esmerelda, something Frollo doesn't see. Quasimodo decides that he wants to be in Esmerelda's life, rather than only wanting her around if she'd his girlfriend, and that's something we very rarely see in films. If the guy gets rejected, more often than not he never sees or talks to the girl again, unlike here where he's shown embracing a life that involves both Esmerelda and Pheobus. Despite their rocky start, Pheobus is literally Quasimodo's second friend ever, and first male friend, once he lets go of the unnecessary testosterone competitiveness for Esmerelda's attention. Companions who legitimately care about you are just as, if not more, valuable and essential than a romantic partner, something all too often ignored for men. It's a take I really wish was in more films, rather than just obsessing which guy gets rewarded with a wife or girlfriend, or simplifying women down to which man they chose to be with at the end. There are a ton of chick flicks glorifying female friendships and "sisterhood", but very little of that for men, who have the same needs for social ties and support and positive reinforcement. No, Quasimodo doesn't get the girl, but he does escape his abusive mentor/father figure and find acceptance and support with a group of friends and peers that value him as a person - and that's a far more powerful ending than a sexy lamp reward.
Calvert Brian
Calvert Brian 4 dagar sedan
Can I draw a crowd and make a living? Janine Garafalo.
Theodora Black
Theodora Black 5 dagar sedan
@ 37:47 where esmi is dancing, from what series or video was that? been looking for it for months now
LV RB 7 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the people who missed the original German stage production Der Glöckner von Notre Dame -- it was an epic and stunning reinterpretation of the animated musical. Sadly, its State-side stage version is a mere shadow of it...
GeeLame 7 dagar sedan
16:29 That is a photo of the silent movie actress Mary Pickford not Alice Guy-Blaché. Although both are pretty cool gals.
Naufal Ali
Naufal Ali 7 dagar sedan
no mentions of the La Jolla verson?
Matthew Schuth
Matthew Schuth 8 dagar sedan
I think the gargoyles could have turned out well if they kept them as "figments of Quasi's imagination." Their light hearted, jovial nature being a coping method for the decades of abuse that Quasi only subconsciously realizes. But as they are depicted they function in this weird nebulous gray area. None of the other named characters interact with them, but there are still interactions between them and the goat or the soldiers attacking Notre Dame. We shouldn't even see them interacting with each other if Quasi isn't there.
AnaiyaFalcon 9 dagar sedan
Watching this video in 2021 after COVID social anxiety and the destruction of the Cathedral in a fire is a bit surreal
SleepyArtsStudent 10 dagar sedan
The musical might not be the best adaptation, but Patrick Page, Ciara Renee Harper, and Michael Arden are fucking amazing.
Mariel Santos
Mariel Santos 10 dagar sedan
Lol Ansel Elgort is doing west side story instead
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 12 dagar sedan
me realizing this video came out on my birthday xD
The Jawnski
The Jawnski 13 dagar sedan
This is fine. He's fine.
Luna Myanth
Luna Myanth 14 dagar sedan
Video killed the radio star...
Briar Gray
Briar Gray 14 dagar sedan
Ya know something I like about both Esmerelda and Jasmine is that while both of them were the "brown sexy lady" archetype, both of them were very up front about when they found those pursuing them distasteful. Both of them reciprocated the affections of the men they were attracted to and were quick to enforce their boundaries when someone they weren't attracted to (Jafar and Frollo) made advances on them, and both were really good about standing up for themselves. And neither of them felt like the "spitfire" trope to me, both were pretty chill and liberated and mildly snarky, only getting venomous with those who treated them poorly.
Orchid CapitalofItaly
Orchid CapitalofItaly 15 dagar sedan
Why is no one talking about this moment??? 11:27 What the he-
Viviane Vispers
Viviane Vispers 16 dagar sedan
Katsuwangki Howunchbck Quinonescne Takenserioul Garyanedcua
Robert Dullnig
Robert Dullnig 16 dagar sedan
So Hugo's novel inspires the creation of the spire. The spire leads to the roof collapsing. The book did destroy the edifice. I'm all for them fixing the roof, but rebuilding the spire seems unnecessary.
The Deppy Files
The Deppy Files 16 dagar sedan
I'm losing to a BIRD.
