The Awkward World of Sex Education

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Eddy Burback

År sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
“eddy how did you miss that it was 1988 it says it in the first frame” that’s why i plastered it in large text as i said it what do you got dumb brain and can’t read???
angie 2 dagar sedan
yeah i dont got cant read. _i want my plastic_
Jessica Paul
Jessica Paul Månad sedan
Why was I told what a bj was in 4th grade by my school
Silksong Date
Silksong Date Månad sedan
Put the mustache back on
La Chronique Edgy
La Chronique Edgy Månad sedan
Dude why did you miss the 1998 it was litterlay added in editing are you a stupid brain
Kai Shedan
Kai Shedan 2 månader sedan
I indeed cannot read
a croissant
a croissant 3 timmar sedan
I love how awkward the videos are, I definitely prefer those to the normal ones. The awkward ones are so much more entertaining.
Mr. Royalewithcheese
Mr. Royalewithcheese 9 timmar sedan
Wait, when I started this video I was where have I seen this? Then I realized I saw it in health class.
Unorthodo_x 18 timmar sedan
Rap used to be so wholesome...such a strange dichotomy to WAP etc.
Isaiah Perez
Isaiah Perez 21 timme sedan
ok dad
Jonas Peterson
Jonas Peterson 22 timmar sedan
I actually watched the first video in school. It’s too real 😬
Nathan Pittman
Nathan Pittman Dag sedan
I remember watching the first video in grade 5. And I live in Newfoundland, Canada
William Joseph Ford
William Joseph Ford Dag sedan
Man it really looked like they were really singing which they were
Lynx Core
Lynx Core 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact 14:18 That's the voice actor of haru from beastars
Cheesecloth 2 dagar sedan
I actually have sex ed in a litte over a week
Isaac Stillwell
Isaac Stillwell 2 dagar sedan
Who am I now?
angie 2 dagar sedan
yeah so I was picking my classes for 8th grade and one option was health class. the description said 'half semester, ITS GOOD FOR YOU ACTUALLY TAKE THIS CLASS PLEASE' so I guess no one took the class since it was optional. but is the class actually good? guess i'll see next semester.
Sherlly 2 dagar sedan I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenisrlir...! Hoto
ronald mcdonald
ronald mcdonald 2 dagar sedan
The way I had it was a lady who was really young and funny I genuinely liked her she would come and talk about it and she would treat little games out of it it's a little jokes here and there and from the bottom of my heart I still remember her hope she's okay like she had his game where she put four kids up at the top of the stage and she gave all of them little cards with invisible ink and she would come up to each and spray it and whoevers card turns red meant they had herpes
Sidney Ambrose
Sidney Ambrose 3 dagar sedan
Dudes the narrator in the first vid sounds like Gus so much 💀
Deachy Animatios
Deachy Animatios 3 dagar sedan
14:22 Is that- is that the girl from full house?
Alex Colon
Alex Colon 3 dagar sedan
The kid looks like the holy Roman emperor Charles the second
Seneca Gordon
Seneca Gordon 3 dagar sedan
lol the old sex ed ones by Tampax haha old ppl be like but a couple years ago we actually got Secret brand sex ed in school
Defintlynotisaac •12 years ago
Defintlynotisaac •12 years ago 3 dagar sedan
My school said some give me a s give me a e give me a x that’s northern Indiana for y’all
man with cow
man with cow 3 dagar sedan
The first one sounds like an anime duud telling a kid in his clan about the clans power.
man with cow
man with cow 4 dagar sedan
The first time I did the dirty I thought was gonna not be able to have kids if I do It to much
kaotic _neutral3
kaotic _neutral3 4 dagar sedan
As a kid who grew up in Chicago, I learned after my sex ed class that most of the stuff we learned was either false facts from the '90s. Or just extremely exaggerated facts.
Hudson LaBarge
Hudson LaBarge 4 dagar sedan
J is a simp
Lexie Lynn
Lexie Lynn 4 dagar sedan
my school just told us sex was bad and no one will love you the same way again. That shit fucked me up man
Meagan Black
Meagan Black 4 dagar sedan
I think your first video had audio descriptions for the blind turned on. I have listened to those tracks before and this is very similar.
