Stranger Danger Films from the 90's are Insane

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
slightly misread the corny intro, he’s not an expert in stranger danger already but the dumbass is still supposed to teach kids to be safe after “learning”
Chase Woodrum
Chase Woodrum 19 dagar sedan
I want to play xbox
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez Månad sedan
u realized that while editing, but realized it would hurt your main reason why this is kinda weird and not helpful. so u commented instead. im not smart im smort :)
TheManChan 2 månader sedan
This video makes me want to get abducted
Derek Johns
Derek Johns 2 månader sedan
Watching Corny deal with stranger danger is like watching Cool Cat deal with bullies. They feel the need to teach through their sheer imcompetence.
slacroix ART
slacroix ART 3 månader sedan
Not to copy but I think Gus is in this movie 6:36
Johnathan Walsh
Johnathan Walsh 4 timmar sedan
He looks like one of the illustrations on those sea monkeys boxes
spiritbx1337 5 timmar sedan
"You were tricked by an adult!" But I am an adult, let me play Madagascar with you!
Eric Lynn
Eric Lynn 9 timmar sedan
Toooooo bad, i already have over the hedge movie game for PlayStation 2
Luke Dugan
Luke Dugan 12 timmar sedan
Over The Hedge video game, you just unlocked some repressed memories lmao
Bud Borne
Bud Borne 14 timmar sedan
i dont remember this episode of dr who
ManInTheMoon Dag sedan
...Eddy are you being bullied by a girl?
Mike 124
Mike 124 Dag sedan
what mic do u use?
lego123 lego123
lego123 lego123 Dag sedan
This alien is looking like an clayface abomnaiton
Alejandro martinez
Alejandro martinez Dag sedan
Mike 124
Mike 124 Dag sedan
LoveLiveServe reacted to the first video!
Jack Humphreyson
Jack Humphreyson Dag sedan
Turkish Eddy done good
Cookie Mail
Cookie Mail Dag sedan
To quote a wise hunter "today is Tuesday right but yesterday was Tuesday"
warden 14
warden 14 Dag sedan
Comedy peaked when corny went into that bushes for that ball.
Ryforg 2 dagar sedan
who in the world would want to kidnap that hideous beast
LUKAS VON CANAL 2 dagar sedan
If someone wants to take your picture with you in a red shirt and then make a deal with some stranger to do something with you, say NO. 👌
That_One_Potato_Lover 3 dagar sedan
When that kid asked “have you’d been bullied humiliated or scared by someone stronger scarier and older then you?” My thought from this girl named summer would bully me. Well instead when she called me ugly I punched her twice in the face and suspended teehee
IM A FURRY 3 dagar sedan
You sed gang colors, i heard gay colors, i myself as a gay guy wear gay colors
Ben Shatney
Ben Shatney 3 dagar sedan
But no joke, those games absolutely slayed in their day.
uberpapaRuu 4 dagar sedan
Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that Corny is played by Richard Steven Horvitz? y’know Invader freaking Zim!! HE WAS ALMOST 30 AT THE TIME!!
Sarah Fedorys
Sarah Fedorys 5 dagar sedan
Something that I just cannot get over is the person playing Corny is the same voice actor of invader Zim and hes about 25-30 when this was shot and it really takes me back
CrazzyCat Girl
CrazzyCat Girl 5 dagar sedan
13:08 Me: Hey new girl my weak spots are on my arms. My mind: why did you even say that...? Doesn't she hate you? Me: yeah but her arms are skinny af Me: *gets blood drawn from my arm everyday.... From that new girl*
Isaiah Torivio
Isaiah Torivio 5 dagar sedan
Am I Hearing things or is corny also invader zim?
morgan williamson
morgan williamson 6 dagar sedan
I would rather it kidnapped by a person who had an Xbox 360 instead of A PS2 and beyond.
Mark Parikh
Mark Parikh 6 dagar sedan
2:44 Me: Eddy are you okay? Is everything okay? Eddy: NO! Everything is NOT okay! EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! Did I humor?
