SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Pokemon Cards!

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Månad sedan

Bowser Junior wants rare Pokemon cards!

superbowserlogan Månad sedan
Go watch the behind the scenes:
Dylan Morina
Dylan Morina 17 timmar sedan
Ana Araujo
Ana Araujo 17 timmar sedan
Hi I can't even just say I am such a huge fan of you Logan and plus man I wish I lived in Arizona or Florida wherever you guys live because I would really like to buy some of those cards from you especially the shiny Charizard I mean do you not have anything how many Pokemon would kill for that card that is the rarest card in history I mean I can trade some pokémon if you want I mean it got some Poliwag and a Poliwhirl I had a poliwrath but somebody lost it yeah I never touch your sister with your things anyway I wish it was that just that we could buy some cards well you guys have a nice day
James Fletcher
James Fletcher Dag sedan
Benjamin Yagual
Benjamin Yagual 2 dagar sedan
Maritza Gonzalez
Maritza Gonzalez 6 dagar sedan
999 Sńitch
999 Sńitch Timme sedan
The charizard is worth 300k
The Dark Soul Reaper
The Dark Soul Reaper 3 timmar sedan
Alberto Sanchez
Alberto Sanchez 3 timmar sedan
I hate tou guys
Huy Anh Le
Huy Anh Le 5 timmar sedan
Glenda Kimbrough
Glenda Kimbrough 8 timmar sedan
Jr I want them please
Astro Gab
Astro Gab 11 timmar sedan
Your Mom
Sarah Marquez
Sarah Marquez 12 timmar sedan
More sml videos right now
Bleep Squad Playz
Bleep Squad Playz 14 timmar sedan
My fave pokemon is froggie
R@ND0MKiD 14 timmar sedan
So does this mean no pokemon part 7
Ana Araujo
Ana Araujo 17 timmar sedan
Hey Logan actually Harry was wrong about one thing well is that you forgot to collect some Pokemon cards you didn't collect all Pols out there in the world you forgot this EXs which you already have gxs which you don't have yet and now V's what so I'm just telling you this because you don't collect all the pols
mikesilva05 18 timmar sedan
It’s funny how SML is Makings Pokémon‘s skits but didn’t finish the Pokémon series XD
Drew Bender
Drew Bender 19 timmar sedan
That Charizard is the rarest card in pokemon
SEBASTIAN VAZQUEZ 20 timmar sedan
Some one poke me if those are poke me mon cards i will like to be there
R3TooDrifty 20 timmar sedan
Alan O Donnell
Alan O Donnell 22 timmar sedan
My favourite Pokémon is Popplio since it's evolved forms Brionne and Primarina are very beautiful and sexy. So don't even think of calling Popplio the ugly duckling because it's not ugly
Coen Merriman
Coen Merriman Dag sedan
I would pay a million dollars to poke mr. goodman.
Diane Greenspan-turner
Diane Greenspan-turner Dag sedan
Diane Greenspan-turner
Diane Greenspan-turner Dag sedan
Seb Harris
Seb Harris Dag sedan
Michael Rubi
Michael Rubi Dag sedan
Leslie Licea
Leslie Licea Dag sedan
My favorite Pokémon is charizard
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Dag sedan
When u have Pokémon’s better then all of them :/
Estates UOB
Estates UOB Dag sedan
I puke after cold slur
The puppet house Show
The puppet house Show Dag sedan
They should have had jr rap about his Polly,s
Claire Mason
Claire Mason Dag sedan
I have a incinaroar rainbow gx
ollie Dag sedan
My favorite Pokemon is PICKACHU!!!!!