CrazzyCat Girl
CrazzyCat Girl 4 dagar sedan
1:47 Ah... what a lucky teacher... Anyway! I'm in England but I still had S.E . But my sly as teacher said that day we were having 2 hours of P.S.C.E (Person Social Civaltionship Education or aomething). Now, these where two completely different things and we already called S.E... well S.E. But instead, we had 2 hours of S.E and we saw and animation of a jiggling ball, a baby being born (with a view up the lady's thing the whole time as it opened up), real video of people having S in S.E and muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch to info for a 9 year old. At the end our teacher asked if we had any questions. One if the boys: "I'm not going to sleep to night." All the children: *laughs awkwardly
DeepFried OhioGravy
DeepFried OhioGravy 4 dagar sedan
"Hi, I'm Laura, and...." Omg- I ACTUALLY remember watching this in class...
DeepFried OhioGravy
DeepFried OhioGravy 4 dagar sedan
He grew 3 inches in one month?! 30 DAYS?! (Dad WAS reffering to his son's height, right..?😬😵)
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh 4 dagar sedan
Oh my god, I remember watching that first video in like 4th grade!
Some Dude
Some Dude 5 dagar sedan
Legit my sex ed class was just Abstance is the best birth control, no wonder my high school had a high teen pregnancy rate
Pallas Hester
Pallas Hester 5 dagar sedan
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually thankful that we were just shown pictures of herpes and shit and essentially really did get “don’t have sex you’ll die” i’ll take that any day over a father son conversation on ejaculation. thanks ig texas
Gabriel Alfaia
Gabriel Alfaia 5 dagar sedan
The narration is for blind people....
Lise Magic
Lise Magic 5 dagar sedan
All educational films are sponsored. My drivers ed class was actually sponsored by Toyota, our puberty vid was sponsored by Always, and our Don’t Drink and Drive vid was sponsored by Honda. Even pbs kids programs are sponsored by companies like Capri Sun and Chuck E Cheese.
Al Bowlly
Al Bowlly 5 dagar sedan
Also Catholics are against condoms as it promotes degeneracy in their eyes.
Al Bowlly
Al Bowlly 5 dagar sedan
Wish I woulda been tought by an Irish Catholic.
Kennedy J
Kennedy J 6 dagar sedan
Never had sex ed as a class. Just one class period where we had guests come in. Southern Sex ed, yall
A NON Y MOUSE 6 dagar sedan
People: puberty kids are uneasy and it'll be fixed w age 😊 My anxiety diagnoses: 👁️👄👁️
Ben of 7s
Ben of 7s 6 dagar sedan
I went to sleep the night i watched this and all that was in my head was the who am i now song
Mason Heitner
Mason Heitner 6 dagar sedan
How am I just finding out that my boy Eddy grew up 29 minutes away from me? We probably had a very similar Sex Ed class then. Not sure what to do with this information.
K1pP3R 6 dagar sedan
Okay so uhm, if you didn't know, scientists have possibly found a way to time travel and are working on something for humans to you know time travel... so if scientists do make a time travel machine... who's to say that they didn't actually get a time machine, dressed up and acted like 90s people, and filmed that video
Maximus Solbeck
Maximus Solbeck 7 dagar sedan
He got it in 4th grade!
Jonas Stumpf
Jonas Stumpf 7 dagar sedan
Silas NIchholson
Silas NIchholson 7 dagar sedan
Just hit me that the “over description” is probably some form of early, audio descriptive service. Pretty cool-ish yaknow... if it wasn’t for everything else.
Paige Cannon
Paige Cannon 7 dagar sedan
my school gave all of the 7th and 8th graders a 3 day abstinence seminar (day 1 boys, day2 girls, day three everyone) and the entire third day was just an angry old lady using STD’s and pregnancy as a scare tactic. i mean they went over consent so i’m kinda glad for that but it was just shaming a bunch of 13 and 14 years olds into not having sex and it sucked. long story short google is my friend
Shannon Gentz
Shannon Gentz 7 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard at the end, from 20 minutes to whatever was after.