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 6 dagar sedan
AI Totem
AI Totem 7 dagar sedan
SEE! Even aliens use miles instead of km's. 'Merica
Makenn Gillen
Makenn Gillen 7 dagar sedan
I love how it says "Bully Smarts- For Kids," implying that there's a "Bully Smarts- For Adults." Like an entire tape of just bullying in the workplace or something. Or like an R rated version of the video.
Terri Dixon
Terri Dixon 7 dagar sedan
I remember seeing a stranger danger video as a kid it had 2 super heroes that reminded me of the lazy town people the video was 3 hours long...
dumb kid lol
dumb kid lol 7 dagar sedan
what’s the name of the intro song
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴇᴇ
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴇᴇ 7 dagar sedan
why is 5:02 something the dumbass bullies at my school would say when trying to be "buddies" with me
Megan Peterson
Megan Peterson 7 dagar sedan
15:17 I would probably start running and screaming, "Help!"
Galaxy The Furry Fox
Galaxy The Furry Fox 7 dagar sedan
How to fend off bullies, step one, *G U N*
Federation 08
Federation 08 7 dagar sedan
I bet those games aren't real
Kerflufflbottum Le kerfluffle
Kerflufflbottum Le kerfluffle 8 dagar sedan
When the program street smarts is said I get flash backs and to John mulany
KarIgnishaYumi 8 dagar sedan
In the 1960s. My aunt was 4 at a park. A guy try grabbing her but she started to scream and it spoke him and he ran away. Everyone rush over after to see what was wrong. But it wasn't really a concept back them? She said it the most vivid memory she had and why she always tell me "dont talk to stranger in the washroom. Dont let them touch you etc."
Gracie Bee
Gracie Bee 8 dagar sedan
The madagascar game slapped tho
Kyle Noe
Kyle Noe 9 dagar sedan
I love rewatching this video. It's hilarious.
Campbell Rowland
Campbell Rowland 9 dagar sedan
Ok but if you are thrown in the back of a flatbed truck just jump out???
Cooper Flood
Cooper Flood 9 dagar sedan
Dude I literally watched that Corny video in school, I remember he tested the time loop by breaking a pencil before he went to bed. Thank you for bringing this back into my memory.
Alien Go
Alien Go 9 dagar sedan
Pull out my glock and let it blow
J T 10 dagar sedan
That music between clips was had me giggin ughhh
Stardoo Galaxie
Stardoo Galaxie 10 dagar sedan
Corny is... An exchange student. Why are his parents present in the house? This also implies that there's a human kid at an alien school probably millions of lightyears away on Zarcon.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 10 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is that blonde guy looking kinda Gussy?
ShunnedLeaf 8018
ShunnedLeaf 8018 10 dagar sedan
2:40, talking about bullying as the kid is being assaulted behind him.
Blake Loisel
Blake Loisel 10 dagar sedan
Im disturbed lol
Sophia DaLovingLioness
Sophia DaLovingLioness 10 dagar sedan
Is... Is that alien voiced by the same person that plays Invader Zim???
Dom DaDominator
Dom DaDominator 11 dagar sedan
My mom asked me what I was watching, and I just said I’m learning about being stranger safe. Now, I may be an adult that still lives with their parents, but the face she made at me was a bit much.
MacintoshHD 11 dagar sedan
music at the beginning?
Marit Van Rossum
Marit Van Rossum 11 dagar sedan
Your videos feel like warm hugs. Thank you :D
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 12 dagar sedan
still dont eat the freaking gum. Then they have the game but you're not gonna play it
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 12 dagar sedan
Eddy you have so many similar features to him, the same mustache, nose, similar hair, not saying you're not a handsome dude but idk what to think, are you a stranger too? xD
Cassidy Tutt
Cassidy Tutt 12 dagar sedan
you'd think this kid would be traumatized by this experience
the Nerd
the Nerd 12 dagar sedan
Why does the narrator sound like brock from pokemon
Orange Jello
Orange Jello 12 dagar sedan
I'd go to eddys shed and play some Nintendo.
