Shane Dawson Made The WORST Response To EVERYTHING..

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Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star and now Ryland Adams. Three content creators who have responded to all of the Shane Dawson drama in the last year. Today we're going to be taking a look at this. Shane Dawson is someone who is more known for his long-form content with documentaries about Eugenia Cooney, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul. But recently Trisha Paytas came out and exposed Shane Dawson and we're gonna break this down and work out why Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams and Jeffree Star's to response to everything is so so bad.
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Shane Dawson in my opinion has manipulated everyone and lied about being an empath for a very long time. Especially in his series' about Eugenia Cooney and Jake Paul, I really was fooled by Shane for a while and it's a shame to see this all happen. Trisha Paytas exposing Shane Dawson was something I never expected, but I guess it's happened and Ryland Adams has responded to that and we will be looking at that today. We will also be discussing Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson's response to the James Charles drama from last year.

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lets get 50,000 likes and 10000 comments! I'm scared shane dawson fans will get mad and dislike bomb, so lets get the likes and comments going!
Akame Belle Megami
Akame Belle Megami 6 dagar sedan
I just wanna say, this is a really great video & also; Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re not even remotely ugly! & I think it’s safe to say that everyone has put on a few pounds in the past year lol so don’t be so hard on yourself when it comes to your looks!!🖤 Much love from Boston, MA✨🖤
Angie 7 dagar sedan
@Diabolical Biscuit XML be?o ok I tree Hugh Mgr0
Animal_Girl 7 dagar sedan
You fell for it cuz you’re probably a good person who tries to see the good in people
Pamela Cadman
Pamela Cadman 11 dagar sedan
Heck yeah dude i really hope you can get to the 10k comment goal by the end of the month
Renata DX
Renata DX 12 dagar sedan
@nasarinqs p
Faith E. Barnes
Faith E. Barnes 9 timmar sedan
cobrrraSTING 11 timmar sedan
*insert opinion*
Ayisha Ba
Ayisha Ba 18 timmar sedan
Ryland is so full of shit
Aesha Ziad
Aesha Ziad 19 timmar sedan
I was today years old when I found out i was born on the same day as INabber
vivi Dag sedan
Kenji speak your truth
Rae McKnight
Rae McKnight Dag sedan
Jeffree Star is TACKY and always has been
Gabby O.o
Gabby O.o 2 dagar sedan
Is that what Jake Paul looks like now??? Fk that was scary 9:27
Jonathan Lemus
Jonathan Lemus 2 dagar sedan
Challenging Fire
Challenging Fire 3 dagar sedan
As an empath, I can verify that I would NEVER be friends with someone like that. It's incredibly harmful and draining towards us. He is definitely not as tired as an empath would be. He's a liar
Elise Richardson
Elise Richardson 3 dagar sedan
Am I the only one wheezing at the SHINee memes- 😂✌️
butlerproman 3 dagar sedan
Jeez...why does anybody care about any of this? These people are all narcissistic nut jobs and should be marginalized.
Abbey Gilliam
Abbey Gilliam 3 dagar sedan
I’d rather look like a “walrus” than be looking in two different directions constantly
Nee Mo
Nee Mo 3 dagar sedan
Can anyone tell me if andrew and garret still talk to shane and hang out with him? Or have they gotten bitter? I really wanna know
Nee Mo
Nee Mo 21 timme sedan
@Vanja oh thank you!
Vanja 2 dagar sedan
As far as I know they moved on and are no longer are friends with him. But that's what I think, since I saw other people talk about it and mentioning that they are no longer friends. Hope it helped :")
Berry Champion
Berry Champion 4 dagar sedan
there are 10k comments wot
Davido Suce mes boule
Davido Suce mes boule 4 dagar sedan
Anna Innoc
Anna Innoc 4 dagar sedan
I'm confused. Confused that there are people who believe that Ryland has no idea what kind of person his partner is and that he's a genuinely nice guy.
alone antisocial
alone antisocial 5 dagar sedan
not me just realizing with have the exact same birthday. 0o0!!
Tori Cleland
Tori Cleland 6 dagar sedan
This is my first time here and being called Dumpling just made me feel so sad, now I just feel like we’re bffs gossiping lol
Bubble 3
Bubble 3 6 dagar sedan
No, I love Kenji more than you.
