The Biggest Failure of Our Childhood

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Eddy Burback

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Bag of Beans
Bag of Beans 47 minuter sedan
I've never smoked, drunk, or done any kind of illegal drugs, not because of any anti-drug program, but cause I have a chronic illness so I really value the little health I have. So that's my solution to drug problems, make every kid sick so they don't want to get sicker.
Dade Dufrene
Dade Dufrene 3 timmar sedan
I too have built-up educational resentment from forsaken unlimited food promises
Rev. Jay Goldstein
Rev. Jay Goldstein 3 timmar sedan
I too would hold the same grudge about the bowling party.
3lsibob 9 timmar sedan
That rainbow man doesn’t make me want to do weed It makes me want to do LSD
Briggs 707
Briggs 707 12 timmar sedan
I had D.A.R.E. in 2017
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 17 timmar sedan
Jeffry Donald
Jeffry Donald Dag sedan
DARE just felt like a bunch of lies, they say drugs are bad because they are bad lmao
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo Dag sedan
Gee I never would have guessed that a dangerous weapon such as a gun or knife could possibly be dangerous
No One
No One Dag sedan
My DARE program ended with the entire 5th grade singing "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield ngl I still get flashbacks to this day it was 5 and half years ago please send help
Zach Ury
Zach Ury 2 dagar sedan
pretty sure our d.a.r.e. officer got in trouble for his son growing weed.
Nitara Jones
Nitara Jones 2 dagar sedan
When I was a kid, I practiced saying no to drugs all the time but no one offered me any because I wasn't cool. Now I'm the plug and everyone is my friend.
Michael Haggart
Michael Haggart 2 dagar sedan
I was peer pressured into subscribing
El Wolff
El Wolff 3 dagar sedan
Why the fuck did I do this program when I was in kindergarten? Like were a group of 5 year olds gonna start smoking crack or something?
Alienchickenturd 5
Alienchickenturd 5 4 dagar sedan
Ella Von Ruden
Ella Von Ruden 4 dagar sedan
my old school took D.A.R.E way too far like we don't need two assembelies every month on D.A.R.E and have an after school club for it where in the end you get a D.A.R.E shirt and we had posters EVERYWHERE and yet we couldn't hang up art.
Wispybeats31 4 dagar sedan
Bruh my younger brother is taking dare this year so guess there still doing it
SavyIsDeadInside Ø_Ø
SavyIsDeadInside Ø_Ø 4 dagar sedan
I was surprised to learn that the dare program was still kicking a few weeks a ago when I walked into my local craft store to see a booth with people giving there money to them
Daddy thanos
Daddy thanos 4 dagar sedan
Me and my friend used to refer to dare as drugs are really exciting
Squishy Manatea
Squishy Manatea 5 dagar sedan
The guy’s skin at 9:06 looks like an earthbound enemy background.
Pizel Xardax
Pizel Xardax 5 dagar sedan
I thought the game dude was was called gay because hes rainbow lmfao
CCRG 5 dagar sedan
ngl the rainbow green screen dude i thought they called him gay and cut to the rainbow man i was like "yessss the gays against drugs"
goggles guy
goggles guy 5 dagar sedan
Ya kids who did drugs joined dare becouse no one suspects the kid in dare is doing drugs and its alot easier to get away with it
Eddie Schueler
Eddie Schueler 5 dagar sedan
you're not the only eddy
mayson graves
mayson graves 6 dagar sedan
First off, did anyone actually know what D.A.R.E, I was never told what it stood for, and second, the only dare probably influenced was the N.W.A logo
General Habbadashery
General Habbadashery 6 dagar sedan
This guys complaining he only got to go to a bowling alley, lol, when my class did this I only got a damn pencil.
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 6 dagar sedan
Husky boy yells at internet bemoaning lack of pizza at middle school party. BRING US UNLIMITED PIZZA!
Josh Beauchaine
Josh Beauchaine 6 dagar sedan
I would show a lot of aggression towards mike
Avery Addams
Avery Addams 6 dagar sedan
I knew it
Torus Drove
Torus Drove 6 dagar sedan
Do you ever feel like the government made DARE cheesy on purpose in order to get more people on drugs?
Bert N Ernie
Bert N Ernie 7 dagar sedan
I remember being in one Dare session and when they were like "Turn drugs away", I raised my hand and said "Yeah, but no one's going to offer you drugs on the street for free. If anything they'll offer you some at a friends house or a party.", or something like that (It was almost 15 years ago, forgive me if some details are off). Anywho, I got called into the principals office and told to stop saying things like that in class negating what they're trying to teach. I told my parents, and they went up to the school and chewed the principal and the teacher off for disciplining me for making a valid point.
