Tensions Rise in the House During Post-Riot Debate

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A fight nearly broke out on the House floor after Republican objectors refused to hear the truth from Rep. Conor Lamb.
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stepback2deadly Dag sedan
The 9k dislikes must be Republicans lol
HEAVY METAL GOD 2 dagar sedan
Democrats are much worse than Republicans.
@Chile Anyways democrats are much worse than republicans.
Chile Anyways
Chile Anyways Dag sedan
I don’t see democrats denying racism, waving the confederate flag, making laws around religion and telling minorities to go back to their country
Mike Humphries
Mike Humphries 3 dagar sedan
Jan 6th was nothing let the dems keep pushing, and I will promise you a revolution is currently in the making
Jesse Slaton
Jesse Slaton 4 dagar sedan
Is nancy wasted? Lol
Nina Johnson
Nina Johnson 8 dagar sedan
Republican make the rule of law then change the rule of law to fit their ciation.
t nap
t nap 11 dagar sedan
Why go to the circus when the circus can come to you.
david archangels
david archangels 13 dagar sedan
Work for the people...do your job or give it to someone who is more patriotic and loving towards the plight of the citizens.... Thats what they are voted for and paid for.
Todd Foglia
Todd Foglia 13 dagar sedan
Trust is all gone and never coming back your all liars , cowards and traders
Nadine Kennedy
Nadine Kennedy 15 dagar sedan
WHY is there double comments posted on the screen Disturbs the listener when we want to see the speake, his gestures etc.
Diddle Skittles
Diddle Skittles 15 dagar sedan
Jesus christ this is depressing
Jos 15 dagar sedan
Nancy Pelosi is a ____________ supporter •Democratic Party •Republic Party
Lupita Rodriguez Pina
Lupita Rodriguez Pina 15 dagar sedan
Lupita Rodriguez Pina
Lupita Rodriguez Pina 15 dagar sedan
The PEOPLE should make THESE vote NO MORE REPRESENTATIVES . THEYRE USELESS and WE suffer because of there decisions! 😡 they can’t even act right
Joel Valenzuela
Joel Valenzuela 18 dagar sedan
I was told that if it ain’t true then there no reason to get upset. If it hurts it’s because it’s true . Yeah! that how you find out the truth. Apparently these Republicans can’t handle it.
L H 18 dagar sedan
Over privileged hot-headed arrogant wht ppl young crack
Frances Horwitz
Frances Horwitz 19 dagar sedan
It's called bad loser
Suzanne Lemire
Suzanne Lemire 19 dagar sedan
POS Hawley.
Ceremy Jlarkson
Ceremy Jlarkson 19 dagar sedan
I'm so annoyed that Morgan Griffith is the representative that controls the school I was educated at. He too should be held accountable for his actions and his choices involving this election
MariSol Yup that’s right
MariSol Yup that’s right 20 dagar sedan
Republicans are the worst losers in history, big cry babies 😭
Linda Selander
Linda Selander 20 dagar sedan
This snowflake democrat makes me laugh, the Oscars are over!
La La
La La 20 dagar sedan
what a snowflake. "take down the words calling me a liar...because its true and I don't want to admit it"
Shaun McClendon
Shaun McClendon 21 dag sedan
He now goes by the name of Benedict Arnold for stating the truth about the kind of privilege the popular culture continuously receives...
Kampol Intarachot
Kampol Intarachot 21 dag sedan
Don Worden
Don Worden 21 dag sedan
I cant beleive there were lies on the floor that must be the first time a politician ever lied.
kiki9619 Terry
kiki9619 Terry 22 dagar sedan
Alberto Abolafio
Alberto Abolafio 22 dagar sedan
Republicans went from crushing a rebellion to inciting one. Amazing
Rhana Wyble
Rhana Wyble 23 dagar sedan
The truth? A democrat telling the truth is the funniest thing I ever heard!!!
Chili b
Chili b 22 dagar sedan
So you're saying both parties lie? Cool.
sarah poore
sarah poore 23 dagar sedan
You wouldn't know the truth if it hit you upside the head!!! You want the dems government to work not the entire government! You people are disgusting biggots!
Smokey Mafia
Smokey Mafia 24 dagar sedan
Hahahahaha these dems are hurt hurt becaue they are the ones who are liars. Biden being the biggest liar of all. “Say it ain’t so Joe”
Donald Minard
Donald Minard 24 dagar sedan
and the swamp goes on., C.L., a young guy ready for 40 plus years of gov. gravy job, just like J.B., in a short wile they will vote for a pay raise ,
Nazar Soroka
Nazar Soroka 24 dagar sedan
mad respect for the gentleman.
Amit Ranadey
Amit Ranadey 25 dagar sedan
The Republican party is a complete disgrace to America. It deserves extermination.
Katrina Mclendon
Katrina Mclendon 26 dagar sedan
Childish men
xx Lalo
xx Lalo 26 dagar sedan
bruh all of them need to fight 💀💀
Guitar 805
Guitar 805 26 dagar sedan
Politics is a joke in America
CaptainBlackass 26 dagar sedan
We want it to work more than they want it to fail. That was great.