Animal_Girl 7 dagar sedan
This is the first I’ve ever heard of Jeffrey star and I immediately get the impression that he’s a crap-head
Kelsey Dawson
Kelsey Dawson 8 dagar sedan
The Jeffree clip over Voldemort sent me
Dannie Morris
Dannie Morris 9 dagar sedan
im honestly so baffled at the mess that these "adults" have allowed themselves to get in. like honestly how can you be an adult that allows this amount of bs in your life. this isnt highschool, you arent 15 anymore. grow the hell up
Flora Jones
Flora Jones 9 dagar sedan
I feel so sad that Shane
Nikkii’s Trip
Nikkii’s Trip 10 dagar sedan
Honestly if Shane and ryland would sit down and talk about the shit it would blow over. I just don’t get how they would be soulfully so incompetent to not just address all of they’re fans and supporters like that mean nothing but numbers to them... but to then costar at the end of his boyfriends video...which allegedly he edits… I would think they would be smart enough to not leave “I know my careers over”...... but I guess asking for the bare minimum is too much these days🤦🏻‍♀️... it sucks looking up to someone and both of them just disappointed so many people and the things JS and the group of toxic people just being cruel none of this makes ABSOLUTELY no sense coming all from adults. And setting the example for the younger celebs to think toxic friendships like this for clicks is worth it. ..
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 10 dagar sedan
Don Cheadle Official
Don Cheadle Official 23 timmar sedan
iNabber is a liar. he is actually 46.
Justice m
Justice m 10 dagar sedan
Let me Sleep
Let me Sleep 10 dagar sedan
Sunstone 10 dagar sedan
your pupper is so adorable :)
Andrea Kohlenberger
Andrea Kohlenberger 10 dagar sedan
Nice video 👍
alejandra garcia
alejandra garcia 10 dagar sedan
I used to idolize Shane and want to buy his merch and everything really but when it all came out I I wanted to still support him but then the live video and I saw more things so I just don’t support him anymore
Goat Pills
Goat Pills 10 dagar sedan
garrett was bullied by shane though like its honestly really annoying
LLAMACORN 10 dagar sedan
Katelyn 11 dagar sedan
You cute
ember13dp 11 dagar sedan
I’m still not sure what exactly went down between these people, but you are really entertaining!
Rebel g0r3
Rebel g0r3 11 dagar sedan
Every controversy that involves Voldermort. He gets away with it because he knows his away around it. I need karma to come and bite him in the ass.
Fa3e Philliz
Fa3e Philliz 11 dagar sedan
i love that you promote the comment section!
Pamela Cadman
Pamela Cadman 11 dagar sedan
Ema Gashi
Ema Gashi 11 dagar sedan
Jeffree: I was a horrible human being and did really bad things BUTTTT this person died so lets focus on that instead.
Mandy Saied
Mandy Saied 11 dagar sedan
I hate commenting on people’s appearance but.. IMO you look better with a little weight. Normal people don’t generally comment on other people’s bodies especially when it has nothing to do with their content. But assholes do. Because they’re assholes.
Jupiter Rose
Jupiter Rose 12 dagar sedan
Tofu Bun / Taika
Tofu Bun / Taika 12 dagar sedan
MANFISH 12 dagar sedan
Fraiser is 38?
Allie Foster
Allie Foster 12 dagar sedan
4:14. 4:18. 4:21 Lmaooooo the SHINee and Bernie edits
Cee ShmackDollar
Cee ShmackDollar 12 dagar sedan
21:09 Jeffree Jeremiah Tom Riddle Voldemort Star 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤣 lmao!
Ebony Johns
Ebony Johns 12 dagar sedan
natascha kuiper-schmidt
natascha kuiper-schmidt 12 dagar sedan
just because comments are off doesn't mean you can't unsub from a channel though.