Vance Neumann
Vance Neumann 7 dagar sedan
Child: "I'm gonna smoke crack!" Adult: "Here, have more pizza!" Child: "OK I won't do drugs then"
Ajg1056 7 dagar sedan
I promise I’m cool
Lizzy D
Lizzy D 7 dagar sedan
There’s this super small weird town I have to drive through in the middle of the woods and they still have the “This is a DARE community” signs on the town lines
Nevry Night
Nevry Night 7 dagar sedan
D-rugs A-re R-eally E-ducational
berf 7 dagar sedan
there’s actually still a few dare posters at my old school, it’s been ten years since i was there
vOREOS 7 dagar sedan
Remember Kids, don't skate on drugs because plenty of pro skaters neverrrrrrr smoked weed to get rid of some anxiety before trying a sick ass trick.
Koala Sandwich
Koala Sandwich 8 dagar sedan
check out the gravity falls police peer pressure psa, it's hilarious.
cyberruck 8 dagar sedan
In this video eddie is triggered by past childhood trauma.
Noneya Business
Noneya Business 8 dagar sedan
I don’t have dare in my high school, we have daring
Ray 8 dagar sedan
I had no clue DARE started so early. I did DARE in the 2000s
Swift Shadow 1
Swift Shadow 1 Dag sedan
I had to do it in the 2010s
Owen Loves DoGs
Owen Loves DoGs 8 dagar sedan
I had to go throw in the program 5th grade
DMadd 8 dagar sedan
At our dare graduation we song have it all by jason mraz... still not sure why
UwUthinize EverOwOne
UwUthinize EverOwOne 8 dagar sedan
I've seen the devil with my own two eyes and it told me not to smoke weed.
Zak DeCesare
Zak DeCesare 8 dagar sedan
dont eat animals that vegan teacher 3:16
Zak DeCesare
Zak DeCesare 8 dagar sedan
please follow me on tiktok
universe 1
universe 1 8 dagar sedan
Retro bill looks like a bootleg ace Ventura
Jasper Stevens
Jasper Stevens 9 dagar sedan
I just. If you know people who do drugs they don't try to force you to do them lmao. If someone is smoking weed and you say you aren't interested they say "cool. More for me"
McJohnson 9 dagar sedan
14:09 - excuse me for making a joke that only other Canadians would get, but Retro Bill here is just Wink Yahoo's lame, straight-laced brother.
Zachary The boss lauver
Zachary The boss lauver 9 dagar sedan
Ellie and Dina from the last of us need dare If you play the last of us you'll know about it
Theperry666 9 dagar sedan
Dare didnt work at all for me I am currently 14 but they did stop me from smoking
MentalPeanut 9 dagar sedan
2 years ago they tried to do that for us and it fell apart within three classes
Rachel McDonough
Rachel McDonough 9 dagar sedan
As a kid, DARE mostly told us stuff about fire safety for some reason. When I saw what it stood for I was confused cause they said almost nothing to us about drugs.
Amiable Bat
Amiable Bat 9 dagar sedan
I took keeping it real in 6th grade and nobody did the work or listened the entire time
Jazzy Gryphon
Jazzy Gryphon 9 dagar sedan
Dude. You got hang out at a bowling alley once you graduated? I graduated from D.A.R.E. twice, or maybe one and a half times really, and the second time was even lamer than the first! Somehow, I ended going through the D.A.R.E. program twice, once in elementary and once in middle school. In elementary, all we had was a little graduation ceremony. I took a picture with a cop, got a shirt, and a certificate, all of which are MIA. And in middle school? This is kinda messed up but we didn't even finish. 🤣It just sorta ended for like no reason and that was that.
Koala GamingHD
Koala GamingHD 10 dagar sedan
That first clip, who the fuck is gonna snort coke in broad daylight.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 10 dagar sedan
I DARE you to find anything good about D.A.R.E.
Milk Man
Milk Man 10 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure my Dare teacher was an alcoholic because once the teachers were going to go get something from his car for a thing we were doing in class and they found a case of 24 beers and a bottle of tequila
Zeaxe 10 dagar sedan
tfw drugs deliver best night of your life better than DARE
Russell LeBlanc
Russell LeBlanc 11 dagar sedan
I was in DARE and the program help me learn which drugs I'd be most interested in. DARE booklet showed pictures of each drug and told you their effects. I thought I was gonna be into the hyper stuff but I was wrong, I fell in love with the downers.
