Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer

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Michael Reeves

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come get yall juice
lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
Flamingosis - Sunset Park

Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves Månad sedan
Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/
Capra Robotics
Capra Robotics 2 timmar sedan
Hi Michael. I wonder what you could do with our Capra Hircus Robot: sepost.info/dev/video/x6DAvJida6W6q7k.html
Heart Breaks Channel
Heart Breaks Channel 10 timmar sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/vIKzvaePaaqulbk.html Can you make your own version of this michael? I hope you'll notice this humble suggestion of mine 😊
Winter Stanley
Winter Stanley 14 timmar sedan
@Ryker Navalta hey
Ryker Navalta
Ryker Navalta 14 timmar sedan
Pillow head Studio
Pillow head Studio Dag sedan
Can you make a robot to hunt people down and taze them
Andres Blacklaws
Andres Blacklaws 11 minuter sedan
i think these boston dynamics robots are cool but this is way more cool
ken cookson
ken cookson 42 minuter sedan
Proper Dude
Proper Dude 53 minuter sedan
Make a robot that gives you your phone charger if its on the ground and you want it
Ticket-lucky153 Timme sedan
Just another 7 months until he makes a new vid
Matthew T
Matthew T Timme sedan
Ok, can I ask why I have seen no one in the comments or anyone that has reacted to this video talk about him drawing the X mark for Boston in Connecticut and not Massachusetts?
Ruben Miranda
Ruben Miranda Timme sedan
Can you try to remake robo dog the best you can do we can see your skills?
aProphetofRNG Timme sedan
Fuck, this is just perfect humor. The movie magic scene, genius, godlike.
Kovács Andi
Kovács Andi Timme sedan
Next video: I attached 10 pistols to a beer pissing robot dog.
john dere
john dere Timme sedan
Make a trash can that opens when u throw something at it
Chickenator 2 timmar sedan
Yo I just had a robot idea Micheal, I know you don't care but I neither do I. How about a scale that tells you how fat you are, goes like "ooh somebody needs to go on a diet..."
8bit cat
8bit cat 2 timmar sedan
i love him
dankcycle 2 timmar sedan
This is why we're all subscribed 👍
Ku Ezriq Raif
Ku Ezriq Raif 2 timmar sedan
That dog looks drunk
Caisa1991 3 timmar sedan
Nice video loo
Silvajs 3 timmar sedan
do an exoskeleton
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage 3 timmar sedan
Nice hands
DaFirst Spoo
DaFirst Spoo 3 timmar sedan
What about soap that screams when you leave the bathroom without washing your hands
Lewis Chappell
Lewis Chappell 4 timmar sedan
A robot that builds another robot then destroys itself.
Darwinian Glitch
Darwinian Glitch 4 timmar sedan
Michael, You should put a taser gun cartridge on the dog, drones, and RC cars. drone war.
Li Bros
Li Bros 4 timmar sedan
“They’ve gone from nothing to a heroin bot that snorts crack and just wriggles around on the ground” - I laughed so hard
Dylan Raymundo-Neal
Dylan Raymundo-Neal 5 timmar sedan
I'm also half Filipino
Dylan Raymundo-Neal
Dylan Raymundo-Neal 5 timmar sedan
Even though the camera is $30,000, it also ships in 6-8 weeks, 7:08
Slix Renn
Slix Renn 5 timmar sedan
watching these videos is like watching a kindergartner get a hold of "Artifical" cocaine that was made out of white crayons
cranberry·ᴗ· 6 timmar sedan
U should make a robot that says to subscribe to ur channel
randomly founded
randomly founded 6 timmar sedan
Can you make it so when it detects human legs , it shoots bullets?
