Tesla's Battery Supply Problem

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy: www.behance.net/dylanhennessy1
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (www.moboxgraphics.com/)
Sound: Graham Haerther (haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel

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Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com/creator

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Real Engineering
Real Engineering Månad sedan
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boi jone
boi jone 3 dagar sedan
...so make a standard battery that can just be unplugged from a phone and put it into a array of them in a car?
Tommy 4 dagar sedan
Fake engineering talk shit about Tesla lol stupidity
Dave Froman
Dave Froman 13 dagar sedan
@Emmerich August think again. sepost.info/dev/video/lpvVp5uAgGmlkc8.html
Emmerich August
Emmerich August 13 dagar sedan
Seem like we have a clear winner! Gas cars 😜
James Leather
James Leather 14 dagar sedan
Can you please do the economics of a hyperloop system in Europe or the US! :)
How-to, Tutorial, Tips and Knowledge
How-to, Tutorial, Tips and Knowledge Timme sedan
Elon Musk need fool cell
How-to, Tutorial, Tips and Knowledge
How-to, Tutorial, Tips and Knowledge 2 timmar sedan
well, i already bought Vale nickel stock
David Fox
David Fox 3 timmar sedan
For grid scale energy storage, we need to stop looking at chemical batteries. Energy potential exists in other forms. Instead of storage in batteries why not take that excess energy and split water. Store the hydrogen and oxygen separately and burn it to run turbines when demand requires it.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson 5 timmar sedan
12:10 the cobalt being mined out of the DRC is a serious human rights problem but not easily fixed. If we stop getting cobalt from there does that mean the human rights problems go away? Unlikely. What is more likely is a bunch of poor people who have some way to sustain themselves by mining this material will lose that income source and many might sink further into poverty and even starve to death. The civil conflict going on there is another serious problem but not one likely to be solved by no longer mining there.
Bryan Sales
Bryan Sales 10 timmar sedan
I advocate renewable energy. But for now I prefer sucking oil. Blowing up mountains is definitely defeating the purpose of going green.
Akhyar Maulana
Akhyar Maulana 11 timmar sedan
Active sodium battery
The Last
The Last 13 timmar sedan
This video is the evidence, the evidence of why u are an engineer and no an economist.
Valentina 14 timmar sedan
>tfw your coup fails misearably and you have to go on stage and do a presentation on how you need to reinvent the battery or some shit You love to see it.
ÖMER KAYA 14 timmar sedan
9 INSTAGRAM PAGES FOR ENGINEERS: muhendisgundemi.com/bir-muhendisin-takip-edebilecegi-instagram-hesaplari/
Ben Tabar
Ben Tabar 17 timmar sedan
Founding Year of Major Car Companies starting with Tesla: Tesla - 2003 Toyota - 1937 Volkswagen - 1937 Audi - 1932 Subaru - 1953 Nissan - 1933 GMC - 1911 Dodge - 1900 Ford - 1903 (According to google) I think the only part that infuriates me about this video was the fact that they had to say "Oh well Tesla only sold 90K per quarter so they technically still have a long way to go" In such an established industry with ICE engines being dominant for literally 100+ years. What Tesla is doing is beyond anything that any car company has ever seen in history, period. Literally, they are the only 21st century car company that is as recognizable as these 50-100+ year old companies. And it's only... 17 years old? Like cmon. Give em that.
Pauline Weinberger
Pauline Weinberger 21 timme sedan
I feel like this is just battery manufactures problem, but you use Teslas name to give your video more publicity.
mahkraFUD 23 timmar sedan
I took 3.091 from Professor Sadoway about 20 years ago. Amazing teacher. :)
Elite Scaper
Elite Scaper 23 timmar sedan
I’m 39 years old and have absolutely never heard anyone say aluminum like that
Ron Paul
Ron Paul Dag sedan
As an Engineer, I can safely say you're wrong. We do NOT "NEED" to transition away from fossil fuels.