Brother Molotov
Brother Molotov 8 dagar sedan
Eddie also taught me about strangers and dangerous shit
Shawn Hunter
Shawn Hunter 8 dagar sedan
I hated this stuff growing up, I already knew how evil some adults were!
Kerflufflbottum Le kerfluffle
Kerflufflbottum Le kerfluffle 8 dagar sedan
51:07 This should be a meme
Salem Bendeck
Salem Bendeck 7 dagar sedan
Theres only 23:42 in this video
Sam Henderson
Sam Henderson 8 dagar sedan
Haha background kinda look like French fry
iminer bro
iminer bro 8 dagar sedan
Mike looks like goob from meet the Robisons
BigDillProductions 04
BigDillProductions 04 9 dagar sedan
My sex Ed class was presented by old spice and always. I also got free deodorant
Salem Bendeck
Salem Bendeck 7 dagar sedan
Old spice hits different tho
Alexander Vallera
Alexander Vallera 9 dagar sedan
"Some people call it 'having sex'" oh my such slang from such a source of purity. She'd probably faint if someone used actual slang for that most illicit of acts lol
TheProGamer 9 dagar sedan
At 20:45 that church painting was fucked
Starflux Films
Starflux Films 10 dagar sedan
Tyler pills, they make you grow 3 inches
CCalub 10 dagar sedan
Hey mom can we get some eddy burback? Mom: we have eddy burback at home Eddy Burback at home: Sex Eddy
Monty L
Monty L 11 dagar sedan
I went to a Christian middle school where a lady yelled at us and said we would go to hell if we did oral, and then at the art high school I went to we had a representative from planned parenthood give us a thorough comprehensive education about sex, anatomy, and safety and there was a HUGE emphasis on consent and inclusivity. Afterwards she handed out free condoms and dental dams and offered to speak with people after class who were too shy to ask questions in front of everyone. So you could say I had drastically different experiences with sex ed
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers 11 dagar sedan
My dog was sleeping on my lap, but woke up and watched the "I love plastic!" tampon ad.
Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop 11 dagar sedan
sex ed classes: "people are straight exclusively. nobody is attracted to their own gender :)"
corblox 11 dagar sedan
I'm 9
Salem Bendeck
Salem Bendeck 7 dagar sedan
What are you doing here then?
- JuiceMachine -
- JuiceMachine - 11 dagar sedan
The only sex Ed I had was my biology teacher showing us closeups of STIs/STDs in 10th grade
Crisco 11 dagar sedan
Eddy, you really dropped the ball by not saying ... well now we are Sexperts on this
Bruno Barbosa
Bruno Barbosa 11 dagar sedan
Hey eddie, did you ever consider that the video has an audio description for blind students? lol
Obijuan-Jabroni 11 dagar sedan
Why does that kid look and sound like Jordan Peterson?
Cucumber Cat
Cucumber Cat 12 dagar sedan
I'm watching this while eating. May regret that decision later.
Raven 12 dagar sedan
lmao she sounds like Mrs. Doubtfire but legit
Rachel Hay
Rachel Hay 12 dagar sedan
DoubleAgentE 12 dagar sedan
Omg i totally watched that first one
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis 12 dagar sedan
Eddy: Man this "Who am I now?" song really sucks *The song is actually so good that he uses it in Lesson Two*
a pebblebutt
a pebblebutt 12 dagar sedan
6:54 hi, tyler's dad here. it usually stops about fifteen years after you die. ten if you're cremated.
Connor Fine
Connor Fine 12 dagar sedan
2:08 sounds like the Netflix intro when he puts the mug down
M E 13 dagar sedan
I thought this was about the TV show lol
BlueVoid 117
BlueVoid 117 13 dagar sedan
This was painful to watch, but for you, Eddie, I'll click off the video after 12 minutes.
Jori 13 dagar sedan
The video with the old woman basically felt like a socially awkward person explaining sex to a child who's too young to learn about sex, but they overheard something on TV so now they're asking questions.
The Demolitions class From team defense 2
The Demolitions class From team defense 2 13 dagar sedan
My sex Ed class was two classes and they made sure that the two groups (boys and girls) didn’t say what they where shown They showed us lots of things and that’s how I learned how I was gay
Rhewin 14 dagar sedan
Anyone ever notice that educational videos from the late 80s to early 90s are always framed as a behind the scenes of them making an actual video?