Wasdey! 7 timmar sedan
the trip seemed fun
Guy Young
Guy Young 7 timmar sedan
Can you try a sound cannon?
heitorgoku 9 timmar sedan
did i see a among us character on the bottom right of the screen when michel said among us
Lumby Gaming
Lumby Gaming 9 timmar sedan
PLEASE MAKE AN ELDER WAND FROM HARRY POTTER (and possibly make it able to control stuff like curtain closer/smart light controller using voice recognition) hehe
Heart Breaks Channel
Heart Breaks Channel 10 timmar sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/vIKzvaePaaqulbk.html Can you make your own version of this michael? I hope you'll notice this humble suggestion of mine 😊
RairuuDesu! 10 timmar sedan
Can u make it into a taser equipped attack dog?
DancingEnginier 10 timmar sedan
if its stupid but it works then its not stupid - Soundsmith
ValLas 30
ValLas 30 11 timmar sedan
How can the camera be so expensive
KryoVibin 12 timmar sedan
Why couldn’t he be my robotics teacher😔
OneBigMeatball 12 timmar sedan
Just a reminder that this robot dog costs more than some houses
Reilly jarvis
Reilly jarvis 12 timmar sedan
Michael, what was the last time you where sober.
Flame YT
Flame YT 13 timmar sedan
why do u uplode once a month
Tiny Oats
Tiny Oats 14 timmar sedan
Wow Michael Actually went to Boston wtf.
GamerPepperPig99 14 timmar sedan
im scared of michael would do if he was mega mega rich
Shady pri
Shady pri 14 timmar sedan
Boston dynamics: why?
Tiny Oats
Tiny Oats 14 timmar sedan
I knew Michael would say fuck you when he brought up the white paper thing
Pluto 14 timmar sedan
12:00 love the moment when this dude just run away freaked out by the robo dog going crazy
MADMAXSKULL 15 timmar sedan
I know that Michael loves tasers soo why haven’t he made a taser glove
nexadrin 15 timmar sedan
an alarm clock but it tazes you if you dont turn it off withing 2 seconds
Autrix91 15 timmar sedan
In the distant future a cybernetics developer will be trying to make a functioning penis for a client and they will find this video.
Lim Jia Yi
Lim Jia Yi 15 timmar sedan
How can someone sound like a mad scientist and a caveman at the same time lol
Doomsdaymanx 15 timmar sedan
Maybe all the engineers at Boston Dynamics are dead inside, but I know I would be gutted if I found out I missed the chance to be interviewed by Michael Reeves for a video about making the robot I designed piss beer 🤣
Greyson Lenning
Greyson Lenning 16 timmar sedan
Pissbot's gonna have a hell of a story to tell its friends when the robots take over
Frosty Boi
Frosty Boi 17 timmar sedan
It's been a month Michael where's the fucking videos!
QiSheng Zhang
QiSheng Zhang 17 timmar sedan
Hey Michael awesome video, can't wait for the next video next year!
Geo Hypostasis
Geo Hypostasis 17 timmar sedan
Cool. Now make a robot that looks like the b1 battle droids from star wars that can shoot guns
AsianPersuasion 18 timmar sedan
the fact that he literally traveled across the entire U.S. just to piss on a company
William Hart
William Hart 18 timmar sedan
Wait I was watching some offline tv vids today and I saw that robo dog fell in the pool did you get another one?
Ixithirsty 18 timmar sedan
Make a robot that Squirts Kool-aid in your glass of water
Dveal Client
Dveal Client 19 timmar sedan
Do more content !
Coffee Bea
Coffee Bea 19 timmar sedan
12:30 I now understand why he's been gone for so long.
Burning Knight
Burning Knight 19 timmar sedan
I laughed so hard... 10:51
Betu 19 timmar sedan
He dun-gone put a SEpost buddy of the dawg
the crusader of holy gaming
the crusader of holy gaming 19 timmar sedan
Joke robot idea: Chinese piston that goes up the ass of shitty robot idea commenters
George Anderson
George Anderson 20 timmar sedan
My stomach :( I am dying from laughing why must you be internet funny man
plasma 20 timmar sedan
ou should make the robot dog hump a pillow whenever you're not using it
Rey Nielsen
Rey Nielsen 21 timme sedan
11:48 It started acting like an actual dog
Talksalot Me
Talksalot Me 22 timmar sedan
haha dog pp go brrrr
Phoenix 42
Phoenix 42 22 timmar sedan
Boi have u heard of english
Lucas Salinas
Lucas Salinas 23 timmar sedan
In the final shot I thought he was gonna pee along the dog
James Clark
James Clark 23 timmar sedan
Make a mirror that breaks when you look into it
Carpe Noctem
Carpe Noctem Dag sedan
I have a robot idea. It’s a hand that holds out a 100 dollar bill and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t grab the money. Cameras track your hand and moves the money before you can snatch it.