The Pale Sk8er
The Pale Sk8er 11 dagar sedan
6:25 made me like
Patch Way
Patch Way 11 dagar sedan
I had completely forgot about my DARE experience up until this. But in 6th grade a police officer came in and he was making jokes and whatnot to warm us up, and he said something about the butt of a cigarette. I laughed like the immature 6th grader I was and he got super violent with me. Telling that if I lost some weight that he might have let it slide, but that the only thing that I should worry about doing in my lifetime was over eating and not doing drugs. And the teacher just let it slide.
The big Cheese
The big Cheese 12 dagar sedan
Hey eddy do you think you can get mike on to the podcast
Hart Fiend
Hart Fiend 12 dagar sedan
I feel like those were the two extremes of that program. Basically, every fifth grader in my county had to go through Dare. My school was really lazy about it, half an hour every week we would go to the one teacher's room with a electric board and learn absolutely nothing. At graduation we all had to sing the D.A.R.E. song (D. don't do Drugs, A. don't have an Attitude, that one) in front of our parents and like 7/105 people knew it. Anyways, I was talking to my friend who went to another school about it and she recalled how her school went full force and gathered all the students in the cafeteria and showed a bunch of photos on the projector, specifically one of someone's lungs which were fully black, shriveled, and had bone sticking out. I still vividly remember that and I wasn't even there.
Claireabelle Wonderly
Claireabelle Wonderly 12 dagar sedan
Remember, kids: If someone offers you drugs, say thank you because drugs are expensive.
Joo 12 dagar sedan
Jackson Billions
Jackson Billions 12 dagar sedan
dare and got milk were taken more seriously than 3rd grade geography
R S 12 dagar sedan
Can very much confirm as someone who exists in the real world (as well as someone who lives in an area with really bad drug and abuse problems), no one is gonna offer your kid drugs for free. The only exception I could think of is maybe some teenagers sharing with their friends, but no adult is gonna give some random kid crack for free. Also if you really wanna decrease drug use, support welfare programs, food drives, and medicare for all. Help out people less fortunate than you, become an advocate for mental health, fight against racism/xenophobia, and teach your kids proper coping skills from a young age. With the exception of the standard recreational stuff (like weed or molly) people tend not to use hardcore drugs unless they were introduced to it as a coping mechanism. Think of it like growing up with parents who smoke, and you see them smoke when stressed so you pick it up later in life, only to a more extreme degree.
Aktozz 13 dagar sedan
When I learned about this stuff my teacher said that anyone who feel for peer pressure is an idiot
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 13 dagar sedan
Cops and live PD have done a better job of keeping me away from drugs tbh...
Clutter Monkeys
Clutter Monkeys 13 dagar sedan
True Story: In 5th grade a Fat cop came in for D.A.R.E "I only point that out because he was a dick". Asks us all what we know about drugs, straight up tells us we're wrong on everything even though we were right on some stuff. He asked us "what do you do when you know someone who's doing Marijuana"? Our answer "Try to get them help or tell our parents"? 🗣WRONG! He said "Avoid them and call the police". Then he used me as an example (5th Grade Fat Kid) "Hypothetically, let's say you're on the baseball field and there's this guy dealing weed and he asked you if you wanted some weed. You say no, he attacks you and you're a BIG guy, you beat him up". (Class laughs and a few even say good job jokingly) then he shuts that down by then saying "Well you may beat him up but the next time he sees you he has a gun and he shoots you". And Im like Angry, confused, fat and slightly traumatized by the fact that in his Hypothetical little fucking story im shot dead for defending myself against this mythical dangerous weed dealer. Like what point was he trying to make? Idk but D.A.R.E did absolutely dick to help combat anything because while I was in school the opioid epidemic was in full swing and this asshole was worried about a weed dealer. He also told us that if he shoots somebody they'd give him a medal for it, and then he said "so dont do drugs" like it was a fucking warning 💀 Sorry for the long story but I still remember it very well...because it was traumatic. But me having ape child brain didn't know how bad it was at the time.