Eljay Leyble
Eljay Leyble Dag sedan
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Lomiko Metals TSXV:LMR, OTC: LMRMF Dag sedan
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Nutella Promo
Nutella Promo Dag sedan
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Alpha Pixel
Alpha Pixel Dag sedan
Mostly tesla will come with nuclear battery in near future
574LK3R 2 dagar sedan
Electric vehicles are not a suitable solution. Carbon liquid fuel is carbon neutral and no chabges are made to cars. Upgrades, people, upgrades
EF M 2 dagar sedan
This isn't a rich family, but a family that is working together as a family unit. This the way the human species has always been and if we should survive, will always be.
Christopher Lago
Christopher Lago 2 dagar sedan
Same people buying Tesla cars argue how magical they are for the environment but secretly know their iPhone battery destroys the environment each annual purchase. Its how you choose to see the world not what it really looks like.
Christopher Lago
Christopher Lago 2 dagar sedan
Love how everyone driving a Tesla looks down on those who don't as if we are directly responsible for destroying the planet and their car is made from grass clippings.
Christopher Lago
Christopher Lago 2 dagar sedan
Why can we all agree that dredging the seafloor is not the best path to climate change? Is there any evidence or are you just blindly stating opinions without doing any research of your own?
Erin Asadourian
Erin Asadourian 3 dagar sedan
Tesla's worried about conducting business with countries with human rights violations yet Elon Musk is working with Turkish dictator Erdogan currently supporting cultural genocide in Artsakh kicking ethnic Armenia's out of their indigenous land.
robo005 3 dagar sedan
Tesla, apple cult is the same as feminists move. Those bot people scream in tears when they hear any criticism toward theirs beloved gods. And the more electric cars will be more energy needed. So atom energy goes to the front.
İslam Aydoğmuş
İslam Aydoğmuş 3 dagar sedan
Oil companies disliked this video
Tyler Cherry
Tyler Cherry 3 dagar sedan
All I'm saying is that if your a giant and cocaine addict... 11:46
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey 4 dagar sedan
Should gov'ts stop using Nickel in their coins?
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey 4 dagar sedan
If Lithium is in Chile's saltflats, is Lithium in Bonneville's saltflats?
Omar Aqq
Omar Aqq 4 dagar sedan
I think its time we re-engineer the battery
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 4 dagar sedan
Thank you thank you thank you for sourcing your content. It's greatly appreciated and it also ups your credibility by a lot.
whatisbestinlife 4 dagar sedan
What nation is Tesla encouraging the US to coup now to get their hands on the natural resources cheaper.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh 2 dagar sedan
@whatisbestinlife Dumbass that was a troll tweet. Immediately after that tweet he tweeted: "We get most of our lithium from Australia". Some people don't understand sarcasm AT ALL
whatisbestinlife 2 dagar sedan
@Angad Singh Elon Musk making light of US coup of other nations when those nations have resources he wants to get to cheaply for his cars and tech.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh 2 dagar sedan
What are you talking about?
Dillon Vossen
Dillon Vossen 5 dagar sedan
destabilize the "DRC"
Hügo Krüger
Hügo Krüger 5 dagar sedan
Recycling is nonsense, just incinerate the waste
Mike Star
Mike Star 5 dagar sedan
I'm an electrical engineer that's works in the energy industry and energy storage is one of the most pressing issues in the field at this time. I design high voltage substations. We are constantly looking at new and different methods of finding sufficient way to store energy for the grid.
Valentin Arzola
Valentin Arzola 5 dagar sedan
How does hydrogen fuel Cell compete in energy storage.
MrDosonhai 5 dagar sedan
Something tells me Australia will benefit greatly in the next few decades as they are and will be the only stable region in the world that could supply most of the resources needed for the next technological revolution.
Armand De Maupertuis
Armand De Maupertuis 6 dagar sedan
Just cut the human population on Earth by 99%. All problems solved...