Sofia Vargas
Sofia Vargas 13 dagar sedan
close to 10000 y’all
kuhnoy 13 dagar sedan
Rose Bell
Rose Bell 13 dagar sedan
Just white people doing white people things
Aloris 13 dagar sedan
Madison Towe
Madison Towe 13 dagar sedan
I hate people like you don’t deserve to be on SEpost don’t disclaiming Shane Dawson like and trashy patis Shane Dawson deserves to be on SEpost I love watching his videos on here to all the drama people out stop putting Shane Dawson drama out for to see he doesn’t like it this way he is slint on social Meade stop putting him down
kayla 13 dagar sedan
it was pretty obvious jeffree has always been a bully, especially if you look back at the way he treated african americans and now he suddenly wants to discuss Breonna Taylor? he’s despicable. and shane?? lmao. would anyone believe someone that constantly feels the need to reiterate that they’re an empath? if i had a friend doing that, i’d be like okay buddy. it just sounds like astrology sh*t. i always felt something was off with shane but i stopped watching w everyone else when i found out about the blackface “skits”, and the way he treated young girls and animals. no way will i ever return to his channel, idgaf what kind of big “comeback” he attempts. everyone should feel this way, that man is sick!! he should be deplatformed PERIOD. it’s not okay to give someone a platform when they literally have publicly kissed a 12 year old girl. ugh this world
Pr0metheusgames 13 dagar sedan
Life with Lynch Pin
Life with Lynch Pin 14 dagar sedan
You're 38?!?!?!?!?! I thought you were younger than me, and I'm 29 😂😂😂 Also, you are definitely beautiful, but.... that jumper isn't 😂😂😂😂
Esiaa 14 dagar sedan
I'm not a fan of Trisha, but she does not deserve such treating, no one does. Bullying is not cool. What those human garbages did (Jeffree, Shane and now Ryland as well. I'll throw in fake Tati too) is just awful. They are not sorry at all.
lily 14 dagar sedan
Emmer 14 dagar sedan
Lucie Hegarty
Lucie Hegarty 14 dagar sedan
I hate that I defended him for so long, until his breakdown on instagram. Seeing Trish like this hurts, she's done wrong but you can see in her recent videos it's not her "persona", it's real her.
Tracey Larrs
Tracey Larrs 14 dagar sedan
Omg I wish I had your confidence. You look gorgeous
Macie Turner
Macie Turner 15 dagar sedan
I'm telling you as an empath we attract ppl like that and don't have the heart to let them go so we stay and suffer.. not defending anyone just saying
Abigail Rummel
Abigail Rummel 15 dagar sedan
We shouldn’t be surprised they’re trying to prevent discourse is happening. They’re trying to preserve themselves as much as they can so they can have yet another comeback.
CookieRealm482 15 dagar sedan
Athena Velasco
Athena Velasco 15 dagar sedan
Oh dang I wasn't gonna comment but I see you're close to 10k so good luck
L. Foy
L. Foy 15 dagar sedan
Ashia Puckett
Ashia Puckett 15 dagar sedan
You deserve 1mil and you been deserved it but I can’t wait for you to get there. 👏🏾✨
Gabe Harrison
Gabe Harrison 15 dagar sedan
garden gravel
garden gravel 16 dagar sedan
damn..... im depressed now LMAO
Abesha kebede
Abesha kebede 16 dagar sedan
Quirky 🤪
Millie Clayton
Millie Clayton 16 dagar sedan
kc 17 dagar sedan
It was so hard to unsubscribe from him because he was the first ever person I subbed to but there’s just a point in time where I just can’t back him anymore. It hurts to see this all happen but he was an adult and made his choices.
kc 17 dagar sedan
Do u wanna go on a date
Brice Tamura
Brice Tamura 18 dagar sedan
9.9 almost there
Sideways _Cat
Sideways _Cat 18 dagar sedan
Caitlyn 18 dagar sedan
There are few people I hate as much as I hate Jeffree Star.
Shira Shan
Shira Shan 19 dagar sedan
I just love how everybody on the internet berrated Trisha for YEARS saying she's lying for attention and causing drama just to be relevant but now we're suppose to believe her? just because it fits your nerative about Jeffree and Shane? I hate all of them tbh but this fact is interesting to me.
Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Ryan 20 dagar sedan
This whole situation is like toddlers fighting in the sandbox over a toy
Maddie Garcia
Maddie Garcia 20 dagar sedan
Well at least your ratio didn't go nuts
The person living inside your walls
The person living inside your walls 20 dagar sedan
Zai Fowler
Zai Fowler 21 dag sedan
VxnLil_Z 21 dag sedan
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 21 dag sedan
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 21 dag sedan
How bout no
DorkyAF 21 dag sedan
i refuse to believe you're 38, more like early 20's
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez 21 dag sedan
Who's the innocent women you're talking about again?