Obito Plays
Obito Plays Dag sedan
What Marvel timeline are we in now?
Aracus Dag sedan
It's finally accurate to say that beer tastes like piss!
Grubhub Dad
Grubhub Dad Dag sedan
Suggestion: Make A Turret That shoots at any thing related to fortnite, poster, name, character, style, etc
TheReal President2016
TheReal President2016 Dag sedan
Ummm... and how far until we program it to recognize humans and attach a mini gun to it?
Ashlee_ owaowa
Ashlee_ owaowa Dag sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/1qTZ3p2PpqeU0qk.html just that frame nothing else
Ashlee_ owaowa
Ashlee_ owaowa Dag sedan
i can like this video enough
Jasper Goveas
Jasper Goveas Dag sedan
my dads worried about me now
Strong Wang
Strong Wang Dag sedan
When _Tony Sherk_ has -brain damange-
Jack Kohlruss
Jack Kohlruss Dag sedan
Dumb duck robot idea: baby doll that crawls on the ground but only when no one looks at it
Fairex Dag sedan
Tide pod container that constantly tries to shoot a tide pod in your mouth
Fairex Dag sedan
Build a pull up bar, that does the pull ups for you
BABA BOEY Dag sedan
Make a kamikaze boat
DapperDiloph Dag sedan
freedom to all man the pissbot
Pillow head Studio
Pillow head Studio Dag sedan
What if you made a robot drone that will hunt people down and tased them
Eryk Patejuk
Eryk Patejuk Dag sedan
You should make a rubics cube that tazes you/blows up upon completion
Ammon McLane
Ammon McLane Dag sedan
Make a robot that will pass the “are you a robot?” Test..... like the one that you have to do to change a forgotten password
bassics Dag sedan
Make a drone armada that flies in order to create different programed formations.
T A R S Dag sedan
Now walk the dog!
Not SorryBuddy!
Not SorryBuddy! Dag sedan
Build a hinge that when you step on a plate next to your toilet seat it can rather put the seat down or put it up.
Anubis Dag sedan
Micheal is a genius . He made his ad in the middle of the freeway
bacoin. exe
bacoin. exe Dag sedan
Yajur Dag sedan
Joshi Sweekar
Joshi Sweekar Dag sedan
You should build a chair which tases you every time someone subs
Cristian Salas
Cristian Salas Dag sedan
How did I just notice that 5:55
Zinedine Zethro
Zinedine Zethro Dag sedan
Boston Dynamics Engineers: People gonna be doing great things with Spot! Michael: PISSBOT 9000!!!!!! Boston Dynamics Engineers: 😭
FaKe Sam
FaKe Sam Dag sedan
wow its the first video that Michael didn't ''taze'' anyone
Douglas dos Santos Lima
Douglas dos Santos Lima Dag sedan
teach he to clean your house
MLJesus ?
MLJesus ? Dag sedan
Make a program that when you speak a word into a bodymic it displays the first result for that word in Google images on a projector/TV behind you. And then turn safe-search off...
NyxSorcha Dag sedan
It’s been a month since Michael has made random stuff... Welp it’s time to post more shitty robot ideas! Make a Treadmill that insults you when you run. Sorry...I’ll exit out the window. BAI!!!!✌️✌️
Steven- Hardhead
Steven- Hardhead Dag sedan
Fawaz The Speedhog
Fawaz The Speedhog Dag sedan
Where can i buy this?
Arianna Hendgen
Arianna Hendgen Dag sedan
you should really make educational videos because as much as you terrify me i admire you alot lmao
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