Roger Dorsey
Roger Dorsey 26 dagar sedan
Brandon Gonzalez
Brandon Gonzalez 27 dagar sedan
Well said
Golfing RN
Golfing RN 27 dagar sedan
Those on the right can’t seem to handle the truth! Everyone saw it! It was on tv ! We saw the prez say take your country back! Stupid republicans! Lie, cheat , and steal is all they know! The truth is no longer in them!
Trish Thompson-Westover
Trish Thompson-Westover 27 dagar sedan
Thank you the truth works deflecting with BS like he’s looking at me strike those words, reminds me of taking my kids anyplace in the car “ she said he said ,ok no one talk but Mom he looked at me kick her out the car” Their family meetings must be a hoot.
Wilma Himes
Wilma Himes 27 dagar sedan
It came from the last four years of mystery from the Democrats
Nerd view
Nerd view 27 dagar sedan
Madame speaker I ask that he take it "Take it backkkkkk!!" 👶 🍼 🤱
Jason Castle
Jason Castle 27 dagar sedan
I wish Nancy would just disappear from the earth. All democrats for that matter
Caliluv 27 dagar sedan
Come on Pelosi.throw :those hate-filled, vile, lying, cowards out of OUR HOUSE! ENOUGH OF THIS BS!!
Ernest Harper
Ernest Harper 27 dagar sedan
"He looked at me". (sounding like a little kid).
Cornelius Mohr
Cornelius Mohr 18 dagar sedan
@Grant T if he had said that I would have screamed 🤣
Grant T
Grant T 21 dag sedan
Connor should have replied "if the shoe fits".
Guy Holguin
Guy Holguin 28 dagar sedan
Whose that congressman on the right
James Pepples
James Pepples 28 dagar sedan
When I feel down an searching for hope, I watch this man, I believe he spoke from the heart, I really don't think he needs that paper
Betu Like2know
Betu Like2know 28 dagar sedan
Gentlemen??? They were a$$holes 🔎
lynett thomas
lynett thomas 29 dagar sedan
thats sick
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 29 dagar sedan
I’ve never seen a bunch of childish adults in one video.
Danny Costa
Danny Costa 29 dagar sedan
Pelosi looks and sounds drunk or on pain pills
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 29 dagar sedan
A hit dog will hollar. "He said lies were spoken and looked in this direction." Cowboy up lol
James Conner
James Conner Månad sedan
Well would look at this??🥃🍿😯👀
C Archer
C Archer Månad sedan
@5:13 If some onlooker would of yelled out "WORLDSTAR!" I think that I would of just about died laughing!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 29 dagar sedan
When you are a traitor, and can't stand being told .
Robert Sivil
Robert Sivil Månad sedan
Dignity and Congress shouldn't be used in the same sentence these days
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 29 dagar sedan
Liar is good at their lies. Knowing people will watching. Even went as far as to mention people are watching. I call him a Liar. Shut up despicable Nancy.
SatanicShadows Månad sedan
They should do these kinda meetings in less private way to where the public could sit in and hear everything that is said instead of beings all serective and telling the rest of the country a bunch of lies that lead to what happened that day, and if we catch them trying to do something for their own benefit instead of the people and the country, we should be allowed to say something and or kick them out of office right then and there if we were allowed to sit in on these types of meetings. Bet Congress would change their tune then knowing their being watched and listened to by the people.
Thomas Mccoy
Thomas Mccoy Månad sedan
Republicans are total jerkoffs.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Månad sedan
5:41 - “The truth hurts” - He didn’t cite Lizzo
1987 Entertainment
1987 Entertainment Månad sedan
I hate the way this country was ran in the past 4 years... however... CSPAN was lit for the first time ever...
Laura Mroz
Laura Mroz Månad sedan
so many bots in the comments.
OutlawGardener Månad sedan
The Republicans are being executed and rounded up as we speak this is PROGRESS. FORWARD COMRADES!
brad chamberlain
brad chamberlain Månad sedan
Keith Graham
Keith Graham Månad sedan
You should be ashamed of yourself!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Månad sedan
Look at them and listen to them. Which of them tried to block the lawful proceeding of the Congress? Those trying to object and stop the other side from speaking do not
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Månad sedan
He regressed to a little kid and said “take it back 🥺”
Mad 25 dagar sedan
He stamped his feet, too. Next time, he'll hold his breath till he turns blue!
Nerd view
Nerd view 27 dagar sedan
L Månad sedan
L Månad sedan
This man is trash
Josh Westhoven
Josh Westhoven Månad sedan
this must be the trial of combat
kentucky woman
kentucky woman Månad sedan
You and your people Pelosi ARE The Divils biggest fans!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Månad sedan
He should gave just said those Republican's protesting were lying sacks of s..t, it would have been more accurate.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Månad sedan
This gov will never work until ALL of the treasonous two faced people are voted out of it
Marchoupi Månad sedan
When you are a traitor, and can't stand being told .