Riaz 6 dagar sedan
Another reason why the solution to cars isn't only batteries, but hydrogen as well.
Tricky Dicky
Tricky Dicky 6 dagar sedan
what no lithium does to a mf
Belinda a
Belinda a 6 dagar sedan
Seems to me that Tesla needing more factories/output and a great deal of the RM they need for batteries being in Australia should result in them investing in a company in Australia! They helped Aus with the battery storage solution for South Australia so I know the Govt would do them some favours.
jacktheninja 6 dagar sedan
3:08 is it me or is this showing conventional flow instead
Pieh0 7 dagar sedan
5:39 Oooo, the forbidden Capri Sun!
İslam Aydoğmuş
İslam Aydoğmuş 7 dagar sedan
I wonder whats the point of "monster trucks" like do they have ANY practical uses?
Chris Bondoc
Chris Bondoc 7 dagar sedan
Can you do a real engineering video on the distribution and cold storage of pfizer’s vaccines at -94 deg F? Like it’s feasibility/amount of energy required
Reza Mottaghi
Reza Mottaghi 7 dagar sedan
I'm really interested about brilliant because of your channel...too bad where I live average monthly income is 160$ 🤦‍♂️
Lics Norgi
Lics Norgi 7 dagar sedan
lame car
nikosdok 7 dagar sedan
24 minutes video to say this? Speechifying
jaquesaulait 8 dagar sedan
Interesting presentation. (Fewer factories)
Anna Krichevsky
Anna Krichevsky 8 dagar sedan
It is amazing how this video danced around Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry which has no supply constraints whatsoever (other than that of Lithium itself which is pretty soft), has the longest cycle life of all, is safe (not igniting even if punctured), and non-toxic. Oh, on top of that it provides more stable voltage than other chemistries, and thus requires far less sophisticated charging control circuitry if any. The energy density is lower than others, but sufficient even for vehicle use (used in Teslas), and definitely for stationary energy storage. Arizona battery farm disaster is absolutely irrelevant if LFP batteries are used, and they will be according to Tesla plan revealed on Battery Day.
Doclabkr Suzanne
Doclabkr Suzanne 8 dagar sedan
Im back from stalking anime waifus
Dr Frost
Dr Frost 8 dagar sedan
🤣 They don't gaf where their power comes from
penua 8 dagar sedan
U just talk too much Just say what's need to be said dont beat around the bush
Seeker_Of_Knowledge 8 dagar sedan
Redwood based in California is a Lithium battery recycler,
Pierfrancesco Poniz
Pierfrancesco Poniz 8 dagar sedan
Mason Rawson
Mason Rawson 9 dagar sedan
Love your channel man! Would love a video on liquid air batteries! Saw this video of it on "Just have a think" sepost.info/dev/video/1oCy2p18pqyc2q0.html
PongoXBongo 9 dagar sedan
Couldn't the tech giants build large, modern mining facilities in the DRC and give the people there better working conditions as employees? I get that it would decrease profits and, as such, likely never be done. But, it IS an option to stay true to corporate mantras and avoid negative press.
Annas Krisna Bachtiar
Annas Krisna Bachtiar 9 dagar sedan
i think we're too happy with gas in the late 50 years, that's why we late with energy storage technology. many electric car were made in that year but no good response at all but for now we have a new scientist businessman that can boost energy storage technology until it limit and make a new segment that make big company cant overlook at it. i think we just hit 3 from 10 point in energy storage technology and hopefully no greedy oil businessman involved even though that was impossible
Tandem Charge
Tandem Charge 9 dagar sedan
[Insert the mundane usual African Children mining here without knowing the true complex political scope of the entire thing and downplays it into "Elemtric Vehimcle baaad reeee"]
madrx2 9 dagar sedan
Electric cars are good for the environment.....yeh right .
scottmuck 9 dagar sedan
The lithium "reserves" shown on the USGS page aren't some stockpile being held back to support the price... it's the estimate of the total (currently know and identified / "proven") lithium available to be mined in those countries.