Dan Green
Dan Green 16 dagar sedan
"he's much more grounded and real than any other villan disney ever created" as someone who lives with a mother gothel I object
Alyssa Bennett
Alyssa Bennett 16 dagar sedan
Yes, this movie would have been one of Disney’s best if it cut out the child humor, specifically the gargoyles. However, the gargoyles would still have been okay if the question about whether they are real or in Quasi’s head remained unanswered. Unfortunately, during the battle, there is no question that they are involved by “machine gunning” stones and dropping bricks and machinery onto the soldiers 😒
stipser1 16 dagar sedan
I can agree with a lot of the points about the changed pairing at the end but it still raised some problems for me. First of (just as a basis for the argument) of course getting the girl should never be a reward but pairing esmeralda with quasi modo doesn't have to mean that. The thing is, the movie builds up the potential for them to have a meaningful relationship (yes they still probably do as friends, but more on that later) with esmeralda being able to look past quasi modos looks. without having to implie any obligation whatsoever. all that happens in the context of the movie actively (and quite literally) bringing up the question "is love only for the beautiful" or at least the "not ugly". and so by ending up with a conventionally attractive couple at the end while quasi modo alone after esmeralda seemed to see something in him, the movie pretty much answers that question with "kinda yes, actually". So while i can appreciate a lot of what is conveyed in the movie as is, that kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Besides the fact, that we ended up with kind of the classic "princess" (in a very broad sense) and knight in shining armor couple again just kind of annoyed me. Also, just as a side node, phoebus and esmeralda didn't actually have that much interaction before they got together and their first kiss kind of happens in response to phoebus being wounded in a heroic rescue soo, esmeralde ends up as a bit of an reward anyway, i think. Only it's to phoebus, not to quasi modo.
YafreTV 16 dagar sedan
you should have taken the cocaine
teacupika 18 dagar sedan
2021 here, sorry the dark adaptation of hunchback didn’t happen... but I’d like to think it just got pushed back due to the pancake.
ChrisZi 21 dag sedan
"Foreigners? You came yesterday,we come today" I love that line
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs 22 dagar sedan
so what happened to the cocain?
Taylor Gayhart
Taylor Gayhart 23 dagar sedan
I have to say the one thing I appreciated about these movies is the fact that it added some diversity to the toys that we could play with. Back then toys were either blonde or brunette and that was the most variety you saw.
Emilie Bouchard
Emilie Bouchard 24 dagar sedan
While it's fine not to like the kind of show that is the French Canadian Le bossu de Notre Dame, people have to understand that we don't have the same size of public nor same type of budget American productions have. Over here, it's acclaimed and considered a true masterpiece that was played by some of our most famous singers and has been seen by over 8 million of people all over the world. I'm sure that for an American production that the numbers wouldn't seem impressive, but for us it is. That's why huge French Canadian productions end up moving away from Canada; there's not enough people to warrant the production budget of Le Cirque du Soleil and of singers like Céline Dion.
Peeple Eeter
Peeple Eeter 25 dagar sedan
Wait you're telling me it wasn't based on a true story with talking gargoyles? *S H A T T E R E D*
jaywittman192 25 dagar sedan
i enjoy disney classics and i do more in their action figure and miniture pvc figures etc. one of my fav toy action figure collecting IS THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRA DAME, in australia it can be expensive but some of my American collectors sell it to me for a agreeable sum :) NOICE video i wonder if disney could CUT out the gargoyles as i really really disliked the terrible comedy from them overall this video was enjoyable
New Ways Entertainment
New Ways Entertainment 25 dagar sedan
What's that song playing in the background at 4:24?
I Was A Girl In Eldia Doing Alright
I Was A Girl In Eldia Doing Alright 27 dagar sedan
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame was and is still my favorite Disney movie.
Viviane Vispers
Viviane Vispers 27 dagar sedan
Katsuakivfujiio Howungkeocz Questionsrean Horngoungwe Teamviewerzne
frankenstein's mobster
frankenstein's mobster 27 dagar sedan
It’s 2021 ..... no Dark Universe adaptation with Ansel Elgort as Quasimodo 😭😔💔
Kaja 28 dagar sedan
loving this video!
Anime Simp
Anime Simp Månad sedan
I live in Greece and the gargoyles are better in the greek version 😊 so I like them 😊
Discord’s Apple
Discord’s Apple Månad sedan
I have to say it Still a better love story then twilight
Kate the Great
Kate the Great Månad sedan
I don’t get why it’s racist to have Esmeralda be a kidnapped “white” baby.