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 14 dagar sedan
lol they probably got big/younger brother/sister duo's
Brody Deane
Brody Deane 14 dagar sedan
Yeah but why pp yellow?
Moone 14 dagar sedan
It’s funny what a big deal this stuff was in 6th grade and now no one cares lol
Gcq 201708
Gcq 201708 14 dagar sedan
U have a dope wall
Ella Powell
Ella Powell 14 dagar sedan
My sex ed class in ninth grade was literally horrible. My teacher put up a bunch of powerpoints on the computer, designated someone to move the slides, and then left the room and told us to ask our parents our questions. They also told us abstinence was the only way to prevent rape so.. Thanks North Carolina!
A F O O Z 14 dagar sedan
Something that's always bugged me about sex ed, and health class in general, is that they never teach anything new. It's the same 5 units repeated year and year again. You learn about alcohol, drugs, food and dental health, the generic body systems unit, and finally sex ed, which was always at the end of the year for some reason. In seventh grade it changed from puberty to sex and reproduction, but that was the only change. I guess it was to remind you, but in that case, give me a dumb assembly instead of having a year-long period about it. I'd about other states, I live in Nebraska, but that's how it was always taught to me. I understand that alcohol is bad, I have a skeleton, and people with dicks get boners, but do I need to be reminded every year? Sorry, I just got out of remote health class and I needed to rant.
JenniferA Hirsch
JenniferA Hirsch 14 dagar sedan
The lady's voice in the second vid was so androgynous. Like a boy in a cartoon being voiced by a woman.
merelyanillusion 14 dagar sedan
No one ever gave me the talk, and my school didn't have sex ed to the point they skipped the chapter about bees reproducing. I learned everything from porn. He's not uneasy and restless because of puberty it's because he's insanely depressed.
[] 2meep2mop []
[] 2meep2mop [] 14 dagar sedan
Tyler: I'm short Tyler's dad: I was hard when I was your age
Elmo sees you
Elmo sees you 14 dagar sedan
The seccond add is a fever dream for me
MuffinCountry 14 dagar sedan
I Use helps a tampons every time there's blood in my poop
joshua palomaki
joshua palomaki 14 dagar sedan
i dont know the specific year, 3 seconds later when the clip starts: DEC. 21 1988 on the snappy board thingy
joshua palomaki
joshua palomaki 14 dagar sedan
bro when someone asks you something like " how are you doing" or whats going on, you don't fucking say how your day really is or whats really going on you say "great!" and we learned how to blah blah blah, not like these girls were talking idk its kinda sus, vote them out
Mars Potatoes
Mars Potatoes 14 dagar sedan
I swear the lara girl is the english voice actor for Haru in beastars. They sound EXACTLY alike and the haru va is also named lara. HMMMMMMMM
Hotboi Mocky
Hotboi Mocky 15 dagar sedan
the song sounds like a team America police song
Nova 29
Nova 29 15 dagar sedan
I hate puberty lol
Charlie G
Charlie G 15 dagar sedan
No one realized that teen pregnancy and teen STDS went up after sex ed was started in the public schools. Why didn't it prevent most of the AIDS epidemic?
Of Cats and Crepes
Of Cats and Crepes 15 dagar sedan
Trevor Harbolt
Trevor Harbolt 16 dagar sedan
We watched the puberty video as a class in 6th grade. My friend and I didn't learn shit becuase we were laughing to hard.
Juicy Boi
Juicy Boi 17 dagar sedan
This is probably never going to get read, but I'm pretty sure that the narrator in the first video is doing voiceover for the blind (ADA) kinda cool of them to do it actually haha
Lewis McGregor
Lewis McGregor 17 dagar sedan
the first vid has all the narration because of audio description for blind people
Levi Trisler
Levi Trisler 17 dagar sedan
I'm watching this while eating stale popcorn
DoZeR 17 dagar sedan
The weird narration is for blind kids 🤣🤣
Ranorky YT
Ranorky YT 17 dagar sedan
I swear to god laura has a kids voice but the body of a 25 year old
moxxi to the max
moxxi to the max 18 dagar sedan
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