BinaryGenius 9 dagar sedan
HI i don`t know this guy Behind Designs at all but you all need to see him because he is doing great work and deserves a boost sepost.info/gone/maVh_jb3Z2Wnt1PZ23e1ww.html sorry if this is bad form but im sure you will like his content also
John Condon
John Condon 9 dagar sedan
The anode is positive? Crumbs
Jab 10 dagar sedan
24 years of Lithium supply is nothing. There might as well be no Lithium at all. Lithium batteries aren't a solution.
Gostandinos Theodossiou
Gostandinos Theodossiou 10 dagar sedan
Great more short waves give us all cancer from emf generated motors.
Ante Plus
Ante Plus 10 dagar sedan
WHY are you using mAH as a unit and ignoring the better one watt/hour ....mith using mAh we dont know on what voltage is beeing delivered..can somebody skilled answer me please
Sourav Nandi
Sourav Nandi 10 dagar sedan
Can you make a video on transformers and how they work... Not Micheal Bay's...
Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans 11 dagar sedan
Cathode is negative
William Goode
William Goode 11 dagar sedan
22:00 Why not lead acid batteries, they would scale up and there's going to be masses of lead left over from the legacy cars being crushed, so we could use lead acid for grid storage !
William Goode
William Goode 11 dagar sedan
17:30 Its not pure like lead, so too mixed to recycle
William Goode
William Goode 11 dagar sedan
15:50 Is this thus the Indonesia plant purchase
Vejm R
Vejm R 11 timmar sedan
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley 11 dagar sedan
Comment for algorithm
SteveAkaGoatpile 11 dagar sedan
Grid energy storage is dead simple really. underground Air pressure Storage alone is stupid simple in concept, but no-one seems willing to test or implement it.
aresmars2003 11 dagar sedan
Elon is getting a little chubby, perhaps could benefit by a better sleeping schedule and daily exercise! If he goes to Mars he'll need exercise just to keep his bones from weakening!
Darin Herrick
Darin Herrick 12 dagar sedan
What this is telling me is that the people yelling about Lithium Mining can rest easy. Battery recycling is coming sooner than you think.
Kevin Original
Kevin Original 12 dagar sedan
3:40 Just semantics but you described charging as supplying the opposite voltage to the battery as if you would swap positive and negative or something. Even though the current flow is reversed, the polarity remains the same. Depending on charging or discharging, the voltage would either be higher or lower than the battery voltage, just not negative.
john evans
john evans 12 dagar sedan
Excellent presentation. Thank you.
Fionn Daly
Fionn Daly 12 dagar sedan
Relying on batteries to solve climate change is such an inefficient and backwards idea. The amount of carbon required to dig up the resources required is not sustainable. Subways, trams, metros and light rail powered directly by electricity is the obvious and efficient solution, but there's not profit to be made there so it's not presented as a solution.
dell 13 dagar sedan
3:49 'lodge themselves back in the cathode once again' you mean in the anode as is shown in the animation or is the animation wrong?
Joy L
Joy L 13 dagar sedan
Ciaran Claffey
Ciaran Claffey 13 dagar sedan
steven tran
steven tran 13 dagar sedan
There are cobalt, nickel, and manganese rich nodules at the bottom of the ocean. It requires no children to harvest. Not a lot of people are using these. There are nodule zones around the world and you don’t need to dredge the floor as these nodules just lay on the ocean floor ready to be harvested.