Jess Killham
Jess Killham Månad sedan
Awwwwww Did little baby gop get called out?
sweettimage Månad sedan
Liar is good at their lies. Knowing people will watching. Even went as far as to mention people are watching. I call him a Liar. Shut up despicable Nancy.
Tom Gravil
Tom Gravil Månad sedan
Yea bought and payed for by democrats
Tom Gravil
Tom Gravil Månad sedan
More lies
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Månad sedan
This gov will never work until ALL of the treasonous two faced people are voted out of it
gsxrboi1000 Månad sedan
"Hit dog will Holler"
soinu foig
soinu foig Månad sedan
The best part was when he said “we work” lol
Harumi H.
Harumi H. Månad sedan
Why getting angry? The speaking congressman did not call him or call the "R" at all. Getting angry is the reaction of the guilt conscience. Liars do not like hearing the truth.
Harumi H.
Harumi H. Månad sedan
Look at them and listen to them. Which of them tried to block the lawful proceeding of the Congress? Those trying to object and stop the other side from speaking do not represent the people. They do not listen to the voices of the people, but they instead inject into the people's mind with their own false idea and false belief. They only want the people to believe their own false idea, while they want to dominate the public view in their way.
Jaydan Moncayo
Jaydan Moncayo Månad sedan
5:10 the subtitles misspelled the Speaker’s name XD
Farouq Omaro
Farouq Omaro Månad sedan
Funny how they were ready to create a ruckus when at the same time they are denying they are the cause for the ruckus
Josh O
Josh O Månad sedan
Good for him for speaking truth
tony james
tony james Månad sedan
He should gave just said those Republican's protesting were lying sacks of s..t, it would have been more accurate.
TheJerbol Månad sedan
The audacity of a bold faced liar to get offended at the truth
Venus Månad sedan
Dis rep has big pp energy and im living for it
Anthony Rush
Anthony Rush Månad sedan
The halls of that building has been disrespected and shame by the lies of politicians for decades. By the politicians who have ruined lives and have served self interests. Spare me your ridiculous statements. Pelosi is a disgrace.
Rolz Roks
Rolz Roks Månad sedan
4years of wanting a government to fail more than wanting it to work was madam speakers gameplan from 2016
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Månad sedan
Very nice video...Great :)?
matthew ramirez
matthew ramirez Månad sedan
The low actor consecutively bruise because eel collectively fool round a incredible napkin. ill, irate recorder
allfamyankee85 Månad sedan
The day politician realized WE have the real power, not them. I don't support those who stormed in a broke the law but the message was clear to congress. WE THE PEOPLE, has been forgotten. We have more power combine than any group in this world and can use that power to inspire change in the areas that needs improvement. Don't forget that, love yourself and love others and let's grow together!!!
Jesus Brito
Jesus Brito Månad sedan
We need more congressman like this so transparent and outstanding political ethics who protects the constitution for his keeping his oath.
Jack durham
Jack durham Månad sedan
Strange you want a liar to expose truth as a lie. Very, very strange indeed
A Striver of Strength & Knowledge
A Striver of Strength & Knowledge Månad sedan
I’ve never seen a bunch of childish adults in one video.
Black Diamond
Black Diamond Månad sedan
Look, I know its her first day, and she has a v. But Nancy has to grow some huge hairy balls and make some examples. disrespect among representative cAN not be tolerated. Roll some heads, this video is an embarrasment and shows our countries weaknesses.
Taylor Timms
Taylor Timms Månad sedan
It seems like a madam speaker ought to be able to speak but this woman can't get two words out
Brittni Merry
Brittni Merry Månad sedan
R-VA: Mooooommmm! He's looking at me! He's pointing at me! Momelosi: Be quiet. I'll hear your side of the story in a moment. Rep. Connor: As I was saying.... Some people are liars. R-VA: He called me a LIAR! TAKE IT BACK! MOOOOMM make him take it back!
Andy Spark
Andy Spark Månad sedan
Who was it that was removed?
Patricia Wilson
Patricia Wilson Månad sedan
As usual liars can always dish it out yet have temper tantrums when called out.
James Estrada
James Estrada Månad sedan
Well, this bodes well for the future of our country.😞
Oliver Migliore
Oliver Migliore Månad sedan
The Republican Party needs to purge these traitors. Republicans used to be the good guys and now look at them.
jeffrey bykerk
jeffrey bykerk Månad sedan
Look at mr. Shagwell sleeps with chinese spies. And sits on our intel committee!!!
jeffrey bykerk
jeffrey bykerk Månad sedan
These Democratic Communist can with no hesitation lie and when its proven they still!!! Lie.
Patricia Bailey
Patricia Bailey Månad sedan
Frauld fraud are you afraid yet
Moxi G
Moxi G Månad sedan
Look at Erik back there thinking about taking out Chinese Lol
Moxi G
Moxi G Månad sedan
Maybe instead of calling them the mob, you should look at why they were there????????? You make rules and laws that you do not follow yourselves. You are the Pharisees of the past The media manufactures the news They are the scribes of the past!!! Nothing is new under the sun, Jesus said whoa to you scribes and Pharisees who make it impossible under the burden you give them!!!!
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