The 10 Highest Fighter IQs In MMA History

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Owen Tasker
Owen Tasker 9 timmar sedan
It's a shame Jon isn't smart enough to stay away from peds
Hilal Harris
Hilal Harris 2 dagar sedan
J Da Dragon
J Da Dragon 5 dagar sedan
No Connor
chikkenbonz 5 dagar sedan
I'd've put Rich Franklin on the list-very high fight IQ. He practiced MMA with a buddy in his shed learning from some old MMA instructional videos. Had a game plan for every fight...and stuck to it.
Action Sloth
Action Sloth 6 dagar sedan
7:50 missed opportunity to say "the power of anime"
Peter Lustig
Peter Lustig 8 dagar sedan
Jones perfected the eye poke
kfratz6 8 dagar sedan
#1 GSP
Skycow Keanu Reeves 321
Skycow Keanu Reeves 321 10 dagar sedan
People are always saying chael lost but that actually bs he only lost the round 👍
rehan3600 11 dagar sedan
Your brain is useless if you have Silva at 9. What a joke. The American dude is better than you. Not because of his nationality, but because he knows the sport of MMA much better.
Wolfsong 27
Wolfsong 27 12 dagar sedan
Fighters with a high I.Q puts drug taking, car crashing, mistake making Jon Jones in this list???
Gary B
Gary B 12 dagar sedan
Jones...LOL, but not smart enough to not drink & drive..
Arnav Boghani
Arnav Boghani 12 dagar sedan
Not to sound like a fanboy but Conor had very good fight IQ we've seen it multiple times where he calls the shot his opponent is going to throw and how he's going to counter it HE EVEN DID IT WITH JOSE ALDO
1Leggo9my9Eggo2 12 dagar sedan
It seems the person that made this list is a sucker for strikers as this list doesn’t have the best strategists on it, just some of the more naturally gifted when it comes to the likes of flow state fighters like silva and adesayna. You miss out someone like khabib who is a very high IQ fighter especially in grappling, stuff that no ones ever seen before and controlling his opponents in such dominant fashion every single round of his career, and he calls everything his opponents will do...because he’s a smart IQ fighter. But MMA on point misses him out of a lot of lists, there’s some others that should be on this list too but khabib was a recent and more notable/obvious exclusion. If gsp is on there (and deservedly so) then khabib should be to.
JurassicDrawer 14 dagar sedan
Analog Relic
Analog Relic 14 dagar sedan
Best fighter IQ ever: "If he gets close enough to see me, poke him in the eye." -Jon Jones
Jayce Edwards
Jayce Edwards 15 dagar sedan
And max hollaway isn’t on this list because y
Hidan Death
Hidan Death 15 dagar sedan
why did u put Silva no.9??? the disrespect is real
Caleb Crittenden
Caleb Crittenden 15 dagar sedan
Why is Silva not number 1.
Austin Hall
Austin Hall 15 dagar sedan
Jon Junkie Jones is not the GOAT. You can't have a track record like his and be placed on the highest position. As a fighter, possibly unmatched. As a GOAT, he doesn't even reach the podium. Respectful, clean of PEDs and drugs, calm, good decision making... you know, not performing a hit and run on a pregnant woman while you're coked up.
Austin Hall
Austin Hall 15 dagar sedan
Nick Diaz, the only thing spiders are scared of
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 16 dagar sedan
Top 10 Street Fighter II characters
Andrew Hickman-Moore
Andrew Hickman-Moore 18 dagar sedan
You forget to mention that IQ was invented by Chael IQ Sonnen back in the team quest days
Ace2021 18 dagar sedan
Vampire Arlovski with hair
Maria 19 dagar sedan
The Prodigy and Blessed would also belong in this list in my opinion. And Jon Jones ''victory'' over DC was no such thing. Cause all the drugs
Jesse P
Jesse P 19 dagar sedan
GSP not No1..... Fack offffff
Rio Wcksn
Rio Wcksn 19 dagar sedan
khabib plays golf
smr144 19 dagar sedan
Agreed with #1 but, where is Khabib?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 20 dagar sedan
Jenny what happened to put you in a wheelchair? "Well I dated this guy named Bas..."
Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer 20 dagar sedan
Top 10 suspiciously fixed fights
Ainsley Spongebob
Ainsley Spongebob 21 dag sedan
Bruce Lee.
Bull Itbill
Bull Itbill 22 dagar sedan
Balian is not a real name bro
Trojan Sasori
Trojan Sasori 23 dagar sedan
You know this list is bullshit when you see Adesanya in the list. Where was his IQ in the last match? It's sad to see the MMA On Point to be so thrash
Aharra224 24 dagar sedan
Bas used palm strikes an no one talks about it 😂
Halbumen 24 dagar sedan
seems tommy toehold looks waaay different to his avi but he sure can pull off that smooth british baritone
gabriel ernesto agudelo castillo
gabriel ernesto agudelo castillo 24 dagar sedan
Where it's Stipe? 😮🕶️👌
72288kip 24 dagar sedan
The fact that DC isn’t on this list is criminal
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ 24 dagar sedan
What does MMA and Skyrim Mods have to do with each other...? You're listening to 'em! What is life?