Triston Ramsey
Triston Ramsey 2 dagar sedan
This video was really funny
Melanie DePiro
Melanie DePiro 2 dagar sedan
Do you guys have the FIRST EDITION charizard
Tito Casado
Tito Casado 2 dagar sedan
My favorite Pokémon is charzard
NinjaBowserFan 667
NinjaBowserFan 667 2 dagar sedan
The only reason Harry came back is because Since Sml and the Crew got the cough cough in November 2020 and they test positive. But Pablo who voices Cody test negative and doesn't have the cough cough so he wasn't in the videos in November 2020.
candice sonny
candice sonny 2 dagar sedan
My brother has the charzared that is worth $400
Shock_Cynnx 2 dagar sedan
His Pokémon are worth thousands
The CG Boys
The CG Boys 2 dagar sedan
My favorite pokèmon is carmeleon
Baby yoda Addict
Baby yoda Addict 2 dagar sedan
So who won the contest and what’s the video called that their featured
Liam Hess
Liam Hess 2 dagar sedan
There was no doorbell
Super Aiden Grabert Bros.
Super Aiden Grabert Bros. 3 dagar sedan
Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, and Politoed or Polies are actually called “The Poliwag Evolution Line”
Mohammed Kayes
Mohammed Kayes 3 dagar sedan
My favourite Pokémon card is a PSA10 Charizard
Toxic Venom
Toxic Venom 3 dagar sedan
Skeptical 3 dagar sedan
I hate Jr in this video
Max Palmer
Max Palmer 3 dagar sedan
When I was younger I had an entire book of Yugioh and Pokémon cards and my friend had an entire Bin full of Pokémon cards
ExoticBeastPG3D 3 dagar sedan
at 8:02 the camera stated to zoom bc you can see the actor of joseph
Aidan McEvoy
Aidan McEvoy 3 dagar sedan
My favorite Pokémon is a lapras
David Velazquez
David Velazquez 3 dagar sedan
I want all those poly,s
octavio vega
octavio vega 3 dagar sedan
I have a really ultar mewtwo
Hampus. Almstedt.
Hampus. Almstedt. 3 dagar sedan
My favorit pokemon card is a tardtard
Savero Ardito
Savero Ardito 3 dagar sedan
Man because of this video and Goodman I'm start saying Pokemon Poke me man
Legacy vlog
Legacy vlog 3 dagar sedan
Dawn Dish soap
Dawn Dish soap 3 dagar sedan
Ok everybody remember jouinor pokemon Adventure we neeeeed part 7 hit the like if you agree
penny hart
penny hart 3 dagar sedan
Poke mon is for nerds ha there a nerd there a nerd
Rene kil
Rene kil 3 dagar sedan
ta di koi la
The ultimate Unlimited
The ultimate Unlimited 3 dagar sedan
My favourite Pokémon are greninja and charizard
Snowy Video’s
Snowy Video’s 3 dagar sedan
My favorite Pokémon is mew two
Ermun 0524
Ermun 0524 3 dagar sedan
Rayyan Hafiey
Rayyan Hafiey 3 dagar sedan
Plot Twist:Goodman loves Ultraman Fusion Fight
Claudia Gutierrez
Claudia Gutierrez 4 dagar sedan
Who saw the person in the window looking at them
Adventures with Mateo
Adventures with Mateo 4 dagar sedan
The polirath is like 5,000 dollar becuase it’s baset
DreadX 4 dagar sedan
random gamer
random gamer 4 dagar sedan
The poli wrath is different it is a evolutions
Dj Robinson
Dj Robinson 4 dagar sedan
SML idea: SML Movie. Back To the Future Were Cody Makes a time machine. and they go to the past and they see there parents When They Where Kids
bendy fan RP 1
bendy fan RP 1 4 dagar sedan
Jonathan Pecany
Jonathan Pecany 4 dagar sedan
Video Idea: Harry's parents A suggestion if you go with the idea, that old guy that works at should be Harry's father, they are kind of alike.
Aidan McEvoy
Aidan McEvoy 3 dagar sedan
That’s a good idea
Derp Animations
Derp Animations 4 dagar sedan
They forgot the doorbell
kellie sheppard
kellie sheppard 4 dagar sedan
gengar and snorlax
Mr bananas
Mr bananas 4 dagar sedan
Mas _O_on
Mas _O_on 4 dagar sedan
How dare Harry walk in the house like that
Bonnie Bunny Buddy
Bonnie Bunny Buddy 4 dagar sedan
So uh that Pokémon series, did you forget about that.