Densmorde Månad sedan
11:26 pari shōkōgun
Matthew Bernal
Matthew Bernal Månad sedan
thank god it's 2021 and that movie starring Ansel Elgort hasnt been made whew
mvldvr Månad sedan
this movie was too dark for me when i watched it as a little kid, im interested to see a positive take
mvldvr Månad sedan
nvm cant watch this still traumatized, ill just take lindsay ellis' word for it
Katarina Owens
Katarina Owens Månad sedan
"shrek looks like 90% of stand-up comedians" needs more recognition lmaoo
Brooke Adams
Brooke Adams Månad sedan
Ugh I love this movie so much, even the cheesy gargoyles, it was my favorite as a kid
Magpie Flights
Magpie Flights Månad sedan
"Notre Dame might not even be here today!" Welp. That didn't age well.
Cooper Miller
Cooper Miller Månad sedan
17:17 literally wrong on every single level Dark universe: not getting getting a snyder cut treatment In theater: Covid Ansel Elgeort: assualts 17 year old
Mrs.Hypatia KovalevskayaSklodowskaMaricRavenclaw
Mrs.Hypatia KovalevskayaSklodowskaMaricRavenclaw Månad sedan
butwhat about the potential cocaine???
Rev Månad sedan
The most memorable animations I saw as a child all had darker elements to them. I love them to this day. Kids are capable of understanding so much more than we give them credit for.
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn Månad sedan
What is the end credit song
Virginia Fernandez
Virginia Fernandez Månad sedan
Well, I definitely don't agree in your oppinion about how the newest musical compares to the movie. I find it interesting to know your oppinion, tjough. Hell, I'd love to know how it compares for anyone! Frollo, for example, is much more (for me) scary, since he's much more realistic, I feel. Also Partick Page appears and he's awesome.
Elena Ekkert
Elena Ekkert Månad sedan
Tone problem is indeed the whole point. I remember writing a review of the film's trailer for a class test (long long ago) and this is actually the contradiction which occurred to me when watching the trailer (while knowing both the film and the plot of the book by Hugo, which, I shamefully admit, know from a movie). The trailer is all really cheery and makes the whole thing look like a happy adventure, while the film has some really really dark elements I'm not sure are even fit for a children's movie. Thank you for pointing this out.
Георгий Månad sedan
The end of the disney movie would happen where: [ ] In real life [x] Only in the disney movie Remember the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre and the history of Petrus Gonsalvus that was never accepted socially. removed a poetic and tragic ending with the death of Quasimodo and Esmeraklda as Marie Alexandrine von Vetsera with Prince Rudolf for that silly ending that would never happen in rela life.
Pauline Paulette
Pauline Paulette Månad sedan
Maybe it’s because I’m Italian and the Notre-Dame de Paris’ composer, Riccardo Cocciante is Italian-French and very very popular here since the 70s, but I loved the musical. It was a lot in Cocciante’s style, musically, and it explored a lot the social injustice theme (the first song interpreted by Clopin and the gypsies it’s them asking for sanctuary) and the toxic relationship between Quasimodo and Frollo, that strarts with the hunchback treating him as a saviour to him realizing he’s been treated like a monster and a fool his whole life and ending up killing Frollo.
Flutterwhat Månad sedan
it's 2021, wheres my marvel universe hunchback film?
Torlik11 Månad sedan
Everytime I watch this video and get to the part where she talk about the french-québécois musical, I feel the need to yell "Shut up, the show is a goddamn treasure and I won't hear otherwise!"
acecat2798 Månad sedan
Something that gets under appreciated is the original French title: Notre Dame de Paris literally means "Our Lady of Paris." It obviously refers to the Virgin Mary (as basically all Our Lady's do) and to Esmeralda herself. But having read it, I think Hugo wanted to draw attention not to Esmeralda as an embodiment of the city but to the cathedral itself as *our* lady (or the lady of Parisians), *the* lady. The cathedral is the character that matters far more to him than any of the human (or goat) characters, and if he's angry and grieved at any injustice it's the injustice of such a great work of architecture and witness to history being defaced and left to rot. I prefer the 1939 and Disney versions because I think shrugging your shoulders to victimhood isn't helpful, and preservation is a problem that's been solved for Notre Dame while oppression hasn't. I prefer the 1939 refocus on how the plight of the Romani does matter in the face of IRL genocide. I prefer the Disney refocus on Frollo's abuse, his hatred and dehumanization of the person he lusts after, his dehumanization of Quasimodo, and how those things are enough in line with the rest of Paris that he can exist in a place of honor and power while Quasimodo and Esmeralda are outcasts. I don't think there are any film adaptations of "Notre Dame de Paris." They're adaptations of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," and honestly at this point they should be.