Sara Sheppard
Sara Sheppard 21 dag sedan
Nabs - did you just say your 38?? Shane Jeffrey and Ryland is a friendship that needs to go!! I used to be loyal to them but nah not anymore! They were disgusting to Trisha and she’s so right for dragging them!! They needed to come off that throne they been put on!! Xx
seolbos 23 dagar sedan
You're a beautiful man who has very insightful things to say.. I've subscribed!
Heidy Tran
Heidy Tran 23 dagar sedan
My theory : Jeffree bamboozled Shane & gifted him thousands of $ worth of gucci he was forced to basically accept. Shane got threatened as he already has past dirt upon his name. He doesn’t know Jeffree but Jeffree knows Shane & got manipulated easily by Jeffree’s fake ass oh look at me- i had such a shit past & have goals to become a better person as if im in rehab. Jeffree blah blahed about Tati to Shane and came up with a whole plan for the scandal of Tati v James. Shane cannot get out cuz it all backfired as... all of Jeffree’s schemes do. I feel like there was a lack in research on Shane’s side & heavy emotionally manipulation & he was used as a pawn and turned into a Dark Empath which is a negative version of a Typical Empath. :| Shane had a break down in Jeffree’s bathroom. Shane also kept going back and forth as if hes bipolar on what to feel & think. Jeffree pulled him in using emotional reassurance. Fake asf Jeffree. I watched Shane since Shanaynay. I’ve seen it all & how much effort he put to change. Shane changed in a course of years not immediately compare to a fake asf person...
Heidy Tran
Heidy Tran 23 dagar sedan
Shane also took a whole hiatus but shane became in debt to Jeffree by the stupid gucci gifts he never asked for.
golden trash
golden trash 23 dagar sedan
fraser is one of my favorites youtubers and have been for a while and THAT is my BIGGEST FLEX, PERIOD
Love& Lavender
Love& Lavender 23 dagar sedan
Hmm, Shane befriends Trisha.....Tana....Jeffrey. Does anyone see a pattern of his friends? You make friends with likeminded people, they are all trash
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 24 dagar sedan
Shane Dawson: I'm an empath Actual empaths: he's not ours, we don't claim him
Forever Army
Forever Army 24 dagar sedan
Loved this video 💜
xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx
xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx 24 dagar sedan
I feel like Jeffree changed shane as a person as well as ryland. Money went to their heads, now shane currently when you see him in ryland's videos. Is so depressing, he's put on so much more wait and his mental health has gone to shit. Blaire white explained some of his behaviors pretty well, but I don't know if he's an empath or an energy vampire because I see a but of both. Ryland Shane and Jeffree all are. Shane if he actually explained and tried, could be redeemed. If he didn't panic over every little thing and explained each behavior's reason. Then I would give him the benefit of the doubt, I'd like him to prove how he's changed and explain to us everything. I believe Shane has always been shit, but it seems like with certain friends. He was actually a good person to a degree. But, who knows what happened to the half decent shane.
Holly Thomas
Holly Thomas 24 dagar sedan
Grace Gurling
Grace Gurling 24 dagar sedan
Only took you 9 Mins to get into the video......
aola wili
aola wili 24 dagar sedan
It's so weird the Trisha is basically the least toxic person talked about
Therese 24 dagar sedan
When that fucker says that Trisha is negative all while exploding with all the negativity he has in his body
Peony Larkspur
Peony Larkspur 25 dagar sedan
Peony Larkspur
Peony Larkspur 24 dagar sedan
@aola wili ...literally i made a joke about how inabber's twitter feed was full of kpop memes, it had nothing to do with shane
aola wili
aola wili 24 dagar sedan
it because another main character says it. That's Shane in real life, that's why he says he is an empath, because he really believes that just by saying something people will
Róisín Reddy
Róisín Reddy 25 dagar sedan
Something I find crucial to the while narrative is how genuine Trisha was about missing Shane in the series he did with her where they switched lifes for a day. She was genuinely upset and stated in the series that felt her and Shane were distanced and shane insisted that he would make more of an effort. I am not a Trisha fan, I dont watch any of her videos and I became a Shane fan through his conspiracy videos. I honestly feel so ashamed to have fallen for the 'empath' act. I am a big believer in second chances and I really hoped that was what was happening with shane but the second I heard about the live stream during the whole Tati situation I lost any respect or hope I had for him. It's so disappointing
T pug
T pug 25 dagar sedan
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