Shannon DeSantis
Shannon DeSantis 4 dagar sedan
Why didn’t he go on the bathrooms
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 4 dagar sedan
pov: u have no socks on
RockinMikes 4 dagar sedan
That tartard card is actually pretty expensive
Paris Cochran
Paris Cochran 4 dagar sedan
Jace Smith
Jace Smith 4 dagar sedan
So those Pokemon cards are really rare and there saying it’s lame but that’s the joke 😭😭
Ayrton Gianstefani
Ayrton Gianstefani 4 dagar sedan
pokemon sucks
Jair Uom
Jair Uom 5 dagar sedan
And lookrio
Jair Uom
Jair Uom 5 dagar sedan
Orlando Jimenez
Orlando Jimenez 5 dagar sedan
My favorite pokemon is a treecko,
Josh Purdy
Josh Purdy 5 dagar sedan
politoad had a shadow lol
Declan Loves Fries Gameplay
Declan Loves Fries Gameplay 5 dagar sedan
I have a question if you ever do a q&a how do you get permission to film at restaurants and stores?
Alex Puckey
Alex Puckey 5 dagar sedan
1.20 anybody else notice the second politoad ex?
Kaysi Stiner
Kaysi Stiner 5 dagar sedan
Hybjngvcfvfv*bbcsuh dubbeudhfufheufh. YufegeyegevegergyeGefhhJefhetjhhueUeHfubsfidjiwjdvgvujffctyjdutrdutrcrdtrcjyttvujtvugjfjytfjytfiyufutifdwhusrilgiugfryiorduviykdvurkuydrvgioyvfdgoufydgouyvrgsouyvguyorsvgyuodvdkrdgrkuyvgurkdydrvgykgfeuYGSkuyrgvouyargouydtreygvyurkdgvukyrduyg
Bassms Koliat
Bassms Koliat 5 dagar sedan
Fun fact charzaird is 1500 dollars
Wolf popped Off
Wolf popped Off 5 dagar sedan
I just have a poly wrath
Error2muchcringe 5 dagar sedan
My freinds is charzard and mine is popplio
How did you get the oldies cards in the world they are so expensive
Rebecca 5 dagar sedan
I can give you cards
Kieron Hunt
Kieron Hunt 5 dagar sedan
Hiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiii 300000000000000000000000000000000000
Noah Duncan
Noah Duncan 5 dagar sedan
I just subed!!!!
Azrin Junaidi
Azrin Junaidi 5 dagar sedan
I can make a good impression of joseph
Rinesa Banulla
Rinesa Banulla 5 dagar sedan
is squilter my favorite
Sandon’s YouTubesChannal
Sandon’s YouTubesChannal 6 dagar sedan
Jacqueline Chavez Perez
Jacqueline Chavez Perez 6 dagar sedan
Boom bird
Dylan Salvador
Dylan Salvador 6 dagar sedan
Me becuse it’s ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppee
fnaf plush
fnaf plush 6 dagar sedan
Did he say 10 million dollars
Kyle Earle
Kyle Earle 6 dagar sedan
Cow slaw is not disgostin you are
Vilk Playz
Vilk Playz 6 dagar sedan
Why most of the SEpost videos with Amazon
Letsgoretro 360
Letsgoretro 360 6 dagar sedan
That politoad ex is a vintage Pokémon card from the Pokémon ex ruby and sapphire ether delta species or holon phantoms
Mr cheezler
Mr cheezler 6 dagar sedan
I like the fact that when junior says “maybe a lot of caprisun I’m drinking one
The cayo cutie
The cayo cutie 4 dagar sedan
XD 😂
Jade Chandler
Jade Chandler 6 dagar sedan
More like Taco bird 🤣🤣🤣
The Clan
The Clan 6 dagar sedan
Goodman sound like jeffy
DENK MEMESシ 6 dagar sedan
Coleslaw is great
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