Wii Sports Matt
Wii Sports Matt 13 dagar sedan
Just make an ad that says “if you do drugs you’re a simp” in my opinion that would genuinely be more effective
manuel martinez
manuel martinez 13 dagar sedan
the biggest failure of our childhood was our existence
Jacob Ryan
Jacob Ryan 13 dagar sedan
My school just had a pool party for DARE graduation
I_hart_ camo
I_hart_ camo 13 dagar sedan
Eddy probably came up with this video after going to a bowling alley
A NON Y MOUSE 13 dagar sedan
Did anyone else see the animated cigarette P.S.A with the muppets? And there was a guy on a skateboard who fell over because he smoked and it made him weak? Did anyone else see that? Was that just a fever dream?
Lesbianage 13 dagar sedan
Adam Ruins Everything has a very good well researched episode on dare and its kinda racist origins and its on netflix if u guys wanna check it out
Aiden Billiu
Aiden Billiu 13 dagar sedan
"look at you, youd NEVER be as cool as Mike
Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Man 13 dagar sedan
Favorite thing is they called the green screen person "Gay"
C Au
C Au 14 dagar sedan
Lol I did dare like 10 years ago when I was a child in elementary school. It was all about how weed is evil. I'm a huge pothead now. Thanks officer LeBlanc 🙏
ethan case
ethan case 14 dagar sedan
I did keepen it real and i still look back at the lessons
Night_Snake 14 dagar sedan
Retro bill: the real life gta vice city npc
cjboislessgo 14 dagar sedan
15:21 Eddie are you okay?
Madi 14 dagar sedan
ok but like, most people i've met that do any type of drugs, don't pressure people. the people pressuring others are usually insecure. normal people on drugs might ask if you want some(maybe) but generally don't give a shit. most people doing drugs, choose to do it. and I think that was a big part of the problem with dare.
Elsie 8 dagar sedan
Y'know what people are a lot more pushy about? Alcohol. People who do drugs generally don't care if other people don't do drugs, but if a social drinker finds out that you don't plan on ever drinking (and you don't have like, concrete medical or religious reasons for not doing so) they get _super_ weird about it.
Travis Nakahira
Travis Nakahira 15 dagar sedan
Can you peer pressure someone into not doing drugs? People should do that
Arachnid Death
Arachnid Death 15 dagar sedan
I actually have the lion stuffy that I got in 5th grade
TK S 15 dagar sedan
YoU guYs WanA FeEL GOoD
Levi 66
Levi 66 15 dagar sedan
The D.A.R.E. program at are school was epic. We got pizza and ice cream and it ended right before I entered 5th grade which is when we learned about it.
Jaxon Hunt
Jaxon Hunt 15 dagar sedan
There is (not exactly)1080 seconds in this video
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴇᴇ
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴇᴇ 15 dagar sedan
I'm currently high
pot8oman 15 dagar sedan
I’m 24 years old and up until today I thought D.A.R.E. Was a gorillaz album lmao
Samuel Jenkins
Samuel Jenkins 15 dagar sedan
i wouldn't say the gun thing is entirely true, don't be afraid of the gun respect it and learn how to treat it with respect, but don't play with it and don't touch it without parents around
Countdrakeula 15 dagar sedan
You got to go to a bowling alley i was forced to go to a baseball game and I dont like sports I would take your 1 slice of pizza all nighter any day instead of a sports game
TFG Television
TFG Television 16 dagar sedan
7:37 LSD dream emulator
AI Totem
AI Totem 16 dagar sedan
For a lot of kids D.A.R.E was the first time they ever even heard of drugs.
Cheshire Constatine
Cheshire Constatine 16 dagar sedan
anyone else's dare program bring organs from drug users to show how badly drugs can fuck you up? no?
Any Name
Any Name 16 dagar sedan
I’m 16 and I remember the dare program but I don’t actually remember talking about how drugs are bad
Maniac X_X
Maniac X_X 16 dagar sedan
I’m in 10th grade now, but when I was in 6th grade we had dare in Iowa. (After keeping it real advancement) Honestly if anything it made more people want to do drugs, because they pretty much just said “it’s bad”. They didn’t go over types of drugs other than alcohol, went over none of the consequences. Honestly 90 percent of the kids I know from there now smoke weed. (I don’t really care, abt ppl smoking weed, but my point being)
dvillger420 17 dagar sedan
Ceo of gay 7:15
Thomas Leyland
Thomas Leyland 17 dagar sedan
They be saying don't do drugs but they make you practically addicted to caffeine cus they over work you and by scientific caffeine is a drug
Campbell Rowland
Campbell Rowland 17 dagar sedan
I'm 99% sure the people who made retro bill were just on a massive coke bender
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