Susannezb Nicholstsj
Susannezb Nicholstsj 14 dagar sedan
Can we take a second to appreciate the amount of effort he has stared to put it to his animation
Lance Dooley
Lance Dooley 14 dagar sedan
When brainwashed engineers are morons about energy. Unless you are a Physicist please shut up. What they don't tell you about cost, energy density, and supplying power to a planet. - Dr. Willie Soon PhD Astrophysicist and Geoscience (The sun is responsible for changing climate, not co2) - Dr. Freeman Dyson PhD Astrophysics and Mathematics - Dr. Ivar Giaever PhD Physicist Nobel Laureate - Dr. Fred Singer PhD Atmospheric Physicist -Dr. Susan Crockford PhD in Zoology Ted Talk sepost.info/dev/video/sGDfprCId6W5lds.html
remliqa 13 dagar sedan
Cherry picking a few controversial scientist while ignoring the thousands of other that disagree or debunked them isn't a conducive to finding out the truth.
6eff 14 dagar sedan
Story short - will humans dig fast enough to switch from one technology based on digging to another.
Liam Sweeney
Liam Sweeney 14 dagar sedan
So to save the world, we have to ruin it first? Brilliant.
Faiz khairul anam
Faiz khairul anam 15 dagar sedan
Siap siap aja nikel Indonesia jadi incaran😂
momo rama
momo rama 15 dagar sedan
but I don't want to use battery cars
AS Gerner
AS Gerner 15 dagar sedan
Me naively assuming the most abundant element in the crust is carbon: "Wait? It's all silicon?" Boring Company miner with SpaceX suit and handgun: "Always has been..."
José Federico Ramos Ortega
José Federico Ramos Ortega 15 dagar sedan
This is a top tier information, content and presentation, good job!, a lot of things to think about this issues.
Ryan Soh
Ryan Soh 15 dagar sedan
At least Elon is trying to do smth Still hasn't given me genetically engineered neko
Roberto Pinna
Roberto Pinna 15 dagar sedan
So basically batteries are not the solution... Especially today's batteries
Nathaniel Hampton
Nathaniel Hampton 15 dagar sedan
Hey can you do a video on pneumatic energy storage? Or air pressure energy storage? I’m not sure which it would be called. I’m sure the efficiency is terrible but less of a mining concern, plus over time I’m sure air pressure storage can gain a lot of efficiency, still probably not ever as efficient at a battery. But it’s gotta be super super clean, especially coupled with windmill, or solar panel provided energy. But I’ve heard of plans of storing a gigantic tank underground to store air. Also I think there was a company in India that made a full pneumatic vehicle but not very good range, I don’t know if they abandoned their plans. I’ve also heard as far as safety concerns they can use carbon fiber tanks instead of metal so it can crack instead of exploding. Either way it will for sure be the cleanest way of storage. Plus it would be nice to hear super high RPM air turbine engines in a vehicle in the future. If nobody else tries then I’ll do it someday in the future 😂
SuperSix Delta
SuperSix Delta 16 dagar sedan
Who cares how we extract cobalt? All this hand wringing over conditions in some third world peon nation.
Assaf 16 dagar sedan
Maybe do a video on Amager Bakke? Supposed to be a super efficient waste to power and heat plant in Denmark.
Tarodenaro 16 dagar sedan
Sheriff of YouTube
Sheriff of YouTube 16 dagar sedan
why am i watching UK youtube? wtf google
Randy Curry
Randy Curry 16 dagar sedan
Simply avoiding cobalt doesn’t fix the problem in the DRC. Take a look at Daimler they have taken some bold and innovative steps such as helping launch local companies who follow The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The companies are frequently audited to ensure compliance. This helps improve the local circumstances snd strengthen their rights, which leads to long-term social change.
macher001 16 dagar sedan
So the main take-away from this video: forget batteries, go hydrogen :-)
stochastic24 16 dagar sedan
World's largest auto manufacturer is a small fish. Good video, well thought out and well researched. Edit: Lithium Ion in uncharged state? Okay I just can't.
pedro soares
pedro soares 17 dagar sedan
I houve a doubt about something nothing to do with it. Does machining process changes the alloy properties??
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