Vojtěch Vondráček
Vojtěch Vondráček 24 dagar sedan
You forgot number 0 GOAT, undefeated, undisputed Uncle Chael.. Absolute legend never lost a round
jack ramsdell
jack ramsdell 24 dagar sedan
Izzy don’t belong here
Lawrence Evans
Lawrence Evans 24 dagar sedan
Number one should have been Derrick Lewis
Mister Mister
Mister Mister 24 dagar sedan
Can you do a Top 10 list of Worst Haircuts In MMA? There are plenty. For example, heath herring comes 2 mind a few times. Also Vitor Belfort. And and the Native guy that tank abbot KOd
Jeremy Caulk
Jeremy Caulk 25 dagar sedan
Brendan Schaub is doing a comedy show in my hometown this week. Do y’all think I should go? It’s only $35
Maurice Moses
Maurice Moses 25 dagar sedan
You notice only Champions are on this list and surprisingly McGregor's not on here 😂😂😂
Blue 7lvn
Blue 7lvn 25 dagar sedan
If its does using roids add to Jones iq...... Or does the cocaine player a bigger part.....
Blue 7lvn
Blue 7lvn 25 dagar sedan
Lost to Dominic, should be split with Alex, he dq with dc, lol come on man, when is the mma community gna accept Jones 'roid' Jones is not eligible for any contention
Blue 7lvn
Blue 7lvn 25 dagar sedan
Tyson fury for over all fighting
Reaper Peeper
Reaper Peeper 25 dagar sedan
No former experience?! Jon Jones was an Olympic prospect in wrestling
iisadragonborn 25 dagar sedan
Where is wonderboy
Julio Nasmon
Julio Nasmon 25 dagar sedan
Where's the eagle?
jack ramsdell
jack ramsdell 25 dagar sedan
Your videos are always a little bit longer but they’re very in depth and always worth the watch 🔥
MIHAJLO 25 dagar sedan
3:06 I die every time I hear this.
jake wilson
jake wilson 25 dagar sedan
Dominick Cruz is 23-3...
Smitty 25 dagar sedan
man I remember watching the early Jon Jones fights, and it felt like something really different. Like the testing and style blending had finally evolved to the next generation, and this is what MMA was really supposed to be.
Kelly Buffin
Kelly Buffin 25 dagar sedan
Odd not to see Fedor on the list.
AS 25 dagar sedan
So no khabib?
ploweed 26 dagar sedan
amx 1
amx 1 26 dagar sedan
Do we really 4gt about Stipe?
ComradeCommissar 26 dagar sedan
You should have put Lyoto Machida on here
The violent
The violent 26 dagar sedan
Khabib should be in top list.. nobody can solve khabib not even close & he always 2 steps ahead beyond his opponent..
Richard Deubler
Richard Deubler 26 dagar sedan
MMAOP: Puts Jon Jones on any list that isn’t inherently negative..... Every crybaby in the whole ass goddamn mma community: “you weren’t supposed to do that”.
Vicky Teji
Vicky Teji 26 dagar sedan
Where is khabib
Erik Kuykendall
Erik Kuykendall 27 dagar sedan
I agree cruz is brilliant.. But, more so than GSP?
Catapult Gaming
Catapult Gaming 27 dagar sedan
Sorry but thumbs down for cocaineman at #1, should have been DJ
Thomas 27 dagar sedan
8:18 GSPiderman
Kevin Wassell
Kevin Wassell 27 dagar sedan
JJ will never be the G.O.A.T.
BiggBrrrStudios 27 dagar sedan
0:28 not to brag but perfect timing
BiggBrrrStudios 27 dagar sedan
Oh dry its 0:27
Jules Dl
Jules Dl 27 dagar sedan
No khabib??? HAHAHAHHA
Guy on the internet
Guy on the internet 27 dagar sedan
Casual khabib fans : no alhamdulillah? Seriously tho being one dimensional khabib always knew when to risk mixing things up and changing levels at the correct time..for me his fighting iq is up there with the elites
Jaime A. GB
Jaime A. GB 27 dagar sedan
A junkie that hasn't won titles in multiple divisions cannot be considered the GOAT.... Jones is super super good yes, but he has been his own worst enemy, and other fighters, mainly GSP have been able to capture titles in more than 1 weightclass without substance abuse issues/advantages.... Give it up fanboys, he will taste the matt in the heavy weight division
Asbjørn Nielsen
Asbjørn Nielsen 27 dagar sedan
Chael has had the best fight IQ ever. To go undefeated in 3 weight classes takes some serious knowledge.
Brendan Nelson
Brendan Nelson 27 dagar sedan
And then mighty mouse got knocked out
Spear Pig
Spear Pig 27 dagar sedan
GSP is just lucky that Serra decided to let him have the belt back.