Dizzy Dude
Dizzy Dude Månad sedan
I'm still not sure I buy the idea of a hearing, singing, 20/20-visioned Quasimodo. But how could you have a "Hunchback" musical without one?
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Månad sedan
I think the musical is a masterpiece.
Daisy Hutchinson
Daisy Hutchinson Månad sedan
i've been wondering about this for three and a half years but what were the union issues??? google has been unhelpful
Will Krause
Will Krause Månad sedan
Over 3 year later, and Lindsay is still huddled in a corner saying "It's fine"...
Eran Cohen Geva
Eran Cohen Geva Månad sedan
Is that blond woman Ricky Gal from the Israeli Les miserables?
Fruzsina Eördögh
Fruzsina Eördögh Månad sedan
HOT TAKE! I don't mind the gargoyles in the Disney version, and their addition makes sense to Hugo's original vision. The Cathedral of Notre Dame changes colors, comes alive at times, and is as much a force (and for good), as any of the living characters. Gargoyles are supposed to rain water after a storm, but at one point in the Disney movie they rain lava! You could even view Frollo's death as the Cathedral passing judgement, casting him into a pit of fire. The gargoyle's original function was to scare away evil and protect those within too. Quasimodo has 3.
Martin 1
Martin 1 Månad sedan
Holy shit this movie is a riff on r/niceguys
meme Månad sedan
"Industry has replaced art." ~Victor Hugo Well damn, he would be amazed by today that's for sure.
meme Månad sedan
"Christian groups were more on Frollo side [regarding Esmeralda]" Me having grown up in a catholic family and knowing many Catholics that were indifferent to her character for they knew she was just a character and loved the movie as a whole for it showed no man, not even those that deem themselves holy and righteous is without sin and one should always question those that do: *visible confusion
Gilliatt Månad sedan
This superficial design does not portray the type of groups that Esmeralda represents very well. She would be one of those nihilist terrorist groups portrayed in the book the demons by Dostoevsky Terorirtas and bandits dressed as victims.
meme Månad sedan
@Okami Kotori "And I'm Christian too so don't come for me lol" And yet you say in the same breath, "Don't be "not all Christians" pls." which could be interpreted as you are coming at me for my words lol. You may assume I was saying it like that, but I was not I was expressing genuine surprise for I truly didn't hear that mentality growing up. I'm not disregarding people who did say that, just surprised how apparently commonplace the youtuber said it was.
Okami Kotori
Okami Kotori Månad sedan
Don't be "not all Christians" pls. we all know that these types of people exist. (And I'm Christian too so don't come for me lol)
Erin Eland
Erin Eland Månad sedan
Can we get a video that’s just your rant about Robert Moses? I’m running out of your videos and the pandemic lockdown rages on 😭
Salvador Urbina
Salvador Urbina Månad sedan
Hey Linsdey are you still hopeful about that Ansel Elgort Hunchback movie?
raze knight
raze knight Månad sedan
Did you steal that nice man's cocaine??
Tari Jung
Tari Jung Månad sedan
tubian323 Månad sedan
If people think the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is dark they should read the novel! Esmerelda is tried for murder, found guilty, executed and Quasimodo staves to death out of grief for her.
RC Daly
RC Daly 2 månader sedan
It’s 2021 and I’m still waiting for Ansel Elgort to star as the Hunchback in the Dark Universe 😭
Sara Lingrell
Sara Lingrell Månad sedan
we can still hope
CourtneyDolphinGirl 2 månader sedan
Your video made me think of something interesting. I don't think it's cannon but an interesting thought about the Disney adaptation. Quasimodo doesn't look like his Romani parents. He looks white. What if Disney took the plot point of Esmeralda being white and adapted it instead of getting rid of it? What if Quasimodo had been abandoned by his biological parents for being disfigured and then his two parents at the beginning of the film are actually the ones that found him and took him in? I don't think I'm right but it's an interesting theory. I've always found it weird that he didn't look much like his parents.
Shelly Solo rose to power with a bird
Shelly Solo rose to power with a bird 2 månader sedan
17:20 soon we will see if Lindsay can see into the future
boddilyfluids 2 månader sedan didn't happen in 2021
Sara Roman
Sara Roman 2 månader sedan
I keep forgetting that Notre Dame burned down while watching this
Waste O'Paint
Waste O'Paint 2 månader sedan
How many armed men can you find in this video?
Erick Gutiérrez
Erick Gutiérrez 2 månader sedan
Release the Robert Moses tangent!