Ya boy Jake
Ya boy Jake 13 dagar sedan
It not really stranger danger if it's the same 4 people in your 20 house neighborhood
Will MakeContentOneDay
Will MakeContentOneDay 13 dagar sedan
Love those transitions Eddy
Enilton Rogerio
Enilton Rogerio 13 dagar sedan
5:54 i would switch her batteries.....
Monica Engel
Monica Engel 13 dagar sedan
The crime rate in corny’s town 99.99999999999999999999 percent
Brody Deane
Brody Deane 14 dagar sedan
I wanna play over hedge with you?
One eggy boi
One eggy boi 14 dagar sedan
Oh my god, teachers still use these videos for school! I remember seeing these in school and the thing is, I've seen ALL of these in school. I think they still use those videos to this day
Throw Bro
Throw Bro 14 dagar sedan
Predators:Your mom’s been hurt get in the car! The orphan: ‘_’
The Raging Vibrava
The Raging Vibrava 14 dagar sedan
From the corny video - someone convince me those arent the beetleborgs kids
Gcq 201708
Gcq 201708 14 dagar sedan
For some reason I'm getting Oliver Tree vibes from Corny
Rocco Comer-Romeo
Rocco Comer-Romeo 14 dagar sedan
someone in my neighborhood almost got abducted but they did the codeword thing and now they are safe.
Zach Cole
Zach Cole 14 dagar sedan
6:35 I'm fairly certain this is how John Landis found the kids for his segment in the Twilight Zone movie.
merelyanillusion 14 dagar sedan
Worst part of this was someone named their alien child Capricorn, the other worst part is some human family is now on his planet.
Catmasterson 14 dagar sedan
"You can't dropkick a 200 pound man!" ... What?
brittmg13 14 dagar sedan
I have never been talked to that gently by a man before that intro and I’m blushing
Ranorky YT
Ranorky YT 15 dagar sedan
Eddy uhh you even said how he went to earth to *learn* about stranger danger then tell the kids
Merantauu Plays-Old-
Merantauu Plays-Old- 15 dagar sedan
"Don't trust this man that looks just like my roommate aged up six years"
shulamithbond 15 dagar sedan
What adults think bullying is: the bully archetypes from "A Christmas Story" and any Stephen King book, basically What bullying actually is: probably some of that (especially for guys and AMAB people), but also casual homophobia or racism that gets passed off as a joke, tricking/lying to autistic, learning disabled, or "special needs" kids because they know we often can't tell if they're fucking with us or not, coming up to you on the bus or in random non-school areas and making either sexual remarks or just asking us if we want drugs over and over until we leave because we're uncomfortable, cyberbullying (real cyberbullying, like when a bunch of anon messages or sock puppet accounts tell you to kill yourself), or your ex photoshopping your face onto nude pics from porn and sharing it all over. ... In retrospect, I can actually see why they prefer to focus on the Stephen King bullies; those are way easier to express to kids without traumatizing them or having to explain what sex is.
Enilton Rogerio
Enilton Rogerio 13 dagar sedan
There aren't any bullies in my school.
shulamithbond 15 dagar sedan
2:40 he sounds like he's about to sell us something for the low low price of 19.95 if we call the toll-free number now
Of Cats and Crepes
Of Cats and Crepes 15 dagar sedan
Corny's alarm clock is on meth.
Oh dang, Mors
Oh dang, Mors 15 dagar sedan
Wtf I know I'm not in your main age demographic because I'm 33 but when I was little I fully fucking thought Corny was just a spinoff character from the Sea Monkeys show? He fucking ISN'T? Wiiiiild. Childhood memories are such ding dang fever dreams what the hell.
garbage man
garbage man 17 dagar sedan
yess! when I comment the comment section will be at 6,969 comments. happiest moment of my life.
Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood 17 dagar sedan
'Avoid places where bullies congregate' You mean the school? The playground where you force all of us together several times a day?
shulamithbond 15 dagar sedan
yeah like perhaps... don't allow bullies to "congregate" in ANY areas of your school that you're in charge of, idk find out where on the school grounds they hang out (one or two students will probably say) and put monitors/security cameras there or restrict access to those places. When it seems like two kids are "fighting," try to actually get the full story instead of going "it doesn't matter who started it." There's things you can do, guys. schools: "we've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas. Idk, just avoid them and try not to seem like a weirdo or be alone/have no friends."
Floop Joop
Floop Joop 18 dagar sedan
not Ella
not Ella 18 dagar sedan
Its so weird that they teach kids about stranger danger but not pedophilia. Everytime we had these PSAs in school I always wondered what adults would want to do with a kid so I never took it that seriously.
shulamithbond 15 dagar sedan
Comprehensive, age-appropriate, consent-focused sex ed at various points in a kid's education, could theoretically cover that, which is why we need it. There's no point in lawmakers and curriculum writers pretending kids don't have genitals at all until they start puberty, when there's probably a certain fraction of kids of every age (unfortunately) who are already getting abused and don't know if it's just normal behavior for parents/doctors/coaches/etc, or how to talk about it or start trying to understand it.
Color Cloud
Color Cloud 18 dagar sedan
This is the first video of this guy I’ve seen and I already love his vibe
Brayden Wellstood
Brayden Wellstood 18 dagar sedan
My solution to bullying was always punching, I think I finally realize why I always got into more trouble than the actual bully
KPE141 18 dagar sedan
Sure ill play on the ps2
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 19 dagar sedan
why didn't he just jump out while they were taking him
M3RKY J4CK 19 dagar sedan
The over the hedge game slapped on the GameCube
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 19 dagar sedan
nah have you ever played sharktale for the gamecube?
Sparraoh 20 dagar sedan
Attractive blonde woman playing a Gameboy "Why don't come over and help me put the batteries in" 6 y old me: Yes 16 y old me: Yes 26 y old me: Yes
Ethan Nusbaumer
Ethan Nusbaumer 20 dagar sedan
I had both of those ps2 games lol
J The Mirror Man
J The Mirror Man 20 dagar sedan
Oh god I think that over the hedge games was the first game I ever played.
ChungoBungo 20 dagar sedan
Vance Neumann
Vance Neumann 20 dagar sedan
I got called "Elephant Ears" in Elementary School 😂
R JC 21 dag sedan
I used to love Capricorn in street smart. Every time he tripped over the bike we'd laugh our asses off.
Patrick 21 dag sedan
I took candy from a stranger in a car when I was a kid and it was fine 🤷‍♂️ She did seem to be lying, but she was probably senior age and another kid was with me
quack queen
quack queen 22 dagar sedan
"Get a quieter car or just don't drive at all!" story of my life
Bobtheone 123
Bobtheone 123 22 dagar sedan
So when corny was getting kidnapped on the truck couldn’t he just jump out?😐
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon 22 dagar sedan
Maybe it's a reverse psychology thing. They made Corny so ugly and insufferable that kids won't want to be bad with stranger danger
Kirkenstien's Monster
Kirkenstien's Monster 22 dagar sedan
So I'm just gonna assume that people keep trying to abduct Corny so they can sell his antennae on the black market for use in folk medicine.
Ian Travis
Ian Travis 22 dagar sedan
"That alien sounds really familiar...why do I- Oh fuck that's Richard Horvitz" He was wise to use a different name for that project, I think
Sloppy Phart
Sloppy Phart 22 dagar sedan
"An entire cat"
shiny turtle13
shiny turtle13 23 dagar sedan
Holy crap every body he’s got Madagascar let’s go
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer 23 dagar sedan
yo im *C O R N Y*
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer 23 dagar sedan
it wouldnt suprise me if this video was classified as a CS:GO game
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