Steve_ En
Steve_ En 27 dagar sedan
Why is it that tommy is the only one on this channel who doesn’t feel the need to shove his face on the audience. Just read the script, we don’t give a fuck what your face looks like
Rare Celebrity Pictures
Rare Celebrity Pictures 27 dagar sedan
If the great notorious McGregor is not number 1 , your SEpost Channel will be deleted.
Mattlock 27 dagar sedan
If only mighty mouse's IQ was high enough to see that illegal knee coming 🤔
Kamran Nadeem
Kamran Nadeem 27 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, this looks more like pushing your own preference to fighting IQ. Where is Khabib?
Hadesgaudy574 27 dagar sedan
Khabibs entire strategy is just taking his opponents down and going for ground and pound or a submission how is that high iq?
Anthony D
Anthony D 27 dagar sedan
Get this guy out of here he's sounds like a generic top 10 video...
Esteve King
Esteve King 27 dagar sedan
Good stuff
Sergio Cristancho
Sergio Cristancho 27 dagar sedan
Does Amanda Nunes deserve a spot here? I think yes, she out smart the entire UFC womens lockerroom imagine she beat valentine... wait you don't have to she did it twice, and still a two division champion looking for some competition and level up her Ring IQ and even popping more iron than Jonny bony ... sorry you have to read it but yes this woman is basically moefore G.O.A.T that the self proclaimed best jonny bony, and am not going to start on the men we see because Cejudo and Khabib was MIA of this list among a couple of fighters that by numbers and accomplishments are quite over the in ring IQ of this top 10
Owen Rigby
Owen Rigby 21 dag sedan
Mate shut up and learn to use sentences properly.
Mark Almazan
Mark Almazan 27 dagar sedan
Johnson lost by ko
Mark Almazan
Mark Almazan 27 dagar sedan
Sakuraba the IQ wrestler
1remphase1 27 dagar sedan
Stipe Miocic
VexedHulk 27 dagar sedan
I agree with everyone on your list with the exception of Dominic Cruz. His commentating leaves me to believe he doesn't have a high fight IQ at all. He's constantly arguing with other commentators who are usually right.
T Ds
T Ds 27 dagar sedan
Nice video but imo also Cejudo should be there
Aman Thakur
Aman Thakur 28 dagar sedan
Khalid Saifullah
Khalid Saifullah 28 dagar sedan
The depth of Cruz's mma knowledge was in full display in Khabib vs Conor fight commentary 😆😆😆😆
Mister A
Mister A 28 dagar sedan
f this list. totally biased and incorrect.
Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman 28 dagar sedan
My favorite fighter's are GSP Randy Chuck at his prime. Thanks for the post keep up the great work
Bebhinn Magee
Bebhinn Magee 28 dagar sedan
aang would kick the shit out of izzy
VALLOX 28 dagar sedan
Oblique Kicks, Eye Pokes, Steroids, Jon Jones is not #1
Josh Roy
Josh Roy 27 dagar sedan
shut up, whats wrong with oblique kicks?
Rodney Ives Collen
Rodney Ives Collen 28 dagar sedan
I definitely agree with Jon Jones at the top spot, and Demetrious Johnson at the second spot.
iiizayyuh 28 dagar sedan
top ten non fighters loved by the mma community
Highflyer 28 dagar sedan
Captain Steroids couture
danny podolsky
danny podolsky 28 dagar sedan
Who's here after DJ got knocked out?
Rodney Ives Collen
Rodney Ives Collen 28 dagar sedan
Size played a huge factor in that fight and it was a great disadvantage on Demetrious Johnson's part. I'd really love to see a rematch happen.
Gustavo Ramiro G. Moraes
Gustavo Ramiro G. Moraes 28 dagar sedan
I am. Never thought that I would see this too early.
Benjamin Santos
Benjamin Santos 28 dagar sedan
The goat doesn’t test positive on multiple occasions
Brandon Price
Brandon Price 28 dagar sedan
IQ is the attempt to quantify the ability to be posed a question and come up with the correct answer and the frequency with which you are able offer the correct answer. Khabib has done this more than any other fighter...period. To not have him on this list is just crazy. In 29 fights he’s only lost 2 rounds, which were questionable as well and has hardly been touched in any significant way. Just my opinion, love the vids tho.
Mike Letterst
Mike Letterst 28 dagar sedan
Jon Jones is the smartest junkie in MMA
Malcolm Braniff
Malcolm Braniff 28 dagar sedan
Where Tommy, I'm 100% disappointed when its not a Tommy vid
Youtube_viewer 28 dagar sedan
Chevyblock 550
Chevyblock 550 28 dagar sedan
IMO, I don't like Jones being 1st on this list. He's won the vast majority of his fights either from his athleticism, size advantage, or cocaine. His actions outside of the cage also show his lack of IQ in general.
Owen Rigby
Owen Rigby 21 dag sedan
Fight IQ and general IQ are two completely different things. Jones traded his general IQ for fight IQ, explaining why he's such a genius in the cage and at times such a moron outside of it.
Cheerio Box
Cheerio Box 28 dagar sedan
Izzy fight IQ is out of this world, definitely the top 3 greatest fight IQ of all times.
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