William Ripley
William Ripley 2 månader sedan
The cocaine guy tho
hi_im_jc 123
hi_im_jc 123 2 månader sedan
The random soldier in the background made me spill my drink
natty features EVERYTHING
natty features EVERYTHING 2 månader sedan
I remember thinking as a kid when I first saw this wow this is dark ..... I LOVE IT no matter how many times I rewatch it and now as an adult I'm like damn this is so dark .... I LOVE IT just find it funny how the reason why adults didn't like this back in the day is the exact same reason why I loved it lol
natty features EVERYTHING
natty features EVERYTHING 2 månader sedan
Noticing the military geared police and then that weird guy hiding did that just happen ....
natty features EVERYTHING
natty features EVERYTHING 2 månader sedan
My favorite Disney movie to this day unironically
thefaultinthestars 2 månader sedan
Victor Hugo basically rambled on about architecture while writing about a hunchback, a sexy gypsy and an inceled priest
thefaultinthestars 2 månader sedan
NovaIsOnYouTube 2 månader sedan
You guys give the gargoyles too much flak. Yes, they're the weakest part of the movie, but it was marketed as a family movie, something kids could watch. Without their humor the movie would be aggressively, suffocatingly depressing. Phoebus has his moments but he couldn't carry the movie. Not to mention the fact that at times you can't tell if they're real or hallucinations really highlights Quasi's loneliness, the possibility that he made up these three distinct characters that truely act like they're their own people, that argue with him and each other, that are sarcastic and annoying sometimes, that push him to do things bc they want what's good for him, all that because he was so desperately alone. The gargoyles are important fight me
Patryc 2 månader sedan
37:38 impressive dance moves :o
Patryc 2 månader sedan
“The marketing department thought we’ll fool people into think it’s light heated happy Disney” 😂
Paulette Savard
Paulette Savard 2 månader sedan
Ok so in the flashback scene with Frollo and Quasimodo's parents we see that his parents are Romani. So who does a Romani couple have a son who is a ginger? My answer they adopted baby Quasi. His birth parents maybe they died or more likely abandoned little baby quasi and the couple heard baby Quasi crying found him and fell in love with the cute little sweetie and made him their son. When the begin of the the movie happened. I kinda wonder what would have happened if little baby Quasi was raised by his Romani parents. there is probably a Tumblr AU or some fanfic about this.
fishy 2 månader sedan
Andrew Kashian
Andrew Kashian 2 månader sedan
hmmm, i went there in 2010 or 2011. i don't remember any gendarmes.
Michael. 2 månader sedan
To quote Neil Gaiman when asked about the audiobook and Netflix adaptation of The Sandman “The audiobook is the best audiobook adaptation, the TV adaptation is the best TV adaptation; The two are not competing,”
Michael. 2 månader sedan
Wow. This is interesting years later.
Brutus Mars
Brutus Mars 2 månader sedan
Necessary Stephen Schwartz appreciation post.
prophetichippo 2 månader sedan
I'm loosing to a bird!
Yoo Jin Jeong
Yoo Jin Jeong 2 månader sedan
This is the year. Where is my hunchback live action starring Ansel Elgort
Em 2 månader sedan
i read the book (in french) and tbh it's really good at establishing atmosphere and tension but hugo tends to go on massive tangents about details that interested him but do nothing for the narrative. he's not that good with characters he's not enamored by. the real main character is the cathedral and everything else is an accessory. and phebus is a grade a asshole. apart from those goddamn gargoyles i think the adaptation is pretty cool. but again i know the movie in french so it kinda hit different - try it sometimes. also victor hugo was a prominent political figure, it kinda shows in his work.
Troy Baer
Troy Baer 2 månader sedan
So... The Disney version of Frollo is the reincarnation of the bishop from Ladyhawke?
thic nos
thic nos 2 månader sedan
I think if you just edited the gargoyles out of the film, it would be basically perfect
J. Lucas de Castro Araújo
J. Lucas de Castro Araújo 2 månader sedan
The guy probably did hide a stash of cocaine there. Just look at how many armed police for and soldiers appears in one movie.
Mallory Newcomb
Mallory Newcomb 2 månader sedan
The “human flower crown” line made me chuckle... :)
hector roberto contreras miranda
hector roberto contreras miranda 2 månader sedan
how have i watched this several times without noticing the "You can ring ma behhhhhhhh ehhhhhhh elllllllllll, ring ma bell, ma bell" in the background????????? HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eduardo Mosquea
Eduardo Mosquea 2 månader sedan
So many guns....
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